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The first time Jyuushiro Ukitake had first met Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was through a mutual friend. During their first interactions together, he knew he had fallen deeply for the blue-haired man. When he first asked the younger male if he'd be interested in a date, he learnt what it was like to be rejected in a cruel manner.

And it was when the younger continuously shot him down every single time and made it perfectly clear he hated the white-haired man that Jyuushiro realised he had fallen hopelessly in love with someone he would never stand a chance with.

No matter what he did, he would never be good enough for Grimmjow to acknowledge him. No matter what he said, he would only be verbally attacked and belittled, made to feel insignificant.

And no matter what he felt about Grimmjow's reactions, he knew his feelings would never change.

Stupid, wasn't it?

Jyuushiro knew that, and he didn't need to be told – he was nothing but a fool.