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Chapter 9-Living

"Breathe Damnit" I heard someone say, it was muffled and distant but I could hear it as I floated in the darkness

"Come on Bella, please just breathe" the voice pleaded and I felt this strange sensation in my lungs and then the blackness faded and I saw a blurry face and then the weird sensation again

Suddenly it became too much and I sucked in a lungful of air only to cough it all up, it burned so bad and my throat felt like sandpaper as huge hot arms wrapped around me as I coughed up my lungs.

"There ya go, come on, get it up, that's it. You're gonna be fine" Jake said as he rocked me back and forth as the fluid in my lungs came up. I couldn't help but snuggle further into him, I was freezing and he was so warm so I just shivered as he wrapped me up.

He helped me stand up and wrapped his arm around me as he helped me to the truck and I couldn't help but look back up to the cliff and smile slightly.


"What?" I snapped back as my teeth chattered

"I can't believe you tried to kill yourself, what about Charlie huh, what about your friends, what about me?" he sobbed a little and I felt terrible. I never thought he would see it that way but I guess I could see how it would happen

"Jake relax, I'm sorry but I wasn't trying to kill myself, I was cliff diving" I explained

"You don't go alone Bells, not even members of the pack go alone, it's not safe" he pleaded

"Yeah Jake I get it but I had a dream and I had to try it" I explained

"What hell kinda of dream would have you hurl yourself off a cliff hmm?" he spat and I rolled my eyes

"Well if you must know, I dreamt I was floating and then I saw the cliffs and I figured what the hell"

"What the…are you serious Bells, you jump off a cliff because of a hunch. Good lord woman you have to be either the stup…no forget it. Just tell me you're okay" Jake sighed

"Yeah Jake I'm fine" I said as shivers wracked through me

"Jeez you're freezing, come on let's get you back to my place and into some warm clothes" he said tugging me back to my truck

After changing into an oversized pair of old jeans and a plaid shirt that Jake owned, I felt a hell of lot better and dry. I downed a cup of coffee and as Jake and I drove back to my place I sat as close as I could to his overheated body and just waited for the shivers to stop.

"So did it work?" he asked out of the blue

"Did what work?" I asked confused

"The floating, did it work?" he explained

"Oh yeah, that, yeah it worked but I lost my concentration and that's when I fell into the water" I told him and he shook his head

"Only you would go hurl yourself off a cliff due to a dream when there is a bloodsucker out there gunning for your life" he said and I shot him a look

"What do you mean Jake, you were supposed to be at the lake with Charlie" I said

"Well umm…you see…" he stammered

"Out with it Jake what the hell happened. Please tell me my dad is okay" I was hysterical

"Calm down Bells. Look, we were there and your dad and the guys had came off the lake to refuel, turns out my dad forgot to fill up the tank. While they filled up that red headed bloodsucker came out of nowhere. We all phased in time to chase her off before the men saw and I chased her towards the cliffs. Bells if I had known I never would have let her get so close to you but once she jumped in the water I saw her suddenly turn and that's when I saw you. I got you before she could but well it turns out she already killed someone" he said sadly

"Who Jake?" I asked softly

"Well it wasn't' directly but apparently Harry Clearwater saw her and then saw a few of us phase, his heart has been pretty bad and he died of a heart attack" Jake sniffled and I wrapped my arms around him

"Sorry Jake" I said not knowing what else to say and he just nodded and we spent the rest of the drive in silence

I felt terrible, here I was trying to test my abilities and being a brat because I couldn't go with the pack when all they were trying to do was protect me and they lose one of their own. Harry may not have been a wolf but he was a Quileute and that loss would be terrible for the people here.

We pulled into my driveway and I noticed my dad wasn't home and I figured he was at the reservation trying to help so I decided that I would go in and change, make some food and then go back but as soon as I opened the door Jake yanked me back in and started the truck again.

"What the hell Jake? I asked panicked

"Vampire" was all he said and I felt my fingers light up as I looked around

"We gotta get out of here" he said as he put the truck into gear

"Don't worry Jake I got this, I said holding up my hand" I smiled and he rolled his eyes

"Whatever Bells, we should get back, it's not safe" he pleaded but I was already out the door and that's when I saw it, like a shining beacon in the darkness, Carlisle's car

"Bells, wait, we gotta go back" he said as he tried to pull me back to the truck

"That's Carlisle's car Jake, they won't hurt me" I told him

"Bella, I can't protect you here, it could be a trick" he begged but I held firm

"Fine Bella" he huffed and left as I tore off into the house

It was dark but I could feel someone watching me, my fingers were lit up but I kept them in my pockets just in case it was a Cullen, didn't really want to explain it to them yet.

