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Yugi was the first to awake the next morning. He had struggled with the massive doors that lead back out to where they had first meet Kain. Only reason he had done so was to relive himself. He felt awkward doing so over the edge of a cliff, but without a proper facility where else was he supposed to do it? Several times before he and Joey had been forced to empty their bladders in odd places. When he returned to where Yami and Joey slept, Yugi decided to rummage through his bag. They were in need of water, Joey too was running low. At least they were somewhat near a source water, they would have to head there before going anywhere else. Yugi frowned as his Summoned Skull growled lowly, it had sensed something. Carefully he made his way to the ledge and looked down to where the Skull was kneeling under the doorway. The skeletal gargoyle like figure stood up to it's full height, wings twitching slightly. Yugi wasn't expecting the sight he found. A woman studied the monster, she was a good deal away and features were blurred. However, Yugi was certain she was floating. He sat down and watched her, she seemed to be speaking to the Summoned Skull.
"Which Clan do you hail from, fiend?" she asked. "I am not permitted to leave these grounds so I am unable to label you myself." She waited for a moment and received no answer. "Are you demon, then?" she asked, more forceful this time. "I do not wish to be taunted," she said sourly when she still received no reply. Yugi realized what he was seeing when the woman tilted her head to one side. Half her face was gone, the dull glint of bone shown in the firelight. He shuddered and backed up, not wishing to see anymore. He didn't want to mess with a ghost, everything else in Nosgoth was enough. Unfortunately, she had noticed him. A cold hand on Yugi's shoulder made him spin around in surprise, the woman was now on the ledge. He let out a small cry and started to run back to the others.
"Do not fear me, child. I cannot harm you," she said in a gentle tone. Her voice was loud and close enough to snap Joey and Yami from their sleep.
"What tha?" Joey exclaimed as he scrambled to his feet. Yami retained his composure as he slowly stood.
"You should not be here, it is not safe," the specter warned.
"We are fully aware of that fact, but it was a shelter for the night. And before you state the obvious, no we are not natives. We are looking for a means to return home, to our world," Yami explained.
"Ariel cannot help you, I can only dispense that which others have forgotten," she said.
"Wait, Ariel?" Joey asked. "You were the..."
"Former Guardian of the Pillar of Balance. Yes, I have been bound to this place since death. I cannot leave nor find rest. I have lost track of the eons that have past," she replied solemnly. "Is that creature yours?" she asked as she motioned behind her, the Summoned Skull's head could barely be seen from where it carefully watched the happenings on the ledge.
Yugi nodded and took the card out of his pocket before placing it back in his deck. The creature vanished instantly, leaving not a trace of it's presence.
"What forms of magic have evolved since my demise? I learn of nothing as there is never any conversation here," she stated.
"We can't say, this isn't Nosgoth's magic but our own," Yami replied. Ariel nodded and apologized, she had forgotten they already said they weren't native.
"You should leave this place, children. I shall not hold you up any longer," Ariel announced before her form vanished from view.
"So, uh, what just happened?" Joey scratched his head.
"We met yet another figurehead of Nosgoth's past," Yami replied as he strode to the ledge. "As she said, let's leave this place. We shall stop by the Abyss for water."
"Another name for your Soul Soup Lake, Joey," Yami replied.
"Does everything have half a million names here? Sheesh," the blonde shook his head.

With water carriers and stomachs filled, the three were faced with the dilemma of where to go next.
"Return to the human settlement. We need the knowledge that archive holds," Yami said as he crossed the aging bridge.
"But, they're all weird there. We're gonna get hit with a million questions," Joey whined.
"At least we really do have something to show along the lines of magic," Yugi said cheerfully.
"And now we know what we need to find," Yami nodded. He used a leather strap to hold the spear he had picked up earlier, now he could pass through a gate with it.
"Anyone remember the gate symbol?" Joey asked once everyone had entered the room.
"One of two buildings. I remember one had more of a pointed top and the other was more rounded. The rounded top was the one we want," Yugi said slowly as he raked his brain.
"If it isn't, we simply try the other," Yami offered a small smile.

