Title: Our Beginning

Genre: Romance / Drama

Rating: T

Description: When you were in love with another boy, there was usually two choices to go. Either tell them, or keep it hidden away. For Hiccup Haddock, he had kept it hidden for years that he wasn't interested in girls. He's also kept it hidden that he's had a crush on his classmate Jack Frost. It becomes harder to hide it though, when Jack Frost starts crashing on your couch.

Pairings: Jack and Hiccup

Disclaimer: I do not own How To Train Your Dragon or Rise of the Guardians

Chapter One; How It All Began

Fate had a way of changing. Sometimes the changes were subtle, something that you could easily adjust to. But other times, changes came rushing at you and it took a little longer to get use to the changes that happened around you. For Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, Fate always enjoyed throwing curve balls his way. The first change that had ever happened in his life was the death of his mother. He had been young, and he took it hard. But after some years, he had adjusted to the fact that it would just be him and his dad.

The second change Fate threw his way, was when they had decided to move from cold Berk. Not only did Hiccup have to adjust to being in a new location, but also he had to change up his wardrobe. The weather was changing, and he'd rather get use to wearing t-shirts and shorts over dying of heat stroke when the weather decided to be 100 degrees.

His third change had been when he discovered that unlike most boys, Hiccup had a sexual attraction to the same sex. He had only learned this when he had been in 8th grade, and his next door neighbor had decided he wanted to experiment once before he truly settled down for a serious relationship with his 3 month girlfriend. They had locked lips, and while Hiccup had actually enjoyed it, his neighbor did not. They never spoke of the experience again, and luckily remained to be close friends.

Even though he was unaware of it, fate was already getting a fourth change ready for the poor boy. He had finally thought he would get use to life being the same. He had just begun his second year of high school, most of his class mates he had grown up with since he had moved here from Berk, and the longest crush he had on anyone was still going.

Fate would change that though. Fate would bring two boy's together, and with it would come the difficult changes that Hiccup was not ready for.

. . . .

Leaving the school building, Hiccup gave a content sigh at the fact that it was Friday. Weekends were right around the corner, and he'd get a two day break from the same ol' routine that he was already tired of. It was only a month into the school year, but Hiccup and his fellow classmates were already on the verge where they just wanted school to be over.

It didn't help that even though he was out of the Freshmen phase of teasing, Hiccup was still tormented. When his classmates weren't making fun of the name he had been gifted from his parents, it was sometimes his appearance. When it wasn't his appearance, it was the fact that while most of the boy's took up sports, he had taken a passion in art. It wasn't his fault though that if he were to get on a football field, he'd probably break in two.

Tugging his hat down to cover his ears, his green eyes glanced left, and then right before he crossed the street. It was a long walk ahead of him, but he didn't mind it. He enjoyed the scenery he passed on the way home, it often gave him ideas for something new to draw. There had been the one winter where he had decided to draw Berk and his new home of Burgess. Burgess sat at the top of the picture, with it's tall buildings and it's empty fields where children played, where at the bottom sat Berk. Berk, with it's small houses and endless forests. To see the difference in the two places had set a deep ache of being homesick.

Now, he didn't hate Burgess. Unlike Berk, he wasn't pointed out for how different he looked from the people that resided there. But it just wasn't the same. In Berk, Hiccup's future had already been decided for him. Burgess, he could become anything he wanted. But he wasn't even sure on what it was he wanted to become. There had been a time he wanted to become a vet, but trying to manage his own cat - Toothless - had shown Hiccup that if he couldn't handle one animal, how was he capable of handling more then one.

Being an artist was on the table now, but there was also being a mechanic. And so Hiccup was stuck, and he only had two years of high school to go before he had to figure out what it was, before his chances were gone.

Distracted by his thoughts, Hiccup had taken a turn onto the wrong street. His feet continued to take him down the side walk, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He could smell the scent of coffee nearby, and somewhere he could hear a dog barking. Stopping in his tracks, Hiccup let his eyes scan his surroundings.

