When the twins started to walk Jenny went back to work and hired a babysitter. Changes began to happen when the twins turned three. A few months after their birthday, they saw Jenny packing boxes. She turned around and saw them standing there watching. She ushered them over and they sat on her knee.

"We're moving"

"Why?" James asked

"Well I had a job to do here and now that job is done so we have to move"

"Do we have to?" Lauren whined

"Yes, we do"

"I don't wanna"

"Well we have to"

"Will aunt Ziva be coming?" James questioned

"No she has to stay here in Israel"


"I know that you want to stay here and you want aunt Ziva but she'll visit when she can"

"Where will we be moving to mommy?"


"Where's that?"

"In Europe"

"What's Europe?"

"A group of countries"

"Oh and Italy is in Europe"



"Mommy?" Lauren piped up

"Yes lo-bear"

"Does this mean that I have to make new friends in Italy?"

"Yes you will"


A few weeks later the twins were buzzing. It was their last day in Israel and they knew that tomorrow they would get to go on a plane and see Italy. The twins were sent to bed early by Jenny so that they could have plenty of sleep for tomorrow. As the twins were drifting to sleep they heard Jenny crying over and over again "I miss you"

The next day the twins were rushed to get dressed and pack their teddy, toothpaste, toothbrush and pyjamas. As soon as they had finished that they were taken to the airport with Jenny. She clasped their hands tightly all the way to the airport and continued to hold on until they got on the plane. The twins were excited to be on a plane at first but they soon got bored and fell asleep.

All of the plane journey Jenny's thoughts rested on Gibbs. She couldn't stop thinking of the last time she was in Europe and what that led to. When the plane landed Jenny woke the sleepy twins, telling them they had arrived in Italy. Again, she tightly held onto their hands until they stepped out of the airport and found their car waiting for them. Jenny's job had some perks. The drive to the new house was a short one and the twins spent it absorbing all of the surroundings.

The twins jumped out of the car and Jenny made a mental note to add a childlock on the back doors. The twins stood waiting at the door as Jenny walked slowly to the door, letting them in.

As you walked through the front door there was a hallway, all three of them went into the first room that was on the left. It was light green wallpaper on the paper at the bottom of the walls and a white border separating the top half of the wall to the bottom. There was a tv in the corner, a sofa on the back wall and a coffee table in the middle.

James was easily bored by this room so they moved onto the living room.

The wall paper was beige with dark brown flowers. There was a three seater sofa on the same wall as the door and a two seater on the wall opposite. The floor was a laminate and there were patio doors that led to a conservatory.

The Kitchen was White and Red with white cupboards and black surfaces.

The dining room was a normal sized room and there was an oak dining table with six leather chairs around it.

James and Lauren were now bursting with excitement to see their room.

Jenny let them run upstairs first and followed shortly after. The twins room was yellow and had beds either side of it. The room was a significant size and they both had their own space to play.

Jenny's room was also of a large space, it had oak fitted wardrobes and a divan. The en suite was plain but adequate.

There were two rooms left to see in the house and Jenny had no idea what they could be for. She opened the door opposite her own and found NCIS equipment that she would need for her mission. She needed to put a lock on this room. After making sure there was nothing that the twins could hurt themselves with she moved on to the final room.

It was a guest room. It had a sofa bed on the wall opposite the door and was painted a pastel green. On the same wall as the door there were shelves filled high with toys, books and music for the twins. Jenny's heart swelled at the generosity of Tom. He was already working with Gibbs and keeping her secret but he then went to lengths to ensure the kids were entertained. She really couldn't thank him enough for all of this.