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Well I'll be Damned

"I don't care who's a werewolf and who's a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party too" Eclipse.

Chapter 1-Visitor

"Damn stupid Mike Newton" I muttered as I drove home from school. Ever since he had gotten sick at the movies that he, Jake and I had attended he had been avoiding me and I couldn't have been happier but it ended today; my own personal lap dog was back in full force and asking me out. I fought the urge to pound my steering wheel in my anger as I remembered what happened today.

"YO BELLA" Mike screamed at me from across the quad as I was on my way to my truck.

"Great" I thought

And here I thought that he had finally forgotten his infatuation with me after he avoided me the past week or so. Wasn't in the cards I'm afraid.

I rolled my eyes and then plastered a fake smile on my face as I turned around to see Mike jogging over to me and I was just waiting for his tongue to start hanging out. I shook my head slightly to rid myself of the ridiculous thought. Mike finally made it over to me and he was smiling in a way I'm sure some girls (ie. Jessica Stanley) found sexy but I just thought it made him look just a little bit psychotic or possibly constipated.

"Hey Mike what's up?" I asked

"Not much, I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to chat in a while I've been really busy" he lied and I made a mental eye roll knowing full well he was embarrassed about getting sick in front of me.

"Oh umm, that's fine, I've been busy too" I replied trying to convey that I still was.

"That's cool. Well I was just wondering if you were busy tonight. I was thinking we could go grab a bite to eat at that new pizza joint that opened up"

"OH NO!" just what I feared and I couldn't bear to see the hurt in eyes when I had to turn him down but my I just didn't feel that way about Mike; I mean he was a good buddy and while I knew logically it would be wise to move on with him, I couldn't. My heart belonged to him, if he didn't want it, it would always belong to him. How foolish was it that even though my heart was shattered I still longed for him. I missed him so much; I missed the coolness of his skin against mine, the taste of his kiss upon my lips and the way he just knew me even if he couldn't read my mind. I knew all along I wasn't good enough for him, he was an angel, a dark angel but an angel nonetheless and I was a worthless mortal.

"Oh Mike I can't. Jacob has been really sick with Mono since we went to the movies so I'm going down after school to watch over him while his dad goes to see a sick relative" I lied.

Truth was I hadn't seen Jake since the movies. Billy stated that he had a really bad case of Mono and was highly contagious so I couldn't go down there. I googled it and it said that the symptoms only lasted about 10 days in a healthy person and it has been about two weeks and I knew my best friend was really healthy. He had this incredible growth spurt and muscles galore, why wouldn't he be healthy. I missed him terribly; it was selfish really but I needed him to keep me together and lately the hole in my chest was getting bigger and bigger. I needed Jacob, as bad as that maybe.

I expected Mike to give me the usual

"It's okay Bella, maybe some other time".

Nope instead Mike got a hard look on his face and spat

"Are you and that Jacob boy an item now?" and I shook my head not missing how he emphasised the word Boy.

"Well what's the problem then?" I started to sputter that I just was not in the mood to date anyone, but he interrupted me by saying

"Jesus Bella, when the hell are you gonna wake the fuck up and realize that Cullen is gone?He left you Bella and he's not coming back. Get over it"

I felt the sting of tears in my eyes and without a word I flew to my truck with Mike shouting apologies.

Why the hell did he have to bring him up? Didn't anyone understand how much I was hurting without them, without him? They were the only ones who understood me; I missed them all so much, even Rosalie, that's how far gone I was and I had no one now, the only person who I even felt remotely comfortable with seemed to be avoiding me.

I managed to calm down and wiped the tears from my eyes as I drove my ancient truck towards home. I debated on driving to LaPush just to check on Jake but thought better of it and drove home. Charlie mentioned being home a bit late tonight and that he would grab something from the diner so I figured I'd make myself a salad and then sit down and try to read a book, truth be told, I needed a night to think.

I already had the stomach flu but lately I had been feeling for lack of a better word; Weird. Not sure what was wrong; it was like my body was charged with static, I felt that if I concentrated enough I could see the electricity coming from my fingers. My mind again went to all the times I felt the buzz of electricity between him and I or how when I wanted to cook or when I would read he was always there. He would sit in the kitchen chair and watch me and then he would wrap a blanket around me to protect me from his icy skin and then wrap me in his arms while I read, sometimes he read to me.

"No stop it Bella, you know what will happen" I thought to myself as I fought the tears that threatened to fall.

I couldn't think his name; if I did the pain came back ten times worse and left me gasping for air as I tried to hold myself together and passing out while driving wasn't a good idea.

I tuned down my street and saw that Charlie's police cruiser was home as well as a black Cadillac. It was so odd for Charlie never had visitors except for Billy, Jacob and Harry and I knew neither of them owned a car like that.

I parked my truck and made my way towards the door but not before I took a closer look at the Cadillac. It was sleek, black and what Jake would call a "sexy car". I agreed completely. It was then that I noticed the red leather seats with the black blankets with stars over them and then I saw it; the pentagram hanging from the mirror. I ran to the door tripping up a bit in my haste and practically tore the door off the hinges trying to get in. I gasped as I saw the familiar figure standing in the living room with my father, they looked like they were in the middle of an argument but I ignored it, and then both of them sensing my appearance turned towards me and I vaulted towards the visitor shouting


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