BlackLynx17: Hi everyone. I know this may come as a surprise, but yes it's true. I made a new fanfiction. Even though I still have three incomplete ones, I have made even another one. Hooray for that.


I have several things to tell you concerning this fanfiction and I really need for you all to read them.

First is the most important! I am aware that there is another fanfiction out there with this same idea, Natsu and Lucy getting stuck in fairy tales. I've never read it personally, a friend of mind told me about it and I admired the idea of it. Please don't think I'm trying to steal the idea, there are a lot of fanfictions out there that have the same scenarios, but are written different. I am hoping to have that for this story which is why I never read the original because now I won't know how that author wrote it so I can't copy, not that I would if I did of course.

Next thing is that I wrote this story a little differently from my others. Have any of you ever read a script? I'm hoping you have because I kind of wrote it that way, but just certain parts though. In a script when they have the characters doing things you can't see they write it like this '(She gets up and crosses the room.)' I wrote mine like that so now you won't be lost when you see that coming.

I have also written this fanfiction as a fairy tale. Instead of reading about it, it will be read to you. You'll understand what that means when you start reading.

Most of these stories are the Disney Movie Versions of the fairy tales, on some I changed some things because I didn't like it very much. It's mostly Disney though so as for my disclaimer.

I don't own Fairy Tail, Disney, the original stories before Disney remade them or the idea to this story. The only reason I keep bringing that up is because someone has copied a story of mine and it isn't a pleasant feeling so I just want to give credit where credit is due so no one is offended.

Now that that's over, let's get ourselves reading okay?! This is a wonderful fanfiction of mine, it took me four days to finish writing everything, five it you count the day I got the idea. Reviews are greatly appreciated, each chapter will be around 5,000 words and I'll update either once a week or when I notice a gang load of reviews and feel special.

I'm so excited for this fanfiction I can hardly contain myself! I just hope you guys know that I had to watch a lot of fairy tales to write this for you guys! Plus I only had some on VHS so I couldn't even put subtitles or rewind it easily like I could on DVD's! So reviews are much needed to know I didn't waste my time!... Who am I kidding, I loved watching those Disney movies. Enjoy everyone.


Fairy Tail Meets Fairy Tales


First Fairy Tale



Once upon a time, somewhere unknown to any person, place or thing, was a man and a woman.

(Out of the darkness two bright lights shined down, revealing a woman of blonde hair and a man with salmon locks. Both stood still with their heads down and their eyes closed, appearing to others that they were sleeping or maybe even just puppets on a string.)

No, no, no. They look nothing like a man and a woman, more like a girl and a boy. Alright! Rewrite!

Once upon a time, somewhere unknown to any person, place or thing, was a girl and a boy.

... This still doesn't sit right. I mean, everything is just blank. Where's all the settings and plots and conflict? I haven't even started the story yet and I'm already bored to tears. Hmm, maybe I should change the intro?

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom. Peaceful, prosperous and rich in romance and tradition.

(The darkness faded away and a kingdom appeared full of peace, romance and traditions. The boy and girl seemed to be floating in the air as the scenery changed. The narrator opened her mouth to continue along with the story, but paused.)

This is still boring, why am I even starting with the intro anyway? Let's just get right to the story! Playing the lead female role of Cinderella shall be none other than Lucy Heartfilia!

(Lucy seemed to vanish into thin air.)

And playing her lovely Prince shall be! Natsu Dragneel!

(Natsu disappeared right after her.)

There we go, now let's get this story on the road!

The morning sun had just risen high enough in the sky to light up the whole kingdom. It was barely daybreak, the sky a funny hot pink color as Lucy Heartfilia laid sleeping in her bed. Two blue birds flew in her room, pulling back the curtains so light would come in, and started whistling her name.

"Lucy, Lucy." The two of them whistled.

Hmm, I wonder how birds can whistle a name? It's really quite strange, on with the story though. Lucy moaned in her sleep, holding her pillow over her head. The two blue birds wouldn't give up that easily though and continued to whistle her name, trying to wake her up.

"I thought I left the window closed this morning." Lucy moaned rolling around in her bed.

Huh? That's not what Cinderella says at that moment.

