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Part V

Dance of Shadows

Caroline considered herself to be a strong person. She'd lost her mother at a young age and had managed to survive that. She'd had to move away from her brother and father to a whole new place, and make a new life for herself, and she managed that. She'd been murdered as a teenager and turned into a supernatural creature she hadn't even known existed, and thus lost all self-control, and yet she had gotten through that. She'd been tortured, abused, suffered from poisonous werewolf bites ever since and she was still strong. And during all this there was still daily life to contend with.

But this moment, this one where Stiles, her brother, her best friend, was looking at her like… like she was a monster… this was the moment that broke her.

"So, Care, when were you going to tell me you're a vampire?" The question still hung between them filling the air with tension and for the first time in her life Caroline felt like she was standing in front of a stranger.

The silence stretched on and the blonde's tear-filled eyes tore away from her brother's, looking to the side and not denying anything. She knew he would understand what that meant, understand that she hadn't ever planned on telling him… she knew that he'd understand that in her own quiet way she had just confirmed all of his worst fears and suspicions.

Caroline heard Stiles take in a sharp breath, desperate disbelief permeating the air around them. For the first time in her entire life she wished that he didn't have such an innate understanding of her.

The silence stretched on, heavy and hurtful.

"So I guess you know about Scott then?" Caroline finally asked in a dull, dead monotone, arms crossed protectively in front of her. It's the only thing that makes sense; why else would he immediately jump to the 'vampire' conclusion? The question was all logic, as she tried to hide the heartbreak churning in her chest, her agony only increasing the longer she stood there. She couldn't bear the way her brother was looking at her.

Stiles' tone was much similar to hers, his gaze still piercing into her. "Yeah, I've known since the start." The kindness and familiarity she was used to when he normally spoke to her was gone, as if hidden away from her forever.

"Oh." She let out softly. Silence reigned. The siblings could no longer look at one another and a large part of Caroline felt that she had lost something immeasurably important to her, never to return.

This time it was Stiles who broke through the disquiet. "You were the one who attacked Derek, weren't you?"

"Is that another werewolf you know?" She answered him with another question, her eyes flashing and tone harsh. She couldn't take this accusation in more, this distrust and disrespect. What have I ever done to him to make him think so little of me so quickly?

"Just answer the question, Caroline." Stiles said after a long moment, sounding much older than he really was, as if the events of the past ten minutes had aged him to a weathered and weary version on himself.

The blonde forced herself to calm the boiling anger that began to heat in the pit of her stomach. Getting mad won't help. Finally, she nodded in confirmation but was quick to defend herself, not wanting Stiles' incredibly wrong opinion of her to settle before she explained everything. "For your information, he attacked me, unprovoked. I was just defending myself. Or are you so convinced I'm a monster you won't believe me?"

He flinched at that, a visible, bodily flinch that betrayed his inner turmoil. Instead of commenting on her account of the events, he turned to another line of questioning. His face hardened and he turned his eyes slightly away from hers, staring just over her. "How long?" He asked, not bothering to elaborate, knowing she'd understand.

"Since the crash." She answered quietly, all previous agitation draining out of her as she thought back to that awful night, the night she died and came back to life.

Realization dawned upon his features, and his eyes met hers again. "That's why you didn't want to come back." That's why you were gone for more than a year, that's why you were avoiding me, went unspoken.

"I knew I would be a danger." Her voice was thick as she admitted this, a painful twinge in her chest.

"Danger…" He trailed off, his gaze piercing perceptively into her. "Have you ever hurt anyone?"

This time it was she who couldn't hide her full-body flinch. "Yes." She could still recall with perfect clarity the blood of the stranger, the innocent man, rushing cruelly down her throat. The guilt still ate her alive.

He swallowed, as if he feared the answer to his next question. "Killed someone?"

She couldn't speak, regret clouding over all of her other feelings apart from the shame that was working its way slowly, painfully through her. This is the last thing she wanted. Why did he have to ask?

Stiles knew her silence for the answer it was, shock and agonized acceptance filtering over his face before finally he turned away, clearly unable to handle what this meant. It means he's giving up on me; he's going to leave me all alone.

And then suddenly desperation ran through Caroline, violent and panicked. It encompassed her as she realized she could very well lose one of the most important things in her life if she didn't do something. She saw her brother walk to her bedroom door, almost in slow motion. The blonde found herself reaching out to him, her fingers barely brushing the material of his sweater. "I didn't know how to control it, Stiles. It was an accident." She exclaimed, despair pouring from her voice.

Stiles ripped away from her touch, before whirling around to her, for once lacking all his usual gracelessness. "An accident? An accident? You've killed someone, Caroline!" He shouted at her, and she could hear the grief in his tone, as well as the anger at the unjustness of it all.

"I didn't mean to! I've never wanted anyone to get hurt!" She insisted, her words a frenzied mess. Please, please don't let this happen like this, don't let him leave me. Tears sprung to her eyes, obscuring her vision. In a way, she supposed it was a blessing; she wouldn't have to face the condemnation of Stiles' gaze.

"Well someone did!" Nothing, however, could have hidden it from his voice.

"Don't you think I know that? Don't you think it weighs on me every single day since it happened?" She yelled back, the unresolved feelings from that night coming to a break. "Don't you think I have nightmares about it… that sometimes I feel so guilty I can't sleep, that it makes me physically sick?" Blood in her dreams, blood in her life. Blood, blood everywhere.

"It still happened." Stiles said heavily.

A long moment stretched between them, like the chasm that that separated them since the start of this conversation, likely never to be crossed again. "And I can't ever change that. No matter how much I want to." She replied tiredly, her head down.

"I…" He hesitated, running an exhausted hand over his face. "I need some time, Caroline. I can't…" He swallowed thickly. "I can't deal with this."

The words ran through her head, making her feel like she failed… like she failed Stiles, like she failed herself. And it made her angry. It made her angry that she was in this impossible situation and that didn't know what to do to change the outcome… because if Stiles left now, how would she convince ever him that she wasn't what he thought? "You can't deal with this?" She snapped at him, anger burning through her veins. "You don't know anything about what it's like to be what I am! Do you even know how you become a vampire? Do you? You have to die, Stiles. I was murdered." She took a shuddering breath, her throat clogged with emotion. "Do you what that's like? Do you know how scared I was?" Her voice quieted into soft, breaking whispers. "I didn't know what was going on with me. One minute, I'm feeling better after a horrible car crash and the next someone is suffocating me with my pillow. And then I wake up and everything hurts, the sun burns and I'm so thirsty that I can't… I couldn't bear it. The next thing I know I'm downing a blood bag and I'm growing fangs. My emotions go completely haywire and everything is amplified, concentrated. Everything just hurt and I couldn't control it."

