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A dark place, filled with ghostly shadows that seemed to tug at him as he walked past.

He tried not to look at them, and continued walking instead. The dim torches on the wall did nothing to illuminate the place, only succeeding in casting light on the gruesome encarvings on the wall: Olympus in ruins, the arches and palaces all in a mess, golden ichor dripping off the walls, and the gods nowhere to be seen. The ground of the home of the gods was cracking open, something surely terrifying beneath it. He shuddered just imagining it.

He was almost thankful when the horrible passageway ended and opened up into a massive throne room. The walls of the room were blood red, and water from the River Styx was dripping down it sickeningly. Two hellhounds sat on either side of the room, and in the middle of it all was a large chair, the back of the chair facing towards him.

He took a deep breath. "My lord," he croaked, trying hard not to let his voice show any fear and failing.

Slowly the chair turned towards him. Sitting in it was a man, visibly smirking, though the darkness made it hard to make out his face.

"Nakamura." He stiffened at the sound of his name. "So glad to have you back. My brethren killed you, I hear?"

Ethan gritted his teeth. "That is true, my lord. Though-"

The man chuckled. It was a horrible sound, as if somebody had caught a bad cold. "My boy, you have nothing to be afraid of. I do not doubt your strength, nor your intelligence. If not for your skill, you would never have been able to avoid Thanatos as he came hunting down the escaped dead. Nor would you have been able to take that valuable little, ah, trinket. Speaking of it, where is it?"

Ethan reached into his pocket and fished out a red piece of cloth.

"Ah, excellent." The man laughed again, though it sounded like screeching to Ethan's ear. "Would you care to do the honours?"

Grudgingly, he took out his sword and stabbed it into the ground below. The ground cracked open, revealing black soil underneath. The demigod also took out something white and shiny- a tooth. He planted it firmly in the soil.

A horrible screeching noise, and Ethan flinched. He watched as the all too familiar skeleton in navy uniform crawled out of the newly formed pit and glared at him.

Ethan offered it the red cloth.

The spartus sniffed the cloth once, twice, and its face broke into a toothless grin, satisfied. It screamed in Ethan's face and ran off into the hallway.

Ethan repeated the procedure. Soon he had produced a dozen sparti, all running off with the scent of the red cloth fresh in their Voldemort-like nonexistent noses.

"Excellent." The man rubbed his hands, reclining in his chair. "Soon, our targets will be attacked, and our plan will be set into motion… such a wicked, wicked plan. Even I get – what do you mortals call it now? Ah yes- the shivers when I think of it."

The immortal started laughing again. It was a deep, throaty laugh, and the walls of the palace seemed to laugh along with him.


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