Hey, Levi...

Hey, Levi, did you know that I don't love Mikasa as anyone other than my sister? You would think that after such a long time together, I'd fall in love with her, but I haven't. Or ever will.

Hey, Levi, my mother, Carla, was the best. She was so nice. I'm pretty sure she'd like you if ever she was able to meet you.

Hey, Levi, I miss my dad. Like, really fucking miss him. I know he turned me into a titan and all, but he's still my father. Do you miss your parents? I'm sure you do. Maybe you won't admit it, but you do.

Hey, Levi, Armin once told me about an ocean; which is an giant body of water that looks almost endless. I've always wanted to see one with you, Levi.

Hey, Levi, I'm pretty sure my mom—Carla; I love her name so much, don't you?—would kill me for joining the military. She'd probably kill you too.

Hey, Levi, I've always looked up to you.

Hey, Levi, I'm really sorry if I kinda ruined your life. You always have to take care of me and I know that I can get out of hand. I never had a chance to apologize, so I'm so sorry.

Hey, Levi, if a winged creature gets their wings wet, it gets hard to fly. Mine are soaked in blood, Levi. It hurts to fly.

Hey, Levi, I miss my mom so much that it hurts me. Seriously, you have no idea.

Hey, Levi, it doesn't really hurt to die. It's actually relatively peaceful to pass away, even though I've had so many regrets.

Hey, Levi, did you ever regret meeting me?

Hey, Levi, I just want you to know that I really love you. Like, from the bottom of my heart. You're the most important person in the world to me.

Hey, Levi, if you're reading this, don't mourn over me. Go on with your life for me. That's my last and only wish.

Levi sat on his bed, holding the paper in his trembling fingers, tears threatening to spill. He was barely able to see the blurry lines and words at the end of the page.

Hey, Levi, my mom's waiting for me. I'll tell her all about you.

Hey, Levi, one last thing...


I'm so sorry about this! -cries- I wrote it in school because I just thought that it would be Erenlike if he wrote a letter to Levi before he left to convey his feelings.

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