(The narrator sits down in a rocking chair and looks through a fairy tale book that appeared in her lap, finding Cinderella she started skimming through it.)

It's not here, oh well. Let's see how this turns out. Lucy had finally had enough of those darn birds whistling and leaned up in her bed, throwing a pillow at them. Now that wasn't very nice Lucy! The birds quickly flew around it, dodging the pillow. Thank goodness, those birds were cute even if they were able to whistle people's names.

"SHUT UP!" Lucy growled looking out her window.

She froze suddenly though. Her face became blank as she started looking around her room, no wait. This wasn't her room. She didn't recognize any of the things in here, looking down she didn't even recognize the outfit she was sleeping in.

"What the?" She whispered to herself and stood up.

Lucy quickly rushed to a mirror and looked at herself, nearly trampling over the poor adorable mice that scurried across the floor. Her hands slid across her dresser, spilling cosmetics and knitting utensils on the ground, as she looked at herself. And what she saw was... herself. Lucy looked exactly the same as she always did, minus the style her hair was in, and felt a flood of relief rush through her.

"I'm me, but where am I? Is this a dream?" Lucy asked herself.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. This girl was crazy, talking to herself like that. And how dare she call my story just a dream! She didn't even say if it was a good dream or not!

"That's it," Lucy nodded at herself in the mirror, "I'm in a dream. And how do you wake up in dreams?"

Lucy pinched her arm, she flinched but nothing happened afterwards.

"No." She said pinching herself harder.

"No!" She yelled pulling at her cheeks.

"I'm not dreaming? I'm not dreaming. I'm not dreaming!"

PAUSE! I'm not dreaming, I'm not dreaming. So far all our Princess has done was whine, how boring. You think she would have accepted it when she said it the first time. I guess some people are slower than others. I think it's time we did a little skipping to the next scene, or scenes. Now let's see, hmm.

(The narrator started flipping the pages in the book, skimming through the story until a scene she liked appeared.)

This should do nicely, yeah this is right in the middle of drama. FASTFORWARD!

(The next scene was inside of a mansion. Lucy was on her knees in the foyer, one hand supporting her up while the other held a brush. The scene was on pause.)

Maybe I didn't think this through as much as I should have. I mean, I only have two characters in my story right now... well two characters and some weirdly smart animals. A story with only two people isn't entertaining, I need more. Good, now that that's settled, enter the new characters!

Lucy was scrubbing the floors clean, bubbles flying up around her as she scrubbed. She heard her step-sisters playing beautiful music and singing upstairs and smiled lightly to herself. She knew this song and well, singing while you worked always made time move faster, so Lucy started to sing.

"Sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightin-... what the hell am I doing?" Lucy asked blinking.

Lucy! The language! This is a children's book!

"And ho- how did I get here? Wasn't I just in my room- a room a second ago? And why am I scrubbing the floors?!" Lucy screamed getting up to her feet.

She threw the brush on the floor and dried her hands off on her apron.

"And what am I wearing?" She asked herself.

So many questions Lucy, well at least seeing you scream them is funny. Continue.

"Okay Lucy, think about this. There has to be an explanation to all of this, there just has to be. Last night I fell asleep on my own bed, in my own apartment, in the town of Magnolia and today I woke up... woke up... someplace else. I must have been kidnapped, that's right. I was probably kidnapped and brought somewhere in my sleep."

(The rocking chair turned into a bed. The narrator rolled around on her back, her feet dangling off the edge. She looked up at the book in her hands.)

Bzz, wrong Lucy dear. And I always figured you for the smart one.

"Now if only I can discover where I am, I can escape and... and...-" Lucy froze as her hands reached down to her waist.

She moved her hands all around, but felt nothing.

"Where are my keys? No, where are my keys? Where are they?" She panicked looking down.

Now this is getting boring, enter the cat! Starring Lucifer will be none other than Happy! Get it? Because they're both cats? Happy walked downstairs, his tail swinging from side to side. He spotted Lucy talking to herself and then spotted a dustpan full of dust on the step below him. Carefully, making sure not to step in it, he jumped over the dustpan and continued his walk towards Lucy. That's not written in the story either, you're supposed to be mean to Lucy not kind. Oh well, continue.

