Yang whistled as she walked down the grand streets of Vale during a particularly sunny afternoon.

Well, they were streets at least, and in Yang's opinion, slightly cloudy and windy still counted as a sunny day in her book. The wind tousled her magnificently wild mane of blond hair almost lovingly. She was in a great mood today, a great morning spending time with her sister and an invigorating training session at the gym left her feeling fine. With a huge grin she continued to leisurely stroll down the long street. Her lilac eyes, hidden behind aviator sunglasses, casted an occasional glance at the passing store windows, briefly looking over the wares.

She was currently strolling down to her favorite coffee shop in all of Vale, looking forward to an excellently brewed cup of joe. Ozpin's Oddities might not sound like a caffeine station, but Yang knew all the shops and their intended purposes. Growing up in one town all her life had its quirks.

As she pulled open the door to enter the oddly named little stop, she noted the wind picking up and the sky growing darker. She also inhaled the smell of petrichor on the breeze, a clear indication of rainfall.

Looks like I'm gonna be here for awhile Yang noted with a grin.

She had no issue with being held captive in her favorite café for the next few hours, maybe more. She brought enough money to keep her refilled for hours, and enough homework to irritate her enough to drink it, lest she fall asleep in a booth, again. Not like she had anything else important to do today. Her daily training done, she was free to work on her homework for her classes. Not something she was looking forward to. Necessary evils were never fun.

Today seemed to be a busy day for Ozpin's. Students and regular customers having walked in to take shelter from the oncoming rain while indulging on a steaming hot beverage of caffeinated goodness.

Ozpin's Oddities was laid out with the register and work station opposite the door. On the same wall as the door were four booths directly to one's left upon entry, with enough room in each booth to seat four people comfortably. The entire wall alongside the booths was simply a glass window, allowing the customers to see the outside world pass by and watch the storm brew. On the opposite wall, parallel to the window and booths, were two miniature lounges, with love seats against the wall and two mini couches on either side of them. Each set of furniture making a pseudo-square around a long rectangular coffee table, also made of glass. Wood would have been scuffed to easily with the amount of abuse the tables endured day to day. With the exception of the milk and cream stand to the right of the register, the rest of the establishment was open space, enough for people to stand around in and still allow others to pass them by. Students tended to study at Ozpin's due to its close proximity to the nearby university, the heater didn't lessen the temptation to bunker down there either.

Setting her aviator's atop her head, Yang walked up to the register. Taking a look around, Yang saw that all the booths and furniture pieces were occupied. Despite this, the place only buzzed with minimal noise. No one talking loud enough to disrupt others'. Most of today's crowd seemed to be university students like her, looking for a cozy place to study and a warm drink to keep them awake. What bugged Yang the most was that it was probably gonna be a pain to find a seat. What was it about autumn weather that made people desire coffee?

Not that I'm in any position to complain, Yang grinned. It's why I'm here too. Maybe it's the cold?

As she contemplated the validity of her theory on the connection of the autumn season and people craving coffee, she made it to the front of the register. She placed her order, paid for her drink, and decided to stand by the pick-up counter till her order was ready. Since it was late November she decided to start off with a seasonal drink, a pumpkin spice latte.

When she turned around to scope out any potential sitting spots, she realized that the booth by the back of the café had only one occupant. A dark-haired girl by the look of it, if the bow atop her head was any indication. The seat across from looking quite inviting. Yang smiled, a mischievous plan already forming in her mind.

Yang had no problem with sitting with a stranger, especially if the stranger was someone her age. She liked meeting new people and, as a bonus, making new friends. After all, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet! Or so Yang liked to say. However, the stranger's she met previously with the same technique didn't seem to think that that excuse was a good enough reason to bother them half the time. Even if they departed from her with a smile on their faces.

After she received her drink, she walked over to the booth at the end. She saw that the raven-haired girl's attention was fully diverted to the book resting on the table, reading it like it held the answers to the universe. Her eyes flew across the page with unparalleled focus.

Yang could tell that this would be a fun afternoon.

"Hiya!" Yang exclaimed with what could only be described as a joyful shout, successfully making the black-haired girl jump in her seat. Yang grinned, ever the trickster.

Her shout earned her a harsh glare from piercing golden eyes. Yang took a step back in astonishment, eyes widening slightly. She had never seen such an eye color before. Not that she should have been too surprised, residents of Vale are known for their colorful array of hair, eye, and skin colorations, not to mention unique species of humans with animal features known as the Faunus. She herself owned a set or uniquely purple irises. Although, somehow, this color startled and entranced Yang for reasons unbeknownst to her.

After nearly ten seconds, Yang realized she was staring. By now the girl with the bow was giving her a confused yet irritated look. Trying to save herself from embarrassment, Yang asked, "Is this seat taken?" while gesturing to the seat across from her. Totally smooth.