I turned the light on and gasped when like a dream there was Alice standing right in front of me.

I shook and dove for her screaming "ALICE!"

She hugged me tight as I sobbed into her shirt and she let me cry as she tried to soothe me. I could hear her say she was sorry but all I could concentrate on was the familiar coolness of her body and the softness of her voice.

"Bella, I'm so sorry, I didn't want to leave you, none of us did but how could you try something like that" she ranted

"Try what?" I asked

"Killing yourself, I saw you Bella, you threw yourself off a cliff, what were you thinking? What about Charlie or you Mom? Bella how could you do it. Arrrrgh! I swear I'm gonna kill him. I told him things were bad. He begged me not look and if I had just looked sooner than I could have stopped this" she ranted and my smile faded with the mention of he. It wasn't hard to know who she was talking about

"Alice, Alice! Just stop okay! Please don't say his name, I just can't take it" I sobbed as I tried to hold myself together and Alice wrapped her little arm around my shoulders

"I'm sorry Bella, I really am but it still wasn't a reason to kill yourself" she said

"I didn't Alice, I was cliff diving" I told her leaving out the whole part about me being witch and trying to float. I didn't want to explain it only for her to leave and for me to fall apart again.

"Oh my god! You're crazy you know that!" she ranted and I rolled my eyes but hugged her as tight as I could

"Bella, did you get a dog?" she asked out of the blue

"Umm no" I said, and I'm the one who's crazy

"Are you sure, all I can smell is this god awful wet dog smell" she huffed while her nose wrinkled in disgust and I realized that it must have been Jake; I was wearing his clothes and I spent so much time with him, I would definitely smell like a member of the pack.

"Oh yeah, that. Umm that would be Jake" I stalled not really sure how to explain about him

"Jake, who the hell is Jake?" she cocked a brow and her hand went to her hip

"Oh umm, his dad and Charlie are best friends and he's my friend and he's kinda of a werewolf" I stuttered and braced myself for the inevitable and Alice didn't disappoint

"WEREWOLF! Bella are you insane. Werewolves are the worst and not people that you want to make friends with. They're dangerous"

"Speak for yourself bloodsucker" I spun around to see Jake in the doorway

"What happened to not being able to protect me here?" I asked

"Yeah well I can't but I don't care" he huffed and I smiled

"You think I would hurt Bella?" Alice scolded

"Hmm, you already have once, who's not say you just didn't come here to finish the job" Jake argued and I almost smacked him when I saw Alice crumble

"Bella I'm so sorry, and YOU" she said flipping Jake off "I would never hurt Bella, I came to see how she was so how about you go tie yourself to a tree like a good dog"

"Fuck you bloodsucker…" Jake shouted

"ENOUGH! Both of you" I yelled

"Jake, Alice is my friend and she can stay as long as she likes, if you can't be civil then you need to leave"

"Bells, you can't be serious" he whined

"I'm completely serious" I huffed

"Fine, whatever" he rolled his eyes

"Bella how about I go hunt while you talk to him" Alice suggested and I panicked

"Alice, no you can't...sorry, you'll be back right? I asked trying to calm my racing heart

"Of course silly, as soon as you take rover for a walk and leave him in his doghouse" she chucked and I heard Jake snort as Alice walked out the door

"So how long are they back?" Jake asked me and I shrugged

"Does it matter?" I huffed and crossed my arms

"Yeah it does and how many are there? I need to let the pack know" he sounded pissed and I tried to rein my temper in

"Not that's it really any of yours or the pack's business but it's just Alice so go on and run back to Sam and let him know" I snarled and stomped my way to the kitchen to make a casserole. I was pissed off so I had to find an outlet and beating some eggs and chopping veggies would help. Alice would gag but she could get over it.

"Bells, look I'm sorry" Jake's hulking frame was shadowing the doorway while I leaned against the counter and took a deep breath. There was no need for us to argue, he would phase and then I would have to electrocute him or at least singe his fur. Alice wasn't ready for that yet!

"Look Jake, I get it, you have to follow orders and you're my best friend, I hate fighting with you but Alice is my best friend too so please just get over your prejudice for me" I asked

"Best friend, for god's sake Bells, they left you. They didn't care, I do. Please Bella, you have to see what you mean to me" Jake pleaded as his arm wrapped around my waist and his warm breath caressed my cheek and I was overcome. It would be so easy with Jake, why couldn't I let it all go and be with him. He would be happy and so would my dad, it would make sense but as I closed my eyes I saw his face, the only man who I could truly love and the one I was determined to have back.