Her brother said nothing, simply staring at her, his gaze dark and grieved.

Caroline broke. "Stiles. I-I I'm so sorry… I couldn't stop it! I couldn't… and then I… I hurt that man, I couldn't control it, the hunger, it was just too much… But I never, I never wanted to be like this… I hated it so much that I had to be this, this thing… for so long I wondered it if it had just been better if I'd died…" Her ramblings turned into barely comprehensible sobs, her whole body shaking. She curled in on herself, holding her hands to her heart as if to protect it from the pain it was being assaulted with, ripping her gaze from his.

"Please, Stiles, please, don't turn away from now… Please, I promise you, I'm still your little sister, I'm still me…. Please, I missed you so much and now that I have you again, I can't… I can't lose you… Stiles…" Her sobs were now gut-wrenching as the idea of being without her family, really without them, settled horribly into her thoughts. It's like Uncle Bill all over again… Why am I not good enough? Why am I never good enough? "I can't change this. I can't change who I am." She whispered, heartbroken. Why do I always end up alone?

And then she felt it, the gentle hand on her elbow and she stilled for the briefest moment. It was like the world around her came to a complete halt, a part of her knowing that everything, her entire future was dependent on this very second. When he didn't move away from her, she dared to hope, dared to dream, that maybe it wouldn't all end up in unfixable pieces.

And, in one crashing moment, her hopes didn't seem to be unfounded. Because, before she knew what was happening, Stiles had her in an unbreakable embrace, crushing her to him, his arms wound tightly around her, one hand atop her head, the other holding one of her shoulders. Her own arms were trapped between them and she found her fingers winding unconsciously into the soft material of his plaid shirt. Her face was pressed into his chest, her tears soaking him. He had curled around her, as if sheltering her from the world, and then he spoke in the softest of tones, his voice full of regret, full of sadness, but also reflecting some of the hope she had started to feel. "I know." He told her gravely, his breath hitching. "I know. I know who you are."

She shook her head, fighting against him for a brief moment. She didn't want to give into her hope just yet, knowing that if she did and it was in vain, the pain would consume her. He held firm. "Please, please don't hate me." She said desperately. Her knees buckled, unable to hold her up any longer and she found herself sliding the floor, Stiles following her.

"I couldn't." Stiles told her tensely, truthfully, his voice breaking with emotion. He pulled back from her so as to see her face, one hand clutching the side of her neck, as he made her meet his gaze. She was shocked to see the tears that had filled his eyes. "No matter what you did or what you are. You're my Care. You and Dad… you're the only family I've got." He said firmly.

Stunned, Caroline blinked, the hope within her beginning to overwhelm her, begging to be let loose. "You… You don't hate me?" She whispered.

He shook his head. "No. I love you. That's why this… this hurts so much. I should have been there. I should have protected you from this. I'm your brother…" He trailed off, voice caught, as lowered his head in shame, the movement oddly graceful, so unlike his usual clumsiness. It was almost as if the severity of the situation had dampened his spirit into tameness. The gesture just looked so wrong on him.

As she observed him silently, his words began to settle into her and some of her despair seemed to wash away in its soothing meaning. He doesn't hate me, he doesn't hate me… maybe I am good enough…. maybe… Still, a large part of her remained coiled in emotion, tears continuing to make tracks against her cheeks. As she stared at her brother, easily seeing the guilt that was eating him up, her heart went out to him. He's so like me. He takes all the blame.

She realized then why his previous anger was potent, so harsh and unyielding. He wasn't angry at me, he was angry at himself.

It's not me he hates.

Her chest clenched painfully.

Knowing she couldn't let him wallow like this, she loosened her fingers from his shirt and instead grasped his head between her hands, gently raising him up again. "Stiles, this wasn't your fault. I don't blame you for this." She told him thickly, eyes searching his. "You… the thought of you and Dad… it helped me through this. I learned control. I've become better. I couldn't have done it without you."

His tears spilled over and he looked at her helplessly. He shook his head in disbelief. "I can't… I can't believe you died and I didn't even notice. What kind of brother am I? What kind of person?" He seemed to be speaking to himself more than her, his voice cracking with humiliation.

"The best kind."

He froze this time, as stunned as she had been before, looking at her in wonder. For her part, Caroline was completely unsurprised; the words had simply fallen out of her, without effort and without thought, because it was completely and utterly true.

"How can you believe that? How can you stand it?" He asked.

"Oh, Stiles. You just don't see yourself. You are the best kind of person, the best kind of brother. I promise you." She said sincerely, pulling back to let her hands land softly onto his forearms, holding tight.

Shuddering, he turned his hands up so he could hold her arms in return. "I'm sorry, Care. I didn't want to hurt you." He sounded so small as he said this, though he kept his gaze on her, as if trying to make sure she had no doubt about the genuineness of his apology. She nodded, accepting it without argument, because even though he had caused her pain, it hadn't been his intention, it had never been his intention. That's the thing about family, no matter how much you love one another, you will also, inevitably, hurt each other… but even then, that love doesn't just go away. So Caroline freely gave her forgiveness.

"I know." She whispered. "I didn't want to hurt you either." She squeezed his arms once, and seeing he accepted her own apology, pulled back and moved so she sat leaned against the foot of her bed. Stiles joined her there a moment later, sitting beside her solidly.

Once again they fell into silence, only this time it was a silence of comfort and of renewed strength. Though she realized they would both carry wounds from this conversation for a time, she was confident that they would heal and the gap between them would close. Now that we know each other's secrets, we can be honest… we can be us again.

"Are we going to be ok?" Caroline eventually ventured, glancing to her brother. Her cheeks still bared the mark of dried tears, caking into her skin. She knew she much have looked a mess at that moment, and she no doubt sounded it too, her voice strained from her major cry fest.

Regardless, Stiles looked back at her, and he smiled, his reddened eyes gaining some warmth. "Yeah… yeah I think we are."

She didn't fight the small grin pulling at her lips as well, her spirits lifting immensely. "Yeah, I think so too." I wouldn't have said so ten minutes ago though, that's for sure. "But," She continued after a moment, "maybe we should tell each other everything."

"What, like trade gossip? Why don't we paint each other's nails while we're at it?" Stiles intoned dryly with humor. Caroline surprised herself by laughing loudly, her stomach aching by the time she stopped, only then noticing that he had joined her in her amusement. In all honesty, it wasn't even that funny but she supposed perhaps they just needed to release some of the excess tension.

Finally, Stiles managed to regain his breath and leaned back heavily against the foot of her bed again. "Don't worry, Care, we will. But maybe not right now, I have feeling we both have long stories to tell…"

Caroline, aware of their return to seriousness, calmed herself and nodded. "And not the most pleasant either." She added in with a small sigh.

