Hello everybody! I'm currently working on a new chapter for 'Undeniable Obedience', but I'm kind of stuck on that story right now. So, in the meantime, here's something else for you to read :)

This takes place a few days after the latest act of the Junjou Romantica manga - the festival chapter. It isn't going to be a very long story, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

I do not own Junjou Romantica!

Part I

Moss green eyes darted from the front door to the note in Misaki's hands. His whole body was trembling as he tried to read the words on the paper once more. A lightheaded feeling overwhelmed him and small white spots formed in front of his eyes, blurring his eyesight.

The content of the letter wasn't what frightened Misaki, but rather the thought of how Akihiko would react to it. He had no idea how to explain this to his lover without upsetting the man; it was downright impossible. There was no way Akihiko would be okay with any of it, especially after what had happened not too long ago.

Perhaps the brunet had simply misread something, or at least that's what he hoped for. Who in the right mind would send someone such a request despite knowing the most important details of Misaki's love life?

It was very fortunate that Akihiko was at a meeting, because Misaki was actually scared to face him. There was something inside of him that told him the author was going to get mad at Ijuuin and Misaki didn't want to go through something similar again. It was already bad enough that Akihiko almost tried to beat the crap out of the mangaka after the latter had practically abducted his lover.

No, there was absolutely not a chance that Misaki would go on a date with the man he had already rejected—and in fact, he had done that not too long ago. Yet, he didn't know how to properly turn the offer down; Ijuuin probably wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Misaki's eyes scanned the note again.

Hello Takahashi-kun,

After the small incident we had, I was hoping that you are willing to give me a chance to apologize to you properly. I still want to get to know you better, so perhaps we could meet in front of the bookstore tomorrow at 10 am?

- Ijuuin Kyou

With a soft sigh, Misaki laid the note back onto the coffee table. Undoubtedly, Ijuuin was upset about Akihiko's interference and wanted to try again, but he didn't write it down that way to seem polite and calm. Misaki had already noticed by the way the mangaka and the author always looked at one another that they were at war. Akihiko didn't want to give Misaki up while Ijuuin tried to win his love no matter what it'd take.

The situation was getting more and more ridiculous with each passing day. Even though Misaki knew he loved Akihiko more than he could ever love anyone else, he found it hard to turn his idol down without hurting his feelings. Apparently, Ijuuin was not the kind of person to understand subtle messages, but Misaki didn't want to sound too harsh. He had to tell Ijuuin that he's in a relationship and refuses to leave Akihiko.

Unfortunately, this wasn't as easy as he thought at first.

Perhaps, if Misaki accepted the invitation and went on a date with Ijuuin, they could have a serious conversation about the whole thing.

"I'm home."

Misaki swiftly spun around to see that Akihiko had returned home. It was nowhere near surprising that the man was early; he had probably run away from his responsibilities at work when he got the chance. Nevertheless, the young man felt a lump in his throat as he watched Akihiko walk in his direction. A neutral, slightly tired expression was visible in those violet orbs.

Moving slowly, Akihiko locked his arms around his lover and pulled him to his chest, resting his head on the other's left shoulder.

"Did you miss me?" the author asked in a sleepy voice. It didn't take long before Misaki discovered the hint of amusement within the man's words. After finishing his boring work, Akihiko wanted nothing more than to tease his little lover.

With a bright blush, Misaki pushed him off. "You wish! Why would I miss you if you're off to work? It's not like you'd stay away forever."

Akihiko stared at him blankly. "If I didn't come back, would you miss me?"

"Stop joking! Now you're just being an insensitive jerk!" Folding his arms, Misaki turned away with a scowl. He couldn't believe Akihiko would actually ask him such a question. It wasn't as though the man didn't know how he felt.

Noticing the unusual response, Akihiko lifted Misaki's head with one hand and looked directly into his eyes. "Did something happen while I was gone?" His gaze wandered off to the note and he cocked an eyebrow. "What's that?"

Misaki panicked as Akihiko leaned forward, but it was too late to stop him as the latter had already picked the piece of paper up. His eyes widened in fear as Akihiko's eyes scanned the contents of the note.

He was officially screwed.