Hell if I know how gay sex works. I'm awkward as heck, so sorry.

Eren's breath hitched as he felt Rivaille's fingers ghost over the waistband of his underpants. Eyelids squeezing shut, his hands gripped the sides of the lounger to the point where the bone white of his knuckles shone. He felt a single digit slink beneath the band and caress the base of his dick. Biting hard on the bottom of his lip, he held his breath to stifle the moan building in the back of his throat.

Rivaille stared at Eren all the while, taking in his reactions. The kid was shaking like a leaf. Maybe he shouldn't be doing this after all? With his free hand, he cupped the side of Eren's face and comfortingly stroked his cheek with his thumb.

"Eren. Eren, open your eyes." Turquoise irises beneath fluttering lashes hesitatingly peered at him. "Relax, breathe. You look like you're about to shit yourself. Are you really sure you want this?"

He gawked at him. Of freaking course he did. He would die from frustration if they stopped now.

"I-I…um…" he stammered.

Rivaille sensed his hesitation. I said I could…I said I would…no, will stop. Taking a deep breath, he began withdrawing his hand, only to be stopped by a clamoring grip at his wrist. He quirked his brow, giving a questioning look.

"Ah! No, wait!" Shit, shit, shit. Did he fuck up his chance? "Please," he whimpered. "It's…I've never done anything like this before, so I don't know how to act." Eren grabbed Rivaille's hand in both of his and pressed his forehead against it. "Please…"

Oh, so that's what it was. Though it's been decades since he was last with someone, he'll admit that he used to have the occasional lay. But, it was always with people that had experience and none were as young as Eren. He didn't like being bothered with teaching. After what he had been through, he'd had more one night stands than he was proud to admit.

But Eren. Oh, precious little Eren. His Eren. Though, he supposed Eren wasn't exactly little in height. But, a small detail like that was of no consequence.

It was the one time he was a bit glad that he was with an innocent. To have had any other pig put their filthy meat stubs on Eren…he'd be tempted to hunt down each and every one of them. He knew it was unreasonable, even hypocritical of him to have such thoughts, but he couldn't help himself; he'd never wanted…needed anything or anyone so much in his life before. With Eren, he wouldn't mind guiding the boy. He wouldn't mind taking his time, going slowly, gently.

He carefully lifted the brunet's head to face him. Rivaille didn't like the distressed look on his face; it forced an uncomfortable weight to slither its way into his chest.

Giving Eren's cheek a soft pat, he murmured, "Don't be nervous. Don't worry. I've got you…I've got you…" He leaned in and tenderly pressed a kiss against the boy's delicate lips.

It was a chaste kiss, no tongue; he simply allowed Eren to return the contact on his own.

Eren was shocked that the sudden gentleness of Rivaille's lips on his, but then he wanted more. He wanted the taste of Rivaille on his tongue. Slightly parting his mouth, he slipped his tongue out and pressed it against on the man's lips, trying to pry them apart. Rivaille easily yielded and let Eren's warmth slide into his mouth.

He brushed the inside of his cheek and glided across his roof until finally settling against rough taste buds. Eren pressed his face deeper into Rivaille's and began sucking on his still tongue. Shortness of breath was getting to him so he breathed through his nose, smiling to himself that he remembered. But then he realized that he was the only one doing the kissing and a discontented whine wormed its way up.

A soft chuckle passed Rivaille's lips at the boy's bellyaching. He assumed that meant he could take control now. Snaking an arm around his waist, he pulled their bodies snug against each other and deepened their kiss, eliciting a low moan from Eren.

"Mmm…Rivaille…" He seriously could not get enough of the way Eren said his name.

Rivaille licked Eren's bottom lip and captured it between his teeth, biting softly. He gave it one last suck before trailing kissing along his jaw and onto his neck. He lapped his tongue against his Adam's apple and across the firm cord of neck muscle, leaving a sprinkling of marks.

His hand found the side of Eren's waist and fingered his hipbone as if asking for consent to continue further. At Eren's mumble of approval, he slipped his hand beneath his trousers and palmed his already hard length.