The other girl glanced at the empty seat and then took a brief glance at the rest of the café, noting it's near full capacity, before answering with a monotone "No."

"Well, mind if I take a seat?" Yang asked with a sheepish grin.

"I suppose not." She answered bluntly, returning her attention to her book, but not before giving Yang a meaningful glance. Don't bother me, it demanded. Unfortunately for the amber-eyed girl, Yang would eventually ignore that message.

Yang slid into the booth with practiced ease, propping her bag on the window that was now to her right. Leaning back, she took a sip of her latte, enjoying the spicy drink, before she took the chance to observe the girl before her. Besides the bow, which killed the outfit in Yang's opinion even if the colors were coordinated, the girl was dressed rather stylishly. With what looked to be a dark purple tank top underneath a long sleeved, black v-neck shirt, covered by a black sweater that was loosely closed by a sash around her waist. Yang had seen her dark blue jeans and black heeled boots as she approached, quite a classy lady. Her slim figure complimented her fashion choice beautifully. In comparison, Yang's bright yellow tank top, long sleeved, faded brown leather jacket, black jeans, orange scarf, and light tanned boots, all topped off with her neon yellow hair, was a color explosion to any onlooker that looked between the two.

What could she say? Yang loved her favorite colors.

Yang leaned forward, elbows on the table, and tried to see if she could read any words from the book the unnamed girl across from her was reading, maybe find out the title. Finding nothing, she gave a little hum to catch the girl's attention and said, "I see you have a book there."

"Oh darn, I was hoping nobody would notice." was the response, the girl not even bothering to look up from her page.

Ooo, she's got bite. Yang thought amusedly.

"Uh-huh. That's not what I meant Miss Snarky" Yang said with a smile and an eye roll, "I wanted to ask what it was about."

The newly dubbed 'Miss Snarky' seemed taken aback, looking up in surprise. She was now curious as to why a random stranger wanted to know what she was reading. Even more so someone who looked like she would enjoy sky-diving more than a quiet afternoon with a good novel. That is, if her wild countenance and loud demeanor meant anything. Yet she knew better to judge a book by it's cover, and decided to answer the blonde's question honestly, while at the same time dismissing the crude nickname, "Oh. Well, it's about a man with two souls, each fighting for control over his body." She hoped that the strange, energetic blonde would stop talking to her if she gave short, brusque answers. That usually turned people off from asking her anything.

Yang gave a blank stare. Unsure how to respond to the girl's brief, but sullen, summary.

"Uh, that sounds a little… dark." Yang said at last.

The amber eyed girl stared back blankly, unsure how else to describe the story. She returned her gaze back to the book, now seemingly uninterested in Yang's opinion. The young blonde woman realized her mistake and quickly added, "But it does sound interesting! I'm guessing you read a lot, huh?"

Darn, doesn't look like she's going to leave me alone the girl with the bow thought.

The black-haired female sighed, bringing her gaze back up and looking Yang in the eye, gauging how genuine her curiosity was. Satisfied with what she saw, she gave a small smile, one Yang wanted to look at all day.

Wait, what?

"Yeah, it's a hobby of mine. Although I suppose reading assignments from my classes are something I could do without." She said, making an attempt to contribute to the conversation, giving up on the notion that this intruder she allowed into her booth would leave her alone. Might as well be somewhat diplomatic she thought.

Yang beamed a smile back at her, her already sunny mood brightening at the realization that this unknown girl was finally giving her something to work with, "Haha! I know exactly what you mean! I would rather train for my tournaments than have to do boring, old school assignments any day. So, Miss Snarky, do you go to the nearby university too?" Yang inquired enthusiastically.

"Vale U? Yeah, I study there. And don't call me snarky." I guess she goes there as well the raven-haired girl thought.

"What are you trying to major in?" Yang ignored her protest of the nickname.

"I'm majoring in English." She stated, looking a little unsure.

"Oh, cool! I don't even know ya Miss Snarky, but I can tell that suits you perfectly!" Yang exclaimed, ever the optimist. "Got a future career in mind do ya?"

"Yeah," the girl said, looking a little bemused. "But I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear about that." She said, waving a hand in dismissal. The blonde woman could tell the female opposite her wasn't too comfortable talking about herself, but she didn't care. She was curious and was going to get an answer out of this stranger that had captured her interest.

"Nonsense! I don't know about you, but I think we're gonna be stuck here for awhile." Yang said, indicating the rain that had started to fall outside with a glance at the sidewalk.