Their guess had been right, and having been there previously it was easy to find their way back to the archive. Anna was there once more, this time her father had left her to watch the archive on her own.
"I remember you, but, there are two now," she said in amazement as she looked between Yugi and Yami.
"A bit of magic," Yami smiled.
"I never got your names last time. Or if you did tell me I have forgotten," she started.
"I'm Yugi, this is Yami and that's Joey."
"Thank you, now I may address you properly. What is it that you seek today, gentlemen?"
"What can you tell us about Azimuth the Planar?" Yami asked as he took a seat. Yugi and Joey seemed a bit shocked, they had assumed Yami's plan was to find out more on Kain and the Elder.
"Azimuth? She was the Guardian of Dimension. She was arrogant and sadistic. Once her mind was poisoned she summoned demons from other dimensions to ravage the people of Avernus. She died long ago, why would you ask about her now?"
"A personal mission, now, what do you know of the Chronoplast?"
"Moebius' Time Streaming Device. The Guardian of Time used it to gain knowledge of past, present and future events. He could simply study events or travel through time. All Chambers have either been destroyed or are in vampire possession. As for Moebius himself, he was a cunning serpent in later years. He used the facade of The Oracle to lure and trick unsuspecting persons to their deaths. In their final years, all the Guardians became feared and hated. Destroyers of Hope," Anna replied.
"I knew the old man couldn't be trusted," Yami growled as he slammed his fist onto the table. Anna looked on bewildered before Joey told her they had met up with "The Oracle."
"I think I am beginning to understand your questions. Out of respect I will not probe to find out what you are planning," she bowed her head.
"Thank you, would you be so kind as to show us to where we might find picture chronicles of Nosgoth's events? Since we cannot read the text, perhaps they could help us further."
"Well, we have so few that are not based on Kain. None that would be of use to you, I'm afraid."
"Oh! I have a question too, what are the Glyphs?" Joey asked.
"The Glyphs are the sources of Nosgoth's magic. They are relics, we have harnessed the power of them for certain aspects of our life. They provide power to most things here. There are others though, lost throughout the land. We are unable to reclaim them, vampires are too widely spread."
Yami nodded slowly and furrowed his brow in thought. "I think we have all that is needed, actually. Never mind the picture chronicles."
"You sure? I mean, you will be leaving soon? So many would love to hear of what you have seen inside the Sanctuary of the Clans," Anna said slowly.
"I'm sure, time is not in high supply for us," Yami answered.
"Yeah, we got lots of people breathin down our necks."
"Thank you, though," Yugi nodded.
"Very well, but some time would you return to inform the masses, so that we may all know?"
There was a pause, no one wanted to answer. "We'll see," Yami replied at length.

"What's she gonna think when we never come back?" Joey asked once they had taken the gate back to the Time Streaming Device.
"That we perished I suppose," Yami answered as he held the door open.
"Are you sure about this? I mean, we don't know where to begin on finding Azimuth," Yugi bit his lip.
"Not to mention how to even work this thing," Joey added.
"Do you have any other suggestions? Azimuth could open a dimensional door and allow us to get home, all we need do is find her and bring her here long enough so we can be sure we're sent to the right time in our world."
"But, how do we know we can trust her? Even if we do manage to find her from the time before the madness of the Circle she was said to be arrogant," Yugi reminded.
"Not to mention, how would she get back to her time. We could leave things in a mess if we just left her here," Joey added.
"It isn't our concern, this world is not ours and actions will not affect us once we leave," Yami replied firmly.
"I can't help but feel we might end up in over our heads," Yugi sighed as Yami swung the large decorative door open to the Chronoplast.