Sadness filtered into her brother's eyes for the slightest moment as he thought on it, and he nodded. The blonde frowned, disheartened by the fact they both seemed to have had it hard the last year since they'd parted. But now we can have each other's backs.

Comforted by that, she leaned her head tiredly against Stiles' shoulder, and allowed her eyes to slowly close.

Stiles leant his head heavily against the backboard of his bed, allowing his eyes to drift closed. Despite his utter exhaustion, he could not for the life of him fall asleep. His mind was simply too awake, too full of uncontrollable, and at times unwanted, thought. It had been like this since yesterday night, when he and Caroline had their, for lack of a better word, confrontation. Stiles was pretty sure he hadn't slept a wink since; even when his sister had fallen asleep against him the day before, completely drained after the emotional rollercoaster that was that evening, he simply hadn't been able to shut down.

He'd felt guilty, disgusted with himself, but mostly, undeserving. He had been so quick to accuse, so quick to see the bad without evening attempting to look for the good.

With Scott, he'd been the complete opposite. When he'd learned his best friend was a 'nonexistent' supernatural creature, he'd been excited.

And yet with his own sister, he hadn't even been able to muster up the slightest bit of understanding.

A part of him suspected it was because back when they'd first found about Scott, he'd been so utterly naïve about the whole thing. However, since then, his eyes had been opened to the harsh realities of the supernatural… The last thing he'd ever wanted was his sister to be a part of that… So when he realized she was

Still, it was no excuse… Stiles frowned. God, what is wrong with me?

And then Caroline, Caroline who he'd no doubt hurt, comforted him.

It's like he said; what kind of person am I?

Sighing, he ran his hands through his hair, trying to banish his dark thoughts. Instead his mind wandered to this morning. He and Caroline had been surprisingly calm when they'd finally sat down and told each other everything (well, almost everything, there were some things he simply didn't need to know). It was like they were suddenly transported in the past, when everything was easier, and they were discussing someone else's impossible life.

But it was theirs. Stiles was pretty sure there were some things he'd learned that he'd never be able to forget, or forgive. How could Uncle Bill torture her? A dark fury rose in his chest and he found his hands clenching into tight fists, his nails biting into his palm.

And then there were her friends. Witches? Hybrids? Doppelgängers?

Then again, he supposed he wasn't much one to talk. We've got werewolves, hunters, kanimas and who knows what else.

Their discussion had ended up lasting most of the day, and in the end they'd decided they should probably inform the rest of the Beacon Hills gang as well as her friends in Mystic Falls. However, they both thought it was probably best to wait a little while until they wrapped their heads completely around the situation. By the end of their talk, both siblings had been completely drained. Yet, still, Stiles could not sleep. With a sigh, he tried rolling over and getting comfortable. When that didn't work, he forced his eyes shut tight and began reciting numbers backwards in his mind. Nothing.

Knowing it to be a lost cause, he gave up and got up, heading as quietly as he could through the hallway. Though it was technically unnecessary (considering his dad hadn't even woken up yesterday when he and Caroline were arguing, loudly, and his sister had vampire hearing anyways), he ached for a little normalcy in his life. It was so rare nowadays. It was quite ironic actually; who would have thought that Stiles Stilinski would ever want a normal, boring life? He certainly hadn't.

As he neared the staircase, he paused for a brief moment by Caroline's door, deep in contemplation. Shaking himself out of it, he continued on, finally reaching the kitchen. He puttered around and decided to make himself some hot chocolate. He felt a small painful twinge in his chest as he did so, thoughts trailing back to his mother who had often done the same for either of her children. Claudia had frequently sat him down late at night when he couldn't sleep, given him the drink, and told him little stories, just soothing him with the gentle rhythm of her voice. Though the tales had been softly spoken, Caroline had always seemed to sense when this was going on and would join them, climbing into their mother's lap and taking a few sips from Stiles' mug as they both listened in rapture. The tradition had always been able to calm his ever-active mind.

"Do you want to make me some of that?" A familiar voice asked from behind, breaking him from his ruminations.

"Do I look like your butler?" He replied with heavy sarcasm, turning around to shoot his sister a look, though it was belied by the fondness in his gaze. Seemed she hadn't been able to sleep either, though she had obviously tried to, considering her rather rumpled state. Despite his previous words, Stiles went about making another mug anyways, handing it to Caroline when it was finished.

She held it carefully between her hands, standing by his side. They drank their beverages in silence, the room dim, the only source of light being the small lamp above the stove. Though the hot chocolate tasted the same as he remembered it, there was something empty about it.

"I miss her." The words took Stiles by surprise and he looked sadly to his sister, not needing her to elaborate on whom.

He swallowed thickly. "Me too."

A moment's hesitation. "Do you think she would be proud?" Caroline finally dared to ask, her voice soft in the silence around them.

Instead of replying right away, Stiles took his time to consider. Their lives were completely different from what they had been, even just a few years ago. They'd certainly had their troubles since she had passed so long ago… but despite it all, here he and Caroline were, standing side-by-side. The significance was not lost on Stiles… and if there was thing he knew about Claudia Stilinski, it was that she had believed in the importance of family and that she had loved them. He glanced over to his sister, seeing for the first time the strong young woman she'd become, not allowing herself to be defined solely by what she was. So much had changed, and yet so much remained the same.

There was no denying the answer, and Stiles found himself offering Caroline a small, tired smile, genuine though it was. "Yeah… yeah, she would."

Caroline sat waiting in her car, tapping her fingers impatiently against the wheel. This weekend had certainly been… eventful. After she and Stiles had told each other everything they had not spent a moment apart, as if trying to reaffirm their places in each other's lives. The only real moment she'd spent away from him was when she'd updated her friends back in Mystic Falls. Then yesterday Stiles had decided they needed to get out of the house and dragged her and their dad to their favorite diner, before 'allowing' the Sheriff to go home and opt out on going to the movies, leaving the siblings to their own devices for a few hours. So of course, considering their luck, when they'd been driving back home, the jeep had decided to break down.

Hence why she was here outside of Beacon Hills High School on a Monday afternoon, waiting for her idiot brother so she could drive him home. The jeep's going to be in the shop for at least another four days too… just great.

Finally she spotted Stiles amongst the multitude of students, rolling her window down and waving at him to get his attention. He waved spastically back (oh God, how are we even related?) and headed in her direction, talking to the short strawberry blonde Caroline just noticed was beside him. That must be Lydia; she certainly fits Stiles' suspiciously detailed description…

Well they're taking their merry time, aren't they?

When they actually paused, she had had enough. He's not making me wait any longer. With a roll of her eyes, she leaned slightly out of her car, cupping her hands around her mouth. "Are you coming? I'm not your chauffeur, you know? I could just leave you here." She shouted, not caring when more than just her brother's eyes turned her way.

