Weeks passed by and then school started, We had classes and we train and practice our powers, all the girls stared at us since we had tattoos, When the wizards of the dark circle threaten the universe we had to earn our Enchantix

Everyone of our friends earned it, Stella saved her father from a wild dragon, taking the hit and burned her, we all thought she had died, but then she started to glow earned her Enchantix and the burn was gone, her earned the Enchantix tattoo, she had a sun (From the movie Tangled) on the right side of her thigh and down to her ankle she has stars and moon shapes tattoos

Aisha gave her life to her aunty, to save her from death, Aisha started to glow and earned her Enchantix, she was back to life, She earned her Enchantix tattoo had the animals from the ocean tattooed from right side of her thigh down to her ankle

Flora saved her sister from drowning, she chanted a spell where she and her sister switched places, Flora began to glow and earned her Enchantix, she earned her Enchantix tattoo, she has flowers and pedals on her right side of her thigh down to her ankle

Tecna saved Timmy, by taking a direct hit, She began to glow and earn her Enchantix, the wound was healed and She earned her Enchantix tattoo, she had digital patterns from her right side of her thigh down to her ankle

Musa saved the princess from her home realm, Musa ran in the building fire and helped the princess out, Musa began to glow and Earn he Enchantix and Enchantix tattoo, she had music notes from her right side of her thigh down to her ankle

Bloom save Daphne and i saved Bloom, so we both got our Enchantix at the same time, we began to glow and we earned our Enchantix and our Enchatix tattoo, on our right leg we had a dragon tattoo, it as from our ankle up to our thigh, it was beautiful, and when we transformed into mermaids, on our tail we had the dragon tattoo but in red

Months passed by, we kept fighting them, they didn't know our names just called us by fairies, they only us in our fairy form, and when i wore normal clothes they would be black

"Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Aisha and Flora i will like to have a word with you" Miss Faragonda said to my friends, They all looked at me, "Don't worry girls the guys are coming and they are going to keep Ofelia company" Faragonda said as they seen the ship coming, they headed to Miss Faragonda's office

"Hey wheres the others?" Brandon said as they walking toward me, they all hugged me and Andy gave me a kiss, "Miss Faragonda wanted to talk with them" i said, "She didn't say about what?" Helia asked, "No" i said as they all looked at each other

"Wheres Sky and Riven?" i asked them, "You know them, they are racing here" Timmy said as i laughed, "i give them 5 minutes max" Helia said "I have 5 on Riven" Roy said, "5 on Sky" Brandon said

"Girls we have a problem" Miss Faragonda said, "Whats wrong miss F?" Bloom asked, "i have figured out who they are after" Faragonda said softly, "who miss Faragonda?" Tecna asked, "Ofelia" Faragonda said as they all gasped, "And what do they want with her?" Bloom said

"You said Gantlos was killed by the fairies of earth" Tecna said, "That is right, now the wanted Ofelia probably to fill his spot" Faragonda said, "But why are you telling us Miss F?" Musa said, "Because i don't want Ofelia to know quiet yet" Faragonda said

"Why?" they all asked, "Ofelia is the fairy of dark and light" Faragonda said, "Of dark and light?" Stella asked, Miss Faragonda sighed "Yes, she controls them, but with dark it is risky for her, if someone where to influence her into the dark side she wont be able to resist" she said as they all gasped and she walked to the window, "Oh no!" Miss Faragonda said

"Hello fairy" i heard, we all turned around and saw 3 guys there, one had wavy, shoulder-length red hair and a red goatee. He had blue eyes. He had black plants and a black shirt that goes just above his knees

The other guy had pink hair in a Mohawk style with lilac eyeshadow around his eyes. He's the most goth-like with a studded shirt and a long black skirt with cufflinks and chains.

The last guy had wore a red-and-gray long sleeve shirt with leather pants. He had a long, leather trench coat and his brown-black braided hair is tied up in a pigtail. He had a lip to chin sized goatee and his eyes are black.

"Hi, can we help you?" Brandon asked, "I am Orgron, they are Anagan and Duman" the guy with red hair said, they looked at me since i wasn't quiet dress as a fairy, i had a white shirt showing my right shoulder with a sparkly red skull and black skinny jeans, my nails black, i had my red hair down like always

Duman stared at me, he was checking me out, i rolled my eyes, "We are looking for a certain fairy, a fairy of light and dark" Orgron said, the guys looked at me and i stared deadly at Orgron, "Do you happen to know her name? It might be easier to find her" i said smiling him

"Yea, Her name is Ofelia" Duman said smirking at me, i answered before any one answered him, "Uhh i think i know her, but can i ask why you are looking for her?" i asked them, "Thats private, fairy, and why would you help us, you only have tried to beat us with your other fairy friends" Anagan said, "These are the wizards you girls keep fighting?" Brandon asked me as i nodded my head and seen Sky and Riven race in the campus

"Its a tie" Timmy said, Sky and Riven walked over to us, "Hey Ofelia wheres Bloom?" Sky asked, Fuck i thought, i looked at Orgron, they smiled and they attacked me, i made a shield, "So fairy, your Ofelia" Anagan said as he ran to me, i tried to bast him but he was to fast and he blasted me, i flew back and rolled on the floor