"I imagined you would have been here sooner," Kain's voice called out from the room. "I cannot let you do this. You have no idea what you might set in motion should you accomplish it."
"And I suppose you do?" Yami said dryly.
"No, not at all. But I do know you could not navigate properly and might bring some other cataclysm on. And since I can stop you, I shall," the vampire stated.
"You wanted us to depart and now you won't let us find our means?" Yami demanded.
"There is another way, why not just use those cards of yours?"
"Seems a bit simple though, nothing is ever that easy."
"And you think the hard way is always the right way? If I had no fear of what you might do, I would gladly step aside and let you lose yourselves in Time. But I do fear that and will not allow you to be a thorn in my side and reshuffle my plans."
Kill him now! the Elder's voice rang clearly in both Yami and Yugi's heads. Both teens said no in unison. Joey took it as defiance to Kain, but the vampire knew exactly what was going on.
"Do not let that squid rule your actions," the Vampire Lord hissed.
"But we should let you rule them though?" Yugi asked.
"I am only keeping you from using the Time Streaming Device, that squid will do far less," he snarled.
"Did I miss something?" Joey scratched his head.
"The Elder, Joey," Yugi replied. he had his eyes shut and his hands against his head as if to drown out the demands running through his mind.
If you will not do it willingly, perhaps you need a bit of encouragement. Everyone heard this, Joey was bewildered with it being the first time he had heard the Elder's voice.

Yami grunted as he seemed to shimmer and flicker. Yugi and Joey watched in horror as his facial expression turned into one begging for help, yet no words escaped his lips. He made a sound similar to a scream before he vanished completely, the Millennium Puzzle fell to the stone floor with a loud clatter; Yugi raced over to reclaim it and slid the strap over his head.
"Pity, the boy had such potential," Kain shook his head.
"Where is he, what happened?" Yugi demanded, he showed no shame as the tear that stung his eyes fell. His bond with Yami had been severed, and not by Yami either. The Puzzle seemed cold and distant in his hands suddenly. The spear he had been carrying lay not far from it.
"I assume the Elder claimed his soul. He was more vulnerable to such things, having no body at the time with which to take root in."
"Where is he?" Joey hissed the question again.
"I have no idea," the vampire glared. "The Elder could have imprisoned him anywhere. In the Spectral Realm, most likely. Where you two could not get to him."
"The way you said that," Yugi wiped his eyes with a sleeve, "made it sound like you can."
"Out of the question, I will not do what I think you are suggesting. I want you gone, and if the Elder claiming souls counts as leaving; then the squid can continue doing it for all I care," the old vampire scowled.
"Shoulda known you'd see it that way," Joey's expression hardened.
Kain's upper lip curled into a snarl as he glared back at the two teens. His expression went blank as he reached into the cuff of one of his gauntlets, the vampire tossed the item to Yugi, the boy snatched it up before it hit the ground.
"Use that to travel freely between realms. It will grant both of you passage but only protect the bearer from the strain that realm causes. You will either need to trade off possession of it or return to this realm when needed. It will come in handy during your journey through the Subterranean Ruins. If an obstacle looks impassable in one realm, try the other. I am not giving this Glyph to you, only loaning use. Once you have regained your other soul I will take the Glyph back."
"You aren't in need of it, are you?" Yugi asked as he looked at the item, the center carving reminded him of a much more angular version of the Eye of Ra.
"No, I only hold it so no one may use it's power against me. Misuse it and I will take it from you regardless which realm you are currently in."
"Yeah, thanks," Joey muttered.
"I enjoy a good show, that is why you have it," Kain said. "Oh, perhaps there is one more thing I could do." He strode up to the two teens confidently, enjoying it when they recoiled from his shear size. The Vampire Lord grabbed a shoulder of each once more and took them with him in his teleportation routine. He deposited them in a musty hall, the decorative floor sloping down. "You will find the head of the beast down there. He could have locked your other soul up anywhere in the ruins, or even the Underworld of the Abyss. If you do not find him here, exit through the door behind us and follow the pass. The cliffs will take you to the Abyss. From there you can get back to the warp gate." With that, the old vampire vanished.
"So, we're on our own?" Joey asked after a long period of silence.
"Looks like it," Yugi sighed as he stared into the darkness. "Knew those crystal things would be of use," he murmured as he took his bag off and retrieved two sizeable chunks of the phosphorescent stones. He handed one to Joey and held the other himself.

Yami stalked angrily through the small stone room he was contained in, the ever present sounds of the Spectral Realm only managed to make him more annoyed.
"Let me out of here!" he demanded as he looked around for a possible escape, anything.
I will soon enough, once your will is broken and you may be easily consumed, the matter-of-factly reply from the Elder came.
"Why take me?" Yami growled.
You are already a soul, there is no shell to free you from. I need only wear you down and you are mine.
"I won't let you, I will not go easily."
I know you will not, that is what makes the prize worth it. I will gain all that you know, all that you have seen and everything special about you would be added to my arsenal.
"You sound like a vampire yourself," Yami hissed as he crouched on the floor.