On his left was a local coffee shop he had driven past once in awhile. Across from it, where the barking was coming from, sat the local pet store. Recognizing the area, it was clear to him that this was not the way home. He groaned, blowing dark hair out of his face as he turned to get ready to walk back the way he had come from. But what stopped him completely in his tracks was the familiar sight of dyed white hair.

His breath caught in his throat, and his heart started beating faster in his chest. There, not far from him stood his 3 year long crush Jack Frost. Diving to the side, trying to hide himself away from the boy, Hiccup peeked around the entrance of the coffee shop as he watched Jack. The blue eyed boy was currently walking down the sidewalk, and Hiccup had to try to ignore the feeling of disappointment that rose in his chest when he caught sight of Jack's female companion. She was a blonde beauty, and from the way she was looking at Jack, Hiccup knew she had her sights set on him.

They looked so perfect next to each other as well. Two beautiful people, it wouldn't be hard not to think that the girl was probably Jack's girlfriend. Hiccup took in the way Jack smiled at the girl, how he could easily laugh every time the girl said something funny. Hiccup wasn't sure why he was hiding from them though. It wasn't like the two of them would recognize him, he didn't strike out as much as they did at school.

Jack and the girl had stopped at the building next to the coffee shop. Raising an eyebrow, Hiccup watched as the girl leaned over and gave Jack a hug. The white haired boy hugged back, before giving a tiny wave and then making his way inside the building. With a small bounce in her step, the girl turned and made her way across the street.

When Hiccup had dubbed it clear to make an escape, he moved away from the coffee shop entrance. Even though he had already linked that Jack had a girlfriend, the dark haired boy was still curious on the building Jack had just stepped into.

Stepping the short distance between both buildings, Hiccup glanced up at the cream colored building. Unlike the coffee shop, the inside of the windows contained curtains, blocking Hiccup from viewing inside. He took another glance up, his eyes scanning the name of the place.


Strange name for a place, and Hiccup was curious how long it had been here. It was like one day it wasn't here, and the next here it was. As if it had been invisible for the entirety that Hiccup had lived in Burgess, and just showed itself now. Taking a look around, Hiccup took in a deep breath before he reached for the door knob and let himself in.

Though, Hiccup wasn't sure now if this was definitely the place Jack had walked into.

Majority of the people inside were female. There were only a handful of men, and half of that handful seemed to be workers here. Though, if this was even a store was not really clear to Hiccup. The whole place contained a relaxed atmosphere, couches and tables everywhere he looked. What he did take notice of were the gorgeous men who were either chatting with women or pouring tea for women. Nowhere could he see the familiar hair of white that he had followed inside here. Was he tricked? Did Jack and his girlfriend know Hiccup was watching and just make it seem like Jack entered here?

He was absolutely confused, and had drawn some attention when he had entered. A man who looked to be 10 years older then Hiccup walked over to him, his eyebrows raised and a scowl on his face. He stopped in front of Hiccup, crossing his arms as he eyed the boy.

"Something you need, mate?" the man said in a strong Australian accent.

Hiccups eyes widened, and his hands came up as he tried to find a reason to explain to the man why he had stepped inside. Though he was sure any excuse would not be taken lightly, for the man already looked like he was ready to kick Hiccup out and ban him to never come back. His mouth was opening and closing, trying to find the right words.

"Chill out Bunny, he's here for me." a voice said next to them.

Looking to what had interrupted them, Hiccup was relieved to see Jack standing there. The other boy was looking at the Aussie, eyebrows raised and a smirk on his face. Giving low curses under his breath, the man glared a few seconds at Jack before looking back to Hiccup.

"Whatever." he said before he walked away.

Relaxing, Hiccup felt as if he had just been rescued there. Pressing a hand to his chest, he now looked over to Jack. The boy was staring back at him, their eyes meeting for a second before Hiccup pulled his gaze away, his cheeks tinted pink.

"T - Thanks, ya know.. For that." Hiccup thanked him.

"Nothing to be nervous about, he doesn't always act like he's got something shoved up his ass." Jack said, reaching out to pat Hiccup's back.