"I didn't think she was going to be the one" Duman said as he walked up to me as i got up, he grabbed my chin and raise my face up to his, his lips close to mine, "Leave her Alone" Andy yelled, i shoved Duman away and i was going transformed, "NO Don't!" Faragonda yelled and blasted me, i fell hard and rolled on the floor

i landed in front of Duman, Anagan was fighting the specialist, i heard my friends transform, Duman grabbed my wrist and pulled me up, "i got her" He said, i lifted my hand and blasted him, he flew back and pulled me with him since he didn't let go

i landed on top of him, he flipped me so i was on the floor and he sat on me, "We will be back Fairies" Orgron said as he was getting off the floor, "DUMAN" he yelled, Duman smiled, "Im going, but first i want to give Ofelia a gift i always wanted to give her" he said, i looked at him weird and tired to blast him but he grabbed my hands and pinned them back

Duman leaned in and his lips met mine, he started too kiss me, i was shocked, "GET OFF MY GIRL" Andy yelled and tried to come my way but Orgron stopped him, i squirmed but he was strong, he pulled back, "Until next time pretty kitty" he said and kissed my lips again, then they teleported away

i got up and Andy ran to me, i turned to Faragonda, "Why didn't you let me transform!? I could have handled them!" i yelled at her, Andy tried to calm me down, "Twin, just hear what she has to say" Bloom said, i rolled my eyes and let her explain

"They are the wizards of the black circle want to rule the universe" Faragonda said, "Yea i know and how do i come in?" i asked crossing my arms staring at her, "They want the fairy of light and dark by their side, because your power is light and dark, with you by their side they will be able to rule with out any one stopping them" Faragonda said

"So basically they want me as a body guard?" i asked, "No" Faragonda said, we all looked at her, "They want you as their queen, you can fill a spot of one of them that died, since you are a fairy with both light and dark, they would make you queen" Faragonda said, then i seen a guy walking toward us with flowers, he handed me the flowers and i looked at Andy and grabbed the card

"To my pretty kitty, i hope you enjoyed the kiss because theres more coming" i read, Andy the flowers and threw them, "We are going to destroy them" Andy growled, "Why didn't you let me transform?" i asked her

"Because they will influence you with dark magic, and once your transformed you wont be able to resist them, you will want to be with them, make chaos, make destruction, you can not transform when they are near you" Faragonda said

"i have transformed and fought them and they didn't influence me and plus how will i fight and protect myself from them?" i asked, "They didn't know you were the one, but now they will try to influence you, and you will have your twin and your friends" Faragonda said, i rolled my eyes, "I need to be alone" i said walking pasted everyone toward the forest, "What if they come back?" Bloom said

"Ill swim in the lake or teleport" i said, "Ofe i don't think-" Andy began but i teleported into the forest near the lake, i raised my hand to my lips and smiled

What am i doing? i thought, "You enjoyed my kiss i see" i heard someone say, i turned around and saw Duman, i got in an a attack pose, he laughed, "Why don't you transform and let me see your pretty fairy outfit again" he walking toward me, "Yea right, i know when i transform you are going to influence me by your dark magic and i wont be able to resist" i said as he walked closer

"Nah i know something else you aren't going to be able to resist" Duman said as he got stood in front of me, "Oh yea whats that?" i looked up at him, making me look tough, "This" he said and his lips met mine, he placed his arms on my waist and pulled me closer to his body

i tried pushing him away but he was strong, i had my hands on his shoulders trying to push him away, he pulled away and i stumbled back, i look at him and he smiled, i wiped my mouth, "You know i kiss better than your goodie boyfriend" Duman said

"Wheres the others?" i asked avoiding his question, "Don't worry we are here" Anagan ran up to me, then i seen Ogron walk out into view, "So Darlin will you join us or are we going to make to make you?" Ogron said, i looked back and the lake was behind me

"In your dreams" i said as i ran into the lake, "Stop her!" Ogron said as Anagan ran to me, i send blasts to him and jumped in the deep part, my tail formed and i swim down, "She has to come up for breath" Ogron said

i laughed and teleported where my friends were, i landed on the floor and they saw i my tail changing back into my legs, Andy ran to me and helped me up to my feet, "What happened?" he asked, "They tried to attack but i got away" i said as everyone surrounded me

"Its settled then" Riven said, "Whats settled?" i asked him, "Where you go, one of us is going with you" Sky said, i rolled my eyes, "Ok I'm going to shower" i started to walk toward Alfea, "I want the girls in there" i said as i turned around and laughed

We were inside and the guys were in the living room in the dorm with their girls, i was in the shower, i changed into a black shirt and black jeans, black shoes, i was combing my hair and i seen a bird flying by the window, i turned around and looked at him

Something was off about that bird, it flew in the restroom, and it transformed, it was Duman, i tried to run pasted him but his hands got hold of my waist stopping me, i screamed out to my friends, they ran in and Duman threw me out and he jumped out and transformed into a huge bird

i fell and i twisted and turned and screamed, "DONT TRANSFORM" i heard the girls yelled, then i felt something grab my leg, i was hanging upside down, "Ofelia!" i hear people yelled, i was looking at the floor, i was swinging and i tried to look up and saw a wing, suddenly i was throw up into the air, i screamed and twisted

i landed on top of the bird, i grabbed its head, "Put me down Duman" i said trying to cover his eyes, he started to flying higher, "Duman i said down not up" i said holding on to him, i looked down, everything seemed like ants, I'm scared of heights, i covered my face on Duman's bird neck