The Green KITTEN

(( Hello folks. Hope you enjoy this piece of mine on "BB+ Rae". No hens in ties drink lemonade in here... lol!))

Raven was in her room, reading an old book on Dark Magic.

Robin and Star went out for some reason Raven didn't wanna know.

Beast boy was hanging out with Cyborg, but secretly, since he was given the responsibility of doing the laundry works of the week. To be specific, he was actually hiding from Raven, not even from leader Robin, since she was in charge of caning the green one straight.

Therefore, by his usual plan B, he painted a kitten green so that everyone would take it to be Beast boy. And he was successful, as usual ( what an irony!). No one could even imagine that was an ordinary kitten painted in green, since he used Permanent Ink this time.


Raven was searching for Beast boy to get him doing the laundry works.

She called, "Gar! Where are you? Garfield...?"

She, then, came up with the little green kitten.

Raven said, " That's really sweet of you, Gar, but you can't escape laundry this time!"

The cat meowed in reply.

Raven said, " This isn't funny, Gar! Change back to yourself or..."

The kitten took no heed of her orders, and began to lick its paws.

Raven thought, " ...Oh, how cute you can be at times... So childish..."

She said, "Okay, enough of your games! You enjoy your cat leisure while I do the laundry for you...!"

She began to put the dirty clothes inside the washing machine, and noticed quite clearly that the green one wasn't helping at all. She said, irritated, "... Don't you even feel like lending a hand...?!"

The kitten began to stretch and purr as it lay comfortably on its belly.

"Whatever", quoth the Raven.

She finished the whole laundry all by herself and when done, she noticed the kitten had fallen asleep.

"... Love you Gar..." As she said so, she gently stroked its soft green fur. She gently picked up the kitten on her lap and took it to her room, her RESTRICTED room.

The kitten hadn't moved a bit as it was fast asleep. Raven laid on her bed, rested the kitten on her lap, and continued reading the book she was going through.


By now our hero Beast boy returned, but was highly horrified to find the kitten gone. He began thinking, "O boy... Rae's gonna kill me!".

He kept searching for the kitten all over the tower and finally found it in the kitchen where Raven was making a cup of Herbal tea for herself.

Beast boy double- crossed so that Raven would leave the kitchen without noticing him hiding behind a cabinet ... and fortune smiled upon the green guy, like this-


He tried to get the kitten out of the kitchen, but it crouched uncomfortably and began hissing.

"Dude ... You're gonna get My butt kicked!...". Before he got His butt kicked, he kicked the kitten out of the kitchen window, away from the tower. ;D

"How dare you take my advantages!", he scoffed at the poor innocent kitten.

He could hear Raven approach the kitchen in small steps.

"Incoming!" shrieked he.

Our hero, scared, quickly shifted to a kitten similar to the one he had kicked out recently.

"Here you go, Gar, your favorite Honey Milk...".

She knelt down and began stroking his fur. "Be a good kitty for now and stay close to me... will you, Gar?" asked she.

He was delighted. He moved around her, rubbing his green fur to her feet and purring, an affirmative reply to Rae's plea.

"O... stop that, you devil! It tickles!" shrieked she.

" Oh, no... I'm gonna play naughty with you now, luv!", thought the green devil.


(( Ha ha! Just kidding!))