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Chapter 6

Gohan groaned as he got home from his first day of school. How had he been so stupid? He'd only been in town for a day and Videl had already figured out that he wasn't normal. His mother would be pissed.

"How was school?" Goku's cheery voice asked as Gohan landed right outside the house.

"Horrible," Gohan said.

"Surely it couldn't be that bad," Goku said. "Were they all mean to you?"

"No," Gohan replied. "Most everyone was nice. It's just that one of the girls in my class figured out about my powers because I stopped a bank robbery."

Goku placed a hand on his chin deep in thought. "I see," he said. After a moment he continued. "Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much," Goku said. "I would just be myself."

"But what about the reporters coming to the house and hounding us all the time?" Gohan asked.

"That's just your mom being paranoid," Goku said. "I've saved the world countless times. I never worried about what people would think and everything has turned out alright."

Gohan thought about it for a minute. His dad was right of course. He shouldn't worry too much about one girl finding out some of his secrets. After all it wasn't like she was going to the media with it or anything like that. All she wanted was to learn how to fly. That couldn't be too hard. After all he had learned how to do it when he was only a kid.

"How about a spar before dinner?" Goku said changing the subject before Gohan could worry anymore about school.


The week passed fairly uneventful. Gohan agreed to teach Videl how to fly if she would come to his house on Saturday. Now it was Saturday morning and Gohan sat quietly mediating while he waited on Videl to arrive.

After only a few minutes the quiet serenity of the mountains was interrupted by the sound of a jet-copter. Gohan looked up to see the yellow jet-copter landing a short distance away. Out stepped Videl. The girl smiled at him when she saw the demi-Saiyan. The first thing Gohan noticed was her newly cut hair. "What happened to your hair?" he asked.

"I cut it," Videl said, blushing. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah it looks great," Gohan said blushing a bit as well.

"Thanks," Videl said. "So, where are you going to teach me to fly?"

"I was thinking that we could go out behind the house a bit," Gohan said leading the girl into a clearing.

"Can I come too big brother?" Goten asked coming up to his older brother.

"You already know how to fly, Goten," Gohan said.

"Yeah but maybe I can get a quick spar in with you while we're out there," the boy said.

"Why don't you spar with dad?" Gohan asked.

"He went to train with Vegeta," Goten said.

"Oh, ok," Gohan said. You can come as long as you are good and don't cause any trouble."


"The first thing you have to do is find your energy," Gohan explained once they had reached the clearing. "The easiest way to do this is through meditation."

"Ok," Videl said as she sat down and closed her eyes. "I'll try."

"Once you find your center," Gohan said. "You'll feel your energy deep inside you. You just need to locate the energy and let it out."

Videl clenched her teeth as she tried to push her energy out. Why was this so hard? She was one of the most accomplished fighters on the planet and she couldn't do what should be a really simple task.

"Not like that," Gohan instructed. "You have to be calm. You can't force it." Gohan sat down cross legged across from Videl. He cleared his mind and brought his energy out into his hands as slowly as possible. It started with a tiny spark and grew into a tiny ball of energy. Videl's eyes lit up as she watched the boy in front of her form the energy out of thin air. It was amazing. She reached forward and touched the ball of energy.

Gohan brought the energy forward and allowed her fingers to touch the outer edge. Maybe it would help her be able to bring her energy out if she felt his.

Videl blushed as she touched Gohan's energy. The feeling was electric, like nothing she'd ever felt before. And it was more personal than she would have thought. It was like a warm embrace that permeated her entire body. It was wonderful.

Videl closed her eyes and went back to her mediation. She went to her center and cleared her mind completely. Finally she found a warm spot in the center of her very being that felt similar to Gohan's energy. That must be it. She relaxed further and basked in the warmth of her own energy. She could get used to this. She'd never liked mediation before. But then again she'd never actually found her center before. She focused further on her energy and willed it to out toward her hands. Seconds later a small spark appeared in her hand and formed into a small sphere of energy. Videl grinned but suddenly slumped forward in exhaustion.

"It's a bit draining at first," Gohan said smiling. "But you did great."

"So now can I learn to fly?" Videl asked with a grin.

"That was the hard part," Gohan said. "To fly you just push downward with your energy letting it lift you in the air."

"Ok," Videl said. "Let's get started."

"Let's have that lesson another day," Gohan said. "It's getting late."

Videl looked up at the sky and noticed the sun already sinking low in the sky. How long had she been meditating?

"Now if you practice holding your energy as long as possible for the next week or so, it'll be much easier when you learn to fly," Gohan said. "We'll continue this next Saturday."

"Alright, sounds great," Videl said getting to her feet.

"Who's your friend, Gohan," Goku said landing in the clearing.

"Videl this is my father Son Goku," Gohan said introducing his father and Videl. "Dad this is Videl. I'm teaching Videl to fly."

"Yeah it'll be really helpful in the tournament next month," Videl added.

"Tournament?" Gohan asked.

"Yeah," Videl said. "There's a World Tournament next month." Just then it dawned on Videl. Son Goku was the former champion of the world. No wonder Gohan knew how to fight. She turned to Goku. "Hey, you're the former world champ aren't you? Why weren't you at the last tournament? My father really wanted to beat you to prove that he was truly the best."

