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If I Could Kill Jounochi

Chapter 3 -- Red In The Face

"So you're Jaz?" Gwen asked as she led Jou down the hallways of the first floor of the three storie main building, one of Jou's bags over her shoulder. Jou was carrying the other one.

"Uh, yeah, that's me." Jou said. "I'm glad to meet you."

Gwen nodded and unlocked the door of their dorm. "Sorry to run, but I have a class in five minutes. You and your friends are new here, so your classes don't start until tomorrow. There's a common lounge down that way," she waved in the vague direction. "And showers and bath are across the hall."

Jou felt his heart drop. "You mean... We have common showers?"

Gwen looked startled. "Yes, of course. We're all girls silly, it's not like there's any guys to walk in on us. There are a few male teachers, but they have seperate dorms in another building. All the classes are in the out buildings too, this is just dorms and the cafeteria, which is in the basement. I should be back in about an hour and a half," the American went on, grabbing a couple text books off the desk sitting against one wall and shouldering her purse. "The bed on the right is mine, I hope you don't mind taking the one by the window. I should be back in time for dinner, so make yourself at home. Isis, Amoura, and I will take all three of you on a tour after dinner, but you can explore before then if you want. See ya', byes!"

And with that the blond swept out the door, leaving Jou wide-eyed and rather overwhelmed. Setting his bag down on the bed Gwen had indicated, Jou glanced around the room and tried not to grimace. The comforter on Gwen'd bed was a light purple, and there was a rather worn-looking stuffed bear sitting on the pillow. At least his own sheets and blanket were blue, and not some disgusting colour like pink or something.

It was easily apparent that Gwen had been in this dorm for awhile. The walls, which were painted an off-white colour, were covered with posters and drawings, most of them of Broadway musicals. There was a poster from Phantom of the Opera, and another one from The Lion King: Broadway Version. Spying a CD rack on top of the dresser that was only about half full, Jou picked up his backpack and began to stick in his own CDs for display. He chuckled quietly as he noticed the contrast. Gwen had to be a die-hard musical fan. Most of her CDs were soundtracks, although there were a few American '80's rock CDs. All the ones Jou had were heavy metal and rock, as well as a few JPop.

He finished up putting his CDs away, and glanced around for someplace to put his new clothes. He groaned a little when he noticed that while there were two beds, two sets of book shelves, and two small closets, there was only one dresser and one desk. Resisting the urge to smack himself in the head, Jou hung up any of his clothes that would wrinkle in the unoccupied closet. It was easy to tell which was his, because Gwen's was filled to overflowing with clothes and a whole zoo of stuffed animals. Likewise, her book shelf was crammed with romance novels and manga.

Jou sighed and put the few books he'd brought on his own shelf. Beside them he set his two favorite models that he'd brought with him, as well as a framed picture of himself, Shizuka, and Yuugi taken a couple months ago.

Then he could no longer put off the dreaded deed of opening up the dresser to figure out which drawers were his. The dresser had six drawers on the bottom and one long drawer on top. The one on top was the one Jou opened first, and blushed bright red when he came nose to nose with Gwen's... personal things. Slamming the drawer shut so violently that a few of the perfume bottles on top fell over, Jou reached for the two drawers underneith it, dreading the worst. Ah well, these weren't so bad. The one on the left was shirts, and the one on the right was full of blue jeans. The two under those contained skirts and full dresses, respectively. The final two consisted of sweaters and slacks.

"What the hell?" Jou muttered. "Where do I put my stuff?" Finally he gave up and just left his clothes in their bags.

And then something happened that Jou had hoped beyond hope that would not. He had to use the bathroom. Sighing Jou trudged across the hall to do his business, happy that most of the girls were in classes right now.


Seto was, for once in his life, struck dumb as he followed Isis down the halls of the second floor. 'Shoot!' he thought to himself, panic beginning to rise up within him. 'No way am I going to be able to keep myself a secret from her!'

In front of him Isis was explaining class schedules and the like, but Seto hardly heard her. Until she came to the part about common bathrooms. Then he let out a muffled squeak of protest, which she thankfully didn't hear. 'Ahhhh! I'm dead! Stupid Jou, this is all his fault!'

He was so busy railing against Jou and trying to figure ways to kill off the blond that he didn't notice that Isis had stopped in front of a door and was fiddling with her key. Of course, in consequence, he ran right into her, sending them both to the ground. "Gah!"

