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This is sequel to "Out of the Box", but I'm pretty sure that it could work as stand-alone. Jack would think about the past and analyze it here and there, so it would be also pretty big spoiler for the first story.

This is also somewhat a timetravel/do-over/fix-it fic. But I' not going to write the episodes down - I would die of boredom that way. And I kind of wanna to change things here and there, starting with interactions between characters, families, etc., so if there would be no reason to bring specific events from the show, I would set to just signalize the thing had happened and move on to more important (for my story) stuff.

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Chapter 1

Rising from the grave (sort of)

There wasn't much of a plan in the first place. He was too consumed in creating machine and then there just wasn't enough time to think everything through. Well, he planned to do so after confirming that his portal was indeed working and indeed opening gateway to the alternative universe. But his luck was as bad as always and Kimiko decided to show up, actually worried about him. It was kind of cute. Really nice, if he was to be honest. Somebody actually did care enough about him to check things, when Jack failed to show up at the showdowns. Enough to try to talk him out of the whole idea. That was part of the reason, why he jumped into new world without planning. Because even if she failed the first time, Kimiko was rather persistent person. She would try again and again, and would bring friends with her, and Jack would eventually agree to stay, completely brought by all that nice, warm feelings… and then shit would hit the fan and boy genius would end up in secret military facility somewhere, chained to his work, creating machines of destruction for whatever army would manage to snatch him first. Jack had nothing against creating machines of destruction, but for himself, not others. Besides, he was scared and tired, and there was just no other, no safer choice than just try his luck again. Luckily, he tested the machine setting coordinates to universe, where his another self was already gone. So it was just about few steps in the right direction.

Taking place of dead Jack was rather anticlimactic and even slightly depressing. It was good for him, sure, the fact that no one could tell him and now-dead-Jack apart, but heck, he hoped that his parents would be able to tell that something changed. No such luck. They were completely oblivious to the whole impostor deal. Even were acting like nothing happened, like they miraculously alive son was not much a deal anyway.

It actually hurt him a little, through he didn't expected much. They weren't one of those pathological kind of families with all screaming and throwing dishes at each other, not even close. Everybody was just so busy and there wasn't much time to talk, so Jack guessed they just didn't know him very well. There was something wrong about the whole deal, but he hadn't slightest idea what to do with it. Besides, he probably should just leave things be and do his own thing. Taking over the world with his mechanical army definitely would be more difficult with parents constantly checking on him in his basement slash evil genius lair.

Actually, he should decide what he's going to do. Without setting Wuya free the Shen Gong Wu would not become active, at least he didn't think so. But just doing whatever the nasty witch wanted him to do was not the best idea either. And Jack really wanted his Monkey Staff. And other things. Building things without using changing Chopsticks was irritating. He wanted them back too. And even Wuya babbling over his head when he was working. It was quite lonely in his lair, without the ancient witch hovering over him. And all right, it would actually be nice to bump at the Xiaolin guys from time to time too. Even if they definitely were enemies.

Though no creating Mala Mala Jong, Raksha and other dangerous beings by mistake this time. Jack remembered the beatings all too well and wasn't eager to life through it for the second time. But he didn't remember much more - the showdowns, what was the order of Shen Gong Wu activations... Last time around he got too much on his mind to really care for such details and now it was biting him in the ass. Well, he could live with that, at least he know what things do not touch.

He already had the puzzle box where Wuya was imprisoned. It was lying in front of him on the table, waiting. Bunch of Jack-Bots was ready to action also. So, nothing to wait for, not really. Plans he could create on the spot. He already knew how to upgrade his robots to become a challenge for stronger Xiaolin warriors, so he knows how to build a machine to pinpoint Shen Gong Wu.

So... how the hell he opened this for the first time?

Jack toyed with the ancient puzzle box for few moments. And then smiled slightly. He found the right combination. Now it was just a few touches, and voila! Ancient evil free and ready to rumble! In the flash of brilliant light, with victorious roar, Wuya emerged in her ghostly form.

"You definitely do have thing or two for theatrics." Jack snorted. All the times she was on him because he was too concentrated at looking good while doing evil...

"Behold, because I'm Wuya, the most ancient of evil forces!"

"Nice to meet you" Jack shrugged. "I'm Jack Spicer, boy genius. Through I think I'm kind of on neutral side right now?"

"Fool!" barked Wuya. "There's not such a thing! And I can give you world you obviously desires!"

"And how do you know about that?" he blinked.