In the midst of Lucy's panicking she heard a small meow from below her. Her eyes widened as she looked down and saw a familiar face.

"Happy? Happy it's you!" She cheered bending down.

She picked the cat up and held it in the air.

"Happy, I was so worried I was the only one here. You're here though, do you have any idea where here is?" Lucy asked him.

Happy cocked his head to the left and meowed. That was one smart cat... well if birds could speak then it would only make sense that a cat would be able to understand the human language.

"Happy? Happy you're joking right? Speak, come on. Tell me where Natsu is, better yet everyone else?" Lucy asked the cat again.

The cat said no words though and only meowed once more.

"Oh no." Lucy whispered dropping Happy.

That wasn't very nice Lucy! Luckily Happy was a cat so he landed on his feet and strolled of to find some fish, which was laid out on a fine china dish right in the other room for him in the middle of the hall because Happy was such a cute kitty. Ke-kem, anyway. Lucy slowly sunk to the floor, her mind wondering about everything that has happened to her so far.

"I don't believe this. Why couldn't Happy speak? Was that even Happy? I mean, blue cats aren't usually common but-"

Enough with the talking! Just then, interrupting Lucy's speech, thank God, someone knocked on the door three times.

"Open in the name of the King!"

Lucy blinked and looked at the door. Wha-... her eyes slowly narrowed as she replayed what she just heard. Open in the name of the King, why did that sound so familiar to her? Figuring that no harm could come from opening the door, and seeing how she had nothing to lose, Lucy stood up and walked towards the door. When she opened it she saw another familiar face, a face she rather not have seen.

"Ichiya?" Lucy asked.

He was dressed up like a messenger, duh because he was one. Ichiya wasn't fazed by the girl's beauty or how she somehow knew his name. Ichiya had a lot of fans, he knew this so he wasn't really surprised. Instead he held out an envelope towards Lucy.

"An urgent message from his imperial majesty." Ichiya said.

"Ichiya? Don't you remember me? I'm Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia? From Fairy Tail?" Lucy asked him.

"I'm sorry miss, but I can't remember all my adoring fans. Next time make a more memorable night to me and I'll probably remember. Now then." Ichiya told her holding out the letter.

(At this moment the book fell out of the narrator's hands as she clutched her stomach in laughter.)

Lucy slowly took it from him, not really knowing what was going on.

"Thank you?" She asked.

Ichiya nodded then walked away, a kick in his step. Lucy slowly closed the door when he left and turned around. Now either Lucy was crazy or she was getting a strange sense of déjà vu. Not! From Ichiya, of course, but from the letter. She looked at it and spun it around in her hands, looking for an address or something.

"What's it say?"

"I don't know, he said it was urgent though." Lucy answered.

... Answered... answered who though? Lucy looked down on the floor and saw two small mice staring up at her. What was crazy about it though was that these two small mice strangely reminded her of some people.

"Dori? Jet?" She whispered.

Dori and Jet looked at each other and shrugged before looking back at her.

"Why do you say it like that?" Dori asked, shaking his nose.

"Yeah, you say it like you forgot our names. You were the one who named us Lu-she!" Jet told her.

Lucy suddenly felt herself getting light headed and leaned on the staircase for support.

"I woke up to birds whistling my name, I was singing a strangely familiar song, I get a letter from a King and now I'm talking to mice. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was in-"

Now, now Lucy. You're suppose to be walking up the stairs to deliver the letter to your family. You don't seem to be doing that though so let's have them come down to you.

"Lucy, who was that at the door?"

She stood at the top of the steps with her two daughters beside her. Lucy froze when she heard that voice, no, her voice call her. Her eyes turned watery as she looked up the stairs and saw her Mother.

"Mother." She whispered.

Layla was smiling down brightly at her step-daughter. It was her, it was really her Lucy believed. She didn't care how or if it was even possible, she just ran up the stairs as fast as she could and threw herself in her Mother's arms.

"Mother! Mother, is it really you?" She cried in her chest.

Layla blinked, but wrapped her arms around Lucy and patted her head.

