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Merry Christmas!


Chapter Thirteen

Ever since his talk with his grandmother Conner tried his very best to focus on the good in his life and it turned out to make things better for him. The day Christmas arrived he was really excited to spend time with his family and friends. He rolled out of bed and smelled a delicious aroma of breakfast. He walked out to the kitchen to find his dad setting the table with Christmas music playing in the background.

"Merry Christmas son, come sit and eat." The man of steel motioned to the large array of food on the table that he had spent the last hour making. He wanted to make his kid's second Christmas with him special from the start.

"Merry Christmas dad," Conner sat and ate a delicious big breakfast along with his dad.
As Conner finished up eating his dad presented him with a gift.

"Here you go son, open it up."

Conner broadly smiled and just as he was about to open his gift a blonde woman suddenly flew into their living room.

"Kara!" Clark looked surprised but quickly recovered, "How are you? Did you find Kandor?"

The last time Clark had seen Kara was it was about two years before. She had left in search of a city called Kandor which was rumored to have survivors of their bloodline.

"I've searched so long for my mother and I never found her. You and I are the last survivors of the House of El, and after everything you and I have been through I have come back to the only place in the universe that I had a family." She expressed then noticed the boy that stood by her cousin's side.

"Kal who is this boy?"

"Oh, this is my son Conner."

"Son? How is that possible I've only been gone two years?"

"It's a long story but he's my son, Conner this is our cousin Kara."

"You're Supergirl, right? I've heard a lot about you. I'm happy to finally meet you."

"Are you hungry? Want something to drink?" Clark asked taking in Kara's shocked expression as she looked at his son.

"No Kal I'm fine, I hope I'm not interrupting." She said as she noticed the boy held a gift ready to be opened.

"No, not at all, you're family and it's Christmas, come sit, Conner was just about to open his present."

Conner smiled and finally tore away the wrapping paper and opened the box to find a Galaxy Note smartphone and a Galaxy gear watch.

His dad was finally letting him have a phone! He had asked a few months prior why he didn't have one and his dad simply told him he didn't need one. He guessed Bruce probably convinced him otherwise because these were the same phone and watch his 'cousins' had and he always thought they were so cool.

"Thanks dad!" In that moment in his excitement he forgot all about Kara in the room and threw himself at his dad hugging him and even gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"That's the sweetest thing I've ever seen." Kara emotionally expressed as she fondly looked at father and son.

Clark chuckled and Conner pulled away slightly flushing as he was reminded they weren't alone.

"You're welcome son but we will have a few rules with them," Conner rolled his eyes and Clark continued, "You must always keep them fully charged each and every day on you and the watch will be for Superboy and the phone for Conner."

"Superboy?" Kara asked.

"Yes, he's part of the Young Justice team." Clark responded.

Kara smiled. "I'm glad to know we are not the only Krytonians in the universe as I thought. I hope you've given him a proper Kryptonian name since he's rightfully part of the House of El."

"Of course I have, it's Kon El."

"Kon El… I like it, but you must explain to me how he came to be."

"I'm a clone of Superman created from his DNA in a Cadmus facility, I was in the process of being forced grown until I was aided in escaping by a few members of Young Justice after they caught word Cadmus had created a clone of Superman, they took me to meet Superman and he instantly accepted me and has been taking care of me ever since."

"No matter how you came to be, you're a part of us and I am happy to have another cousin." She smiled.

"Thanks." Conner bashfully smiled. He was happy at how easily Kara had accepted him.

"How old are you?" She asked.


"To some degree he's a sixteen year old boy but technically he's two and sometimes acts like it."

"Dad," Conner complained flustered.

"How have your powers been progressing?" She asked.

"Kind of slow…" He admitted.

She nodded, "That's normal for some Krytonian boys to progress rather slowly sometimes and they don't reach full adulthood until their twentieth first birthday."

"So I'm not going to be an adult at eighteen? But Dick said he's considered an adult now since he's eighteen."

"He is human and humans develop differently." She replied.

A knock was heard at the door and Clark excused himself to answer it already knowing who was at the door. He opened the door and greeted his over excited parents. "Merry Christmas!" They cheered in unison.

"Merry Christmas, come in."

Martha and John entered the apartment and Conner rushed toward them.

Grandma! Grandpa! I didn't know you were coming," He gave them each a hug.

Merry Christmas Sweetheart! We wanted to surprise you, here these are for you." Martha said handing the boy two carefully packaged presents.

"Kara? What a pleasant surprise, how are you dear?"

"I'm alright, just happy to be back."

"Didn't find what you were looking for?" John asked.

"No but I've realized it's been right here all along."