"Would you just wait?" He yelled back, though he started walking, putting one hand on the shoulder of the girl beside him and guiding her forward. "God, zero respect for your elders." She heard him say as they got closer.

"Maybe I just don't recognize you as the elder, Stiles." She retorted smartly, causing Stiles to glare at her, realizing that her 'super senses' as he had dubbed them would be used against him from now on. The blonde simply smirked at him before settling herself back in the seat, but keeping a careful ear on her brother and his companion. If I hear him stalling, I swear to God…

"Is that your sister? Caroline, right?" She heard the redhead ask Stiles softly.

"Yeah. Why do you look so surprised?"

"She's not like you…" In the side mirror, Caroline could see the smug smile pull at the other girl's lips. "…As in, not totally lame." She elaborated a moment later. In that moment the blonde decided that she liked her. She's got wit.

Stiles' voice dripped with sarcasm. "Thanks, Lydia." So I was right, that's the infamous Lydia Martin.

Lydia paused then and Caroline, though not knowing her well enough to be sure, saw her expression fade from amusement to seriousness. "Look, Stiles, we need to talk. How many times do I have to tell you that? What if we miss something important because you're too busy?" That peaked the younger Stilinski's curiosity, from what Stiles had told her, almost all his friends knew about the supernatural secrets of Beacon Hills, so she assumed the 'talk' Lydia wanted had something to do with that. Then something in her clicked. One of the more freaky things she'd been told about was Stiles' vision of her when he was in that motel or whatever. Her brother had revealed he still wasn't sure why he of all people had been affected by the Darach (a frightening creature, she had to admit) considering he was human… But, what Caroline had gathered was that Lydia was the only other human, or maybe human, affected… Is that why they have to talk about?

She tuned back into what Stiles was saying, knowing she would likely get her answers faster is she actually paid attention. "I know… Why don't you come over to my house? We can talk there… and that way I won't have to walk home… or deal with an annoyed little sister." He gave an exaggerated eye-roll, Caroline finding herself copying the movement.

At this, Lydia raised a brow. "Your house?"

Her brother gave his friend a look. "Yeah. Come on, I promise you won't be committing social suicide or whatever."

"Says you…" Caroline heard the other girl mutter under her breath. "Ok, ok, I'm coming."

Stiles brightened before dragging Lydia towards her car. "Great."

When they finally reached it, she made a show of being surprised at her brother's suggestion, but quickly let them. After the necessary introductions, she insisted that Lydia sit up front with her (citing guest privileges), much to Stiles' annoyance. Caroline simply shot him an innocent smile.

Soon (though for the blonde it could have been a lot sooner) they were on their way, driving away from, as Stiles called it, the hellhole known as school.

"So Lydia, how do you know this idiot?" Caroline asked after a long moment, curious about her brother's friend.

"I resent that." Stiles grumbled from the back, peaking his head between the two front seats.

"I know you do." She laughed before unceremoniously placing one of her hands on his face and shoving him, causing him to go sprawling inelegantly on the backbench.

"Hey!" He squawked.

"And this, oh brother mine, is why you should wear a seatbelt." Caroline sassed.

She then glanced to Lydia, who now wore an amused smile on her lips. Returning that grin with a smug one of her own, she reached across to adjust the radio channel. Only as she did so, she brushed against Lydia's arm, causing the other girl to suddenly freeze in place. The strawberry blonde's green eyes widened impossibly and the next thing she knew the whole car rang with an ear-piercing scream. Caroline, taken by surprise, crushed her hands to her ears, trying to protect her hypersensitive eardrums. It was no use however and pain penetrated through her skull. She felt the car swerve violently underneath them, and tried to get enough control of herself so that she could stop them from dangerously crashing. Before she could though, Stiles lurched forward and grabbed the steering wheel, only just managing to avoid colliding into a tree. After what felt like hours, but was likely only a minute, he was able to get the car under control and parked them off-road. Caroline vaguely heard her brother ask if she was ok, to which she could only offer a brief nod. She looked around dazedly, barely realizing that the agonizing scream had been emanating from Lydia this entire time.

Stiles had moved forward, grabbing the girl just and shaking her hard. "Lydia! LYDIA!"

Finally, finally the scream died out. Caroline slumped in relief, keeping her eyes fixed warily on the other girl, who had fallen back into her chair, her mouth still wide open, her gaze haunted and far away.

"She's death." Lydia whispered, her eyes roving around, disturbed, until they met Caroline's.

"What?" Stiles let out, surprised by the words, wondering if he had misheard. You haven't, Stiles, you haven't.

"Death, she's death…" The strawberry blonde repeated louder, ripping her eyes away as she became more aware of what was going on. Before the Stilinski siblings could blink, Lydia was out of the car, tearing away from them. A mere second later, Stiles was after her; he only caught her due to his long legs and extreme motivation. Caroline remained in the car, knowing instinctively that her presence would only make matters worse, the realization saddening her. She listened to the other two as she had earlier, though this was a cruel mockery of that event.

"Wait, Lydia, I can explain." Stiles panted as he held gently but firmly onto her upper arms. "I promise Caroline isn't what you think. She won't hurt you." He spoke adamantly and with faithful conviction. Such a change from before, Caroline found herself thinking, though not without affection. She watched as her brother ducked a bit to meet his companion's panicked eyes. "Lydia… you have to trust me."

Seeing as she calmed some, Caroline decided to make her approach. She slowly got out of the car and put her hands up in the universal symbol for 'I mean no harm'. "I promise I won't hurt you. I swear." Lydia still looked hesitant, suspicious, though it was gradually fading away.

It was Stiles' next plea that broke through to her. "Please."

She allowed her eyes to rest on him for a moment, as if trying to see if he was lying. Finding no such evidence, Lydia finally gave a small nod. Stiles sighed in relief and stepped back from her, giving her space now that he knew she wasn't going to bolt. "W-What are you?" She asked, her voice shaking the slightest bit. Caroline had to admire her strength though as her green-eyed gaze never wavered from her own.

"I'm supernatural. Like Scott… and, I guess, you." The blonde explained, her eyes appraising the other girl as she thought on what she could possibly be. Witch maybe? No… I don't think that's it. From what Stiles has told me, she doesn't have all the signs.

Lydia ignored the second-half of Caroline's statement, opting instead to focus on the other part. "A werewolf?" She asked her, her voice now steady as she got over her initial shock. Still, her gaze was wary.

The blonde shook her head. "No… a vampire."

At this, Lydia's eyes widened, her shock palpable. She remained in complete silence for a while and Caroline could tell her mind was working overtime, examining the evidence and applying her own knowledge to see if the Stilinskis were telling the telling the truth. Finally, she seemed to settle on her answer and she focused her gaze grimly on Stiles.

