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Fairy Tail Meets Fairy Tales


Our Fairy Tale

Fairy Tail Meets Fairy Tales


Lucy fell flat on her face. If people were to score that fall, everyone would have given her a 10 except that one b*tch that always grades a 9.5 at best because there always has to be one of those people. They're never easily impressed and that's why it makes people second guess what they thought of the fall but it's too late to change scores now.

She pushed herself off of the ground and looked around, her eyes wide and her heart racing. What she saw around her was something she hadn't seen in what felt like months. Her old room. She had no time to feel welcomed home though, Lucy got up and raced out the building, leaving the door to her apartment wide open and completely forgetting that she was currently in some shorts and a tank top with no slippers on.

She ran her fastest to Fairy Tail, ignoring the stares and mutters of the people she passed by. Her heart beat faster and faster the closer she got there. Finally, running through the gates, she swung the doors wide open making them hit the wall with a long bang. Everyone turned and saw her standing there in what seemed like PJ's.

"Natsu?! Where's Natsu?!" Lucy called out of breath looking around for him.

Erza was the one who walked up, a cautious look on her face.

"Natsu? He's gone."

Lucy's head hurt. Badly. It felt like it was splitting in two. She started running away from Fairy Tail now, away from the liars telling her that Natsu was gone! He couldn't have been! They were together, they were always together! All throughout the stories they were together, they went through so much together.

"There's no way he could be gone!" Lucy screamed in frustration running down the streets of Magnolia.

To where though? Where could she possibly go? Where could she possibly run to that would turn back time and bring Natsu back to her? Lucy fell to her knees in defeat, teardrops falling onto the stone floor she fell to. She bent over and hugged herself, crying out loudly as she rocked herself back and forth.

"What? What? What was the point of loving you if you were just going to leave me alone Natsu? This is precisely why I didn't want to fall in love with you!" Lucy cried.

Her tears were silent as they started to just slip down her cheeks. She stayed there until she heard soft footsteps walking towards her. They stopped right in front of her and Lucy sniffed up the snot that was running down her nose.

"I know this looks bad," Lucy started, her voice raw from crying out, "but I'm fine. I'm fine, just please go." Lucy sniffed.

She didn't hear footsteps walking away from her though. She turned to looked up at the person and scream for him to leave her but she only got as far as his sandals until rough hands pulled her up and into a chest. Lucy's eyes widened as she stared blankly at him.

"Sorry I never responded even though I could hear you, better late then never though. I love you too Lucy."

Lucy made an ugly scrunched up face filled with tears and snot that Natsu thought was adorable.

"NATSU!" She cried flinging her arms around his neck and nearly choking him to death.

"Shh, there, there Lucy."

"I thought you died! I was sure you died! I went to the guild and Erza said you were gone!"

"I woke up in my bed. The first thing I thought about was you and ran to the guild, but you weren't there. I ran to your apartment next to find you still gone. It was then I remembered that I could track your scent so once I caught it I came running to find you."

"You were dead, you died on me! This is exactly why I didn't want, I didn't-" Lucy stopped to take a deep breath.

"Shh, everything's okay now Lucy. We're back home, we're home! You should be smiling, we should be celebrating!" Natsu cheered.

Lucy wiped her nose, "easy for you to say. I didn't seem like I died right in front of you."

"I couldn't imagine what you felt when that happened and I'm sorry, but look. At least some good came from it, you love me." Natsu smiled.

Lucy nodded, blushing lightly.

"I was hiding, I was scared. I didn't want to, but when I saw you dying. When I saw you about to die just because I was scared of something magically terrifying happening to us, I got over my fears and accepted my true feelings."

"And your true feelings being? Never mind what I said before, I couldn't hear it very clearly." Natsu said.

Lucy looked up at Natsu, her Natsu. Her Prince Charming and wished she looked more like a Princess then a girl who was just crying her eyes out on the floor. Natsu didn't think she could look any more beautiful though as he cuffed her cheek and lifted her head up.

"I love you Natsu, idiot Natsu." She said.

Natsu smirked, "and I you my smart and lovely Lucy."

And then they shared true love's first kiss.

And Lived Happily Ever After.

The End.

"Natsu?" Lucy whispered.


Lucy leaned into Natsu's chest, listening intently to his heart beating.

"We never did find out who was the story teller." Lucy said.

She felt Natsu chuckling, "that we didn't."

"I heard her voice though, at the end when you were dying, and you were right. She was a girl."

"Told you! No man would trap two people in a fairy tale just for them to end up together, an action book filled with killing yeah, but no girly fairy tales."

"Hey, I thought you liked those girly fairy tales."

Natsu chuckled again, resting his forehead against Lucy's.

"I do now. Aw great, now I have to go out and buy them all, crossing out the original names and putting in ours. How many did we go through? Seven? Eight?"

The two of them started laughing together, gazing into each other's eyes.

"Throughout everything she put us through though, I am a little grateful to her. For putting us together. Who knows how long that would have taken." Natsu joked.

"Yeah, it still would have happened though right?"

"Of course Lucy, you're the only girl for me. My Princess."

"And you're my Prince."

They gazed lovely dovey at each other like a Prince and Princess would look when they finally were getting married until Lucy's face scrunched up together.

"You know what though, her voice sounded very familiar."

Natsu's raised an eyebrow, "really? How so?"

"Well, it sounded very-"


"Bless you Mirajane." Erza said.

"Thanks, I think I'm catching a cold. It is about to be winter in Magnolia, I better start dressing for the weather."

"Yeah, hey Mira? Do you know why Lucy reacted the way I did when I told her Natsu was gone?" Erza asked.

"Who knows Erza?"

"She didn't even let me finish, all I was going to say was that he's gone to look for her." She said.

"Yeah, maybe Natsu did something to her while she was sleeping and she couldn't wait to get her revenge."

"That makes sense, she did come running in here barefoot. Maybe Natsu burned her shoes."


"Hey Mira, I think you are catching a cold. Your voice sounds a little hoarse."

"Ke-kem, does it?"

"Yeah, you couldn't have been straining it though. All I seen you do for the past day was read that book of yours."

"You bring up a good point, which reminds me. Erza, could you do me a favor and destroy this book?"

"Uh... sure, what is it though?" Erza asked equipping a sword.

I leaned against the counter, watching her cut the books into tiny shreds.

"Nothing really, just a book about fairy tails." I told her.

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