The fact that Jack was touching him was sending Hiccup's heart crazy. It was pounding loud in his chest, and he hoped that Jack could not feel it. He fumbled for words, trying to say something or at least attempt at an excuse to leave. His back felt on fire where Jack's hand had been, and he feared he'd make a fool of himself if he stayed there any longer.

"Say, have I met you before?" Jack questioned.

He leaned closer, tilting his head so that he could get a better look at Hiccup's face. By now the poor boy's cheeks were even redder, and he was practically tripping over his own tongue as he tried to back away. His hand was reaching back, trying to find the door knob that would lead him out of here. He was confused, flustered and on the verge of possibly fainting on spot.

"N - No! Sorry, I don't think we've met before." Hiccup stuttered.

Jack continued to examine him, so sure that he knew Hiccup. Hiccup was praying to any god that was listening to help him, he regretted completely on following Jack inside this place.

And the god's listened to this poor boy's pleas. Situated on a couch not far from them, a brown haired female turned to peek over her shoulder in their direction. She was calling for Jack, and Hiccup signed in relief when the blue eyed boy turned to look at the girl. She gestured for him to come join her, and he flashed her a smile that brought heat to her cheeks before he turned back to Hiccup.

"Duty calls." Jack said with a wink, before leaving.

No longer feeling like a deer caught in headlights, Hiccup turned quickly and threw the door open. Exiting the place, he took a run down the sidewalk. He was free of that place, and took in the air as if he had been held underwater. He cursed his curiosity. Cursed the fact that he had been so distracted to pay attention to where he had been walking.

He took the right turn this time, making his way down familiar roads finally on his way home.

. . . .

"I was such an idiot for going in there." Hiccup grumbled.

Laying on his back, he watched his cat as the feline perched up on his chest, green eyes blinking down at him. As soon as he had come home, Hiccup had sought out refugee in his bedroom. Surrounded by the familiar scents and sounds, Hiccup finally felt like he could relax and vent out what had happened. Even though the creature could not talk back, Toothless was always a keen listener when his owner wanted to complain.

Sighing, Hiccup brought his arm up to cover his eyes. He hoped that Jack wouldn't remember him once the weekend was over. He did not want to go back to school and have him remember him. How would he explain it if the boy asked him questions at school. Jack would probably just find it as another reason for the kid's to tease and bully him. He did not want that to happen.

"You're lucky." he told Toothless.

The cat tilted his head, ears twitching as he tried to understand what it was he should be lucky about. Another sigh left Hiccup, and Toothless clung for dear life as the boy under him shifted so that he was laying on his side. He still couldn't get that image out of his head. Those beautiful blue eyes that looked at him, the eyebrows furrowed together as Jack raked his brain trying to figure out how he knew Hiccup.

A car door was slammed outside the home, and Hiccup uncovered his eyes to look over at the clock that sat on his desk. The blank eyes of the dragon clock stared back at him, two black arms pointing out that it was almost 6, meaning Hiccup's father had just come home. Unlike Hiccup, Stoick Haddock had fit in quickly with the town. He had made friend's easily, and from what Hiccup heard, a lot of women had their eyes set on his father. His father could handle his own, unlike his son.

When Hiccup had first gotten teased and bullied, he had gone to his father multiple times about it. His father had simply raised an eyebrow at him, and told him that if he was being bullied then he had to settle it on his own. Meaning, either Hiccup start manning up, or continued to hide away like he always did. He didn't know why he didn't see it any different though, it was the same answer his father would have given him if he were still in Berk.

Sitting up, Hiccup watched Toothless jump off the bed. Bored, and now annoyed that his master kept moving every time he attempted to nap, Toothless went in search for something else to do. Rolling his eyes, Hiccup climbed off the bed. Following Toothless out of his bedroom, he listened as the front door opened, and then slammed shut. Then there was his father's loud, booming voice.

"Hiccup?!" the man called out.

