Hermione looked around wildly to see who cast the shield charm, grabbing her wand out of her jacket to bring it down at the same time. This was no simple protego and was more far complicated to take down, Hermione spent a few seconds breaking through the barrier, but by then it was too late. Hermione watched in confusion as Sam appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Dean as he exited the car and disappeared again. Unless Sam had suddenly realised some magical powers that he didn't have before, someone was using a polyjuice to impersonate him, and that person now had Dean.

Hermione rushed past the threshold where the shield charm was previously towards the Impala. Dean had left the keys in the car but as Hermione couldn't see his gun she could only assume that he still had it on him, at least he had some means of defence against his captors. She got out of the car and locked it up, tucking the keys into her purple bag which was back over her shoulder. Her next port of call was her room; she knew that Sam had probably not given up his hair willingly, and as she was in his room where someone could have stolen one the only way they had taken one was if he had also been taken. That also meant that she may have lost her two turncoats – her most important leads in the case at the moment. As quickly as possible she worked her way around the shards of wood that used to make up her motel door, taking extra care to check for any spells or traps that may have been placed in her absence. There was defiantly a magical person involved in the abduction as all of her protective spells had been bought down, even the ones that the ministry had been working on in secret. It seemed like this may have been bigger than she originally thought as the only way someone could have taken them down is if they had intercepted a ministry official. She didn't even want to think about the fact that someone from the ministry could be in on it, she was just going to ignore that scenario unless it absolutely came down to it.

Looking around her room Hermione saw no sign of a struggle, or any sign that anyone had even been in there. He room was completely empty, no Sam, no Draco and no Narcissa. Now that meant that Draco, Narcissa and Sam had been taken before they reached her room or they had gotten into her room and someone had broken them out. Whatever had happened, they weren't there now and she needed to find them. For a split second she considered going back to see if Ron was still in the boys' room, but she decided against it as she really didn't know if she could trust him to be level-headed in a dangerous situation. All those years being a supervisor out of the field had made him complacent, his reactions were no longer what they used to be and whereas she had expanded her repertoire of spells he still relied on the same ones that they learnt before the war. No, she would go after them alone, only calling for back-up if necessary like she usually did.

Heading back to the car Hermione performed a couple of tracking and detection spells to pick up any magical trace that the fake Sam may have left behind that would indicate where to go next. Strangely she found nothing, and not even the minute magical signature that anyone would leave behind, it was as if the area had been completely wiped of anything magical. If someone had figured out how to remove any trace of their magic the ministry would lose almost all means of tracking dark wizards, Hermione could only hope that the shield charms that was up had interfered with the frauds magical mark. As there was no way to trace the imposter with her wand, Hermione would have to rely on her smarts to track the crook down – starting with the warehouse where the whole thing began.

Hermione apparated into the alley across from the warehouse, casting a few charms to double check that the wards were still down and when she was sure that she was safe she moved in. As she was sure that there was no one in the warehouse she opted for staying disguise free, looking up and down the street in case anyone indicated that they were casing the joint or still keeping an eye on the place. Hermione opened the door, a creaking scream echoing throughout the open room.

The place looked pretty much the same as it did just before she passed out, there was some blood still spattered around, some of it hers for sure. There was a desk in one corner that she checked first but couldn't find anything incriminating, only a couple of old haulage invoices from when the warehouse was operational. Along one side was a staircase to an office upstairs where a make-shift bunk was set up and a couple of clothes were scattered around – mostly old trousers and a couple of robes, clearly a wizard had used this particular office as a hide-out. By the stench Hermione wondered if this was where Carrow was holed up, and if so, was he possessed then. It could be that this was a demon hideout rather than a wizard's hideout.

Before the thought could even root itself in her brain, Hermione found herself being tossed into a wall and being dragged upwards by an unnatural force, her throat constricting and pain emanating from her whole body. She looked around wildly to see a figure emerge from the shadows of a doorway that she didn't even spot. Her eyes widened with realisation, then drooped, her consciousness slipping once again that day. The last thing she saw before her body became limp was the greasy hair of her attacker whipping as they were distracted by something behind them.