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Jenny rushed with Ziva to the parking lot. She couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. Lauren was a sensible girl and would've told her or James if she was going somewhere. She knew people could come after her and she knew how much Jenny worried so she and James always took precautions and made sure somebody knew where they were. This made Jenny feel even worse as it confirmed Lauren had been taken by somebody. She drove faster than she ever had before to get home.

She pulled up outside and ran into the house.

"James!" She shouted

"Mom!" He shouted from the front room

"Come on, we need to get to NCIS. Pack a bag." She told him

"Okay" He replied as he rushed out of the room and up the stairs.

Jenny slowly followed James but headed to Lauren's room instead. The room had cream walls and the furniture was mainly black and white. Her books were still laid out on the desk and her pajamas were on the floor. The room seemed untouched to an untrained eye, but Jenny had been trained by Gibbs and she would always remember her training. It was because of this, she noticed the note stuck on one of Lauren's books. As Jenny read it she gasped, tears springing to her eyes. Her worst nightmare was coming true. The note read 'One down, one to go'. Knowing better than to pick up the post-it, she left it for the agents that would inevitably be at her house soon.

"Mom?" James asked as he popped his head round the corner of the door

"Yeah Jamie?" Jenny replied, with the nickname she and Lauren had given him years ago

"Have you packed a bag as well?"

"No, I'll do it now. Have you got everything? Clothes, shoes, socks, under-"

"Moooom" He groaned "I'm not a baby any more, I'm twelve now"

"I know, but you'll always be my baby" She grinned

Jenny made her way to her own room where she pulled out a duffel bag and proceeded to pack her own things. She was half-way through her packing when James came into her room.

"Mom? Has Lauren been kidnapped?" He queried

"I don't know. Why do you ask?"

"I saw the note" He admitted

"Don't you worry about the note" She said sternly

"But, one down means Lauren. And one to go means me. Doesn't it?"

"Nobody is getting near you, do you understand me?" She told him as she zipped up her bag. Slinging it on her shoulder she left the room, knowing James would follow. The pair rushed to the car, eager tto get the answers they desperately needed. Jenny drove just as fast back to NCIS as she did coming home. Her little girl was missing and she'd be damned if speed limits were going to stop her from finding Lauren. Pulling up into her parking space, she jumped out of the car and ran towards the building, James in tow.

"Back again Director?" The security guard asked

"Emergency" She replied curtly, not in the mood for small talk

"I'll just get a visitors badge for your companion. Who is he by the-" He was interrupted by the glare sent his way.

"It's not important, just sign the badge"

"Yes Ma'am"

Glad that the conversation was over, she ushered James into the elevator.

"Mom, why doesn't anyone know who I am?" He asked

"I didn't tell anybody I had you, if I had, you'd be in danger" She told him gently

"Well, it didn't work did it? Lauren ended up in danger anyway"

"Stop being cheeky" Truthfully, she just didn't want to admit that he was right and she blamed herself for Lauren's kidnapping.

Once the elevator had reached the squad room, she rushed into the bull pen where she found DiNozzo on the phone, Mcgee missing (probably in Abby's lab) and Gibbs sat at his desk, writing. She made her way over to Gibbs' desk where she stood for a few moments until she cleared her throat. James stayed at the edge of the bull pen, not knowing these strange people.

"Can I help you, Director?" Gibbs asked formally

"Actually, yes. Have you solved your latest case?"

"This afternoon. Open and shut domestic. For once, DiNozzo was right, the wife did it"

"Right, well, the reports will have to wait. I have a new case for you"

"Mind telling me what it is?" He asked when she hadn't spoken for several moments. Jenny didn't know how to say the next part; she hadn't even thought about telling Jethro. She knew that she'd have to tell him eventually, she just didn't know it would be so soon.

"Well" She paused, gulping "My daughter's been taken"