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„You know, normal people don't have arch-enemies," John pointed out when they drove to the adress Sherlock had sent to the phone of the dead woman which was – as he assumed – in hold of the murderer.

„No? And what do they have?" Sherlock asked and looked so genuinly surprised that John almost believed he didn't know.

„Well, people they care about. Family, friends. Girlfriend or boyfriend…" John let the sentence sound like a question.

„As I said. Boring." Sherlock said without interest. After a while he turned to John and smiled.

„I feel I won't be bored with you," John replied and Sherlock's eyes widened.

„So you will move in with me?" he asked and his face shone as if he was a small child and got a Christmas present he didn't expect.

„I wouldn't put it this way," John said reservedly, „but I'll take the flat."

„Brilliant. So the closest shop is-"

„Wait, what? You wanted me to live in the same flat to do your shopping?" John exclaimed.

„Well, not just shopping. I need somebody to do my laundry, tidy the flat up and feed me. You know, female work." Sherlock smirked.

„Ah that's lovely. I've always wanted to be a wife at home but my parents forced me to be a soldier." John responded and Sherlock stared at him for some time before he burst out laughing.

„John, I already love you," he said between fits of laughter. John didn't know what to say so he just smiled. He felt that this man wasn't laughing too often and definitely wasn't one who would tell everybody he loved them. And even though John didn't feel anything romantic for the man, he sensed there was something greater to happen between them.

They got off the cab and Sherlock led John into a small bistro. They sat down at one table with a good view of the street in front of them. Sherlock sat facing the glass and didn't take his eyes off it and John was left with the chair opposite him. It was a bit strange to sit so close and talk to a person who wasn't looking into his eyes but John didn't expect more.

„Ah, Sherlock, I was wondering if it were you. What can I bring for you and your date?" A rather suspiciously looking man came to their table.

„I'm not his date," John said immediately, but nobody really heard him.

„I don't want anything, do you wanna eat John?" Sherlock turned to him.

„Uh, yeah, whatever," John's brain wasn't working properly. Why did everybody think he was Sherlock's boyfriend?

„You can eat, we'll probably spend hours here," Sherlock encouraged. John gave up and ordered the first thing he saw in the menu. The man left and Sherlock sighed.

„Why does everyone think we're dating?" John asked in low voice.

„I don't know, you have to ask them." Sherlock answered but he didn't give John a single glance.

„Ah, shut it, you have a theory," John hissed.

„Okay. I'm not a very social person. So when they saw me with somebody it surprised them. It would have to be somebody really important to me otherwise I wouldn't spend time with him. A friend? No, friendship is build for a longer time and they've never even heard of you. So somebody I would be completely absorbed by but not a friend. A date." Sherlock said casually and his eyes didn't leave the street.

„Well, that's your deduction. I'm sure this guy or Mrs Hudson didn't think that way." John remarked.

„Of course not, it was subconsious. People's minds tend to choose the most interesting theory." Sherlock finally dropped his eyes off the road.

„So you… don't have a girlfriend?" John asked carefully.

„Girlfriend? Not my area," Sherlock stared out of the window again.

„So you've got a boyfriend?" John didn't know why he asked. He had absolutely no idea.


„There's nothing wrong about that." John said a bit too eagerly. Sherlock glared at him.

„I know,"

„So you're single," John summarised, „just like me."

„Actually, John…" Sherlock sighed. „Look, I don't want to hurt you but I've got a relationship. I'm married with my work and that's a full-time relationship."

„No, no! It's fine, I wasn't asking because I – I was just curious." John babbled and he blushed slightly. There still are divorces. John's eyes widened. Why do I even think about this?!

„So…uhm… you know this guy?" John asked and pointed to the man behind the bar.

„Yeah, I've proved Angelo couldn't commit a murder he was supposed to commit because he was at the time participating in a robbery on other part of the city." Sherlock answered.

„Yeah, he kinda purified my name. Gave me another chance," Angelo felt need to complete the information given by Sherlock. The detective just shrugged. „Anyway, here you are – but wait, I'll bring some candles, it'll be more romantic."