Yang gave the girl, whose name she still didn't know, what she hoped was a convincing smile, "So unless you would rather walk in the rain, stay and chat with me for a bit! You seem pretty interesting. Tell me more about yourself Snarky." She leaned her elbows on the table, propping her head up with both her knuckles. Her now empty latte cup set off to the side, forgotten in favor of the pretty and enrapturing stranger across from her. Said stranger looked at Yang weirdly, wondering if the girl was naturally this nosy and full of energy, not to mention with far too sunny and annoying a personality, or if she had a few screws loose.

Before she could decide on giving the blonde woman the benefit of the doubt, Yang slapped one of her hands down on the table, effectively shocking her a second time, much to her irritation.

"That's right! I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name's Yang. Yang Xiao Long." The blonde introduced, holding out her right hand in greeting. "What's your name? Or do you prefer Miss Snarky?" she smirked

The girl across from her stared at the offered hand, almost expecting it to shoot confetti at her for some insane reason. Despite knowing this girl for a short time, she didn't doubt the plausibility of it. Before she could think much more about it, she gently but firmly clasped Yang's proffered hand, it was very warm. "I'm Blake. Blake Belladonna."

Retracting her hand, Yang repeated Blake's name in her mind. Finally having a name to associate with the face, Yang thought the name sounded strangely musical, almost whimsically so. A stark contrast to the somewhat dark aura the girl exuded. "Whoa! That sounds like the name of a famous movie star! You should totally become one." Yang said nonetheless.

"Well, because of my affinity for literature, I was hoping to become a novelist actually." Blake replied, nonplussed.

"That sounds just as awesome." Yang smiled at her. Blake thought that that smile could easily rival the sun in intensity and brightness. Just how sunny was this girl?

"Your name," Blake decided to ask, "it's Chinese isn't it? What do the characters stand for?"

"Ah. It's pretty cool actually! My first name holds the character for 'sun'. But if you look at my whole name, it spells out 'sun little dragon', or little sun dragon if you read it English style."

"Oh, that sounds nice." It suits her perfectly, Blake mused.

"What about your name? Does 'Blake Belladonna' have any special meaning?" Yang supplied air quotes as she pronounced Blake's name.

"Nothing quite like your's, my first name is Old English for the color black," very fitting, "and my last name is another way to identify the flower known as Deadly Nightshade."

Whoa, I can see that fitting her to the T! Yang thought. She knew of deadly nightshade. Before she went on her first hiking trips, she took a crash course on safety in the forest. Number One rule, don't eat any of the pretty flowers! She had no idea that another name for it was Belladonna. Sounds mysterious… almost like it's a foreshadow for something. She filed that thought away for later.

"You mentioned training before," Blake said, trying to shift the topic of conversation off her, "do you play a sport?" She wished she could leave, but she knew that it would be very rude of her to take off in the middle of a conversation, rude to leave someone like that. Also, that rain was a strong factor in her decision not to leave. Accursed rain.

"Yeah, I play professional tennis. As well as study a few martial arts disciplines, like judo and muay thai, but those are mostly for fun. I'm going to Vale University on a sports scholarship for tennis and train about… two hours a day. And that's only if I have the time, usually I like to train like five or six hours. However, I believe in having an education above all! I always tell my little sister she should be a 'well-rounded individual' so I gotta set an example! Even though I wanna compete in the Vytal Olympics next summer, I still study business and economics. Mostly because it's my dream to open my own gym someday. I'm gonna call it 'Yang's Funasium'! Whaddya think?"

Blake was having a hard time digesting all the information the blonde was spitting out. She was talking so fast that Blake was honestly surprised the girl hadn't choked on her own tongue. Once she was sure she got everything, she answered Yang's question, "What kind of name is 'funasium'? Is it a gym for children?"

"It's a fusion of 'fun' and 'gymnasium'! It's cool! Don't diss it! Although opening a gym for kids isn't such a bad idea…" Yang trailed off, lost in thought, but snapping out of it quickly at Blake's question.

"You said you have a sister, do you have many siblings?" The beginning of an amused smirk forming on her face.

Pleased, Yang answered without pause, "Nah, just my little sister Ruby. Thank goodness too! Feed that little ball of energy some sugar and she goes nutso!"

Blake gave a small smile, "Sounds like fun."

"Yeah, I guess. Don't get me wrong, bless her little heart I love her so much! But siblings can be a bit annoying, if you know what I mean."

"Sorry, but I don't." Was Blake's curt response. Her smile leaving as fast as it came.

"Oooohhh….." Yang looked out the window, contemplating the safest thing to say next. Something about Blake told her she was irking her now, but she was enjoying their little conversation. Think Yang, say something more intelligent...

