I had this one in my stock of hundreds of random stories and i have two chapters. Dont know why i didn't go along and continue this. Seemed interesting and i want to see how it goes.

Maid of the Uchiha

Chapter 1

Fugaku was sitting in his office with a slight smile on his face with the development that just happened today, hours ago. Everything seemed to be going in his favor today and he was extremely happy with how the day was going. The village was showing immense trust in his clan which was surprising and his wife was utterly happy with what has happened so it was a win-win in his book.

Today was the day that the Hokage brought a blonde haired baby girl to the village council meeting. He already knew about the child as it was the daughter of her wife's best friend. The Hokage finally revealed what had happened that night in his prospective.

People instantly blamed the Uchiha as Mikoto, his wife, had knowledge that Kushina was a Jinchuuriki. As Mikoto was good friends and an Uchiha, she was given knowledge so that if anything happened. While Mikoto never used it, she had the Mangekyo for when her father passed away in front of her. Her Mangekyo had suppressing powers over the Kyubi's energy and couldn't control it in the sense of what Madara had been able to do.

The Hokage however felt differently and knew that Mikoto was Kushina's first and one of Mikoto's only friends outside of the clan. So he did something to placate everyone as well as allow them to show that the village could place trust in them.

Fugaku and the Uchiha were given the duty to watch over and raise the Jinchuuriki. Fugaku was never upset or turned off by what the Nidaime Hokage did to his family. Everyone in the village knew of the man's distain toward the Uchiha Clan. Everything he did was to insure that the village was safe as he felt the Uchiha were just a clan of traitors after what Madara did.

He was fine with how it was. The Village loved the Uchiha clan and while the Higher ups viewed them the same way as the Nidaime did, he wasn't going to fault them. There would always be a chance to gain a better standing if they showed they could be trusted outside of a select few of their clan.

Watching over the Jinchuuriki and raising the little girl would show that they could be trusted. The Uchiha had the ability to control the Kyubi though no one since Madara could do it. Showing that they could raise the child to be an outstanding and loyal person to the village would show that they were to be trusted. If they turned the child into a weapon only loyal to them, they would just prove the village right in their assumption.

If what had happened today did not come to be, he would of most likely started to agree with the older members. That they would never get the villages trust and that the only way to change it, was to make it so that the Senju side of this was no longer in power. He didn't want to have to go to war again and this time with his home but he would if it meant to protect his family. He wanted to create a future for his two… now three children where they didn't have to go through the hatred the people had for them in the village from what happened so long ago in the past.

He didn't want to have his wife, children and family choose between their family and their friends that they had in the village. The elders of the clan that had lived around the time of Madara and Hashirama were just making things worse. They kept bringing up things that created a stir and brought doubt to people about the village. All that did was create a gap in their minds of who to trust more when that shouldn't even happen anymore.

Now they had a way out from the impending conflict and hatred. He was happy with the turn of events and was going to take full advantage of it to protect his clan and family. More over, he was happy that his wife got what she wished when she found out that Kushina had passed away.

His wife, when he heard about Kushina cried and wanted to know about what happened to her child. Of course, no one was privy to that information yet as it was just revealed today. When Fugaku came home with the child and told his wife what happened in the meeting, she was utterly ecstatic about everything.

He would of thought on this more if it wasn't for his wife that burst through the door in what seemed to be a panic. This made him feel really, really worried for some reason like something that would create quite a stir. Something that he knew he was going to have a headache.

"Fugaku, Itachi and Nagi have disappeared. It seemed that they were kidnapped." Mikoto stated making Fugaku's eyes widen. Suddenly, a great amount of chakra flooded the air and Fugaku's forearm started to burn slightly. He looked at it and noticed a seal starting to form as well as on Mikoto's arm. Fugaku instantly knew what it was and was instantly infuriated.

"Why those old fucking bastards!" Fugaku growled out taking Mikoto by surprise at how angry he was. Mikoto looked at her forearm as well and her eyes went wide, knowing what it was by being the Heiress before she married Fugaku. "Mikoto, go get the Hokage and tell him to bring Anbu here immediately. Tell him he has people that will need to be arrested for treason."

Mikoto's eyes widened even further at this. She knew instantly what he was thinking and it was against a lot of clan law. If their clan members did something to the clan, they were brought to justice by the clan. Since Nagi was apart of the clan now, it should fall to them to punish them. She nodded though as it was a good idea to get the Hokage as well as Anbu to help. She disappeared in a poof of smoke before he headed out.

Those fucking bastards were destroying the one chance the Uchiha had to solidify themselves fully into the village. He had enough of them going behind his back and doing things that he had to deal with. This wasn't suppose to happen in the first place.

He got to where the energy was coming from with his Sharingan active. He was pissed at what could happen to his family because of what these idiots were doing. While he might have always put the clan first over the village, he wasn't stupid about what Sarutobi might do because of this. When the Hokage appeared here, he would have to play the situation carefully not to have his whole clan wiped off the face of the earth or end up in jail with their eyes removed.

As soon as he opened the door, he instantly saw everything and he was appalled that his own clan was doing this. There in the middle of a giant seal was Nagi, not even a week old, looking like she was four or five years old. The seal in itself which was a forced labor seal which basically made her a slave was infuriating enough but to age her was beyond anything he could sustain.

Add into the fact that his son Itachi, the one who was looking over her as Sasuke slept, was knocked unconscious in the corner tied up. Itachi was strong for his age but he was no where near the level of the scared men in the room who happened to be some of the strongest in the clan as of right now.

"Fu…. Fugaku-sama…. This isn't what it looks…" The man started to say as he could tell how pissed he was. Fugaku just glared at the man before putting a Kunai through the man's forehead effectively killing him. He had no patience for any of them anymore.

