AU STORY: Superman will be a dad to Superboy…

WARNING:Will contain Spanking in the form of discipline...This is Pure Fiction so PLEASE NO FLAMES! DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!…

Young Justice Team: Speedy/Roy-19, Artemis-18, Kid Flash/Wally-19, Nightwing/ Richard-18, Zatanna-18, Miss Martian/ M'gann-17, Superboy/Conner-16, Red Robin/Jason-15, Robin/Tim-13, Wonder Girl/Cassie-14

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Chapter One

Hey look it's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Superman! The onlookers gawked as they watched the man of steel zoom out from the sky to rescue an injured teen holding his midsection.

Superman never felt more terrified in his life the moment he heard Superboy cry out for help. Being a father was rather new to him and his son was a teenager sure but he was also so innocent and inexperienced in life that it made him incredibly overprotective. He still had allot to teach the boy just like any father would but it was not easy when your kid's teenage hormones take a life of their own and turn your sweet kid into a disobedient brat. Conner should have stayed put at Mount Justice safe and sound but no he had to prove his false independence and go off to Metropolis to help Superman. Sure the kid was strong and fast but he was not invincible he could still get hurt unlike Superman.


Flashes were heard as people took pictures of them. "I think this kid called Superman dad! Superman, is this your son?"

Irritated by the invasion of privacy Superman cradled Superboy in his arms as one would do with a baby and that's exactly how he saw Superboy as sometimes… his baby boy…

Superman shot up into the sky and flew to the Justice Watchtower. Running into the medical bay the man of steel hollered. "Superboy's been injured!" Medical staff rushed out and quickly helped Superman place the boy onto a gurney and wheeled him away to treat his injury.

"What happened?" It's Batman standing behind Superman curious to find out how the boy got injured.

Superman sighed and looked at his longtime best friend and godfather to his child. "He disobeyed me again and now this time he got himself injured. I don't know what to do with him."

"Discipline him."

"He doesn't listen to me! I don't know how you do it with four boys when I can't even handle one."

"Make him listen, he needs you to be firm with him you need to stop acting like his friend and be his father."

"How do you make your boys listen?"

"If they behaved as Conner did… I would spank them."

"What? Batman! What are you talking about?" Nightwing suddenly appeared looking lightly flushed and panicked clearly not wanting Batman to divulge such information to anybody. It was embarrassing enough that at eighteen he was still not too old to receive such treatment.

"Nightwing, what have I told you about ease dropping?"

"I wasn't! I was just walking by and I heard what you said."

Superman felt sympathetic towards the boy he saw as his nephew and changed the uncomfortable subject. "Superboy's been injured." He sadly pronounced.

"What! What happened?"

"He got himself injured disobeying me and now he's in medical bay getting patched up."

"Nightwing we need to get going."

"Catch ya later Superman." Nightwing smiled and followed Batman.

As Superman watched Nightwing and Batman leave one of the doctors walked up to him. "Superman, Superboy is doing great, with his super healing the wound should be completely healed in a day or two."

Superman grinned, relived. "Thanks doctor, can I see him now?"

"Yes go right in, due to the pain medication he should still be asleep."

Superman walked into the dimly lit room and sat next to his son on a chair by the side of the boy's bed and mused. How do I get through to you Kon? I hate seeing you hurt, you will end up killing yourself if you continue to disobey me... maybe Bruce is right maybe I have been too buddy buddy with you...but just the thought of spanking you scares me!

"Dad?" Superman was pulled away from his thoughts at the sound of his son's voice.

"Hey kiddo, how are you feeling?"

Conner guiltily looked away and gulped nervously he knew he messed up big time. He hated disappointing Superman, his daddy, he wanted to prove himself to him, wanted to make him proud of him. Sure he didn't have all the superpowers his dad had but with what he did have like telekinesis and super strength he could easily still save lives just like his dad did. But his dad got so overprotective of him sometimes that he didn't let him go on any dangerous missions because he still had to train more and get a better handle of his powers… He really hated being babied! Just because he was technically a year old didn't mean he had to be treated like one!

"I'm sorry." He crooked as his voice broke weakly.

"You're sorry? So that makes it okay?" Superman was scared and upset just the thought of losing his son terrified him.

"No...I didn't see the gun."

"This can't ever happen again Conner! Do you understand me!?"

"It was a mistake…I'll be sure to use my telekinesis-"

"No Conner! You're not understanding me! Suberboy is grounded meaning no more hero business until I say so!"

"You can't stop me from helping people!"

A doctor then walked into the room disrupting them, he checked on Superboy's vitals then lifted his gown and checked his incision site on his stomach. Superman also looked at the healing wound and was pleased so see it was healing well.

"When can I take him home?" Superman inquired wanting to go home to Metropolis and get Conner into bed.

"You can take him now of you like he is healing remarkably well." The doctor kindly replied.

"Great, thanks doc for all your help." Superman picked up Superboy once again like a baby made sure to wrap him up in a blanket and zoomed out of the Watchtower.

In Clark's small two bedroom apartment they lived comfortably. It went from a bachelor pad to more of a home suitable to raise his son in. He dropped off his sleepy boy in his room and softly ordered. "Get ready for bed you need sleep, we'll talk tomorrow."

To Be Continued…

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