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Warnings: Shounen-ai.

Chapter one:

"Do you, Vegeta, take Bulma Briefs to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, through adversity and prosperity, from this day forward; for as long as you both shall live?"

With a challenging glare around the room, Vegeta gave a quick nod and then settled his expression into a mask of blankness; wishing severely that Dende would stop droning on like an old man and that the ridiculous ceremony was over and done with.


The Honeymoon suit.

It was where Vegeta found himself barely half an hour later and it was the one place in the Capsule Corp. building he'd hoped not to stumble across in his absent search for a way out.

Restlessly he tapped his fingertips against the fragile glass of the room's window and stared out of it sightlessly till a flicker of movement made him focus on the reflection of his not so happy new bride as she entered the room behind him.

"Vegeta! There you are." The woman all but shrieked in anger and grabbed his arm, spinning him around to face her, "Have you forgotten this is our wedding day! Honestly! Skiving off like that, what will people think!"

A flicker of unreadable emotion flashed in Vegeta's eyes then disappeared, "Be quiet, woman!" He snapped, pushing passed her and stalking into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Safely on the other side of the door, Vegeta ripped off the gaudy and restricting suit Bulma had so carefully put together for him and glared at himself in the mirror. His own reflection glared back at him, tight lipped, eyes flashing with anger and a barely discernable aura of his Ki pulsing from him. Slowly he took in a breath and then breathed it out, then stopped as his eyes focused on something on the other side of the room; the clothing Bulma had folded neatly and placed where he could find them easily. Slowly he turned and growled at the bright yellow trousers and pink sleeveless shirt. Stupid woman!

/Knock Knock/

"Just a moment!" Bulma called as she turned away from glaring at the bathroom door and made her way to the suite's main door, swinging it open when she reached it.

"Gokou? Chichi?" Bulma blinked as Gokou stood awkwardly beside his beaming wife.

"We came up to congratulate you," Chichi said, "since we didn't get a chance earlier when Vegeta stormed out. Where is he anyway?" Shifting to her tiptoes Chichi endeavoured to peer into the room, hoping to get a glimpse of the surly Saiyan.

"Oh…" Bulma sighed, "Vegeta's in the shower…"

"OH!" Gokou entered the conversation suddenly, rubbing the back of his head with one hand and gently pushing his wife down the hallway with the other, "We'll come back lat…"

"Oh! No, no, no!" Bulma said with a laugh aimed at trying to hide the slow blush that threatened to envelope her face. "Don't be silly, come in."

"Are you sure?" Gokou asked even though he was already half way through the door, being dragged by his determined wife, "If you're busy…"

Bulma shook her head and gestured to the couch, her attention taken up with the task of yelling at Vegeta through the bathroom door, "Vegeta! Come out, we've got guests!"

"Leave me alone, woman!" Came the growled reply and Gokou paused, partway into his seat, as he realised Chichi wasn't with him. Turning he looked at the woman and was faced with an aura of pure rage that was suddenly making it's indignant way towards the bathroom door.

"Wha…? Chichi!" Gokou protested, grabbing his wife's arm before she could reach her goal, "You can't go in there!"

Chichi immediately rounded on her unfortunate husband, "Then you go in and talk to him!" She growled and threw the reluctant man through the door, slamming it behind him.

Gokou stumbled through the door and caught himself on the sink, narrowly avoiding a head on collision with a startled Vegeta.

Gokou's hand immediately found it's way behind his head and Gokou attempted to think of a way to explain why he'd suddenly barged in on Vegeta as he was dressing, "Ahhh…err… ehhh…"

"Out." Vegeta commanded, his right hand clenching around the fabric of the shirt he'd been about to don. "Now!"

Gokou scrambled for the door handle, pushing against the door as he twisted the handle and, to his dismay, found it was locked.

"Get out of the way, Kakarotto!" Vegeta said raising one arm; energy for the blast he intended to release already flickering between his fingers.

"Vegeta!" Gokou exclaimed and pulled the man away from the door, "You can't do that…"

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do! It's you who got me into this, Kakarotto!" Vegeta exclaimed, his frustration from the day beginning to reveal itself.

"M…me?" Gokou said, his face completely blank as he tried to figure out what he'd done.

"Yes, you!" Vegeta began taking a threatening step forward. "You're the one who…" Vegeta was cut off suddenly as the door to the bathroom flew open, revealing the person who had gotten Gokou into the argument in the first place.

"Well?" Chichi demanded, her hands planted firmly on her hips, "Why are you still in here!"

Vegeta glared at the interfering woman searching for something to say that wouldn't set her off any more then she already was.

"He's waiting for us to leave." Gokou said with a meaningful look at his wife, breaking the battle of wills that had begun to spark up between his wife and rival.

"Well good!" Chichi huffed and eyed Vegeta for a moment before transferring her gaze to her embarrassed husband, "Come on, Gokou! We're in the way here, so stop bothering them!"

Gokou found himself dragged to the door by his irritated wife and, with a quick wave goodbye, let himself be dragged down the hall in the direction of the dining hall.

Back in the room Bulma shook her head at the Son's hurried exit and turned back to face the empty space where her new husband had been standing only moments before.

She blinked and then a soft breeze led her eyes to the main window, which was swinging wide on its hinges.


Me, prince of the entire Saiyan race, taking orders from a mere woman! Damn you Kakarotto for getting me mixed up with the miserable earthlings.

He was married, to an earth woman. Someone will pay for thi…

"Father! Father!"

Vegeta slowed to a stop, turning in midair to watch his young son approach.

"Father! Where are you going? Aren't you supposed to be with Mum?" Trunks asked eagerly.

"None of your business!" Vegeta snapped irritably and began to resume his flight, "Go back to your Mother."