"Sorry, sorry Isis!" Seto stammered, his voice even squeakier then it was supposed to be as he struggled to get off his girlfriend, as bright red as it was probably possible to be. Being unused to moving around in his dress, his legs got tangled up and he was unable to pull himself back to his feet. Isis started to push Seto off of her, and in doing so one of her hands smacked Seto right in the padded bra. Her face went funny for a moment, and Seto turned even redder, praying she hadn't figured out that anything was out of the ordinary. He finally suceeded in rolling off her and climbed ponderously to his feet, slightly out of breath. "I'm so sorry!"

"Not your fault," Isis said, smiling pleasently at him. She pushed the door to the dorm open and picked up one of his bags, which had been dropped in the collision. "Come on in."

Seto stepped inside, and had to try hard to keep his eyes from bugging out. Directly across from the door, over the bed that he assumed was Isis's, was the weirdest thing he'd ever seen. Well, not exactly, it was actually kind of flattering, in a weird sort of way. Somehow Isis had managed to get her hands on a picture of the two of them, Isis and Seto, taken the year before at Yuugi's Halloween party and blown it up to poster size. Seto shuddered a little as he remembered that night. Isis had somehow convinced him to dress in tandem with her, and Seto had foolishly agreed. In the picture Isis was dressed in a tight, sexy demoness costume with her usually straight black hair in tight curls around her head. Seto was also dressed as a demon, holding Isis in a rather risque possition. If Seto remembered right, Mokuba had been the one to take the picture, and he had made his little brother swear never to show it to anyone. Obviously, Mokuba would need a talking to when Seto finally got home.

"Wh-who's that?" Seto asked, trying not to blush harder then he already was.

Isis sighed in obvious yearning as she kneeled on her bed and ran her fingers over the picture. "This is my boyfriend, Seto. God I miss him... Are you single Sarah?"

"Ah... no, I have a significant other." Seto answered truthfully. What was he supposed to say, he had a girlfriend? That would really creep Isis out, especially since she thought "Sarah" was a girl.

Trying to distract himself, Seto turned his back on that cursed picture and dumped his bags onto the other bed. How in heaven's name was he supposed to survive this?! 'Confound you Jounochi!!!'


As soon as Malik stepped into the dorm, he knew something was wrong. Well, not really wrong, just out of place. Something smelled, but it wasn't bad. He'd smelled it somewhere before...


Ah yes, that was the smell. Cat. Looking down, Malik smiled at the little white feline that was rubbing around his ankles, then at Amoura. "Oh, you have a cat? I didn't know they allowed pets here."

Amoura nodded and crouched down to pick up the kitten. "Oui, as long as zey are zmall. Zis is Yunet."

"Yunet, huh." Malik said, obligingly scratching the cat behind the ears. "Egyptian?"

Amoura nodded, obviously delighted he'd know. "Oui, it is. Egypt 'as alvays intrested me."

Malik chuckled at the irony of it all. "Well, I'm actually Egyptian. My family can be traced back almost three-thousand years." Going over to his suitcase, he dug around for a few minutes before he came up with the Sennen Rod in hand. Rashiid had wanted him to leave it behind in Japan, but there was no way Malik was going to part with it. He'd just have to be careful his sister didn't see it. "This has been in my family all that time. It's supposed to have great power."

"Wow..." Amoura breathed, obviously delighted at it. "May I 'old it?"

"Ehhh..." Malik frowned. "That may not be a good idea. Sometimes its power can just get out of control, and I won't be... myself. So you'd better not."

"Okay," Amoura seemed to accept that, and watched as Malik stuck the Rod through the back of his belt, as he was accustomed. "'Ey, I 'ave no more clazzes today, 'ow about ve go find zomething to eat?"

Malik brightened up and put the Rod back in his suitcase. If he was going to be wandering around campus it was probably best not to have it with him, just in case he ran into Isis. "Sure! I'm starved. The food on the airplane was horrible!"

"Do you want to change first?" Amoura enquired politely. "You muzt be all sveaty and hot after zuch a long trip."

Malik jerked backward at the mention of changing clothes and blushed crimson. "A-ah no, I'm fine! Heh heh, shall we go?" He hurridly opened the door and motioned for Amoura to preceed him, carefully making sure Yunet didn't find her way out as well.


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