Eren couldn't help but gasp at the sensation of surprisingly cool, delicate fingers on him. He bit the inside of his cheek and buried his face in the crook of Rivaille's neck as he had begun slowly running his hand along him. His pants started feeling constricting and he wiggled his hips to try and relieve the pressure.

"Mmn…hips…lift up your hips," Rivaille murmured between peppering kisses on his mouth, face, and neck.

He moved quickly to comply, stumbling slightly and letting out a shuddering breath when his movement caused Rivaille to accidentally yank a bit harder on his dick. Rivaille easily pulled off his pants along with his underwear, freeing his length from its confines.

Suddenly, Eren felt self-conscious about being exposed. His hands traveled to cover himself but were swatted away by Rivaille's.

"No, let me see you."

"Ahhh, but it's so embarrassing!" he complained.

"Pfft," he uttered, amused. "You're embarrassed now?"

"I-huff-" Rivaille had started pumping him faster, his grip firmer. "A-ah…at least…I want to see you t-too."

Rivaille gave an appreciative hum. "Hmm…fine."

He separated himself from Eren and stood up, earning a discontented whine from the brunet. The corner of his mouth quirked up in a pleased smirk.

Eren could only stare transfixed as Rivaille gradually – or rather sensually – dragged his hand up his body as he stripped off his shirt. And holy shit he was way more toned than Eren had expected. He knew he was fit, but damn. Feeling slightly inadequate next to the man, he curled his legs against his chest and wrapped his arms around himself.

"Oi, hey, what did I tell you," Rivaille remarked, pointing at Eren's ball-like state.

He merely made a disgruntled noise in reply and flung himself over the plush lounger, draping his body along it.

Chuckling at Eren's melodrama, he swiftly shed himself of his pants, making sure to neatly fold his articles of clothing before returning to the boy's side.

The kid was face down and sprawled over the recliner. Any inclination of him actually acknowledging Rivaille's presence was only the slight flinch he made when he placed a hand on Eren's hip. Okay, that was all well and fine with Rivaille. Two could play at this game.

Tightly grabbing both sides of Eren's hip, he pressed his dick flush against the boy's entrance, as if he were truly going to enter just like that.

Eren froze. He swore he had a heart aneurysm that very moment. His lungs seized up and he ceased to breathe.

The moment his insides decided to properly function again, he tried to twist his body around and sputtered, "U-uh! Y-you! What!"

Rivaille let out a tiny snicker, "Heh, got your attention now?"

He moved and scooted himself next to Eren.

"Y-you think?!" he exclaimed, "Scared the crap out of me!"

Wrapping an arm around the boy's lower torso, he pulled him closer, nuzzling him affectionately.

"At least you're less anxious now, yeah?" he breathed, kissing Eren's collarbone.

"Um…I guess?" he replied slowly, hesitantly returning the embrace.

Was this Rivaille's way of trying to comfort him? Thinking back to the time they first met, he remembered that the man was kind of lacking in the department of tactful socializing. And the thought that Rivaille was even making an attempt – albeit maybe with unorthodox methods – warmed his heart to the very core.

Feeling a rush of confidence, he hugged Rivaille back with greater conviction and dared to press both of their lengths together, running his fingers along Rivaille's. The man's mouth was pressed into the crook of his neck and Eren felt his moan reverberate throughout his entire body.

"Mmmn-!" he had vocalized into Eren's warm, slightly sweaty neck, trying his best not to bite down hard.

Damn kid had some guts; he had taken Rivaille completely by surprise. Not one to be bested, he hoisted the boy up, one arm supporting beneath his butt and the other around his waist. Eren automatically wrapped his arms around Rivaille's neck and hooked his legs around his hips.

'Bed' was the only thing Rivaille grunted as he carried Eren through one of the arched doorways.

Of course, Eren, being the hormonal teenager he was, could not even wait until they were in the room. It was because every time Rivaille took a step, their dicks would rub up against each other, rough and hot, and gods it just felt so fucking good. He couldn't help but let his shaking fingers wrap around the both of them and pump until his hand was slicked with his own pre-come, moaning into Rivaille's ear all the while.

"A-ahn…mmn…R-Rivaille…" he panted.

"Shit!" he hissed, stumbling and banging his forearm against the wall of the hallway, barely managing to catch himself. "Damn it, Eren! Do you want me to drop you?"