The two teens stopped dead in their tracks, before them was a large expanse of water. In the center was an island of sorts. Here they could see more of the Pillars. Broken again, parts hung from the ceiling like stalactites, the lower halves jutting up from the island. But there was more, something they had not expected. Wrapped around the decaying Pillars were tentacles, long and fat. A few reached up almost to the top of the enormous room. Others snaked about the platform, coiled tightly around the Pillar stubs. They pulsated and throbbed with life; the sight almost made Joey sick. On Yugi's command, the two teens placed their crystals on the ground to free up their hands.
Your arrival was quick, but anticipated.
"Oh geez, I was hopin I wouldn't hafta hear him again," Joey groaned loudly.
"What have you done with Yami?" Yugi demanded, he wasn't about to let the tears flow that had continued to taunt him.
Added him to my collection. Well, not just yet. Have to break him in first. However, I am willing to return him to you on one condition. You fulfill your task to rid Nosgoth of Kain.
"We never wanted that task in the first place, this isn't fair you seafood freak!" Joey yelled.
How else do you expect to get home, then?
"Kain can't do it, you're only using that as a reason to get us to do this. Why can't you just get that damned Time Streamer of yours to do it?" Yugi grumbled.
It is not his duty, he is needed elsewhere. Besides, he and Kain know each other too well. It would not work.
"Oh and we would? We are still technically kids and we stand more of a chance than the Time Streamer? Why, what makes us so damned special?" Joey demanded.
There was silence for a moment.
Your arrival here was nothing short of extraordinary. There is more to you than meets the eye.
"But you can't see it for sure, can you? You really don't know what we are capable of, do you?" Yugi's innocent eyes narrowed dangerously.
I can see you are not normal.
"Na, really?" Joey asked in mock ignorance.
And you feel you can taunt me?
"Well it's not like your doin anything," Joey spat. The tentacle nearest him swung out, the teen was tripped and fell into the water.
"Joey!" Yugi yelled as he dropped to his knees. The smaller boy extended a hand to reach to where his friend sputtered in the water. As soon as their fingers touched, Joey was violently dragged under the surface of the water. His pack came lose in the struggle and began to sink. Yugi grabbed the strap as Joey clung to the underside. Another tentacle slapped the submerged teen and caused him to lose his grip on the bag. Yugi fell back once the slack was released. He tossed the pack aside and loosened the spear he had tied to himself. Yugi scrambled towards the edge and peered down into the water, he squinted and searched frantically for any sign of Joey. He saw a flash of blonde in the dark water and frightened brown eyes locked with his violet.

The pressure of the water and tentacle was almost too much. Joey tried his damnedest to not to inhale inadvertently. His mouth opened in a silent scream as the air escaped and raced to the surface in ever changing bubbles. He about wet when he was met with a eye bigger than he was. Joey thrashed violently, only succeeding in trying himself further. He was getting weak, lack of oxygen threatened to make his lungs try to be gills. The eye stared at him unblinking, swirling slightly as it looked him top to bottom.