"Stiles, you better tell me everything."

Lydia sat silently in Stiles' couch, processing everything she'd just heard. Somehow they had managed to get back to the Stilinski house intact, where upon both the siblings spoke to her about… impossible things. Impossible but apparently true. Werewolves exist, so why not vampires? The thought filtered sarcastically through her fast-moving mind.

The strawberry blonde didn't allow herself to slip into shock again though. I'm stronger than that. She moved her gaze from Stiles to his sister. Though she'd only known of Caroline's existence for a few weeks and only met her a few hours ago, Lydia felt she could be trusted. Maybe it was a Stilinski trait, she didn't know (though her curiosity was peaked). And so when their fantastical tale ended, she decided that she believed them, hard as it was to fight against the more pragmatic and analytical side of herself (her 'genius' side as Stiles had aptly dubbed it).

But despite their answers for her reaction to Caroline, she was still curious. They had explained what Caroline was… but what about Lydia herself? She may act like her finding corpses everywhere and that horrible feeling of death that so often settled upon her never really affected her, but that couldn't be more false. It affected her greatly. So she steeled herself and built up her nerves, careful not to show her vulnerability (though she had been trusting people more of late, she wasn't planning on losing her self-built walls anytime soon).

"I just have one more question… do you know what I am?" She asked Caroline directly, keeping her eyes fixed steadily on the blonde. She could feel Stiles shift by her side, his burning into her, but she ignored it, focusing only on his sister. Maybe she has the answers I've been looking for all this time.

"I don't think so…" Lydia felt her heart drop slightly. "At first I thought maybe you were a witch, considering the fact that you touched me and sensed what I was… But the rest of what you can do just doesn't fit with that. Not to mention witches are a part of covens, or families. You would have known before now, I think. I'm sorry, Lydia." Caroline said sincerely. She felt Stiles place a warm hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her in some small way; she had to fight not to lean into it… she wouldn't show weakness. Not here, not anymore.

"It's ok. Guess I'm just special…" She shrugged. "But at least we figured one thing out." She finally turned her eyes to Stiles.

He looked confused. "We did?"

She shook her head in mock exasperation. "We figured out why the Darach went after the two of us as well as the werewolves back in that motel…" She told him with a raised eyebrow. Though she was disappointed she hadn't found out anything more about herself, her mind had been working overtime since she stepped back out of the car, trying to figure out all of the connections, the motives and reasoning behind everything that was going on. She went on to elaborate. "We're both in some way linked to the supernatural. I'm something, and you… you were having some sort of hallucination about Caroline, weren't you?"

He paled. "Yeah, I saw her as… as…."

"-a vampire." She finished for him, sensing him struggle with it. She heard Caroline shuffle a bit in her seat across from them.

Stiles nodded gratefully. "So you think the supernatural connection is what made me a target?"

"It's the only the thing that fits… I just don't understand why exactly."

"But didn't I already have a supernatural connection anyway with Scott?"

"I don't think so, as close as you guys are, you don't have any blood relation… and from what I've read about the supernatural, there is a lot of importance stocked on blood." Lydia said, feeling correct in her conclusions.

The two lapsed into silence for a moment as they took it in, both trying their best to think around the problem. They really did seem to do a lot of detective work together. God, if someone had told her a year ago that Stiles Stilinksi and her would have anything in common, she would have laughed. And now look at them.

"Wait, druids and emissaries… they're a kind of witch, aren't they? Which would make the Darach just an evil witch, right?" Stiles said now, breaking through her lamentable thoughts.

"Yeah, I guess." She nodded, trying to see where he was going.

"And you said witches come in covens and families…" He glanced at Caroline, who nodded needlessly, her eyes also alight with curiosity on what her brother was getting at. "What if the Darach went after all of us, you, me, Scott and the 'wolves because we're a sort of opposing coven, a sort of pack?"

Lydia's mind quickened in realization. "And it used Caroline to get to you because she's your family. But what does it want from us?"

Stiles' face fell, he hadn't thought that far ahead. "I don't know… I wish I did, I want to stop the sacrifices, but I just don't know…"

Suddenly Caroline interrupted them, her voice deepened in horror. "Witches… Oh my god." She whispered, just finding out something utterly vital that they had missed.

"What?" Her brother asked, somewhat panicked.

"Silas. What… what if he's somehow related in this?" Lydia frowned at Caroline's claim; the siblings had explained about this enemy as well… and if he was related in this mess also… well she wasn't sure she wanted to think about the implications of that.

This could be a catastrophe.

"What do you mean?" Stiles asked.

"He also used to be a witch, at least according to what my friends found out." The blonde across from them explained, hesitating slightly before she put her next thought out there for them to hear. "What if he and the Darach are in the same coven?"

You could hear a needle drop, all three teenagers considering the shocking and frankly terrifying theory.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

"That… that does not sound good." Stiles choked out.

"No, it really doesn't." Lydia agreed numbly. And we have the Alpha Pack to worry about as well.

At this point Stiles seemed to reach a decision. He looked at his sister, pinning her down with his gaze. "We have to tell the others… Care?" Personally, Lydia would have told the others even sooner, but she supposed she understood the reasoning behind the wait. I guess it doesn't actually have much to do with anyone else… it's family business. She too glanced over at Caroline, awaiting her answer.

Eventually the blonde gave in with a sigh. "Ok, ok. We'll tell Scott and the rest of them. But I'm telling you, if that Derek guy attacks me again, I am going to defend myself." She warned.

Stiles cracked the first smile any of them had seen since Lydia' scream. "Wouldn't want you to do anything less."

Unfortunately they never did get time to tell the others, not when the next thing everyone knew Lydia had found yet another dead body, yet another sacrifice. I can't believe Tara's gone, Stiles thought as he waited outside the school, his dad currently looking over the crime scene. She didn't deserve this, none of them did. We need to stop this. We're always two steps behind!

We need help.

"I need to tell Caroline." Stiles let out. He felt Scott start beside him, not expecting the sudden breach of silence. The werewolf glanced at his best friend, confused and curious.

"What? Why?" He asked.

Their conversation seemed to peak the interest of the girls, who moved closer to them. Stiles felt Allison gazing over at him curiously, no doubt having been informed about the vampire happenings, and the suspicions on who that might be, by Scott. Still they aren't sure yet… and is it really my place to tell them? Shouldn't it be Caroline to do it? He looked over at Lydia, who nodded, encouraging to go and just do it. He considered it a moment before inclining his head just the slightest bit, giving in. She did say we would tell them anyways, he reassured himself. Finally, he glanced back at Scott, meeting his gaze head on and keeping his head up, unashamed. Caroline is what and who she is and I am nothing but proud of her.