Trunks watched in disappointment as his Father disappeared amongst the clouds that dotted the sky above West City then let himself drop back down through the air to the Wedding Party he'd left so suddenly and disappeared into the crowd, searching for Goten.


The wedding party had come to a grinding halt with the revelation that the groom had flown the coop and now everyone crowded around the deserted bride giving comfort.

"It'll be alright, Bulma." Chichi said half turning to search the crowd as she spoke, "I'll send Gokou to find him. GOKOU?"

At the call, Gokou poked his head up from where he sat devouring every scrap of food he could find and was suddenly yanked from his chair.

"Gokou, go find Vegeta now. And don't come back until you've found him!"

"But Chichi-"


Gokou sighed then took to the air in search of the missing Saiyan prince.

"I'll sure Gokou'll bring Vegeta back soon." Videl said comfortingly.

"Oh Vegeta." Bulma said beginning to sob on Chichi's shoulder, "Where could you be?"

In an out-of-the-way spot, hidden beneath a table, Trunks and Goten watched in silence.

"Is your Mum alright, Trunks?" Goten whispered after a while and Trunks sighed.

"She'd be alright if my dad was nicer. But that would take a miracle."

"Or the Dragonballs." Goten pulled his foot closer to himself as a passing adult almost stood on it, "We could wish your dad was nicer."

Trunks' face lit up, "Yeah! Stay here, I'll be right back."

Goten barely had time to wonder what his friend was up too before the lavender haired Saiyan was back, clutching his mother's Dragonball radar close to his chest, "Let's go!"

Goten nodded and the two snuck out from under their table and leapt into the air, speeding off into the distance.

Back at the stopped party Bulma leapt to her feet, followed by Chichi.

"Trunks, where are you going!"



Where the hell are you!

Gokou had been flying around for nearly an hour but hadn't seen hide-nor-hair of his quarry. In fact, he was about to give up and land for a while when a flash of pink out of the corner of his eye finally told him where the Saiyan prince had run off too.

As Gokou got closer he absently noticed the piles of freshly destroyed rocks and landed a short distance from his goal.

"Vegeta." He hesitated.

"Get away from me, Kakarotto!"

"Come on, Vegeta! You have to come back." Gokou pleaded.

Vegeta sneered, "Why should I?"

"How do you think Bulma feels right now? You left her alone on your wedding day!"

"What do I care!"

"If you don't do it for her then do it for me!" The taller man implored.

"You, Kakarotto?" Vegeta said with a laugh, "Why would I do it for you!"

"Well…" Gokou explained a little sheepishly, "Chichi would kill me if I went back without you. Hey! Vegeta come back…!"


"That's all of them!" Trunks said smugly and grinned down at all seven Dragonballs that were gathered at his feet.

"Yep, and only took an hour!" Goten said putting his hands behind his head and shuffling his feet.

"Well, yeah." Trunks said, "We've got the Radar."

Both boys were silent for a moment then Trunks stepped forward and raised his arms, "Well here goes nothing. Shenlong I summon you!"

The sky went dark.


"Oh, come on, Vegeta!" Gokou exclaimed, bouncing around the Saiyan prince and attempting to catch his eye."

"I've already told you, Kakarotto! I…" Vegeta's stopped in mid-sentence as Gokou reached out and grabbed his arm firmly. "Kakarotto, what are y…?"

Barely a second later Vegeta found himself standing back in the middle of his wedding party.

"…Ou doing?"

"Vegeta!" The call was from Bulma who was already storming in his direction, "Where have you been! Taking off like tha…" Bulma demanded then suddenly stopped as she realised the man wasn't even listening to her.


Trunks stood motionless, as the Dragon appeared before him and behind him Goten let out a small 'eep'.

"You have three wishes!" Shenlong rumbled, "Make your first wish!"

"Uhmm," Goten interrupted, "what should we wish for?"

"I already told you Goten, gee don't you listen? We're going to wish my dad nice."

Goten stuck his hands behind his head and grinned, "Oh yeah!"

"What is your first wish!" The Dragon demanded and Trunks refocused on the task at hand.

"These are my wishes." Trunks began. "I wish my dad was nice and caring. I wish my dad loved my mum, and…"

"Hey!" Goten interrupted thoughtfully, "Why don't we just wish he loved everybody?" he grinned up at the Dragon, "I wish he loved everybody!"

"Goten! N…" But before Trunks could even get the protest out, Shenlong's eyes began to glow.

"Your wishes have been granted!" The great Dragon thundered out and Trunks could only stand and stare as it disappeared from sight, rapidly followed by the Dragonballs.

Both boys stood in silence until Trunks finally turned to his friend, "Oh gee, Goten. What'd you have to go and do that for? We'll probably get in trouble now…"


"Vegeta? Vegeta!" Bulma shouted and shook the Saiyan as hard as she could.

"Don't touch me, woman!" Vegeta snapped and slapped her hand away, " I wanted no part of this in the first place!"

Bulma's eyes immediately filled with tears, "Well fine! Just go then…" She turned her back on the man but was suddenly startled by a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Bulma. I'm sorry, please don't cry."

Bulma stood stock still as every eye in the place glued themselves to the Saiyan Prince.

Wrapping his arms around the woman, Vegeta pulled her gently against his chest and whispered into her ear, "I love you, Bulma."

"Ve…Vegeta?" Bulma wasn't sure if she had heard him right. Did…did he just say he...lo…

Vegeta nuzzled Bulma's neck slightly, his eyes drifting forward to look at the crowd surrounding them. His eyes alighted on Gokou.

"Kakarotto…" Without warning, Vegeta pushed his startled bride out of the way and ran the few steps to the stunned man and wrapped his arms firmly around his shoulders, "Kakarotto… I love you."

End Chapter One