Amaimon looked back up at the window he jumped out of, then sighed.

There... The thumping in his heart went away.

Is that how he's going to get rid of the thumping and twisting in his heart? By kissing Rin?

"Very good show Amaimon..." Amaimon got chills down his spine when he heard that voice.

"Why were you watching nii-san?" Amaimon asked in a monotonous voice, turning to face his brother sitting in his floating chair.

Mephisto smirked. "I wanted to see this plan of yours. This is the first time you've ever really had a "plan"." Mephisto said. Amaimon looked away. "Is your plan to make him trust you or something?" He continued.

"Yes... It is. I'll let you figure the rest out on your own." Amaimon answered.

This was all just a game to Mephisto. To him, they are all just his pawns. Rin, Yukio, Amaimon, even the exwires and teachers. They are all just pieces on his chess bored. Some of the pawns defy him, some of them gladly go along with him, and the rest just stay there, being controlled.

Right now, Amaimon was a pawn that is defying him by making his own plans.

"Figure out on my own?" Mephisto asked.

"Well, you figured this much out already. I'm sure you can figure the rest out on your own. Anyways, where's our other little brother?" Amaimon questioned, looking around. Mephisto hopped out of his chair and faced Amaimon, that smirk never leaving his face.

Yes, Amaimon is an interesting little pawn of his.

"I sent him on a mission to get rid of some of your kin that keeps breaking into the academy. You have a lot of trouble makers Amaimon." Mephisto said. Amaimon nodded.

"I know I do. They put on quite a show sometimes. I'm guessing it's near the entrance?" He asked. Mephisto nodded.

Amaimon then left, leaving Mephisto to stand there, glancing back up at the windows.

Well, Rin must have left the kitchen right away or else he'd be looking down to see what Amaimon was doing.

Rin is so predictable...

Rin was lying down on his bed, lost in thought.

Why did he just... Kiss me? Does he like me or something? No! That's just wrong in more than one way... He can't! But... Why did I like it? I mean sure, Amaimon is hot and has the prettiest eyes and the bags around his eyes make it stand out and he's got the most adorable clothing style and the nails look cool and... I forgot where I was going with this.

Rin sighed and sat up. Kuro was sleeping at the edge of Rin's bed when he was rudely disturbed. Kuro lazily opened his eyes and stretched.

"Hello Rin." Kuro meowed and hopped on his lap.

"... Hey Kuro, can I ask you something?" Rin asked. Kuro looked to him curiously before nodding.

"What do you think of Amaimon?" Rin finally said. Kuro looked to him in confusion now.

"Who is Amaimon? Is he a demon?" Kuro asked.

"He is the King of Earth. I'm guessing he can control the earth demons, like..." Rin trailed off, thinking. What's an earth demon?

"... Like a goblin?" Kuro finished for him.

"Yes! A goblin! He can control that stuff, I think." Rin said and nervously laughed.

"That's cool. What does he look like?" Kuro asked.

Rin took a minute to think about that. Amaimon is such a complex person (demon) to describe...

"He uh.. Has... Um... You know what, if you stick with me I bet you'll see him. Maybe he'll have his pet." Rin said as he got off the bed.

"Pet?" Kuro asked in slight excitement. Rin looked back to the demon cat with a smirk.

"Yeah, Yukio told me he has a pet goblin." Rin snorted. "It's ironic how he's trying to beat me, yet you and the goblin can get to know each other quite well."

Kuro just nodded before sitting on the window edge, looking out to the sky.

A pet huh?

Amaimon was crouching down on a lamppost near the entrance to True Cross Academy. Yukio was rapidly firing his gun at the little goblins and some of his Dekalp (The flower).

"Why are there so many?" Yukio muttered before shooting at a monstrous looking greenman.

Behemoth stood on another lamppost next to Amaimon, watching it's brothers get shot down and dead. Behemoth glanced to Amaimon, who just sat there nibbling on his long nail.

"Why are you just letting him shoot them? Don't you care?" Behemoth asked sadly.

Amaimon nodded. "I do care, however I am analyzing the brother's movement just in case worse comes to worse and I have to fight him. If he kills one of the hobgoblins close to you, I will stop him. Nii-san will get mad at me if I kill him though.." He answered before watching Yukio again. Behemoth sighed before painfully watching it's kin be killed again.

After 15 more minutes, Yukio successfully killed all of the goblins, Dekalp, and monstrous greenman. He sighed in exasperation before looking to the other exorcists.

"Thank you for your help everyone. I think we got them all." Yukio said with a smile. The exorcists nodded and smiled back at him.

Everyone else waved goodbye while Yukio lingered for a little longer. He rubbed his shoulder and arm in pain.

Looks like it was getting worse.

Amaimon watched in interest as Yukio rubbed his arms, probably willing for the pain to end. "Oh? So he's a demon too? Rin and nii-san didn't look like they knew." Amaimon murmured. Behemoth was slightly glaring at Yukio, drool coming down it's mouth.

Behemoth can't forgive those who shoot down it's brothers.

Amaimon noticed the anger on Behemoth's face and sighed. He stood up and tugged on the chain lightly. "Come on Behemoth, let's go back to nii-san's office. After all, he's got entertainment now." Amaimon said and started jumping onto a building. Behemoth got dragged and growled at Yukio's fading form.

Oh how badly Behemoth wanted to just rip out his throat and make him suffer.

Amaimon glanced to Behemoth in slight concern as he walked.

Since when did Behemoth get so violent?

The next day, was Halloween! Everyone in True Cross Academy Cram School was dressed up, even the teachers! Rin wore a zombie costume, Shima was a ghost, Bon was a shi-shi dog (surprisingly), Konekomaru was a demon fox with black fur and blood painted on his mouth, Shiemi was a princess, Izumo was a karate instructor, Paku was a cat, and Yukio was some kind of killer with the blood and everything!

Yes, the costumes weren't very creative, but it worked.

Rin decided to let his tail show today. Might as well.

Speaking of Rin, he was currently pushing the cake outside the kitchen and into the actual dining part of the room. Konekomaru smiled happily at the cake and everyone else stared in wonder at the tall cake. Ukobach was standing on the table, looking at the happy faces proudly.

Ukobach just knew that they would love the cake.

"Well, what do you think?" Rin said as he smiled cheekily and let his tail wave back in forth in excitement.

"It's amazing Rin! Did you do this by yourself?" Shiemi asked.

Rin shook his head no. "Nope, I had Ukobach and Ama-" Rin stopped. Like hell they'd believe that Amaimon actually helped with this cake.

Shiemi instantly knew and smiled. Something about the way Amaimon was acting made her believe that maybe the demon king wasn't as bad as they all thought he was.

Shima stared dreamily at the cake. "Hey, can we cut this up now? It looks delicious!" He said.

The exwires laughed and Rin nodded. "Let's do it!"

Amaimon very quietly sneaked into the kitchen. He watched them all laughing, smiling softly. He left two pieces of candy on the counter, making it so Rin and someone else would see it.

The smile slowly turned into a frown when he remembered his plan.

No, he wouldn't give up.

Not even if it costs him lots and lots of pain.

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