"Yes dear, it really is me. Now who was it at the door?" Layla asked.

"But Mother! You're dead! How can you be here, you aren't supposed to be! You- you-"

"Oh look Mother, Lucy's holding a letter. Well give it here." Lisanna said reaching for it.

She took it from Lucy's hands and opened it. A small gasp escaped her lips as she looked at the royal seal.

"Mother, sisters! It's a letter from the palace!" She screamed.

Layla and... and... well might as well since they're sisters. Layla and Mirajane gasped also. Lucy was completely forgotten about. She stayed in her Mother's warm embrace, wishing it were true, but something deep inside her told her something else.

"Lucy dear, let me go for just a second and Lisanna. Hand me the letter, I'll read it out for all of us." Layla spoke.

Lucy and Lisanna listened to their Mother and did as told. Layla smiled at her three beautiful daughters before looking over the letter.

"There's to be a ball." Layla cheered.

"A ball?!" Her daughters repeated.

While Mirajane and Lisanna sounded excited, Lucy sounded questionable. She was finally getting a picture of something, this was-

"In honor of his highness, the Prince, and by royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend." Layla told her daughter's brightly.

"Why that's us!" Mirajane said.

"And I'm so eligible." Lisanna smiled.

A sinking feeling laid in the pit of Lucy's stomach as she finally put two and two together. Finally Lucy, you really had me wondering for a while if you were ever going to get it.

"Mother, that includes Lucy right?" Mirjane asked.

"Of course it does, unless Lucy has some secret boyfriend we don't know about." Lisanna teased poking her stomach.

"Why yes, of course she's going. She's part of our family too, let's all go out into town now and buy beautiful gowns for the ball shall we?" Layla asked.

PAUSE! No. Nuh uh. No way. I was letting things slide before, because this was Lucy's first time being a Princess, but having a NICE step-mother. A NICE one? That completely destroys the whole story! I can't do it, nope. The story clearly states an EVIL step-mother, not nice. I'm just going to have to recast. Now let's see, who shall be replaying the evil step-mother? Her, no, you would be good but you're a man and I need a mom, hmm... how about you. I guess you would do. Now let's rewind to where Mirajane asks if Lucy is included... and... PLAY!

"Mother, that includes Lucy right?" Mirajane asked.

Angel snorted, "Mirajane, what a ridiculous question to ask."

Lucy blinked, a small part of her heart breaking.

"Mother?" She whispered.

"What is it Lucy?" Angel snapped.

Lucy blinked, "no. No, you aren't my Mother. Where's Mother? My real Mother?!"

Mirajane and Lisanna smiled sadly, "she's gone remember?"

"No, no, no! She was right here! Right here just a few seconds ago, you were calling her Mother too!"

"What are you talking about Lucy? Mother is Mother, she's always been right there." Lisanna asked.

"Are you feeling alright? Maybe you should lie down?" Mirajane asked.

These two step-sisters are too nice for my liking, whatever though. I'll skip ahead a little and find another good scene.

(While the author skimmed through the book, the story went on between Lucy and her step-family.)

"Are you all crazy?! She was standing right here! My Mother, she looked exactly like me!"

"That is enough out of you Lucy!" Angel yelled.

Lucy's eyes widened as she stared at her so called Mother. Cinderella. That is what was happening to her right now. She was living a life like Cinderella, hell she might as well be living THE life of Cinderella. Finally Lucy! Finally! It won't make any difference though now that you know, none at all.

"What's, what is going on here?" Lucy asked herself.

Why was she living Cinderella's life? Why was she in a fairy tale? Better yet, where had her Mother gone and why was she replaced with Angel! Angel, the girl who tried to kill her and her friends?! Aw, don't worry Lucy. Angel won't be killing you, just verbally abusing you and working you to your bones.

"Indeed what is? Why are you just standing there Lucy? You have tons of chores to do!" Angel yelled.

Mirajane and Lisanna flinched at their Mother's high voice and walked closer to Lucy.

"But Mother that's so unfair! Why can't Lucy do the chores tomorrow?"

"No! It must be done today!" Angel argued.