"You were right… you were right about her." He confirmed.

Scott's eyes widened only slightly, otherwise completely unsurprised. "I was? She's a… you know?"

"Vampire? Yeah…" He was quick to continue. "But she's like you Scott, she's good. I promise you that." The girls stood back silently as they watched the werewolf search his friend's face, looking for the truth. Stiles knew that Allison would trust Scott on this, seeing as she had never met Caroline herself. Though he also knew that if she made one wrong move, his sister would likely have an entire family of hunters on her back. He really hoped that didn't happen. Come on Scott, I need you on my side on this… I've got Lydia already but with you and Allison I can protect Caroline from the others, from those who want to hurt her. Come on Scott…. Come on…

Finally his friend relaxed fractionally and he sent a small reassuring smile Stiles' way. "I believe you… But what about the thing that happened between her and Derek?"

"She fought in self-defense, Derek was the first to attack. I mean, you know him. He's not exactly the type to ask questions first." He explained his sister's actions.

Scott nodded, not questioning it any further. "God, I just can't believe Caroline is a vampire." He let out, looking pained.

Stiles frowned, his shoulders slumping as sadness and regret flowed through him. Although he accepted that Caroline was no longer human, and knew she was still a good person despite it all, he knew it was a hard life and wished she could have better, easier times for herself. "Yeah, sometimes I can't either… and her story… she's had it tough, just like the rest of us. And we could use her help now and her experience."

"Ok then." Scott grasped his shoulder in silent support and agreement.

He felt Lydia come stand beside him, Allison following close behind him, her gaze fixed in resolve. The brunette smiled slightly at him. "Don't worry Stiles, we'll trust you… and her." She told him as she sidled up next to Scott.

Stiles only nodded his thanks, knowing he would not fully be able to articulate the amount of gratitude he was currently feeling. At least I have my friends with me on this… and my sister.

The Darach, the Alpha Pack, Silas… they don't know what's coming to them.

Stiles did eventually tell Caroline about revealing her secret, only it was probably a lot later than he should have and his sister was, understandably, upset. He stood silently in front of her now, just having finished telling her that most of the pack now knew of what she was and then explaining what had happened with Cora and their dad. This was the second time he had tried to reveal the supernatural to the esteemed sheriff of Beacon Hills, and he'd even had proof with him this time! Undeniable proof! It wasn't his fault Cora had been injured and collapsed. She'll be ok… I think. Even so, he probably should have waited for Caroline; she wasn't exactly new to enlightening to the secret of the supernatural, especially to parental figures (Aunt Liz certainly accepted it, now anyways). Maybe things would have gone better with her by his side.

I knew he wouldn't believe me. I should have had Caroline with me… or at least asked.

His sister stared at him, eyes alight with unbridled fury, her arms crossed in front of her. "You tried to tell Dad? Without even asking me? What the hell Stiles?" She yelled, causing him to flinch as she voiced basically all the thoughts and regrets going through his head.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't think you would want to involve yourself… I didn't think you'd want Dad to know." He replied in defense. Plus I didn't want you to see the look I knew he was going to give me… the 'oh god, you're literally crazy' look. You don't need that; especially after all I've put you through lately. Stiles voiced none of this, though he had a feeling Caroline heard anyways as her eyes softened.

She sighed. "I don't…" She said, confirming his suspicions, though she quickly rebuffed him from making further assumptions. "But if it helped him, if it could save him and other people than I would've helped you with this."

Stiles smiled ruefully, lifting one hand to scratch at the back of his head awkwardly. "I know, I know."

"You should have asked me." She wasn't going to let him get off easily.

He nodded, agreeing. "Yeah, I should have."

She then frowned sadly, moving to sit next to him on the couch. "I hope you know now it's going to be even harder to convince him." She told him, though not unkindly, just a simple statement of fact.

"He thinks I'm crazy." Stiles admitted softly.

Caroline grabbed his hand in reassurance, squeezing it gently. "He doesn't Stiles." She claimed, meeting his gaze with honest blue eyes. "You know Dad, he's all about logic and fact… it'll eventually lead him back to you and your truth, and he's going to have to believe us then." Stiles had to smile at her emphasis on the 'us', though he kept quiet as she continued. "He's already seen all the signs, he's just being too stubborn to accept what they mean."

He smirked. "Guess that's a Stilinski trait."

"Too true." She agreed with an exaggerated eye roll, squeezing his hand once more before pulling back. "Now, tell me what I can to help with our little Darach problem."

He nodded, copying her and also leaning further back into the sofa. "Well, basically everyone is going to the recital at school tonight…" He began, allowing her to get to her own conclusions. He wasn't disappointed.

"…which would be the perfect hunting ground for the Darach or any of our other enemies." She finished for him, realization sparkling in her ever-honest gaze.

"Exactly. So we were thinking if we could use your amazing abilities to keep an eye out for anything out of place?" He made sure to add no small amount of sugariness to his voice, batting his eyelashes in a mockery of her, wanting to lighten the mood into something more familiar and comfortable.

Caroline glared at him. "Using flattery to get what you want now, are you?" She asked with sarcasm.

He smiled innocently, dropping the act. "It works well enough for you."

The blonde let out a surprised and somewhat sheepish laugh. "You're right about that. Ok, fine. I'll do it. But tell Scott to howl for me, or whatever it is he does, if there is any danger inside the actual school. I'll scan the surrounding areas during the concert, ok?" She asked, standing up with a stretch, ready to get to it.

"Great!" Stiles agreed, joining her, though with considerably less grace in his movements. "Have I ever tell you you're my favorite sister?" He slung an arm around shoulders, pulling her through the house.

"I'm your only sister… and don't be such a cliché."

"Someone's grumpy." He sing-songed.

Caroline's reply was dry. "I wonder why… I'm related to you."

"Ouch." Stiles intoned, though the effect was lessened by the smile beginning to play at his lips. His sister didn't comment on it, her own cheeks strained from the effort to keep her matching grin under wraps.

Caroline sprinted as fast as she could through the forests of Beacon Hills and back to the school building. She'd been patrolling the surrounding grounds when Lydia's ear-piercing scream recalled her, the indication of it clear; help me. Her feet blurred beneath her as she tapped into her vampire speed, allowing her to get to where the scream had come from in record time. As she neared the door of the darkened classroom, she heard voices.

"Drop it!" Oh God, what's Dad doing here? Finally, she rounded the corner and saw the Sheriff holding up a gun at an unfamiliar brunette woman, who in turn had a knife at Lydia's throat. Though Caroline didn't know the woman, she could feel the darkness that surrounded her, palpable and practically screaming danger. The Darach, she thought, knowing instinctively that she was right.