"You no good, slimy bastards. This was the one chance our clan had to resolve everything peaceful and you destroyed that. We'll be lucky if the Hokage doesn't just outright destroy our clan. DO YOU EVEN REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?" Fugaku yelled out in anger and frustration at these trash.

"Fugaku, you have to realize this is the best chance the Uchiha have to seize true power in Konoha. By making the Jinchuuriki loyal to us with no free will, we wont have to bow to the Senju any longer." An old man stepped forward as he was one of the elders and Fugaku usually listened to him. Big mistake on his part.

"The Senju? Have you all gone Senile? The Senju are basically gone with the times. The only member of the Clan still around and remotely strong in the Ninja ways is Tsunade. Most of the clan is gone due to the Kyubi attack. Times are changing and no longer the time when there was hostility in this village." Fugaku stated with hatred just dripping from his voice.

"Fugaku is right." Now everyone in the room stilled and were now shaking in fear. The Hokage walked in from behind Fugaku wearing his battle armor and twenty to thirty Anbu appeared at the ready. "I gave the Uchiha my trust and the first thing you do to undermined my faith and Fugaku's Faith in this endeavor and you throw it into our faces. This is immoral and was made forbidden long before the village was even created."

"Hokage-sama, please arrest these men and women for treason against the village. They have been doing more than just this as they have been putting seeds of doubt towards the village into the younger generation. I want the village to take care of their punishment and do with them as you see fit." Fugaku stated to which all of the people that were apart of the crime in front of them paled.

They could all get away with a less sever punishment if Fugaku was doing it, not likely with how pissed he was but they didn't know that, but with the Hokage and village persecuting them, they would be lucky to live. The Hokage blinked at this with a slight amount of shock.

"Fugaku, are you sure? This will set a precedent for the village to interfere with clan affairs." The Hokage stated with a serious tone as he knew of the repercussions of what was going to happen. He didn't like the situation but he could only oversee the punishment.

"I do not care. As members of Konoha we are suppose to abide by the laws that both my clan and the Senju set up. We are suppose to carry the justice of the village as the police force and yet these trash… It hasn't even been a day and this lot betrayed everything the Uchiha and the village stands for." Fugaku stated with a sneer and the Sandaime nodded with a smile.

With a wave of his hands, the Anbu had them caught immediately and they got Chakra restraints on them before they could even turn there Sharingan's on. "Wait, if you take us away then she will die from not having the ritual finished." One person tried to get away by saying that and Fugaku sneered at him.

"I will finish this and hopefully make sure she turns out relatively normal after what you bastards did to her." Fugaku stated as they men and women were dragged away kicking and screaming. Fugaku walked up to the seal and while he wasn't a seal master or an expert, he was given knowledge on what this thing did so if someone used it, he could recognized the signs so he could punish the people that used it.

"Fugaku, can you stop this and reverse this? I might be an expert in sealing but this is something I have no knowledge about." The Hokage asked with worry in his voice. Fugaku put his hand on the seal to see what the old crones did and to see how much damage was done.

"The seal has imbedded itself already. I can change around something's so she can be normal in a sense. They were trying to force her to become a mindless tool. I can make it so she thinks she works for the Uchiha as a maid that's being paid. She will have her free will back but the command seal is still there. If me or Mikoto command something while channeling our thoughts through the seal we have, she will have no choice but to listen." Fugaku stated with annoyance while the Hokage looked confused.

"How did they get fresh blood from the two of you for something like this though?" Sarutobi asked seeing that to get the command seal, they needed the person's blood to do this. Fugaku looked confused himself but he could wager a guess as to it.

"I don't think it was either of our blood but whose blood was given to the seal first. Look, Itachi has the seal as well." Fugaku stated as he noticed the mark on his son. The Hokage blinked at this before his own thoughts came from this conclusion.

"Is that even possible? It's true the DNA of a child is made from their parents but still. If that's true on what happened, this is a high class blood seal to attach it to the persons immediate DNA family." Sarutobi was baffled that someone could make a seal like that.

"I hope no one else but us three have the seal. While I trust Sasuke to grow into a great and honorable person, I do not know his personality yet. If he has it, I can only hope and trust in him." Fugaku stated as he really was proud of Sasuke even if he was still a baby. He was his son after all but he still has not idea what the future holds.

"I don't believe he will. This feels like a blood seal that goes to the current blood holder and the living relatives of that person's line. While Sasuke has similar blood and DNA, its not to a brother or sibling but to the parents and grandparents and so on. At least that is my theory." The Hokage stated to which Fugaku nodded, though it was a shot in the dark as neither of them understood shit about this sealing ritual. They doubted they were even right about any of what they just said to each other. They were just throwing out what was plausibly happening.

"I'm almost done. I've gotten rid of everything that made her a complete puppet to the clan and the knowledge dump they gave to her. I've erased everything that a four year old shouldn't know. At least even with the imprint of servitude already locked, I changed it so she thinks that she will be working for money as our maid. Until we can get the seals off her for servitude towards the bearers of the seal, she will not really have an idea of what she truly wants to do in her life." Fugaku said solemnly.

"I'll have my student Jiraiya return. He is her godfather and once he hears this he will return in an instant. He will help in anyway he can to get that seal off her." Sarutobi stated to which Fugaku nodded in agreement. He knew of Jiraiya's ability in seals and he was the only one that they trusted that knew how to fix this since Minato died.

Fugaku nodded once more as the seal stopped glowing and then disappeared, showing that it was done. Fugaku growled at himself for even having to be apart of this and wished he could of gotten rid of it as soon as he saw it. Fugaku walked over to the girl and picked her up, wrapping her in the Hokage Robes that Hiruzen handed him. This had turned his good day into the worst day of his life and he could just hope that it didn't get any worse than it already was.