With the black cat at his side, Hiccup walked down the hallway in the direction of where his father would be. Where Hiccup was short and lanky, his father was tall and burly. Hiccup watched the way his father's muscles flexed as he took his jacket off, his hands large and almost the size of Hiccup's head. It was shocking to a lot of people, when they had discovered that Stoick and Hiccup were related. It wasn't hard to see why, in how different the two were.

"Hey dad." Hiccup greeted.

His fathers eyes shifted to his son, taking in his appearance before nodding a greeting. Crisscrossing between his legs, Stoick grunted and grumbled as he tried to avoid stepping on Toothless, who was desperately trying to grab onto Stoick's boot laces.

"Hiccup, come get this fur ball before he becomes dinner." Stoick snapped.

Moving forward, Hiccup quickly scooped Toothless up into his arms. The cat's eyes were trained on the laces, kicking against Hiccup's chest as he tried to free himself. Gritting his teeth when Toothless caught his claws through his shirt, scratching up his stomach. This was one of the reasons Hiccup had decided against becoming a vet.

With his boots off his feet, and moving into the direction of the living room, Hiccup let Toothless free. Ignoring the two humans, Toothless now set off to a new game. Following after his father, Hiccup lifted his shirt, eyeing the new scratches that Toothless had gifted him with. Shaking his head, he let his shirt drop before he watched his father sit himself down on the couch. Work had surely worn him out, and so Hiccup kept quiet as he sat down next to his dad.

"How was school?" Stoick questioned.

"Oh, you know, the usual." Hiccup shrugged.

"Join any sports?" Stoick continued.

"No." Hiccuped groaned out.

His father nodded, and Hiccup knew he was a little disappointed in the answer he got. He had tried often to inform his father that him and sports did not work well, but his father was still aiming to try and get a son who would take into something they could bond over. Sometimes, Hiccup wondered if his dad thought he had been given the wrong son. Maybe babies had accidentally been switched at the hospital, and there was some boy out there that matched the ideal son Stoick wanted.

"We're having an art show soon, I uh.. I entered a few things. If you want to come by and see." Hiccup attempted to continue their conversation.

Stoick's eyebrows raised, and his eyes scanned his son. Hiccup knew he was probably pushing it, he knew how busy his father was with work. But he was sure that if he had joined a sport, his father would have taken time out to come see a game. So maybe, just maybe he'd take the time out to come see Hiccup's art.

"We'll see son." Stoick replied.

Hiccup would have tried pushing the idea further. He was really proud of his work, and he really wanted his dad to come see it. But he kept his mouth sealed tightly closed. We'll see was going to be the best he'd get out of his father.

Leaning back against the couch, Hiccup glanced over to where his mother's photo smiled back at him. She was holding a tiny baby in her arms, and with a large arm wrapped around her shoulders beamed Stoick. Giving a small smile, Hiccup continued to look at the old family photo. It was the only picture of the three of them, his family.

If his mother had lived, would she go to the art show? Would she hug Hiccup and tell him how much she loved his art. Would she try to find something to bond her husband and son, or would she also wish she had a son that matched an ideal image in her head. Running a hand through his hair, Hiccup leaned his head back, closing his eyes. Again, he saw those blue eyes. He wondered what kind of relationship Jack had with his father, if they bonded over sports and spent quality father and son time together.

. . . .

Reluctantly, Hiccup had to make another trip to that street later that night. Exiting the craft store a little after 8 at night, Hiccup hugged the paper bag closer to his body. He had tried to stock up, making sure that he would have enough paint to hopefully last him the rest of the month. He had wished that the earlier trip down this street he had remembered, so that he could have gotten the paints earlier. Plus, maybe that would have kept him from seeing Jack and going into Guardians.

Walking down the sidewalk, he made sure to avoid the building, going as far as to walk on the opposite side of the street. He would glance over once in awhile from the corner of his eyes, but he never made the attempt to fully look at it. He took in the silence, trying not to freak out at how dark it looked at night. Street lights shined down on the empty street, but they were barely bright and if it weren't for the car that passed, Hiccup wouldn't have made out the figure sitting against Guardians.