"You have a map on your desk." She said in a flat voice and pointed down.

"Oh!" Jack blinked. "Yeah, right. So tell me, how you do that without a body?"

And so she told him about Shen Gong Wu and he was trying not to yawn in too obvious way.

"Whatever" Jack finally said. "You obviously need that stuff to... something, otherwise you wouldn't be so eager to hunt them down, right?"

"So, you're observant one?" the creepy mask of Wuya smiled. "You definitely should be able to tell how useful these ancient artifact are... "

Then her eyes flashed white.

"No time to spare!" She screamed. "First of Shen Gong Wu revealed itself! The Mantis Flipcoin!"

"We can talk on the ride" Jack shrugged and walked towards the plane. Then looked back at Wuya, who looked a little bit lost. "Are you coming?"

"What is that strange device? And why you're wasting time, when we must hurry..."

"Easy now!" He opened the cockpit. "This is called a plane and it can move much faster than us on feet. I'll show you, jump in! Or er... fly in?" Jack scratched his head. It was difficult to tell with Wuya in this form. She looked skeptical, but decided to try it anyway.

Last time he didn't care much for her reaction, he was much more excited about the whole becoming ruler of the world deal. Now he got the moment to spare and it was definitely worth it. No man simply make Wuya's jaw drop.

"It is... definitely faster" she finally said, looking out of the window. "Humanity changed since I saw it for the last time."

"It kind of did. And you just meet a genius, so try to get used to this stuff."

"You build it yourself?" Wuya asked. "Most impressive."

"Oh, now you're trying to sweet–talk me, aren't you?"

"I do not!"

"Oh, you so are!"

"I'm the most powerful of Heylin Witches! I don't need somebody like you, boy!"

"Yeah, well, try to grab that mystical items of yours with your own hands. Oh, wait. You kind of have a problem with that one?" Jack asked sweetly, taking his time in having fun.

"Silence!" Wuya barked, really irritated with him right now.

"Listen, you need me more than I need you, at least right now" Jack snickered. "I know you could just try flying around and get another lackey to do your bidding, but you would waste a lot of time, while somebody else pick your precious item up. "

"What are you proposing?"

"If you want to work with me, fine by me" he shrugged. "But I would like to get something back."

"Shen Gong Wu aren't enough?"

"It is me who do all the work, and as I was saying, I could build a machine to find them for me. Seriously. "

"When I will regain my physical form..."

"Nah, too far in the future," Jack grimaced. He didn't really know what he wanted from the witch, but he wanted something more than mere promises. Wuya was rather bad with keeping her word, so he needed to milk something out of her before she decide to leave him. Raimundo managed to do so, basically selling the world to the dark side for a room full of video games. But what a man can get out of a ghost? "I would really like to get something more real than mere promises, Wuya. Besides, as an evil person, you're probably lying anyway, aren't you?"

"You're too clever for your own good, pest!" The witch snipped, rather irritated by the whole situation. Or because he didn't let her look at the pretty clouds outside in peace, hell if he know.

"Yeah, got you on that one." Jack smirked, while he continued the small talk. "You said, you're a witch, right?"

"Indeed. I'm a Heylin witch and the most powerful magical forces are at my disposal." That actually gave Jack an idea. Pretty crazy one, but there was nothing else on the table but a knowledge. And he liked knowledge a lot, knowing how much power it could give a man.

"So teach me."

"You wishes to learn Heylin magic?" Wuya looked at him like he just gone mad.

"Yeah, why not? It would be definitely something!" Because when he actually started to think about the whole idea, it was just getting better, and better! He was really miserable in fight, Jack–Bots to back him up or not, and any other advantage would be like ace in his sleeve. An ace which no one would be able to take from him, like every other thing he used.

"You cannot just learn those kind of skills overnight!"

"I get that it is difficult. But knowledge is power, right?"

"Did you by any chance learned the monk ways too?"

"Nah, heard that one on TV" Jack smiled, when Wuya blinked at him, not understanding what he was talking about. "When we get back I should probably show it to you. You even might like it."

"I won't like anything your miserable race has to offer!"

"You like the plane." he pointed out and Wuya growled at him.

Jack shook his head. Enough of making fun of ancient witch. She might decided it is time to phraze through him in the act of vengeance and that was one unpleasant experience.

"Whatever. Are we close now?"

"Turn left." she said. And her voice sounded like she was moping.

Jack blinked and obediently changed direction.