Frantically, Yugi tossed his pack aside and dove headfirst into the water. He clutched his spear tightly and tried to dive as quickly as possible. Joey's spear was still secured to his side, unreachable with the Elder's tentacle in the way. He had no idea what he was going to do, but he had to try something. The Elder didn't seem worried about Yugi and didn't even bother to swat at him with any of his many tentacles. The teen reached Joey, his friend was beginning to zone out and hardly realized Yugi was near his side. The tri-haired boy tried stabbing the tentacle that held his friend, his movements were slow and sluggish in the water. Now the Elder was agitated and swatted at the smaller teen. As he righted himself in the water and prepared to assault again, the Glyph he was carrying fell out of his pocket and began to sink. Yugi's eyes widened as he grabbed for it, he had no idea how it worked but he was going to try. Narrowly missing another tentacle, Yugi grabbed Joey's outstretched hand. He put ever ounce of will power into using the Glyph, and it seemed to be working. The area around them turned a bluish green and the water thinned until it was nothing more than empty air. Yugi lost his grip on Joey and fell a good distance before a tentacle caught him. It raised him back up near Joey, the taller teen was panting madly as he remained slumped over the thick flesh of the Elder.
You did not come here knowing that move on your own. Your Dark had to do it for you, are you allied with Kain then? the clithu demanded.
"Kain wants us gone," Yugi grunted as he tried to loosen the grip around him. "And he knew we wouldn't leave without Yami."
"Why am I not wet?" Joey asked weakly upon realizing he, and Yugi, were dry.
There is no water here, so you will not retain any in a switch, the squid growled.
"How, how can you exist in both realms at once? Or have you switched as well?" Yugi asked.
I am beyond realms, they are one and the same to me. And you are proving to be more of a nuisance than I originally thought.
Yugi's eyes searched about the area, his spear had not made the shift with him. It hung suspended in the air, the Elder noticed and moved Yugi up to it.
Go ahead, reclaim it if you can, he chuckled. The teen reached out, his hand passed through it as if it were nothing.

Yami paced about in the small chamber, unknowing of anything that was going on outside his prison. He was more than surprised when Kain teleported into his cell.
"Have you come to taunt me as well?" Yami growled.
"No, I know now you all are too incompetent to save yourselves. So I will give you a little push," he growled before grabbing Yami by his arm and teleporting the two out.
Kain! Must you always be around to turn things around?
"Only when I feel like it," the vampire snapped before he vanished.
"Let them go, Elder God," Yami demanded as a third eye began to glow on his forehead.
Or what, you will challenge me to a who has the most eyes contest?
"I think this dude would win, he must have a million all over the walls!" Joey's voice echoed up to where Yami stood on the Pillar island.
"No, I'll use everything within my power to banish you to where you will never harm another soul again." He turned his hand over and Yugi's deck materialized in his upturned palm.
You can do no such thing, I am bound to this land by a power greater than yours or mine, and for once it will come in handy to me!
Yami jumped several tentacle swipes, with the final jump he remained in the air. He drew a card and grinned slightly. "I bet the Spellbinding Circle would work on you."
As if on cue, the card's trademark circled star seemed to snap all the Elder's tentacles back to his body. The action released Yugi and Joey, but the fall to the ground would kill them if they hit.
"Take a deep breath!" Yugi cried as he grabbed Joey's hand. As soon as the action was completed, Yugi shifted them back to the Material Plane. The two swam madly to the surface and claimed their bags before they dashed far from the Elder's reach. Yami sent the deck back to Yugi then reclaimed residence within his host.
He cannot claim me as long as I remain here, or if we trade off as long as you remain here, Yami assured Yugi from his Soul Room.
The angry splashing and mental wave of curses in an alien tongue let them know the Elder was not pleased with their actions.

The boys were more than eager to be out of the underground chamber, and despite how worn out they were a climb onto the cliffs didn't sound like a bad idea at all.
"Oh man, I just wanna wake up now, you know? I want this whole thing to be some damned dream," Joey sighed and he flopped over onto the rocky surface.
"I know what you mean, this is getting way too involved for me, Yami agrees. He doesn't want to risk any harm coming to any of us and says we should refrain from making contact with anyone."
"Refrain or not, I still wish for the return of the Glyph," Kain growled as he appeared before the boys.
"Here, take it. I'm done with it," Yugi was more than glad to return the item to it's owner.
"Look into those cards again, they seem to hold so many surprises. Like your, Spellbinding Circle was it?" he vanished before anyone could answer.
"I hate it when he does that. In an out, BAM, just like that," Joey said with a grunt as he sat up. "And now I'm all wet."
"Slightly muddy too. It's dusty up here," Yugi muttered as he looked at his own muddy figure.
"Aw great, now we gotta put up with this too?"
"JOEY!" Yugi cried.
"WHA?!" the teen hoped to his feet and clutched his spear.
"NO! No," Yugi laughed. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Yami just thought of how we could get home! It's a bit risky, we'll have to be very careful though."
"Really? As long as it has nothing to do with Mr. Scary or squids or any of that stuff, I'm willin."
"The answer is in our cards. Joey, listen. If we can combine your Time Wizard's time warp with my Dark Magician and Book of Secret Arts; we just might have our way home."
"Dude, let's try it then!" Joey exclaimed as he pulled his rather soggy cards from his bag. "Hope this dun harm em..."
"The only draw back is we have no idea how the time warp would work, if it could be contained in a small area or what."
"Yugi, I'm willing to bet my Red Eyes that it can be controlled like that. And what's more, that we may not even have to use a Time Roulette..."
"I guess we won't know unless we try," Yugi said as he pulled his cards out. The overwhelming feeling of hope and trust in the cards made Yami smile from where he sat, he had never felt Yugi or Joey show this much strength before. He joined with Yugi, merging their two minds as he put his will into summoning the cards needed.