The Darach smirked now, before throwing the knife that had been in her hand straight into her dad's shoulder, who stumbled to his knees, groaning.

"No!" She screamed, causing both parties to look at her, one in surprise, the other in dark delight. Suddenly she felt another presence join her at her side, Scott's face immediately shifting into the countenance of a werewolf upon sensing the danger they were in. Despite being aware of the consequences of what she was about to do, she didn't hesitate, and allowed her face to shift along with his. Together they stood, one pair of eyes glowing a haunting yellow, the other darkened monstrously with blood.

She felt her dad's eyes on her as he backed away just the slightest bit, his gaze fearful and shocked, yet still protective and full of love. Despite wanting to turn to him and offer him reassurances, she knew she couldn't, not without risking so much more than just her relationship with her father… his life, for example. Still, it hurt her to not be able to do so, to feel that her dad would likely never look at her the same.

Instead, she looked to Scott, who nodded, and they both charged at the same time, werewolf and vampire in an odd sync that should have been impossible. They both reached out and clawed at the Darach, only to have her dodge incredibly fast underneath them, her hands then reaching out and shoving them both back with astounding force, sending them flying. The hit was more than powerful, enough to knock the wind of her Caroline and she could feel a few of her ribs crack in the process. She coughed up blood, feeling Scott beside her do the same. She tried to get up despite her disorientation only to have some sort of invisible force hold her firmly down. The blonde struggled fiercely against it, knowing she needed to get to her dad, to protect him against this… this thing.

But she was weakened from her injuries, and the Darach was simply too strong.

She vaguely heard banging at the door and Stiles' voice, and then her dad's garbled words, something about a girl he'd found years ago, her clouded mind unable to make out what exactly he was saying. The Darach replied and then she heard a shot, a struggle and a pained grunt. Dad, no!

"Daddy." Caroline whimpered out loud, the helplessness of the situation tearing at her heart, tears clouding her vision as she stretched out to him in vain. But there was nothing she could do, and in the next moment she heard glass shattering and Stiles crashed through the door, his shouted 'Dad!' holding the same raw pain her voice had had.

Finally, finally the invisible force holding her down disappeared and she got shakily to her feet before stumbling over to the broken window, looking for signs of her dad, for anything that could lead her to him but finding none. She started to shake, the realization too much for her and her knees buckled dangerously underneath her. No, no, no… nononono…. ohgodno…

Distantly, she felt Stiles' arms wrap around her, supporting her and comforting her all in one, and though it reassured her that she was not alone, she could not stop the feeling of utter emptiness that sank into her stomach.

Dad's gone. And it's all my fault.

She hid her face in her brother's shoulder and tried not to cry.

Many painful hours later, Caroline went down the stairs tiredly; the day had been utterly exhausting, both physically and mentally… and, since her dad went missing (kidnapped, her mind reminded her), she had just been numb. It was all too much for her. She'd come here to protect Stiles, and in the process she'd failed to extend that protection to her own father.

So, yes, she was just numb, her mind eerily still. Maybe I'm in shock, I don't know.

How could I have let this happen? How could I have let this happen?

Dad…. Dad... Please be okay.

Oh God, it's all my fault… my fault…

The doorbell rang again and she hurried a bit faster to the front door, swinging it open, eyes cast to the floor.

"Hello, love."

Caroline froze, recognizing the voice immediately. Slowly, ever so slowly, she allowed her eyes to travel up the person in front of her. She took in his appearance, noting he looked somewhat bedraggled, and perhaps as exhausted as she, but still that familiar smirk was firmly in place, his blue eyes burning into her. The last time she had seen those eyes they had looked at her with hatred, cruelty, courtesy of Silas. Now, however, his eyes held a certain warmth that she had come to expect from him when in her presence.

"Klaus." She breathed, her dull mind instantly snapping into focus as she processed his sudden appearance. She crossed her arms uncomfortably across her chest, shying away from the feelings beginning to warm in her stomach. "Why are you here?" She demanded, reverting back into something safer than familiarity and relief, animosity.

"Needed to see you, of course. Warn you this is no place for a vampire." He told her, moving a bit closer to her so he was leaned slightly over her. He could move no further, however, stopped by the invisible barrier of the threshold of a house he hadn't been invited into.

She raised a brow, her face betraying nothing, but her gaze aflame with stubborn emotion. "Yeah, I've already figured that out, thanks. Was that all? Because I'm not leaving." She bit.

Pained mirth danced in his eyes. "Didn't think you would." He grimaced, frowning as he pulled back, his entire body tense.

Something's wrong. "Klaus? Are you… Are you ok?" She asked, only now letting some of her concern for him filter through, letting some of her affection be revealed.

"Hm…" He seemed to barely hear her, his stare clouding over. "Oh, fine, love. Not to worry." He barely managed to get the words slurred out before he suddenly collapsed towards her, agonized groans falling from his lips.

"Oh my God… Klaus!" She darted forward, passing the threshold of her home, managing to catch the hybrid before he fell to the floor, all pretense of distance put to the side. She pulled his arm over her, shouldering his weight as she wrapped her own arms around his torso, only just able to keep him upright. She allowed one hand to travel across the expanse of his waist, finding the opening of his dark jacket. She pulled it back and had to stifle a gasp at what she saw; the white shirt beneath was ripped and stained with a dark red liquid she knew could only be blood. Peering more closely, she could see his torn flesh underneath, the wounds very obviously still fresh. Why isn't he healing?

How didn't I see this before? How didn't I smell it?

As her mind ran worriedly over all the repercussions, she pressed her hand over the biggest wound she saw; losing that much blood was bad, even for a vampire. He'll become a living corpse.

"Knew you wouldn't be able to resist touching me." He mumbled at her, a maniacal laugh hitching his chest, only to come out as a cough.

"Oh will you just shut up. I'm trying to help you." She said, the bite of her words lost in the trembling of her voice. She shifted towards the door, only to remember she wouldn't be able to get him inside. Shit. "Stiles! Help!" She screamed, panicked. Her brother had immediately gone to his room when they'd returned home without their dad and hadn't come out since. But Caroline knew he'd come help her in a second should she ask.

Her hypothesis proved correct as in the next moment Stiles was at the front door. "Care? What's goin-" His tired, pained eyes looked to her before they settled on Klaus, widening. "Holy shit." He let out. "I'll call 911." He made to go back inside.

"No, don't!" She exclaimed loudly, causing her brother to jump almost comically. Any other time she would have laughed, however, as it was this wasn't a laughing matter. She turned her worried eyes to Klaus' face, noticing his blank expression. Swallowing nervously, she made herself look away and to Stiles. "He's… He's…" She couldn't seem to say the words. Come on, it's not that hard. He's a supernatural, he's like me.