„I'm not his boyfriend," John mumbled but Angelo lit a candle on their table anyway. It gave Sherlock eerie appearance, the light was illuminating the lower part of his face, but his eyes – hidden behind his cheekbones – were dark. John didn't know why he paid so much attention to it so he just ate.

They sat in silence for some time before Sherlock suddenly gave a lurch. John immediately looked up and saw a cab in the street they were observing. They looked at each other and Sherlock stood up immediately and ran out of the building. John threw some money on the table and left, forgetting his cane leant against the wall.

Sherlock could only watch the cab leave and John thought it was over before the detective pressed two fingers against each of his temples and murmured something under his breath. John couldn't differentiate words but he didn't have to.

„John, run!" Sherlock exclaimed suddenly and went in almost opposite direction than the cab. John tried to keep up with him and hoped it wasn't running that was supposed to get Sherlock rid of frustration. They ran through small, narrow streets John had never seen before, over bins and even a roof. When he stood on the edge of it, looking down at where he could fall into and at Sherlock who was waiting on the other side, John thought that maybe it wasn't as good idea as it seemed to find a flatmate.

„John!" Sherlock yelled and went back. He reached his hand towards his new acquiantance as if he could catch him. That made adrenaline rush into John's body again and he jumped up and landed right beside Sherlock.

„Alright?" The detective asked.

„Yeah," John smiled before Sherlock grabbed his wrist and pulled him behind himself. They ran through busy London streets and John felt the best in quite a long time with the polluted air in his lungs and insane man clutching his hand.

After one especially sharp turn they saw a cab. The detective let go of John's hand and sped up. He was already at the cab which had stopped in front of the house Sherlock had been watching. He stopped the car with something that looked like police ID card and went to look at the passenger. He flipped the ID in front of the face of a man who was sun-tanned and completely puzzled as if he was half-asleep.

John reached them and saw there was a great mistake. This man was either a very good actor or he was as guilty as John's socks. Sherlock stared at the man, then he rolled his eyes and let the car go with words: „Welcome in London."

„Well, I didn't put much hope into it anyway," Sherlock sighed but John could see disappointment on his face.

„Look, it could've been coincidence, he might appear…" John said to cheer him up a bit. Sherlock rose his eyes to meet John's sight and smiled broadly.

„Thank you for this," he bowed his head.

„And now, will you explain to me how you got hold of the ID?" John asked as they walked onto a more busy street to get a cab.

„It's Lestrade's," Sherlock said and fished the thing out of his pocket, „I steal them from him when he annoys me. Here, you can keep it, I have dozens of them."

John took the card and watched a familiar face on the photo. Small smile creeped onto his lips and Sherlock saw it before it disappeared.

„I think we should make this clear," a young man sighed and glared at Admiral Hollister who was feeling very insecure. He hoped the latter wouldn't notice, but he did. „I promised to get Sherlock to you. I don't want the other guy to think he got him because he wanted."

„You have to understand," Hollister licked his lips. It was one of his little habits he had when he was nervous. „We have to make Khan think he had gotten his brother as a reward. We had to keep him on his toes to get the best out of him."

„The problem is," the other person gave him a devilish smirk, „that I don't care about your almighty hero. The only thing I want is Sherlock aboard this ship. And you'll get him for me."

The admiral frowned and tried to give him a defiant look. The younger man just made himself even more comfortable and rolled his eyes as if in annoyance. His sight dwelled on the ceiling for a bit longer.

„Shall I remind you why?" He asked and looked straight at Hollister. The admiral paled and cast his eyes down. The latter burst out laughing.

„Oh really? Are you this scared?" he snorted, „You people are so petty. And tiny. It's so funny but with time it gets boring. Sherlock is different. He's smart and he can entertain me; he's just solving a crime I've prepared for him and he's doing quite well."

