Hey new story! Well not new, this has been my baby for the last month. I got this idea in my head after reading an amazing story (read anything and everything Silvercreekmama has written. That is a direct order.)

As we know from the show, both merle and Daryl were abused by their father. In one way I took this a step farther, in another I obliterated this idea, as you will soon see. A lot of fanfics mention merle having to choose between prison and military, picking military, leaving Daryl. My basic idea is this: what if merle didn't have a choice?

Add a healthy influence of motorcycle clubs (again, Silvercreekmama. Read!) And lots of family feel good moments, and this is it!

The story is in the walking dead timeline between seasons 2 and 3, however Daryl and merle never joined the group at the quarry, so they are not known to the group yet.

Other differences:

Ed did not die at the quarry, rather he took off running when the walkers came and is still out there somewhere. Sophia does not exist…..yet.

Merle and Daryl have a much tighter brother bond then the show. It comes in useful.

Daryl is 26, merle 37.

There is a lot of original characters starting in chapter…3 I think. Lots of OCs, lots of backstory

A few warnings just to get them out of the way: there is blood, torture, murder and a tiny amount of smut in this story. That being said, it's not much and it's a sideways writing there. also my typical weed and potty mouth warnings: there will be both.

SOAlovingmom, Athlete girl and Silvercreekmama; ya'll are crazy good and make me want to write! Ty!

Amber TY for letting me use bites of your story!

Italics indicate current, standard is flashback

Read and Respond please!