"How about we help you then Lucy? If we all work together we can get them done in a jiffy and then we can give each other makeovers!" Mirajane squealed.

(The narrator started laughing. She looked back at the book, finally finding the next scene she wanted.)

"Mother." Lucy whimpered.

PAUSE! Wow... I suddenly feel very bad about that... note to self, don't use Layla as a character ever again. Well this story is getting boring, maybe now's the time to use my other character. He's just been standing very still and patiently for his turn, it's his time to shine now. Let's just skip through all this... all the way to the ball... almost there... got it! PLAY!

The Prince moaned. His eyes moved underneath his eyelids before he finally opened them. Slowly, as if to take in the sight, he blinked his eyes and looked around. He was surrounded by people, loads and loads of people. Most of them girls. And what was that smell? Natsu lifted up his nose and started sniffing. He looked around and spotted a buffet table no more than a few feet away from him. Eyeing the food hungrily, Natsu quickly rushed towards it.

Hmm, now that was strange. Nothing at all like Lucy's reaction. He didn't wonder where he was, why he was here, what he was wearing? Why-

"Why am I so hot?" Natsu asked looking down.

Never mind that last part. Natsu eyed his clothing questionably, the puffy white shirt and pants. He couldn't remember owning an outfit like this. Hmm, oh well. Natsu shrugged it off and started getting his grub on.

(The narrator watched Natsu and shook her head.)

Onward then, enter the Princess. Natsu had only eaten three platefuls when he looked around the table for more food. His eyes suddenly looked up and spotted... someone close to him. He wondered why he didn't notice her sooner, or smell her? Smell? Really Natsu? Whatever. Being around her for so long, Natsu had become familiar with her scent so he could always tell when she was coming.

Now that he saw Lucy, Natsu looked around. Whatever party he was at, he didn't recognize anyone. Strange, maybe Lucy would know what was going on. Natsu put down his plate and licked his fingers clean as he made his way over to her.

"Lucy? Hey Lucy!" Natsu called out.

Lucy turned around when she heard her name being called. Her mood just skyrocketed from depressed to super duper happy when she saw Natsu. Super duper happy Lucy? Alright, we'll go with that.

"Natsu! Are you really Natsu?" Lucy asked trying to run to him.

Those darn glass slippers kept getting in her way though. Natsu met up with her instead and smiled.

"Hey Luce, nice party huh? They got some good food, where is everyone else?" He asked.

"Natsu, quick tell me. What guild are we from?" Lucy asked getting a better look at him.

He really did look like Natsu, expect he was wearing the Prince's clothing, but looks could be deceiving.

"Why Fairy Tail of course silly. The best guild in the world!" Natsu cheered.

Lucy threw her arms around Natsu's neck and hugged him close. Natsu just stood there and listened to Lucy mumble over and over again.

"Thank goodness, thank goodness, thank goodness."

"Um, Lucy? What's going on?" Natsu asked.

"You mean you haven't noticed? Natsu, we aren't in Magnolia anymore, we're in a fairy tale." Lucy said.

Aw Lucy, don't go spoiling it for Natsu! Then again... he probably would have never gotten it and just continued eating without her. Carry on then. Natsu blinked at her and started laughing.

"Are you alright Lucy? That was a good joke." He laughed.

"Natsu, I'm serious! I don't know why, but right now we're in the fairy tale Cinderella. I'm supposed to be Cinderella and you're... I suppose the Prince." She explained.

He just laughed her off again.

"Natsu! Listen to me!" She screamed.

Natsu flinched and looked at her.

"This is not funny! It's not funny at all!" Lucy yelled, her voice breaking. "We're trapped in the story Cinderella and I don't know how it happened! Strange things have been happening all day to me! This morning I woke up in an unfamiliar room and the next moment I'm scrubbing the floors! And then out of nowhere Happy comes but he can't speak and then I see my Mother! My dead Mother and she's nice and my step-mom in here with Mira and Lisanna as my step-sisters but then she's gone and Angel takes her place! And now I'm trying to explain to you that something's the matter and you're just laughing in my face!" Lucy cried.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry Lucy. Please, stop crying." Natsu said.

