A faded figure appeared infront of the old TFU tower, floating slightly off the ground, sadly watching as the two survivors of the explosion broke away from each other, one passing by without a thought of looking, going into his house. The other leaned against a tree, taking his beloved hat off and staring at it. The mysterious figure stepped to the ground, walking across the water towards the tree, gracefully skidding across the clear water. He stopped afew inches away from the other man, watching as he put his back to the tree and slid to the ground. A few more steps and he was at the others side. He put a ghostly hand on said persons shoulder, causing them to jump. As they looked up, gasping "S-Steven...?" The faded figure nodded "Yeah, its me Kevin." "B-but you, how are you floating? Sly- he was right? No you can be dead!" Tears started to build in Kevin's eyes, threatening to spill. "You can listen to him... He's right, Im dead. " Kevin reached out to touch the other, only to have his hand go through him. "No... No! This is all just a dream your not dead! You cant be dead, i never told you..." Kevin cried, the tears spilling over and running down his face. "Hey, don't cry its okay, whatever you wanted to tell me you still can, right now" Steven said, wiping Kevins tears away. "I cant now, cause it will never happen now..." "Dont say that, you can tell me anything" kevin looked at the ground, then back up at Steven. "I... I love you Steven..." At first, there was no reaction from Steven, his faded form was still, and he whispered "you loved me? Even after all I did... Kevin, I love you too" fresh tears sprung into Kevins eyes, "I dont remember what you might have done, but i really dont care. I loved you i always have, just the way you talked, how you seemed so cheery about everything and your adorable little mask. Everything about you was perfect Steven! Why'd you have to go..." Stevens eyes widened slightly, he never thought Kevin actually likes him "Im never gone Kevin, ill always be here. Just remember, even if you cant see me i will always be here no matter what" he placed a kiss on Kevins forehead "Til the day you come and join me, ill be watching out for you." This just made the tears flow faster "Steven please... Never leave me... N ever" "i never will, ill be with you forever. Cant you feel it?" Steven put a ghostly hand on the others chest "right here. Im forever in your heart"