I pushed Jake away just as his lips were about to collide with mine and he sighed but took a step back and then the phone rang and Jake sighed again as he answered it and said "Hello, no I'm sorry he's not here right now. He's preparing for a funeral"

He hung up the phone and started to shake; who the hell called that would cause him to lose control like this?

"Jake what's going on? Who was that on the phone?" I asked and then Alice tore through the door shouting "BELLA!"

"Alice, what's going on?" now it was my turn to shake. Did she have a vision of my dad, or was Victoria close? I managed to keep calm, I knew that my dad was safe on the reservation and that I could take Victoria down but then she told me something that made my heart stop, my breath to shorten and for the room to darken again.

"Bella, it's Edward, he called home and Rose told him why I came. He thinks you're dead" she sobbed

"So what, at least he'll never come back" Jake huffed and I lunged for him but Alice held me back

"Bella he's going to the Volturi, he wants to join you" she sobbed harder and I fell to my knees remembering what he told me months ago and how he would follow me if I was to die. Why, why would he go to them if he didn't love me? Guilt, he felt guilty for leaving and this was his way of redemption. I couldn't allow him to do it so I raced upstairs and packed a bag and my passport and was about to tell Alice to book a flight but she was right behind me and already talking to the airport.

I raced downstairs and out towards the car with Alice right behind me. I was buckled in and about to tell her to floor it when Jake's head popped in through the window.

"Bella, please don't do this. Don't go there, it's too dangerous. Please Bells, stay here, with me" he begged

"I'm sorry Jake, I can't" I sighed and told Alice to floor it and I broke down as I looked out the mirror to Jake kneeling on the grass with his hands out like he was reaching for me. I felt terrible for leaving but I had to save Edward, he shouldn't feel like he needed to kill himself out of guilt.

Fifteen hours and way too many cokes later we landed in Italy and I was currently hanging on for dear life as Alice raced down the narrow streets towards Volterra like we were on the set of The Fast and the Furious.

I couldn't even look at the scenery outside my window, the speed we were travelling was making me dizzy and I just held on while Alice drove and concentrated on her visions.

"Oh my god, they refused him" she said and I sighed in relief "That's good"

"No Bella, he's going to force their hand" she said and I asked how

"He's going to show himself to the humans, the sun will be high at noon, he plans to show himself in the sunlight. There's a festival, all those in attendance will see him and the guard will be forced to end him" she explained and I felt the inside of the car spin

"Bella, breathe, I promise we'll get there in time okay" Alice cooed but even I could hear the doubt in her voice and all I wanted to do was be there. For a split second I thought of wishing myself there but I couldn't let Alice know about that yet and I didn't know where to go.

Alice was looking at me strangely but she let it go and I willed the car to go faster and maybe it was my imagination but it did seem like we were going faster than before if that was even possible and for once I was happy that Alice drove like a nascar driver.

I wasn't sure how long were drove but suddenly we took a sharp turn and Alice pushed the car's speed up the winding hill and then through the gates of the mountain town of Volterra. A guard stopped the car from going any further and I could see the crowds of people in red capes and I noticed several people with fangs.

"What the hell?" I asked

"It's the Saint Marcus day festival. It commemorates Saint Marcus getting rid of vampires. Ironic considering that their Saint is a vampire and is a leader of the Volturi" Alice explained

"Whatever, come on we have to go" I nearly shrieked as I tried to pull her from the car

"I can't Bella, he'll hear me and try to rush it, you're the only one he won't see coming, please Bella, hurry. He's by the big clock tower, we have 10 minutes" Alice pleaded and I took off like a shot hoping that my clumsiness wouldn't come back and have me fall flat on my face while I ran through the streets.

I don't know how many people I nearly knocked over and how many times I said I was sorry but finally I came to a fountain and I could see the clock tower in the distance. I made it and I searched everywhere for Edward. I could see a few people standing in the corners, they were too still, they had to be part of the guard so I knew Edward had to be close. Then I saw him, his was standing in the darkness of a doorway under the tower. I could see him unbutton his shirt and look up towards the sky and I bolted across the water of the fountain and through the crowd as I shouted his name but he didn't seem to hear me as he walked further out of the darkness.

The clock was chiming and my breath left me as I crashed into his chest just before he stepped out the door. God he smelt good and I sighed in relief that I made it.

