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Chapter Fifteen

Conner sat back on his bed filled with boredom because his dad had sent him to bed early after they had returned home. He was not at all tired and hated going to bed early but it was a punishment his dad thought he deserved for lying to the doctor. He flushed as he remembered how the doctor checked him over. He glanced down at his watch and noticed someone was calling him and answered. "Hello?"

"Finally, I've been calling you, where's your cell?" It was Tim sounding annoyed,

"My dad took it, what's up?"

"When are you coming back on the team?"

"I don't know, it depends on when my dad lets me." Conner then saw his door open to reveal his dad dressed in his hero attire.

"Who are you talking to?" Superman asked as he scanned the room then noticed his son's watch and remembered it was also a phone.

"I'm talking to Tim," The boy pointed at his watch before a familiar voice was heard. "Hey Uncle Clark!"

"It's good to hear from you Tim but its past Conner's bedtime so we'll have to say good night now."

"Dad!" Conner protested when Clark ended the call and took the watch from him.

"Go to sleep."

"You're being so unfair!" He loudly whined.

"You're breaking rule number one with your disobedience, so unless you are looking to be punished you better do as you're told and get to sleep right now." Clark narrowed his eyes until his son settled sullenly back into bed then roughly grabbed his stuffed wolf and tucked it under an arm while his thumb made its way into his mouth.

The following morning Conner woke up in a slightly better mood and noticed his dad hadn't woken yet. He silently crept into his room then jumped onto the bed and hollered, "Wake up!"

Clark woke with a jump then glared at his giggling child. "You think it's funny? I'll show you funny, "Clark growled as he pulled his son near and began mercilessly tickling him.

"No dad! Don't tick-le mee! Ahh haa ha ha!" The boy's laughter was infectious and soon Clark was laughing right with him up until his phone started to ring off. It was a call from Lois informing him that she wanted him to meet her at the office to follow up on an article they were working on. After he rapidly got ready for the day Clark informed. "Kon I'm going to step out for a few hours. I'll be back by lunch," Then he dropped a kiss on his son's forehead and reminded, "Be good and don't open the door to strangers."

"I know dad, "The boy rolled his eyes in pure annoyance.

"I'll call Kara to see if she could pass by-"

"No! I don't need a babysitter, just go! I'll be fine," Conner all but pushed his father out the door.

After he shut and locked the door he smiled happily at having the apartment all to himself. The first thing he did with his new found freedom was pop open his laptop and send a message to Tim and chatted with him with though his Facebook for some time until he heard a knock on the door. He curiously walked toward it and looked through the peep hole to find it was Dick and Tim behind the door.

He opened it and welcomed his friends in. "What are you guys doing here?" He beamed,

"We thought it was a good idea to surprise you." Tim explained,

"Yeah and I've got something downstairs you need to check out," Dick added with his usual excitement.

"Sure but first I need to put on my glasses, I have to wear them now every time I go out as a civilian." Conner grudgingly informed then put on his glasses.

The boys went downstairs and Dick pointed toward a luxury car and bragged, "I just got her today as a gift for passing all my finals with high scores."

"What type of car is it?" Conner asked as his eyes roamed the glossy blue automobile.

"It's a Maserati Ghibli, isn't it cool? Jump in the front, I'll take you for a spin."

Dick drove the boys down the street and Conner smiled as he sat back comfortably in the black leather seat.

Dick drove a few more blocks down then parked outside of a small café. "This place has the best macchiato in Metropolis."

"Didn't dad say you can't drink that because it makes you too hyper?" Tim questioned his older brother.

"Come on Timmy that was when I was younger and besides dad's not here." Dick explained as he got out of the car.

"What's a macchiato?" Conner asked as they entered the small café.

"It's really good, you have to try it." Dick said then ordered the drinks.

After receiving their hot beverages Conner noticed Wally enter the café. "Wally?"

"Oh yeah, I text him to meet us here," Dick sipped on his drink.

Wally casually approached, "What's up guys? Yo Conner is good to see you, you've been lost dude."

"I haven't been lost." Conner argued,

"Yeah dude you have, everyone on the team keeps asking about you, especially Megan I think she's crushing on you." Wally insisted.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you, Megan asked about you today, she told me to tell you she really misses you and she's not the only one the whole team misses you." Tim added,

"I'll talk to my dad about letting me visit." Conner assured, he really did miss the rest of his friends and wanted to see them.

"How about you ask him if you can sleep over the manor tonight? Then if he lets you we'll go visit."

"Is that Conner?" A female voice questioned and the boy of steel looked in the direction of where the voice came from and gaped when he realized it was Lois Lane and standing right beside her was his dad with a frown. "Yes it is and I don't remember giving him permission to come here." Clark said as he narrowed his eyes at his kid while he and Lois approached the table where the teens were sitting.

"Oh come on Clark he's a teenager hanging out with his friends there's nothing wrong in that." Lois laughed,

"Uncle Clark this is totally my fault, I dragged Conner out to show off my new car." Dick insisted.

"We didn't leave him much choice but to come with us, we've missed him. Please don't be mad." Tim pleaded,

"Relax boys I'm not mad but I'd appreciate a phone call next time, you got that Conner?"

"Yeah dad, I'm sorry," The boy said as he adjusted his glasses, it still felt awkward to wear them.

"Looking cute kiddo, I like the glasses. It reminds me so much of someone I know." Lois smiled.

Conner couldn't help but flush, he hated being the center of attention with all eyes on him.

"Yeah dude, you look a lot like your dad with those on." Wally chuckled.

Conner rolled his eyes then met his dad's proud gaze, "Uh, dad? Can I stay over the manor tonight? Please?" He added a sweet smile of innocence.

Clark was surprised by the unexpected question, "Did Bruce invite you?"

"I did actually, and the big man is totally cool with it," Dick fibbed.

"Alright as long as Bruce is fine with it so am I."

"Thanks daddy!" Conner expressed in excitement then flushed when he realized he just had called Clark 'daddy' in public and remembered his friends had said it was not cool for him to do that.

Clark couldn't help but smile tenderly thinking on how Conner was still such a little boy at heart at times.


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