Fortunately for her, grim understanding lit Stiles' eyes. "Ok. What do I do?" He asked her, quick mind immediately accepting the information he was given and working with it.

"Invite him in." She commanded, her heart beating harsher in worry as she felt more of Klaus' weight bear on her. What's happening to him?

At this request, Stiles seemed confused. "What?"

"Just do it!" She shouted, frustrated. I don't have time for this! Klaus doesn't have time for this!

"Right, right." He made a sweeping gesture. "I invite you in."

Instantly, Caroline broke through the barrier of her house, shuffling herself and Klaus through the door. He was mumbling incoherently now, his head hanging. She could feel the heat of his labored breath on her hair, feel the pained shudders wracking through his body. As soon as they were inside, Stiles instinctively went to Klaus' other side and pulled the man's other arm around his own shoulders. Despite the fact that he was aware that Caroline could very well support her injured companion on her own, she knew that Stiles wouldn't be able to just stand to the side and not help.

"Ok, let's get him into the living room." She told him and they dragged Klaus there as fast as they could. "Quickly, on the couch!" Together, the Stilinski siblings managed to get the man placed on it, half sitting, and half lying. Caroline crouched down in front of him and made quick work of his jacket, yanking it out of the way completely out of the way so she could see the extent of the damage on his torso. She paled at what she saw. It was worse than she'd originally thought, much worse. And he's still not healing. "Shit, shit, shit. This does not look good"

Stiles stood by her shoulder, his gaze fixed on the horrible sight in front of them. "What do we do now?"

Thinking fast, she spared him a quick glance. "Go get my blood supply upstairs." Maybe that'll start him healing, plus he'll need it anyways considering how much he must've lost. She heard him stumble off immediately, her gaze already fixed back on Klaus. Her fingers trailed softly over his wounds, her mind finally recognizing the patterns. She looked to his face, finding his eyes focused on her, working through the pain. He seemed to be more lucid than he had a moment before.

"Are those…?" She trailed off, swallowing harshly.

He groaned as another wave of agony washed over him, but nodded. Just like I thought; werewolf bite. It makes sense with his other symptoms and all as well. But…

"Aren't you immune?" She asked, confused, her concern heightening more and more by the second. This shouldn't be happening. How did he get these? He's the Original hybrid, literally one of the most powerful supernatural creatures the world has ever seen…

"Different werewolf, love. Will heal but… alpha bite…" He said, his words mumbled out, so unlike the eloquent way in which Klaus usually spoke.

She didn't have time to dwell on it, Stiles arriving only a second later, two blood bags held in his hands. He handed them to her. "Here." She nodded in thanks, passing the bags to the injured hybrid in front of her, whose eyes still hadn't left her, not even to glance at her brother.

"Klaus, drink it." He did as she said without protest, ripping into them quickly, his eyes glowing his unique yellow as his fangs lengthened and buried into the protective plastic. She felt more than saw Stiles get shocked into stillness beside her, having never before seen a real vampire face (or in Klaus' case, a hybrid face). He finished the blood within mere minutes and Caroline went to check his wounds, noticing there was still no change. His yellow eyes burned with unspoken agony as she peered back up at him in anxiety. He never heals this slowly… and even then the blood should start working in his system right away. Oh god. This is not good. Not good at all.

Think, Caroline, think! What can you do? What can you do to help? He said he'd heal eventually but what if he's wrong? What if he can't heal fast enough? Besides that, even if he does eventually heal, do you want to leave him in that much pain?

Damn it, why didn't I think to ask more about this new species of werewolf earlier? God, I'm such an idiot…

What can I do? What can I-?

Realization hit, and she cursed herself again for not thinking of it sooner. "He needs something stronger…" She whispered. And there are few things stronger than vampire blood. Caroline glanced at Stiles, hesitating for only the slightest moment. I don't want him to see me like that… but what choice do I have? Not giving herself a chance to back out, she reached out and gently shifted Klaus' upper torso, the movement only made easier by her supernatural strength. Holding him steady, she slid underneath him, trying not to flinch when he groaned in pain. The blonde sat carefully with Klaus' body resting against her chest, her legs on either side of him. His head lay against her shoulder and she could fill the warm puff of his breath on her bare neck. As she was making him more comfortable, she felt Stiles' questioning and incredulous gaze on her, wondering what on Earth she was doing. Caroline didn't event attempt to answer, knowing that her seeing her actions would explain it far more than words ever could.

With the briefest of glances in her brother's direction, Caroline turned away, pulling the sleeve of her shirt up her arm before wrapping the other around Klaus' chest, securing him against her. Breathing deeply, she allowed her eyes to drift closed and tapped into the dark, heady power that lay dormant in farthest reaches of her mind. Immediately, her head seemed to fill with a red haze and she felt a stinging pain in her gums as her fangs lengthened into existence, the points sharp against her lip. The veins around her eyes began bulging, her irises fading from blue to harsh crimson. She heard Stiles' stifled gasp, practically felt his disbelief at what he was seeing. Caroline ignored it, opting instead to focus on her task. With deadly accuracy, she ripped into the soft skin of her wrist, causing her own blood to go spilling down her throat. She pulled detached her mouth from the gash she'd created, knowing if she wasn't quick it would just heal over again. She held her bleeding wrist before Klaus' face, urging the injured hybrid to drink. When he didn't move in response, Caroline pressed her wrist harshly against his mouth, forcing him to take down her blood. "Klaus? Damn it drink!"

Finally, finally she felt him rouse and in the next second, his fangs were piercing even deeper into her wrist as he latched on, drinking greedily. She let a small groan of pain pass her lips, the nerves in her arm going haywire as Klaus continued to bite. However, it was worth it as he seemed to get stronger. His hands rose to take hold of her arm, pulling it closer to his lips, his body tightening as he sat a bit straighter against her.

Caroline sighed, tightening her other arm around his chest as his fangs moved within her flesh, causing another flash of pain to run through her.

"It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok." She whispered lightly, allowing her head to rest on top of his as the blood loss made her get drowsy. The words were more for her own benefit than anything

She felt Stiles' worried gaze on them and turned to meet it. The blonde smiled at him reassuringly and he relaxed slightly, taking a seat on the chair nearest to her. Still his eyes trailed curiously to where Caroline's wrist met Klaus' mouth, but he kept quiet, sensing his sister's exhaustion. She knew he wouldn't keep his questions at bay forever, though; it simply wasn't his style, curious as he was.

Caroline herself was full questions. Who did this to Klaus? And how did he get so hurt? Why was he here in the first place?

More hauntingly, if Klaus, the Original hybrid, was this hurt, what would happen to the rest of them?

And lastly, what are we going to do?

Next chapter, Klaus' injuries are explained, more alpha pack, more Mystic Falls gang, and other surprises ;)

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