He was mumbling something about heaven and how it was quick.

"Edward, please you have to move" I begged and my eyes teared up as he looked at me like I was a dream

"Why Bella? Why would I move when I have you in my arms? I don't care if this is hell as long as I have you" he said softly

Aww hell he thinks we're both dead. "You're not dead and neither am I, but if you don't get your ass moving we both will be. Please Edward the Volturi are everywhere" I pleaded

That woke him up and immediately he grabbed me tighter and pulled back to the safety of the darkness.

"You're here, you're alive" he said in disbelief and I nodded

"Yeah, I am. Look Edward I only came so you wouldn't kill yourself. You don't have to feel guilty about it. I get it" I said trying to hold back my tears

"Guilt? I never did it out of guilt Bella" he said softly as his hand cupped my cheek and I couldn't help but lean into it, his touch was one of the things I had missed

"Then why did you do it?" I asked

"Don't you know? Bella you're everything to me. That day in the forest, I lied. I had to so you would let me go. It was the biggest lie ever and I've been miserable without you. When Rose told me why Alice had gone to Forks I lost it" he said

"But why, I mean I'm nothing, I'm human, I'm nothing special" I sighed

"Not true, you're everything Bella" he said and then I gasped as his lips found mine. Holy hell had I missed this.

I could feel his grip on my hip tighten and I pulled myself closer to his embrace and my cheeks burned when I let out the most embarrassing moan as his hand caressed my back. I had missed his touch so much and it was just a little overwhelming and then all too soon it was over and Edward pulled me back behind him with a growl.

"What, what is it?" I asked feeling terrified and then my fingers tingled. Shit! I so do not need this right now

I saw it then; two hulking figures came around a corner and told Edward that Aro and the brothers request his presence. Edward sighed and agreed and then told me to go enjoy the festival. Was he nuts? I wasn't going to leave him but then the men requested that I come along.

Edward growled and told them to go to hell. They made a lunge for us but then Alice showed up.

"Now come on boys, you wouldn't want to draw attention would you?" she said as she opened the door wider exposing the scene to the crowd outside

"Of course not" one of them said and I felt Alice and Edward tugging me back towards the door as Alice threw Edward a cape to drape over his naked chest.

"That's enough" we heard someone say and I turned to see a small girl make her way to the front of the two men. She had the reddest eyes I've ever seen, she was tiny and blonde but I could see that she wielded a terrible power and she was sadistic. My fears were confirmed when she told us all to come with her and Edward grabbed my hand as he and Alice both followed and pulled me with them.

We made our way down a flight of stairs and through winding tunnels made of stone. It didn't take a genius to know we were underground and I felt claustrophobic at the thought of the ground burying me alive. Silly I know but after nearly 24 hours of no sleep and the stress I was allowed a freak out moment.

The group walked along and then we were led up a set of steps into a beautiful marble lobby. My eyes marveled as the artwork and then I gasped as we were brought through a set of huge wooden doors and into another huge room. I saw three thrones on a pedestal and a group of about 20 people, all vampires I imagined. In the centre was three men; they were dressed in regal robes and I recognized them instantly from the painting in Carlisle's study.

"Well done Jane. I see young Edward survived and this must be Isabella" the dark haired one I remember his name being Aro said, his accent thick and my name rolled off his tongue.

His voice was gruff and his face looked liked paper that was too old to be around. The other brothers sat on their thrones and just looked bored while the one named Aro ran the show.

He grabbed Edward's hand that wasn't clutching mine and I watched as Aro's eyes fluttered and moved like he was having a seizure.

Edward explained that Aro could read minds buts needed to touch the person. Aro then asked if he could read me after finding out that Edward couldn't read my mind. Edward growled at the question and I told him to hush as I reluctantly gave him my hand. God he was cold and his skin felt like I was holding a corpse. His eyes were darker and I fought the urge to smile when I realized that he couldn't read my mind either.

"Interesting, I've never met someone I couldn't read. A shame that Edward won't change you. Perhaps you would consider joining us" he asked and I shook my head

"Very well. Felix" he waved his hand and immediately Edward growled and put me behind him as he lunged for the big one who must have been Felix

Alice tried to grab me but she was held back by another vampire and then I could only watch as the one name Felix manhandled my love.

It was a huge fight and I couldn't keep track, Edward would read his mind and move out of the way but Felix was stronger and would slam Edward to the ground. My fingers were tingling and I could feel the rage building, the one holding Alice called dibs to someone on my blood which made me even angrier and then when Felix had Edward's head in a vise and I could see his neck crack, I lost it.

