Ok, this is kind of a weird fic. You see, I already sort of wrote this, as "Beginnings". But let me explain… you see, "Beginnings" was always meant to be this –points to the fic below-, but I was in a hurry to post something, so I made a heavily abridged version. The version up is basically a summery of chapters two, three, and five. I'm going to now start doing the REAL fic… should be about eight or so chapters long, each about a thousand words or so.

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"Loves icy journey…"

Chapter one: Denials

By Michael Treiber

Series title by Usagi Carter

                Minako sighed and idly traced patterns in the water pooling on the table around her iced tea.

                "Its not fair…" she sighed deeply again.

                "What's not fair?" A familiar vice asked from behind her.

                She looked up and smiled at Haruka, somewhat bitterly.


                The tall blonde raised an eyebrow at the younger girl and sat, joining her at her table.

                "Care to explain?"

                Minako thought for a moment about how to reply.

                "I'm the senshi who is supposed to represent love. But how can I represent something that I can't seem to embrace? Rei has her fire, Ami swims… Even you and Michiru are better in tune with your elements than I am."

                "Ah." Haruka nodded sagely. "I see what this is about now."

                She paused and smiled gently at the other girl.

                "You're lonely."

                Minako nodded slowly.

                "Yeah… I suppose so." She looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Why do I have to be alone? I'm nice, pretty, talented…" she slowly trailed off when she saw the look on Haruka's face and giggled a bit. "But I'm not arrogant, I'm just self confidant."

                "Uh huh." Haruka agreed. "Then why are you alone?"

                "I don't know!" Minako's voice took on a harsh edge. "But every time I get close to someone, something happens and he leaves me. Or I leave him. Senshi business, he tried to kill me, he's in love with a childhood friend… there's always an excuse. True love never seems to hit me… just these stupid little crushes that fade in a couple of days or weeks."

                Haruka shook her head, her well-groomed blond hair barely ruffling.

                "Really? You've never had anything that lasted longer?"

                The smaller girl blushed delicately and suddenly found the wood grain of the table fascinating.

                "Well…" She hesitated before continuing, "I've always had…sort of a… you know…"

                "What?" Haruka grinned ruthlessly.

                "A crush on you…Ever since Usagi and I stalked you that first time."

                "Ahh" Minako was shocked when Haruka reached out and patted her on the top of her head. "That's cute. But Michiru would never understand."

                Minako's head snapped up, her eyes wide with terror at the thought that Michiru might find out about her crush.

                "Oh, relax." Haruka assured Minako. "It'll be our little secret. But tell me something… have you ever had crushes on any other girls?"

                "I don't really think so."  Minako blushed deeply.  

                The older woman lightly pressed the issue.

                "So you've never wondered what it would be like to wake up in Makoto's bed, with her big green eyes washing over you as she tells you that she's just made you breakfast in bed? Never even had a stray thought about what kind of panties Rei wears under her Miko getup? Or if she wears any at all?"

                Though Haruka wouldn't have thought it possible, Minako turned even redder.

                "Well… maybe just a passing thought or two…" the blushing blond sheepishly admitted. "Sometimes…"

                Haruka bit back a reply and nodded, eyes bright, waiting for Minako to continue.

                "You see, Ami doesn't date much. Actually, she doesn't date at all. She doesn't even get in on all the boy chasing the rest of us do. And I think she's probably the only one of the inner senshi who hasn't had a crush on Mamoru. So we, the other inners and I, have this running bet about weather she's going to find the perfect guy and crash for him, or if… you know…"

                "Or if she's in the closet." Haruka bluntly finished Minako's revelation for her. She spoke again before Minako could cut in. "That's perfect."

                Blinking twice in quick succession, Minako had to ask,

                "What's perfect?"

                "This situation with Ami. You're single, she's single. You've had romantic feelings towards other girls before, and she might very well be…" Haruka trailed off and frowned in thought for a long, silent moment. Somewhat worried, Minako gently interrupted her train of thought.

                "Haruka? Are you ok?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah… just thinking about something Michiru told me a couple of months ago, about swimming with Ami."

                She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and smiled at Minako once again.

                "But as I was saying… This is a perfect opportunity. Ask Ami out for a date."

                "What?!" Minako was shocked. She's never expected Haruka say something like this. "…Why?"

                Haruka sighed deeply.

                "You're a closet lesbian, she might be a closet lesbian, your lonely, she's single… its perfect."

                Minako had trouble breathing, much less speaking.

                "Why… You…I am NOT a lesbian!"

                Haruka reached forward and slowly drew her right index finger along the silken skin of Minako's jaw line, favoring the other girl with a soft half-smile the entire time.


                As her finger finished tracing the length of Minako's jaw, she brought it up and let it rest on the other girl's lower lip. Still smiling seductively, Haruka put just enough pressure on her finger to slightly part Minako's lips, and slipped the tip of her finger into the other girls mouth, just long enough to run it lightly over the inside of her lip.

                Breathlessly, Minako saw the tip of Haruka's finger glistening with her saliva as the androgynous blond brought the digit up to her own mouth, where she ran a slow, sensuous tongue over it. Eye contact was never broken.

                When Minako finally caught her breath, she asked,

                "So… How should I ask Ami out?"

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