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Chapter Twenty Nine; Epilogue

The gravel crunched with each step he took, feet complaining inside their confines as he walked towards his destination.

Even with the warmth of summer, the graveyard felt cold. He snuggled deeper into his blue hoodie, eyes seeking out the headstone he had come here for. He had never expected to be here, looking for an important landmark. But there it was, with the large H carved into the stone and wilted flowers gathered in front of it.

"Hey there," he greeted, stopping to stand in front of the grave.

His eyes scanned over the stone, reading the numbers - dates stating the birth and death of the person that rested under the dirt. So young, to be taken from a loving family. Their life was never forgotten though, brought back by stories and memories. The metal of the engagement ring in his palm felt hot, as if it were branding itself into his skin.

"I'm sure this is awkward, for the both of us." Jack continued, trying to find a way to make this feel less weird and more comfortable. "But I'll be leaving soon, to start up college. Which is shocking, right?" He gave a chuckle.

How surprised Jack had been when his grades had raised over the years, though he had his boyfriend to thank for that. The proud looks of their friends and family when Jack had walked up to retrieve his diploma. It had been even more shocking when he'd received his acceptance letter for college. He'd be leaving Burgess, heading over to Colorado in his quest to become a kindergarten teacher.

"Anyways.. It's been an interesting couple of years. But that's not exactly what I came here for," he mumbled, slowly tugging his hand out of his pocket and bringing the small object up to examine. It had cost a lot, but he hoped it would be worth it. "I ah.. I actually came here to tell you that I'm going to make a big commitment. Something that I never thought I'd really do."

Giving a chuckle, he rolled the ring slowly between his thumb and pointer. There was a cut in the center, the shape of a snowflake. Carved on either side of the snowflake were two different dragons. He'd kidnapped two sketches while Hiccup wasn't looking, vaguely recalling one as Hiccup's favorite, the Night Fury. The other one he couldn't recall the name of, but it had been one of Jack's personal favorites.

He lowered himself down, kneeling in front of the grave. He held the ring out, almost like an offering. "I want to ask your son to marry me, Mrs. Haddock."

Maybe it was a bit of a strange sight, holding the ring out to a headstone, requesting the blessing of someone who couldn't voice their approval or disapproval. But Jack felt that he had to at least let her know in some way. He wanted to prove to her that he'd take care of Hiccup; that he loved him to the point he would one day like to marry him.

That is.. If Hiccup even said yes.

'C'mon Jack, don't think negative, think positive.' he thought to himself. He let the ring drop back into his palm, eyes settling on the grave.

The distance would be a major block that would wedge itself into their relationship. While he'd be heading off to Colorado, Hiccup would be going to an art school near town. Hiccup would be able to come home and curl up in that familiar warmth while Jack would be bunking down to a bed in a dorm. He'd have to get used to meeting new people, and making new friends.

He'd have to keep down the jealousy that Hiccup would meet someone new while he was away.

There had been a lot of worries he had heard about long-distance relationships. People saying that they could never last, that the distance and being busy with school would keep them from staying in touch. Jack didn't want to believe it, but there was that dread that rose up at the thought, of what if? What if they did become busier with school, what if a phone call every night turned into a phone call every other night, or once a week?

"I know, I've put him through a lot. As much as he tells me not to blame myself, I still know I'm the reason he lost a leg. It was such a shock when Stoick said yes," he paused to laugh, shaking his head. "I thought he was going to rip my head off, his face got so red. But he accepted it, was actually surprised I made the effort to tell him before I had even popped the question."

His eyes widened as he realized his wording, and how it sounded; his hand running through his hair. "I mean - I didn't propose to your husband! I asked his permission to marry Hiccup. God that would be awkward… NOT that I mean it would be awkward to be married to Stoick…"

God, he was making a mess of himself now! Good thing he didn't tell Hiccup he was heading over here, he wasn't sure he could bare to have someone actually watch him. Was Val laughing at him in Heaven? Maybe she was preparing to smite him right here. God, was it always this nerve-wracking for people preparing to propose to their significant other?

"Basically.. What I'm saying here is that, I know I've brought a lot of trouble to your family. But I want to make it up to you and Stoick, and mostly to Hiccup. I want to be the person by his side for the rest of our lives, whether they be short lives or long ones. And even if Hiccup says no, if we do end up breaking up in the near future.. I still want to be by his side, to make sure he's the happiest man on Earth."

The wind seemed to pick up around him, tousling white spikes and making the bottom of his hoodie rise a little as the cool air brushed against his pale skin.

And while he was pretty sure he was hearing things, he could've sworn he caught the sound of a woman's soft laughter, a light weight almost being placed onto his shoulder. It was if she was there next to him, a smile on her face as she looked to the boy who was putting his heart out for the child she'd left to this world. The rays of the sun shone just a little brighter, as if she were smiling down on him.

She was giving Jack her blessing, she was allowing this stranger to become a permanent part of her son's life.

Grinning, Jack tucked the ring back into his pocket. "Thank you." he whispered.

. . . .

That night, with the help of Stoick, Jack made dinner for two. Hiccup's father went to hang out with friends, leaving the house alone for Jack and Hiccup. There was a candle set in the center of the table, the light flickering as he waited for Hiccup to come home. The auburn haired teen seemed cautious at the display placed out, but didn't question it.

He did check to make sure Toothless hadn't been harmed, after discovering the older boy had made dinner.

They chatted while they ate, Jack finding himself more and more nervous the closer they got to finishing. He had reached across the table, taking his boyfriend's hand in his. The action alone seemed to calm his nerves, giving him the courage he needed to focus on what he had set out to do.

He stepped around the table, kneeling in front of his freckled lover. His blue eyes took the boy in, taking notice of the changes that had happened over the years. The height that had been added, so that now Hiccup was the taller of the two. There was also a little muscle added onto him, making him less all bones and gangly. He made out the two small braids tucked away behind his ear, gifted to him by Emma during her last visit.

The dim lighting of the candle almost made the dark speckles of Hiccup's freckles more pronounced.

Pulling the box that contained the ring out of his pocket, he'd had a speech fully prepared for this. But Hiccup didn't even give him time to ask, a spew of 'yes yes yes!' leaving him as he pushed himself out of his chair and knocked Jack onto the floor.

And yeah, he would have liked to have gotten the words out. He had spent hours working on what he was going to say. But he didn't mind it at all, as Hiccup settled himself by straddling his lap, his pale face smothered in kisses before he finally took hold of Hiccup's jaw and pulled him down for a deep, passionate kiss.

Green eyes admired the ring once it was slipped onto Hiccup's finger, turning his hand so he could take in the detail put into the metal.

"I love you," Jack whispered.

"I love you too." Hiccup replied with a smile, looking up to stare into the eyes of his fiancee.

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