"N-no, sorry," he apologized in a shaky voice, instantly withdrawing his hand and pressing it against his own chest, keeping it as far away from Rivaille as possible.

The kid looked so damn remorseful that Rivaille felt like a fucking monster for even raising his voice at him.

He sighed heavily, "No, you have nothing to apologize for. I'm sorry for yelling at you, but have a little patience, yeah? I don't have as much self-control as you may assume of me."

He returned his arm to Eren's waist and continued to the room. Once inside, he gently placed Eren onto the lavish, silken sheets of the king-sized bed. The plush bed dipped under his weight as Rivaille situated himself on top of the boy.

Starting from his lips, he kissed Eren and leisurely made his way down to his chest, taking one of his nipples into his mouth, sucking hard, and fingers playing with the other.


He continued trailing kisses lower and lower until his lips found the tip of his erect penis. Grabbing it in one hand, he flicked his tongue out, giving it a quick lick.

"Ah! W-whoa! Wait! T-that's dirty!" Eren waved his hands about and tried to push Rivaille's face away from his crotch, but the man refused to budge.

"Eren," he growled, "I don't care. I was wrong. If it's you, it's not dirty. I know this may be asking for a lot, but won't you give me just a bit of your trust?"

"I…" he hesitated.

Trusting someone was extremely difficult for Eren. It was something that was earned, not given. He had previously trusted his father to take care of them and look where that got him. But this person in front of him – this dragon – Rivaille…was not his father and had done nothing undeserving of his trust. He had saved his life, his sister's life, and now…here they were.

It was probably against his better judgment, but he whispered, "Okay…"

And there it was – the smile that made Eren swoon and feel that certainly, definitely, he must have made the right decision.

Eren pressed his forearm to his face, covering it, because surely he was a bright shade of red.

However, it was immediately removed with a mumbled 'let me see you' breathed right against his crotch, causing a shiver to run down his spine.

Rivaille took Eren into his mouth, his tongue flicking over the tip, causing Eren to gasp and jerk in response. He licked the bottom side of his dick from the tip all the way to the base until all of him was in his mouth and the coarse hairs tickled his nose. He inhaled a scent that was wholly Eren.

His hand moved to massage his balls while continuing to suck him off, drawing out soft moans and whimpers from the boy. He was close, he could tell; Eren was twitching in his mouth.

"Nnn-aah…Ri-Rivaille…pl-please move…I-I'm-" His hands cupped the man's cheeks, once again trying to push him away, but they were shaking and it was impossible for him to put any real force in his thrusts.

A hand reached out and grabbed his wrist. Rivaille stared up at him with a look in his eyes that seemed to say 'trust me'.

How could he refuse him when he looked at him like that? Eren stopped squirming and lay back, relinquishing himself entirely to the man before him. It was not much longer when his whole body trembled and he came hot and heavy into Rivaille's mouth.

Rivaille sucked on his tip and swallowed every last bit of him, even going as far as licking him clean.

Eren lay there feeling exhausted, amazing, absolutely incredible. But then the thought struck him – Rivaille hadn't come yet – and he shot up straight, nearly bumping into aforementioned man.

"Whoa! Eren, what's wrong?" he breathed, shocked by Eren's sudden movement.

"You – I-I didn't…I need to…" he blubbered, upset.

He scrambled to place his face by Rivaille's crotch but was promptly grabbed by the shoulders and stopped. His forehead was pressed up against Rivaille's, their faces so close that he could feel the man's breath fan on his lips and cheeks.

"Eren," he started, "you don't have to do anything in return. You don't owe me anything. I wanted to do this, alright? It was my fault in the first place, anyway. So just relax, rest."

Ever so carefully, he lowered Eren back down to the bed, wrapping the boy in a tight embrace and pressing his face against his chest. The smooth sheets were pulled over the both of them and Rivaille tenderly ran the back of his hand along Eren's back in a gentle caress.

Closing his eyes, he rested his head against the man and snuggled closer, draping an arm around his torso. Eren exhaled deeply, letting the stress of the past two weeks bleed through his body.

Never had he ever felt as relaxed as he did now, in the arms of this person, and he wished that they could stay like this forever.

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