A/N: Sorry for the delay, things have been crazy at home. This chapter might make you cry, it is a trigger chapter (Pre-mature birth) Also, let me know what you think of the letter to Diana, I am thinking of opening some chapters with letters between Spencer and Diana. I also tried to keep this as close to a birth as possible but as I have never had a premie before I don't know but my daughter was in NICU so I know how some of the NICU stuff works. Enjoy.

Dear Mom,

It's Spencer. I hope you had a great Christmas. I'm sorry that JJ and I couldn't make it to Las Vegas to visit you. We are hoping to get some time off soon. She had a great present for me. She told me that I was going to be a dad. Can you believe it Mom? You're going to be a grandmother.

I know what you're going to say, how do you feel about it Spencer? Well, honestly Mom. I'm scared. JJ miscarried a fetus before, the doctors said it was a bacterial infection that caused her to labor early. What if that happens again this time? She is currently about 9 weeks, the probability of her miscarrying now are .5% but it still scares me.

That is the whole reason her and Will, her ex-boyfriend, broke up. They couldn't deal with the grief of losing their son, I don't want that to happen to us Mom. I love her.

Also, she said yes.

With all my love,

Spencer stared down at the letter he had re-written four times. He just couldn't get the wording right. He sighed as he folded the letter mumbling to himself "this is as good as it's going to get I suppose." He sealed the envelope when he felt a small hand on his shoulder, he smiled up at the blonde woman standing behind him.

"You're up late Spence. What's the matter?" JJ asked, her blue eyes filled with concern for the man that she loved.

"Just writing to my mom." He replied with a shrug. "Thinking about some things" He added quietly.

The side comment didn't go unnoticed by JJ, she sighed and sat next to Spencer "You're thinking about Henry aren't you?" Spencer nodded not looking up at her, he knew how hard it was for her to talk about him. "Spence, the doctor said there was nothing that I could have done. This pregnancy will be different, I'm being closely monitored and Hotch is putting me on light duty in the field. I'm doing everything in my power to carry this baby to term, and I know that you will help me. This baby already has a great daddy." JJ smiled at him before putting a finger under his chin and slowly lifting his head. "Babe, please don't worry."

"I can try." The brunette man whispered before kissing the blond woman, and setting the sealed envelope down and crawling into their bed gently pulling JJ towards him.

"Sleep now beautiful. It's going to be a long day tomorrow" Spencer mumbled his lips in her hair.

"Good night handsome"

"Good night babe." Spencer replied as he kissed her hair.

JJ woke up feeling her pants wet, her stomach hurt in a fog she got up and looked around "Shit. Will wake up." She said shaking the body next to her.

"Jayje what is it?" A deep cajun accent said next to her, still sleep filled.

"My water. It broke. Get up."

"Are you sure?" Will said as he shot up from the bed and walked over to the blond woman who was holding her stomach.

"Yes. I am sure. I didnt just wake up in a puddle full of bloody pee" She said trying to control her breathing and her emotions. "Why are you just standing around for Will, Im about to give birth to our son 15 weeks early. We need to go. NOW!" JJ screamed the last part.

"Right let's go" Will said hurriedly grabbing his and JJs jackets before walking out to the car with JJ waddling beside him.

"How far apart?" Will asked halfway to the hospital.

"Five minutes." JJ responded shortly.

Once at the hospital they were rushed into a room and the doctor came in with a grim look on his face. " Mrs. LaMontagne, my name is Doctor Bare, I will be your doctor until 7am. I'm afraid there isn't anything that we can to do stop labor. There is still a 50% chance that the baby will survive." The doctor greeted them. JJ immediately broke down into tears, not caring to correct the doctor to the fact that her and Will weren't married yet.

"What will happen after the baby is born?" Will asked as he watched his girlfriend break down.

"We will take the baby immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he will be monitored closely and most likely stay there until around your due date and possibly after."

"I sense a but coming" JJ said through the tears.

"But... there is a 50% chance that he will be disabled, it could be severe, it could be mild. We wont be sure until he is born."

"I don't care if he is going to be disabled or not. I just want my son alive!" JJ practically yelled at the doctor.

"I can assure you that we will do everything we can for your son." Dr. Bare looked sadly at the couple. "I am going to need to you sign these consent forms, for both you and the baby." He said handing JJ a few papers. "I'll be back in about an hour or so to check on you. If you would like any pain relievers or need anything either press your call button or the nurses station is out and to the left. Try not to walk around too much, the longer we can keep the baby in there the better his chances are."

JJ and Will nodded in response before JJ looked down at the papers and read them quickly before signing them and laying back in the bed and closing her eyes desperately trying to fall back to sleep. Between the monitors attached to her stomach and chest, the beeping, the lights and the crying of healthy babies, she just couldn't sleep.

"Jayje?" Will asked timidly, trying not to upset her.

"What?" She responded trying to fight back the tears.

"Do you want me to turn out the lights so you can get some rest?"

"No, it's fine. I won't be able to sleep much anyway. The contractions hurt to much and they are getting closer together."

"Let me know if you need anything ok?" Will said as he rubbed her arm. He saw a blond head nod in agreement.

A few hours later the Doctor came in and checked JJ's dilation. "Jennifer, I'm sorry to say but it's time to push." Will came up and sat next to JJ as the doctors called his nurses and the NICU staff.

"You're doing so great Jen, Our baby boy will be here soon." Will said not sure of what to say as he saw the tears falling from her face.

"For how long though." She whispered so quietly that if Will wasn't looking at her he wouldn't have known that she had spoken.

JJ pushed little Henry out in 2 hours, Will and JJ were allowed one quick look at him before he was taken down to the NICU.

"When can I go down and see him?" JJ asked the doctor.

"Just as soon as you can walk on your own. Your hus-"

"Boyfriend" JJ said cutting the doctor off.

"Sorry, Your boyfriend can see him in just a few minutes if he wants to." JJ and Will shared a look and she knew he was going to wait for her to see their son.

"Is there a number we can call to check on him in the mean time?" Will asked his eyes never leaving JJ's face, his hands finding hers.

"Yes, just pick up that phone and dial the numbers 4687. Outgoing calls dial 9 first."

JJ nodded "Thanks." She whispered as the doctor walked out of the room quickly picking up and calling the NICU nodding and and making reassuring sounds every once in a while.

"How is he?" Will asked immediately.

"He's okay. He can't breath on his own so he is on a ventilator, they have him on some meds to help control his blood pressure and he is in an incubator to help with his body temperature. They are going to call if anything changes."

Will didn't know what to say so instead he nodded, taking all the information in before brushing the hair out of JJ's face and saying "Sleep now, He's in good hands. I will wake you if anything happens. I promise" He kissed her forhead and she instantly fell asleep.

JJ didn't notice the tears rolling down her face towards her pillow as she lay next to Spencer, "I miss you Henry."She whipsered as she ran her hand over her belly, "you would have been a great big brother.