The Kent family sat around the living room as Conner opened his gifts. Martha had given him a red v neck sweater that she personally had knitted for him and John gave him a pair of tan boots. Clark also received similar gifts from his parents. They spent quality time together the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon until Clark told Conner to go and get ready for the Christmas dinner their family were invited to go to at Wayne manor. Conner looked dashing in black dress pants, white button down top and the v neck sweater his grandma had gifted him.

Conner chose to ride with his grandparents in their truck while Kara and Clark opted to fly to Wayne manor.

The Wayne manors cast iron gates were closed across the drive when they pulled up. Though this was normal, the lovely decorations which were draped over them left Martha's mouth gaping, she looked to see the Conner's reaction but found the boy in a deep slumber, riding in the truck always lulled the boy right to sleep.

Wound around the black metal were great lines of thick pine garland speckled with pinecones and brilliant crimson ribbons. Two great big wreaths with matching red ribbons were hung on either of the two swinging entrances blocking their path.

Martha gawked at the adornments with wide eyes and John was clearly shocked as the gate slowly swung open.

All along the drive, the hedges were wound with strings of twinkling lights that sparkled in a cheerful dance as they drove past. Giant candy canes had been placed upright between the hedges to hang over the drive. Each was hung with an old-fashioned lantern that burned brightly, lighting the way toward the house.

As they rounded a bend in the long driveway, they were astonished by the sight of the great big manor. Instead of the large house sitting forebodingly in the center of the expansive lawns as it normally did, it was lit up by millions of tiny multicolored lights. The dazzling colors cascaded across the front garden to light the beautifully landscaped grounds. Martha thought that that would have been marvelous all on its own, but there was even more decorations across the yard.

Nobody could have mistaken the display to one side of the yard for anything other than the North Pole. There were minute buildings constructed to form a cheerful little town. As they pulled up in front of the house Martha could read that one of the buildings said "Santa's Workshop", while another said "Reindeer Stables", and the rest were all labeled in the same fashion with green and gold signs. In the center of the miniature town was a candy cane striped pole with a golden globe on top. Strung from the globe were strands of tiny lights that stretched down from the pole to the tops of all the houses, lighting up the cobbled streets. Martha couldn't believe the beauty of it all.

On the other side of the garden was a large spruce tree that was looped with both lights and tinsel garland. Beneath the tree were loads of decorative packages that lit up brightly with different colored ribbons and bows. Around the tree, grazing in the foot deep snow, were eight reindeer that wore scarlet harnesses with silver bells. Behind the tree was a great big crimson sleigh where Santa Clause sat waving a black mitten covered hand at them.

John turned the engine off and climbed from the truck.

John plucked a sleeping Conner gingerly from his seat trying not to wake him. His efforts were wasted however as the child's sky blue eyes blinked open slowly to look up at him. John pulled him out of the cozy car and into the falling cold snow.

Conner was instantly aware of the lights twinkling around the yard. All signs of sleep disappeared in a matter of seconds and his eyes sparkled as he turned his head to see all the decorations. John smiled, seeing the glee in his grandson's face.

Martha was just reaching for the knob when the door swung open.

Tim stood, smiling, in the entrance way. "Merry Christmas! Come on in!"

Conner entered the manor with his grandparents and spotted his dad sitting by Bruce in conversation.

After everyone greeted each other, Martha went into the kitchen to provide help for Alfred with dinner while everyone else sat by the large decked out Christmas tree sipping on hot cocoa watching as the Wayne boys gave Conner gifts. Tim gave Conner an iPad, Jason and Dick gave him a Playstation 4 gaming system with a few video games and Bruce said his gift was downstairs in the cave that he would give it to him before he left for the party.

Eventually Alfred announced that dinner was ready and they filed out into the lavish dining room which was as grand as the rest of the house, and decked out in colorful garlands and ribbons. On top of a somewhat imposing dining table sat an absolute Christmas feast; a turkey so big Conner couldn't believe the thing had ever been able to walk, huge heaps of roast potatoes and pigs-in-blankets along with all the trimmings, and crackers laid end to end all along the table.

Alfred strode in with his arms full of wine bottles, depositing them on the table.

Bruce gestured to Alfred to pour the wine, "I must insist that phones go away for the duration of the evening."

"That goes for you too, Master Timothy," Alfred said a little sharply; as Tim was tapping away at his Galaxy Note phone.

"In a sec Alfred, I'm texting Cassie-"

"Timothy, give me your phone please."

"Dad, please,"

"Now Timothy," Bruce sternly ordered.

Tim sullenly handed his phone to his dad.

"Thank you, you'll get it back after dinner." Bruce said as he pocketed the phone.