They looked at each other. Two very different pairs of eyes locked into each other; one young, smart and wicked, the other older, dull and frightened. Jeremy Hollister was that kind of a guy whose major purpose of life was to aim higher and get there without trying too hard. He was so worried he might fail he'd never done anything on his own and if you asked anybody about him, almost nobody would remember him as he was always desperately trying to fit in and obey rules. He only did what he was told to do and that got him the Admiral uniform. Who cared it was an uniform of a secret and almost for sure an illegal army? It was a uniform and it was connected with a rank and Hollister was obssessed with ranks and importance of his person which – as he was convinced – existed somewhere else than just his mind.

„I don't get why you took Khan that day. Sherlock's so much better than him." The young man played with cufflinks on his expensive shirt as he spoke.

„Sherlock is a very intelligent man, but intelligence is not the only quality required in the Baskerville programme. We need soldiers, warriors who are smart to make their own decisions but obedient to follow the rules and respect their superiors. Soldiers with a sense of companionship who would sacrifice themselves to save others. Soldiers who are physically suitable." The admiral was happy for an excuse to let himself talk.

„Nonsense!" The other man hissed. „Tell me what a brilliant man can't do? Not just an intelligent man – because Khan is very intelligent – but a genius like Sherlock. He would be able to beat a world master of box without any knowledge or physical advantage."

„As a soldier I feel a need to object-"

„Shut up. You simply can't accept you've made a mistake." He hissed and stood up. „I only…advise you to do as I asked. You wouldn't keep this pretty life of yours for long if you didn't. Or maybe you might be granted the privilige to see Sherlock working on your family members' deaths. You know just to make you change your mind about him."

„I- I'll do everything. Just let Jane and the children live," Hollister breathed out with panic seeping into his voice.

„That will depend on how Sherlock gets aboard the Botany Bay, Mr Hollister." The youngster acted as if he didn't know about Hollister's rank.

„He will get there. Improved, better and happy." The admiral didn't like being called just by his name, he wasn't used to it anymore.

„No. He's already perfect as he is. I forbid any use of that suspicious treatment on him." The latter snapped and moved himself into a threatening pose.

„But… we can't allow him aboard the ship. He's not strong enough." The admiral tried.

„He is. You have my word. Just make sure his brother doesn't think he can have any credit for getting Sherlock back to him."

„But we need Khan to – "

„Yes, you are very right. You need Khan. I need Sherlock. And unfortunately for you, my wish is more important. So get your lazy little brain to work." The young man put his right leg across his left and loosened up in the chair.

„Why do you want this?" Hollister babbled, more to himself than to the latter.

„Why I want Sherlock? Or what else do you mean?" The younger man pretended he didn't understand the admiral.

„What will you gain from this? Why do you insist that we make Khan think we got his brother here without him trying?" Hollister wiped his forehead with the palm of his right hand.

„If Sherlock thought he was on the Botany Bay because his brother had spectacular reports, it would make him independent on me. He wouldn't know about me." The stranger rolled his eyes. „Can it even be more obvious? Sherlock and I, we are meant to rule. We are supposed to be together because we are better."

„You are what?" Hollister gaped.

„Well, you are an idiot, that's for sure. Sherlock and I are like darkness and light. An angel and a demon. Yin and yang. We are the opposite poles of the world and it needs both of us. And we have to be together." The man's eyes shone with bright light that looked so much like obssession and madness Hollister feared him even more now.

„I can't leave the Earth without him and he can't stay here without me. Our destinies are intertwinned, tangled and shall never separate. We will both be aboard the Botany Bay to govern those who are less than us."

The admiral had absolutely no words for this. The man before him was certainly completely mad. If he was in the Baskerville programme, how did he pass all the medical and psychological tests? If he wasn't how did he know about it and why did he talk like he was certainly leaving for the Space?

„I give you a week. Think of your family whenever a single thought about betraying me comes into your mind." The young one went on and Hollister couldn't say whether he noticed how long the admiral was silent or not.

„Yes. I will." The admiral trembled and he was sweating heavily.

„Thank you. Have a nice day, Mr Hollister," the other went to the door and left. The admiral stared at the chair his visitor had been sitting on only a few moments ago. He couldn't comrehend what was going on but he knew he was in a hell of a problem.