Jan was furious that her sister Marsha had won yet another award. She started at the Cheerleader of the Year award hanging above Marsha's bed. Something came over the 15 year old and she yanked it off the wall and threw it on the floor. She then went to Marsha's dresser and with one hand knocked all the trophies on the floor. Carol was in the hall and quickly came in and caught her in the act. "Jan Brady, what are you doing?" Jan jumped on her bed and cried. Her mom sat beside her and asked her more politely what was going on.

Jan explained tat she was sick of being a nobody and Marsha being so popular. Carol consoled her and gave her some advice. Jan then sat up and they hugged, she felt better. "However, young lady what you did is not acceptable and I am going to have to spank you." Jan was shocked. "What? Spank me? But you and dad don't spank us." Carol stood up and pulled Jan to her feet. "I realize that honey but your behavior lately has not been good, and this episode has shown me you will benefit from a good old fashioned spanking. Now lower your pants."

The 14 year old turned white. "No mom no, you can't." Carol was getting angry. "Jan right now Alice is at the market with Bobby and Cindy, Marsha is at the Library, Greg and Peter are playing ball, and your dad is at work. So you can obey me now and get your spanking over, or get it later in front of everyone." Wanting no part of that Jan lowered her bell bottoms exposing her purple underpants. "That's better sweetie." Carol said sitting on Cindy's bed.

Carol was also nervous about giving her first spanking as she pulled Jan over her knee. She brought her hand down. "SPANK ouch SPANK owwww SPANK please SPANK ouch SPANK this really SPANK hurts SPANK owwwww SPANK please SPANK SPANK. The 10 spanks had Jan crying and her mom tugged her panties down baring her bottom. Jan's bottom turned pink then cherry red as her mom gave her 25 more hard spanks.

As her daughter sobbed Carol lifted her up, gave her a hug and said "I am sorry honey, I hope this changes your behavior." She wiped her tears kissed her head and left the room. Jan pulled her panties up, jumped under her covers and rubbed her bottom. Just then Marsha walked in. "What happened to my trophies?"