Damian smirked. Serves you right Drake,"

"Shut up demon spawn." Tim growled.

"Boys that is enough," Bruce scolded.

"Would you do the honors sir?" Alfred asked handing Bruce a carving knife.

"Of course," Bruce smiled and picked up the carving knife.

"Dad can I please have my phone back, I really need to text Cassie back."

"No you're having dinner with your family now," Bruce said slowly, dolling out turkey onto everyone's plates.

"Dinner looks delicious, Alfred," Dick told the butler, and he smiled in recognition. Tim was still glowering, stabbing at his roast potatoes.

"Yes it sure does." Clark agreed.

They had a very enjoyable dinner with plenty of chatter and laughter. As Dinner wined down the boys were full of excitement to go down to the cave to zeta to Mount Justice. It would be their first Christmas party as a team on Christmas day and without adult supervision since the Justice League trusted the older kids to take good care of the younger ones. Well most of the Justice League Batman and Superman were the most overprotective parents by far. So it was decided that Superman would cover monitor duty and keep an eye out on the kids while doing so.

After Martha and John Kent left to Smallville the hero's headed down to the cave.

"Conner, I have my gift here for you." Bruce said as he pulled out a package from a drawer by his Batcomputer console.

Conner opened his gift and was happy to see a new uniform just for him. He pulled it out and took a really good look at it and absolutely loved it. It was all black like Nightwing's and had a large red S on its front.

"Thank you! I love it! It's perfect!" Conner brightly smiled.

"We helped design it, Jason admitted.

"Yeah if it were only up to dad it'll be all black and gloomy." Dick laughed.

"Thanks guys." Conner smiled.

The Wayne boys put on black shades as ordered by Bruce and Alfred gave them a couple of containers with sweets before they zeta beamed to Mount Justice with Conner. And Clark zeta beamed to the Watchtower and Kara tagged along to keep him company and catch up with him some more.

Arriving at the mountain they found M'gann, Atemetis, Cassie and Zatanna setting up the last of the decorations for the Christmas party. They were obviously excited full of Christmas cheer as they sang along to a Christmas song.

"We've brought some goodies." Tim said as he laid out the containers Alfred had given him.

And lots of yummy cookies," Dick added smiling.

"Why don't you smile like that when I make cookies?" M'gann said with a hand on her hip.

"Maybe cause ya burn them," Jason smirked.

Dick pulled Zatanna close and whispered. "Look above your head."

Zatanna eyes traveled up and she saw mistletoe hanging over her head.

"How did that get up there?" She laughed.

Dick smirked and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

"Uh, get a room." Jason rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Conner started to feel a little unnerved by the way M'gann kept staring at him.

"I think she likes you." Jason whispered at him.

"I know, we're friends we all like each other."

"Not like that idiot. She likes you like Zatanna likes Wing, she wants to be more than friends...and she's pretty cute you should definitely go for it."

"What should I do?"

"Take her to stand under the mistletoe and kiss her.

Nervously Conner approached M'gann and pulled her under the mistletoe and leaned in for a kiss.

"Conner what are you doing?"

"I'm going to kiss you." Conner smiled and leaned in again and smacked his lips against hers. The moment he felt her tongue invade his mouth he felt new sensations he'd never felt before. He felt an uncomfortable tightness in his pants and looked down and saw his penis had grown and was bulging out in his pants, alarmed he looked to Jason for help.

"Dude you popped a boner." Jason laughed.

Conner was confused and did not understand exactly what had happened. He ran from the room out the back toward the beach. Out there he ran into Roy sipping out of a flask and smoking a cigarette.

"Hey Supey, how's it going, want a sip?" Roy asked offering his flask, "But you can't tell anyone I let you drink this ok?"

Conner nodded and sipped from the flask and then he started to cough when the liquid went down his throat and he felt his chest burn.

"Uh, what is that?"

"Whiskey, it'll help making this party a little more enjoyable."

"Why are you smoking? My dad says it's bad to smoke."

"Dude you're a freaking alien, smoking won't do you harm, why don't you try one?"

"I wouldn't mind one." Jason said as he approached.

"I'm sure you won't, I'm surprised daddybats hasn't caught on to you." Roy laughed.

"You smoke?" Conner asked Jason surprised.

"Yeah it helps me relax sometimes, it's not so bad," Jason said as he lit up a cigarette for himself.

As Roy was about to hand a cigarette to Conner the man of steel made all three boys jump in surprise as he approached and took the cigarettes from Roy and squashed them in his palm.

"What do you think you boys are doing? We trust you to behave and this is what you do!" Clark was livid, "Get inside now and give me that," He took the flask from Roy and the remaining cigarette that dangled from Jason's mouth and stomped it out.