He stopped in his tracks, his eyes staring across the street. He was sure of it, someone was sitting against the building. He couldn't make out the face though, the hood to the person's blue hoodie brought up to keep the face hidden. He knew somewhere inside his head there was a voice telling him to keep moving, to walk and never look back.

The head tilted up, and Hiccup took in a sharp intake of breath when blue eyes met his green ones. It was Jack Frost.

'What is he doing?' Hiccup questioned himself.

He shifted his footing, debating on jogging across the street. He could either go, make sure the other boy was okay, or he could just continue walking home. It wasn't like it was any of his business what Jack was doing. But it just worried him, seeing the way Jack was slumped against the building. Not to mention, it was 8 at night and Jack did have a pretty face.

"I'm gonna regret this." he mumbled under his breath.

Tightening his hold on his latest purchase, he looked both ways before diving across the road. When he was safely on the other side of the road, he could now get a bit of a closer look at the other boy.

Jack didn't seem like he was hurt anywhere, though Hiccup could make out the shivers that left him as the wind blew past. If Jack was cold though, why didn't he go home? The blue eyes were still staring at him, but Jack made no noise. Reaching his hand out, Hiccup waved his hand in front of the other boy's face.

"Jack?" he questioned.

Brown eyebrows arched, his mouth opened before closing. It was starting to make Hiccup even more worried. Setting his bag down next to him, he knelt down in front of the white haired boy.

"Are you okay Jack?" Hiccup asked.

Maybe he was high, that could possibly explain Jack's behaviour.. Right? Though, Hiccup had never really hung out around people who were high. So he wasn't even sure how they might act. He'd seen movies with high people, but they were usually very hungry and didn't act like this. He shifted, leaning a little closer.

"Why aren't you home?" he tried to get some answer out of the other boy.

Jack's eyes widened a little, as if he recognized the words. His head turned, blue eyes glancing over to the door leading into Guardians.

"This is my home." he told Hiccup.

"You live here?" Hiccup asked.

He pointed a finger towards the building, checking to see if he was right on what Jack said. The boy shrugged his shoulders, his eyes going back to stare in front of him.

"If they leave the door unlocked. But my home changes." Jack replied.

"Wait, are you saying you're homeless?" Hiccup questioned.

He feared the answer Jack would give him. For as long as he knew Jack, he had been envious of the other boy. Hiccup would sometimes make up scenes in his head of Jack going back home to a warm, loving family. When Jack nodded his head, then shrugged his shoulders, Hiccup felt as if something had lodged itself in his throat. How was it that Jack seemed so nonchalant about being homeless? And why hadn't anyone taken notice of it.

He was going to really regret his next words, but he couldn't just leave the white haired boy sitting here. Clearing his throat, and trying not to blush at the thought, he looked at Jack.

"Want to crash at my house?" he asked.

Jack stared at him, his blue eyes scanning Hiccup's face. The brown haired boy watched patiently, trying not to freak out on himself for what he had asked Jack. This was Jack Frost he was talking to, the boy he had a crush on for years, the boy he had just found out didn't have a home to go to. It was all just so sudden, it seemed almost like a dream.

When Jack nodded, Hiccup let out a breath he didn't even know he had been holding. Standing, he managed to clutch his bag in one arm while he held out his empty hand to Jack. Compared to his warm hand, Jack's was so much colder as he took hold of it. Using what little strength he had, he helped Jack to his feet.

"Don't worry, it's not that far." Hiccup reassured himself more then Jack.

What was he going to say to his dad when he got home? Would his dad even be alright with a stranger crashing on their living room couch? He took a glance to Jack, watching the boy stuff his cold hands into his pockets. He wasn't 100% sure if this was the best choice he had gone with, but he didn't see anyone else offering the other boy somewhere warm to stay.

Walking in silence down the sidewalk, Jack left Hiccup to his thoughts as he followed the shorter boy in the direction he walked into. Jack didn't say anything, and Hiccup took that time to try and work out what he could say to his father. There were many options he could take, but most of them involved his father yelling or slamming doors.

Fate had yet again sent a change in Hiccup Haddock's life.