My first crossover story! Yay! I'm so excited about writing this. I planned to write longer summary, but it turned out okay as it is.

I just wanted to warn you, as it didn't fit into the summary, this is not rated M for sex. I don't say there won't be any (don't worry about that), but I decided for this rating because I plan this story to be angsty. I don't promise anything about end of this story; I just say there will be several moments of depression, break-downs, drug abuses and suicide thoughts (and attempts).

Anyway, enjoy the story!

Two tall boys walked around on a river bank. One of them was pointing on something in the air, the other wasn't really paying attention to what the former was saying. He knew what was going to happen to him and yet he couldn't say a word, it was too risky. He feared they could come back and hurt everybody he loved. Every single person he cared for, all those innocent, naïve people who believed nothing could happen to them.

And the most naive, his small brother. It didn't matter he was only few minutes younger, he had always been a little brother for him. He was so clever, so intelligent he could see through everybody, he could understand how cruel the world was and yet it never occured to him that something might happen to him. Maybe he relied on the fact that people would get scared of him – he would immediately know who did it, right? – but everytime he solved a crime, every single time, he said ‚Poor people who have to risk so much.' As if he was an exception, as if he was excluded.

My dear, dearest brother, you're not. And you're gonna find out too soon. You're too feeble to stand it, too young and innocent to live without guidance. I am so sorry you have to go through this for me. But there is no other way. You'll understand one day.

He felt his eyes filling with tears. How was he supposed to remain silent, how could he not scream and shout out aloud? He wanted to screech, to run away, to cry or to take his brother into his arms and never let him go. His body yearned for it, it felt necessary, essential even, and yet he couldn't. He had to protect his little brother, his most precious person, his light in the darkness.

His little brother… So intelligent, so able to take care of himself in many ways and yet defenceless as a toddler. His big, bright eyes were intelligent, but childish. Everything about the boy was childish. He was so different. While he was a warrior, sportsman, fighter, his brother was a smart guy who knew everything about everybody, but didn't know how to kick a ball. They were a perfect team, they needed each other.

And now they were to be separated. It filled his heart with hatred towards the people who wanted to do this to him. He wanted to snap neck of every single person who wanted to tear him from his best friend. He would never get to see him grow up, go to university, get married. How much he wanted to give up everything for his brother!

And yet he couldn't. He begged, pleaded, cried, threatened but they didn't take their word back. They wanted him while his brother would be left alone in the cruel, cold world; lost in the night, unable to struggle and fight. He knew that there was no way of saving the boy. Either way, the boy he knew and loved will disappear. There will be nobody to protect him from the cruelty of the world, there will be nobody wrapping him in his arms, nobody soothing, cooking tea, whispering silent words of comfort when he couldn't sleep. No, his brother would be left alone and nothing would be as it was.

He tried to fight the tears, because of him. He wasn't allowed to explain and how could he cry? He was never crying, he wasn't a guy who cried. And yet he couldn't help it; salty water created small traces on his sharp cheeks when they hurried down to soak into the fabric of his shirt and disappear from the world. He was good at hiding, but his brother knew him too well. He stopped talking and hurried to his side.

He took his brother's hands into his and silently looked at him. His heart melted and left his body as he saw the confusion on the younger boy's face and couldn't wash it away as he often did. He could just stand there and watch.

He knew they were coming. He couldn't see them yet, but he could feel it. These were the last moments with his brother and even though it was tearing him apart, there was something comforting in it. Of course they were together. Since their birth to the moment when their ways would be separated. He had never imagined that it would be so soon.

He pulled the other boy closer, hid him in his arms and began to cry. The latter had no idea what was going on, but his brother cried so he cried as well. If his brother cried, there was a reason for crying. And it was painful to watch the familiar face changed with sadness anyway. He didn't need to be pushed into crying, even though he had no idea what the reason was.

He heard soft footsteps behind himself and he knew this was the moment. The moment when they were about to see each other for the last time. He withdrew from his brother's embrace and looked into the same eyes he had.

„I'm sorry. Sorry for everything. I love you." He whispered and kissed his brother's cheek. The latter didn't know what was going on; his mind was pacing so fast he coudln't catch a single coherent thought. But he understood very well the situation was wrong. He stared into his older brother's eyes and he couldn't supress fear that came into his face. He wanted to ask what this was supposed to mean, he wanted to do something, but he was perplexed.

A huge hand fell on his shoulder. He simply nodded and gave his younger brother's hand one last squeeze before they dragged him away.

The younger boy stood still for a while, unable to move, to speak, to do anything. And after a moment he screamed in pain and ran after his brother. He was furious, one of his strange seizures taking over him. He ran as fast as he could, but his vision was blurred and he saw everything and nothing at once. He thought he saw his brother and then it turned into an old man, then into his mother and his brother again. He was running and screaming in pain, but there was nobody to chase anymore.

And yet he didn't cease. He kept hitting the ground with his feet, sending the leaves that had fallen on the ground into the air for one last, futile attempt to live. He didn't notice it began to rain; he felt hot so he took off his coat. He felt desperate, lost and furious even though he had no idea whom his fury was aimed upon. It didn't matter anymore.

Water was pouring from the sky above and it felt like all angels were weeping because of the small boy whose world had just scattered into pieces and the only thing left for him was to run, to try to find all the shards and put them together in hope everything would be as it had been. But the harder he tried, the more difficult it was and finally he accepted his world was lost and he couldn't be saved.

The darkness had fallen and he calmed down, his seizure fading away, his fury diminishing, his more rational side kicking in. He stopped and tried to catch his breath but he couldn't. He started to hyperventilate and tried desperately to remember what his brother had told him to calm himself down.

But his mind, his best helper, betrayed him. He coudln't remember a single word, feeling or action. He fell down onto his knees and curled into a ball. His eyes fell closed and he cried. His despair was spouting from his very being and his tears were freezing immediately on his cheeks before he could wipe them away. And his fragile, innocent soul was fleeing his body with them and all that was left was bitterness and emptiness.

Cold wind blew through the park, oblivious to the misery it surroundered. It continued on travelling and didn't care about the boy who looked smaller than he was, who was lying on the ground. But not everythind passing by was so heartless.

„What's your name?" feminine voice asked him. He watched her for some time and his mind took over immediately. Around thirty, going back home from a fitness, maybe pilates. Without children, quite rich. Good profession, loving husband, wish to have a child but there's something with him, maybe he's too old…

He tried to focus on her, but his vision didn't work. He remembered her question.

„Holmes. Sherlock Holmes." He breathed and passed out.

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