The all watched in satisfaction as the clock shaped wizard aged the purple armored magician into the Dark Sage; a magician with a thousand years of knowledge. When equipped with the book of Secret Arts, the Sage seemed to harness the very power of Nosgoth itself. The figure chanted, the rock face behind the boys rippled as if it was water before an image took shape.
"That's the place where we got lost!" Joey cried happily as the familiar halls of the ruins from their world came into view.
"But have we picked the right time, did the time warp affect it too?" Yami and Yugi asked in unison.

"Joey, Yugi!" a familiar voice called through the image.
"Tristan! It worked, Yuug, it worked!" the taller teen took his shorter friend into a bear hug and kissed his forehead. "It actually worked!" he tried hard to keep the tears that stung his eyes from forming.
"Well then, let's go," Yami said as he motioned to the door way. He faded out and let Yugi take over once more as the two teens stepped over the threshold. The Dark Sage and doorway between the worlds both flickered and vanished from view.

"Well, it was about time," Kain said gruffly from where he watched. He lingered a moment longer to be sure the two were gone before teleporting himself back to the Chronoplast chamber. He did a quick scan of things to see if the three would ever return, from what he found he was sure they were really gone. "Now, I can concentrate on the matter at hand..."

The Elder took a moment to compose himself, the stalling of the travelers had brought time dangerously close to the arrival of his other assassin. He felt the other presence stir and composed his thoughts to greet him.
Raziel... You are worthy, he began, a lack of response made him think he had not been heard the first time. I know you, Raziel. You are worthy.
The figure got to his feet and took a moment to regard his decayed form. "What madness is this? What pitiful form is this that I have come to inhabit? Death would be a release, next to this travesty." The strange blue skinned corpse dropped to his knees as his dead eyes searched the tentacle filled room.
You did not survive the abyss, Raziel. I have only spared you from total dissolution.

"Yugi, come on you guys this isn't funny!" Téa called, her voice echoed through the stone walls. "Tristan, we've come here every day for three days now. Do you really think they're still here?"
"You saw how many secret passages we found. They probably got lost in one, Yugi's grandpa is certain they'll find their way out and refuses to call the police. I'm surprised Joey's dad hasn't done so himself."
"I think maybe we should, what if they're hurt?" Téa's features trembled as she tried not to think about it. The sound of running footsteps made the two teens turn around, both were overjoyed with the sight of their lost friends.
"Oh man, what happened to you two? You look like you took a mud bath," Tristan laughed.
"No, squid bath," Joey shuddered. He got a strange look from both. Even though she didn't wish to get dirty, Téa pulled both into a hug.
"We were so worried about you guys, where did you go? It's been three days," she asked, her eyes wide and rimmed with tears.
"Can we talk about it later? I wanna go take a shower, get some real food and just crash," Joey sighed. He was finally able to relax and show his fatigue.
"Same here, it's been a hard three days. And explaining it won't be any easier," Yugi gave a sheepish grin.
"Dude, where'd you get that weird spear?" Tristan asked as he pointed to the one strapped to Joey. "And that bag..."
"All in due time, can we just go home now?" Yugi asked, his large eyes shining.
"Alright, but once you wake up you're spilling everything." Tristan said before he gave in and hugged the two muddy teens.
"And remind me to cross out 'explore old ruins and abandoned buildings' on my things to do when bored list," Joey grunted as he took the lead.

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