As Conner followed his friends inside he felt a sharp swat directed at his backside, he turned around to face his dad and then noticed Kara not too far behind looking sadly at him as his dad turned him back around and forcefully took him back indoors.

All eyes were on them once they entered the mountain.

Clark glared at the three miscreants then pointed at Roy and sharply ordered. "Call Green Arrow right now."

"I'm an adult I don't need to call anybody."

"I don't care, call him or I will."

"Call him if you want, I don't care." Roy shrugged while all the other kids in the room looked at him like he was crazy. They knew better than to talk back to any mentor.

"What happened?" Dick asked Jason while Superman dialed Green Arrow.

Superman ordered Dick, "Go have fun with the rest of the kids," He didn't want to disrupt the party any longer and soon Green Arrow arrived and left with Roy scolding him all the way. Clark turned to his cousin.

"Kara can you do me a favor and cover me at the watchtower."

"Of course," Kara zeta beamed to the Watchtower before Clark led Jason and Conner to zeta beam to the Batcave.

Bruce was working at his Batcomputer when he saw Clark appear with Jason and Conner looking very somber.

"I found them in the back of the mountain smoking and drinking with Roy." Clark fumed as he threw a hard glare at the boys.

"I wasn't drinking!" Jason exclaimed.

"You were smoking through," Clark returned.

"You were smoking again!" Bruce narrowed his eyes at Jason.

Jason avoided looking at his dad.

"Dad I wasn't smoking." Conner admitted not wanting to be as big of trouble Jason was in.

"But you were about to weren't you?" Clark questioned.

Conner slowly nodded.

"Did you drink?" Clark asked already having a feeling the kid did since his breath reeked of alcohol.

"I didn't know it was bad." Conner admitted.

"Jason, go stand with your nose in that corner, I'm too angry to deal with you right now. Bruce ordered Jason after he listened to Jason's side of the story.

Jason did as told and Bruce looked to Clark wanting to hear the full story from his best friend.

Clark thought his boy should have a time out of his own after he watched Jason stand in a corner. "Go stand in that corner while I talk to Bruce."

Conner pouted but went to the corner his dad had pointed at without further complaint then retailed what he witnessed knowing Bruce liked to know all the facts.

"I was keeping an eye on the kids in the monitor room when I saw Conner run out upset," He actually saw what made Conner so upset in the first place but decided not to bring it up and embarrass the boy. "I went to the mountain to check on him then found him outside as Roy was about to hand my kid a cigarette while he and Jason were smoking and Roy had a flask with alcohol so I imagined he had shared it with the boys as well. I also informed Oliver what his kid was up to but I don't think he'll do much about it."

"Well I am," Bruce growled, "I'm suspending him from the team for a long time to come, he needs to grow up and be a better role model for the kids."

Clark nodded. "I agree."

"I'm going to spank Jason tonight, stay if you want, it might help teach Conner to see what happens to boys that smoke and disobey their dads. And this isn't the first time I've heard about him smoking and I thought he had learned his lesson the last time I expressed my displeasure on his behavior." Bruce said a little loud specifically for Jason to hear as he pulled out a paddle from a drawer by his desk.

"Get over here Jason." Bruce ordered pointing to the spot in front of him.

Clark looked over at his son as he fidgeted in the corner and went to him and pulled him in a hug as he heard Jason whine as he turned from his corner not moving another inch from the spot. "No dad, please don't paddle me, I won't smoke again,"

"Don't let Jason get spanked." Conner murmured to his dad, he couldn't bear the thought to hear his friend get a spanking so near.

"It's not my decision it's Bruce's. What you boys did tonight was wrong Kon and I remember telling you before that smoking was bad and yet you were about to do it."

"Why is it bad? It won't kill me, I'm mostly an alien."

"Who told you that?"

"Roy did..."

"So you immediately disregarded what I told you and went along with him."

Conner sighed, "I was just upset and he said it'll help calm me down. I know I messed up, I'm really sorry dad."

"No please stop! Conner and Uncle Clark are here!" Jason begged as Bruce stood and dragged him to his chair and sat in it and started to undo Jason's pants.

"No stop dad, please!" Jason continued to beg.

Clark felt bad for Jason and thought it'd be best to leave father and son to themselves.

"Are you going to spank me?" Conner timidly asked his dad while he starred as Bruce yanked Jason's pants to his ankles.

"If you ever try and smoke or drink anything alcoholic like what Roy had in his flask I will, Clark warned, "Let's go I'm sure you don't want to watch Jason get spanked."

"No I don't, let's go home dad."

To Be Continued...
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