The electricity shot out of my hands, sending Edward to a corner and the big burly vampire was shoved against the wall with me on top of him.

"Big mistake lad" I spat and just like that, I had a ball of fire in my hand with his name on it and when the little blonde bitch tried to make a lunge for me, I waved my free hand and she was thrown into a wall and I kept her there. I could see other vampires coming for me including the brothers but I threw the fire ball in my hand at the ground and they were all trapped inside. I smiled at the look of fear on their faces and I zapped the hulk size vampire below me rendering him helpless. I didn't know I had it in me and I smiled at all I had done, but when I stood up I collapsed, completely drained of energy.

"Well, well, well. You're infinitely more special than I thought. Edward, you neglected to mention your little pet had magic powers" Aro sneered and I looked to see Edward and Alice with their jaws on the floor

I didn't know what to say but I managed to get to my feet and stand there while they decided what to do. Great, just fucking great. How the hell would we get out of this now?

"Aro, she can't be set free, she knows too much and they broke the rules" the one I knew was name Caius sneered

"He's right. I would love to see what you can bring when you're turned. Pity" he said as his bony fingers touched my face and then I watched in terror as he went for my neck.

"ENOUGH!" I heard someone yell and then fire and lightning filled the room sending every vampire flying to the corner and cowering in fear. I was shocked to see my aunt standing in the middle of the room as the fire burned away. Thank god!

"Pandora, what do we owe the pleasure" Aro spat and my aunt shot him a look that made the big bad vamp cower a little

"Watch your tone Aro, I need no appointment as it is under my authority you still live" Dora stated and again I saw the little one named Jane make her way to my aunt but she was held back by another

"Master, she is just a human, let me do away with her" the little mite begged and in an instant she was cowering on the floor, screaming in agony

"You would do well not to test me lass. It's not so nice when you're little gift is reflected back on you is it?" my aunt said as she pointed her finger at the writhing girl on the floor who was screaming like a banshee

"Pandora, please. That's enough, Jane will behave I swear" Caius begged, the fear written all over his face

"Very well, but keep the wee one under foot Caius or next time she'll suffer the wrath of the council" my aunt stated and Caius bowed as Jane stopped screaming and leapt from the floor. She was ready to attack but Caius grabbed her and like a scolded child, she sagged in his arms and sat on the floor

"What is the meaning of this Pandora? This is a matter for the Volturi; young Edward here broke the law and told a human about us. I'm well aware that Isabella has magical powers but this is our problem not yours" Aro shouted and Edward made his way towards me and kept me tucked into his side and I felt stronger than before

"Oh Aro, you're right, Edward did break the law but the Cullens are under our protection so you best leave them alone" she stated and I smiled at the regal way she carried herself

"You have no dominion over this Pandora. The Cullens are vampires and therefore ours, not yours. Isabella will be changed or ended. Now leave or..." Aro yelled but he was cut off when my aunt raised her arms and I smiled as Aro was lifted off his feet and began floating in the air as his arms were pinned to his back. I watched dumbstruck as my aunt walked up to him while he struggled and spat "Or what?" Aro was silent but he hissed and I looked to Edward and Alice but they gave nothing away

"This young lad is family, as are the rest of the Cullens. You will not harm family" she stated

"Bah, family. The Cullens are no relation to you, you're just using your position to control us" Aro huffed

"Aye he is, seeing as Isabella here is my niece" there was a collective gasp around the room and my aunt took me from Edward's embrace and held me out in front of her but made sure to keep her hands on my shoulders "Gentleman, I'd like for you to meet my niece and the future heir to the O'Quinn throne, Isabella Swan" she proclaimed and I watched as the brothers bowed, they actually frigging bowed as did Alice and Edward

"Dear Pandora, please forgive us, we meant no harm. Of course you are free to go" the one named Marcus said and I saw the other two nod even though Aro looked less than pleased

"Good choice lads. Izzy, Edward, Alice I think you'll see the way out is this way" aunt Dora said as she took my hand and led us towards the double doors

"Oh and Aro, that lass that's on her way with that bus load of people, see it to it that they only have a tour of the castle and not be your next meal. One of my best warlocks is with them and he has orders to tan your hide if so much as a drop of blood is spilt" she added and I saw as Aro sagged in defeat and nodded

"Very good, well lovely to see you again gentleman, follow my orders and we'll be fine. Remember gentleman it's by my authority you still live, see to it that the tour bus buffet stops, we'll be watching" my aunt finished and winked as she led us out the doors.

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