Lucy sniffed and rubbed her tears away. Wow, that even had me tearing up. Natsu placed a comforting hand on Lucy's shoulder.

"Alright, you're telling the truth. We're living in Cinderelly, we're not in Magnolia anymore. Now what?" He asked.

Lucy sniffed again, "I don't know Natsu. I'm not sure what's happening or why we're here, plus I don't have my keys."

"Your celestial keys?"

"Yeah, no keys means so magic."

"Don't worry, I have plenty of magic to save us! Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu roared.

Nothing came out though. Natsu blinked and yelled it out again, still nothing.

"Lucy! I can't breathe fire!" Natsu yelled.

"I told you Natsu."

"No, no, this isn't possible. This isn't-" Natsu paused and looked behind him.

On the table he saw several candles on fire. He quickly ran over to the candles, picking one up he held it up to his mouth and PAUSE! WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO THERE NATSU?! It seems that in this story I overestimated Lucy's smarts and underestimated Natsu's stupidity. Thank God I was quick enough to pause or else things might have turned badly. Well, this story seems to be over now. Let's just have my favorite scene and then I can end it.

(The narrator watched as the scenes passed by, making random comments on some parts.)

I wonder why he sent all those evil looking horses after her, I mean they looked ready to kill.

Aw, she's so grateful for one tiny glass slipper. I would have asked the Godmother for my other one back, what good is one slipper?

I guess that's true love, the Prince searching far and wide for his Princess. He didn't seem to have to search far though.

Maybe Angel was too good of a choice, I mean she acted very happily as she locked Lucy in her room.

The mice were suppose to free Lucy, not the step-sisters. Whatever, it's almost there.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, the slipper doesn't fit, yadda, yadda, yadda, they try, yadda, yadda, yadda, it breaks, she escapes aaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd... PLAY!

Lucy and Natsu ran down the steps, hand and hand. Did they wonder what was happening? Sure they did but the only reason they were running was because people were throwing rice at them. Lucy slipped on a step though and dropped her glass slipper.

"Wait Natsu, my slipper." Lucy said.

Natsu paused while Lucy turned around to pick it up but someone bent down and placed the slipper on her foot.

"Master Makarov?!" Lucy gasped.

Makarov laughed under his breath, "no need for titles. We're family now, you can call me Father."

Lucy only stared as Natsu started tugging her along.

"Come on Luce, they're still throwing things. We can steal the carriage and make our way back to Magnolia." Natsu said.

Lucy ran after Natsu, into the carriage, and then they were off. Their carriage road off into the sun set, the newlywed Prince and Princess inside. Lucy sighed out and tore her veil off while Natsu tried to take these furry things off his shoulders.

"That's it, this is how Cinderella ends. She rides off in carriage with her new husband, our story should be ending as well right now." Lucy said.

"Thank God for that, this clothes are killing me. And hey, weren't we wearing something else? And at a party?"

"That's the thing Natsu, it seems we skip through the story sometimes." Lucy said looking out the window.

"Well hopefully it ends soon and we'll be back home." Natsu sighed out.

"Um Natsu... we keep passing the same scenery over and over again." Lucy said.


"Look, that tree. It's the same one over and over, and behind us. No one is getting farther away from us, it's like we're standing still." Lucy said.

And that's because the stories not over yet. Silly Lucy, you are forgetting one last thing before the happy ending.

"So what? We're like stuck here? I thought you said the story was over now?"

"It was, it's supposed to be. Oh, what happens? Cinderella fits the slipper, she marries the Prince, rides off in the carriage then it shows her... Natsu look at me." Lucy said looking up at him.

Natsu turned his head, a questionable expression on his face.


"I'm sorry for this, please forgive me." Lucy said staring into his eyes.

"Sorry for wha-"

Natsu's speak was interrupted due to the fact that Lucy suddenly pulled his head down so his lips would meet hers. And there we have it, true loves first kiss.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.

The End.

Well wowza, didn't think Lucy would just go for it like that. She sure surprised me, but sadly you two aren't going anyway. My fun has only just begun and so has your journey, you two won't be leaving me for a very long time. Until our next story then, now let's see... this one looks promising.