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JJ woke up Christmas morning with a huge smile on her face. She had been waiting for this day for a week, she got up to go to the bathroom this was part of Spencer's present. She waited the two minutes and saw the results she was expecting. As she walked toward the living room she peeked into their shared bedroom to make sure her love was still asleep. She smiled into the room and walked into the living room grabbing the box that she was hiding under the couch, opening it she smiles and places the test into the box next to the picture and note. She quickly wrapped it and labeled it "To: Spencer From: Santa". She headed off to make breakfast hoping Spencer would wake before they had to leave for the Christmas celebrations. This was a present she wanted him to open with just her.

Reid woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes he got up and stretched and went to the bathroom before walking up behind JJ and wrapping his arms around her waist "Merry Christmas jayje" he whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek.

"Merry Christmas Spence" she responded leaning into him and smiling. "You hungry? Breakfast is ready." Spencer nodded in response and kissed her lips before making a plate of food and a cup of coffee before sitting on the dining room table and waiting for JJ.

They ate in silence for a while Spencer was the one who broke the silence "this is amazing JJ." He said looking up at her.

"Spence?" She paused waiting for him to respond, he looked up her and she continued "There is a present I want you to open before we go to Rossi's house"

Reid looked at her confused "Jen, you didn't have-"

"Open it before you tell me I didn't have to Spence" She said as she held a finfer against his lips. She moved her finger and kissed his lips before going to get his present. "Here babe. Open it." JJ could barely hide her excitement as she sat in front of Spencer on the floor.

Spence looked at the box for a second before carefully undoing the wrapping and lifting up the top. When he saw the contents of the box his jaw dropped and he stared at her in amazement "JJ you're..." he stopped mid sentence and stared at the picture. "I... we..." For the first time Spencer Reid was at a loss for words.

"Spence?" JJ asked concerned when she saw the tears forming in his eyes. She rested her hand on his thigh "are you ok?"

Spence looked at her and pulled her close to him and hugged her tight whispering "This is the best Christmas... ever." He pulled her onto his lap and moved his head to her belly and said "Merry Christmas little one" and he placed a soft kiss to her belly before kissing her softly. "I'm guessing you already have a way to tell the team." He asked JJ curious as to how she wanted to tell them.

She nodded before grabbing 5 little boxes from atop their fridge and showing them to Spencer, inside each one there was a picture frame with a picture of her sonogram that said "I love my auntie/uncle". She looked up at him "Think they'll like it?"

"They're going to love it Jayje"

"Spence we need to get ready to go" She said noticing the time.

"You go ahead I'll clean up in here and be there in a second." He said placing a chaste kiss to her lips. As she waled away he grabbed the note that says "Merry Christmas Daddy" and slipped it into his wallet along with the sonogram picture and smiled before washing the dishes and getting ready for the rest of the day.