"Chi-Chi wouldn't let me or Gohan enter. She was on one of her fighting is bad rampages at the time," Goku answered.

"Well we could just mention that the first prize is twenty-five million zeni," Gohan said. "She'd probably let us enter then. We might even get her to let me take off school to train to win."

"Yeah that's a great idea, Gohan," Goku said. "We can get Vegeta and the rest of the gang to fight as well. It'll be fun to see everyone again."

"So you guys are entering?" Videl asked hopeful. She really did want a challenge in the tournament. It didn't mean anything to win if the strongest fighters don't all participate.

"Yeah," Goku replied. "I'll convince Chi-Chi." He took off toward the house.


The next week passed uneventfully. Videl arrived at Gohan's house the next Saturday early in the morning. She was excited to finally learn how to fly. She had been practicing bringing out her energy all week. She didn't like to brag but she was getting good at it.

"Hey Videl," Gohan said. "Ready to begin?"

"Yeah," Videl said. "Before I forget, can you teach me that thing you do where you disappear too?" Videl asked.

"You mean Instant Transmission?" Gohan asked. "That's a bit harder to learn."

"Yeah, big brother, teach me Instant Transmission too," Goten chimed in.

"That may be a little much for the today. I didn't learn instant transmission until after I fought Ce… ah many battles."

"Come on big brother I'm ready," Goten pleaded.

"Ok Goten, I'll try to teach you while Videl practices her flying."


"No it's not like that," Gohan stammered backing away from the angry girl. "Instant Transmission is more complicated than flying. You have to have complete control of your energy and the ability to sense other people's energy as well. Goten has had energy training since he could walk. That is why he is ahead of you."

"Oh," Videl says somewhat ashamed at her outburst.

"Ok Videl," Gohan said. "Have you practiced bringing out your energy?"

"Yeah," Videl said as she formed an energy ball in her hand with relative ease. "

"Good," Gohan said. "Now all you have to do is focus that energy beneath you and use it to push your body up. Just be careful not to go too high. You're actually going to be using your energy to hold up your body weight which will be more of a strain than just forming an energy ball. You don't want to fall from too high."

Videl quickly found her center once again. She was amazed how easy it was to find her energy now that she had found it the first time. Instead of trying to bring it out in her hands she focused on pushing it below her. Wind seemed to blow around her as he clothes and now short hair waved from the energy radiating from her body. Seconds later she floated a few inches into the air. "This is amazing," she said smiling at Gohan.

"Just be careful not to go too high," Gohan said. "Now your assignment for the rest of the afternoon is to practice your floating."

Gohan turned to Goten. "Ok Goten the first step to Instant Transmission is to sense someone's power. Ok dad is busy and I'm too close so we'll have you sense Vegeta's power."

"But Vegeta is mean and nasty and he might hurt me if I interrupt his training," Goten said with a hint fear in his voice.

"I know Goten but the more power someone has the easier it is to teleport to them. You have to practice with someone strong."

"Can't I just sense Trunks? He's outside playing right now away from Vegeta."

"Ok Trunks should be strong enough for you to lock on to. Now can you sense Trunks' energy?"

"Yeah otherwise how would I know he's not with Vegeta?" Goten said.

"Do you want me to teach you this or not, Goten?" Gohan replied getting frustrated at his brother's smart mouth.

"Ok sorry big brother," Goten said. "I'll behave."

"Ok lock on to Trunks' energy and use your energy to go to it."

"Ok!" Goten holds his fingers up to his head and concentrates for a few minutes and then suddenly disappears. A few minutes later he comes flying back. "I did it big brother. I did it."

"Why didn't you just use Instant Transmission to get back?" Gohan asked.

"I don't know how," Goten said putting his hand on the back of his head.

"All you'd have to do lock on to my power and concentrate just like you did to go to Trunks," Gohan said. "It really is that simple."

"Oh so I can go anywhere I can sense a power then?" Goren asked.

"Yes," Gohan said. "That's how Instant Transmission works."

"COOL!" Goten started rapidly disappearing and reappearing all over the place. Videl looked up from her flying practice just in time to see Goten reappear with something in his hands. "Check it out big brother. I got one of Roshi's magazines."

"Give me that," Gohan said snatching the magazine from his brother. "That's not for you." He disappeared and reappeared a few seconds later minus the magazine. "Now, Goten, don't use this ability to take stuff from people."

"Ok big brother," Goten said thoughts of all the pranks him and Trunks could do with Instant Transmission still floating in his head.

Just then Videl landed panting. "Man that takes it out of you."

"Yeah but it gets easier each time." Gohan said. "It's just like working out a muscle. It takes practice to build endurance."

"Well, I better be going for now," Videl said un-capsulizing her jet-copter. She didn't quite think she was ready to fly under her own power all the way home after all. But someday she would be able to do that. "I'll see you at school on Monday."

"I'm actually taking a small leave of absence," Gohan said. "My mom really wants me to win that prize money so my dad and I are going to be training hardcore until the tournament."

"Well," Videl said. "I guess I'll see you at the tournament."

"Now can we spar, Gohan?" Goten asked his brother. He was anxious to try out Instant Transmission in combat.

"Sure," Gohan said as Videl took off in her jet-copter.

Once Videl was out of sight, Goten flashed into Super Saiyan and charged at Gohan. In seconds fists were flying faster than lightning.