Having a second to think, what with the blonde having taken to staring out the window, Blake observed Yang in detail for the first time. The blonde was attractive, there was no doubt about that. The leather jacket did little to hide the slim, but toned physique Yang possessed. Not to mention her endowed chest. It was easily one of her most noticeable characteristics. And if what she said about her classes were true, she was actually, no pun intended, a bright and intelligent person. Blake wondered how such a 'well-rounded individual' ended up sitting across from her. Although she was beginning to enjoy this exchange, Blake still wished she could've been left in peace to read. Oh well. Fate cannot be fought nor changed. In the midst of her thoughts, Blake realized Yang was speaking to her again. "I'm sorry, could you please repeat that?"

"I asked you what kind of books you wanted to write." She was trying to change the subject.

"The good kind, hopefully." Blake answered, displaying another small smirk toward the blonde, who in turn gave another eye roll and a grin. Yang's mission to lightening the mood, successful. With an added assist from Blake.

"Ha ha, you're sooo funny. I think I'm just gonna call you Miss Snarky from now on, it sticks nicely."

Blake let out a little laugh at that. "Please don't." Yang decided she liked that sound, and made a mental goal to hear it more often. She briefly glanced over Blake's face, taking in her pale skin, slanted eyes, small nose and crafty grin, they matched her black hair nicely. She distinctly thought of a cat that caught the canary, it was kinda cute. She dismissed that thought immediately, bringing herself back into the conversation. Blake had resumed speaking.

"Assuming you meant what kind of stories I wanted to write, I wanted to focus on science fiction. Maybe even something akin to a fairy tale." Blake hadn't told anyone that before, but she felt like she could tell Yang. She had an inviting aura around her that assured her that she meant no harm to her questions. She had a genuine, almost childlike, curiosity. However, Blake felt self-conscious whenever she spoke about herself. She felt as though everyone was constantly judging her. If she said something wrong or weird, she was afraid that even people she had come to befriend would leave her. Simply because she was not what they expected her to be, but Yang was different. She had revealed some of her own strange quirks and did not seem bothered at all that Blake could possibly leave her at any time, rain be darned. Blake wouldn't do that though.

Maybe my fears are a little unfounded. Maybe Yang isn't so bad… Blake thought. She would quickly rescind that thought after what came next.

"A fairy tale? Don't fairy tales come with a happy ending? I had no idea that the Blake I thought was such a downer actually had a hidden cute side!" Yang shouted, reaching across the table and pinching Blake's cheek while wearing a cheeky grin of her own.

Blake slapped Yang's hand away, giving her a look of disbelief The other, unpinched cheek reddening to match its pinched twin. "You don't even know much about me!" She exclaimed, "Maybe I like a good, old fashioned happy ending from time to time! And don't pinch my cheek you, you… fiend!"

Yang couldn't help but bust a gut laughing at Blake's lively reaction. She banged her knuckle on the table, guffawing so hard she couldn't breath. "Ohmygosh, you are just too precious!" she managed to say.

Blake stood up abruptly, taking her empty coffee cup with her and walking toward the door.

Yang saw this and stopped laughing immediately. "Blake, wait!" She got out of the booth and rushed over to Blake, grabbing her arm lightly but firmly. Blake looked back at Yang, eyes wide. What the heck is she doing?!Blake thought, alarmed.

"I'm sorry if I offended you! I didn't mean it like that. I thought it was cute, but if that's what you want to do with your stories then that's your thing! Honestly, I think it's great! There's nothing wrong with a happy ending. Please don't leave yet…" Yang almost whispered the last part. She didn't know why she was asking Blake to stay, she had only just met the girl two hours ago after all. Maybe it was because Yang had been enjoying Blake's company. Maybe it was because she knew that after this she would never see Blake again, and she didn't want that. Whatever it was, all Yang knew was that she didn't want Blake to leave yet.

Besides, it's still raining! Surely cats hate the…. wait, Blake's not a cat. Or at least, I'm pretty sure she's not… Yang couldn't help but think. Distracting herself was one of her special skills. She decided that she would later have to check Blake's backside for a tail. It'll be torture for her to do so, but she would make the sacrifice, for all the curious cat Blake fans out there. Then there was the bow….

In Blake's mind, Blake was beginning to understand a few things. Yang was a brutally honest person, but she obviously sucked on the delivery of her thoughts. That was just her 'Yangness', or so she was beginning to learn. Blake felt warm inside, realizing that this lilac-eyed blonde was apologizing for hurting her feelings.

Heh, she cares about my feelings Blake couldn't help but smile at that.

Yang noticed Blake's warm smile and let go of her arm. "What?" she questioned suspiciously.

"I was just getting a coffee refill." Blake answered, " I had not planned on leaving. In case you didn't notice, I still left all my stuff over at the booth." She nodded towards the back of the room. Yang turned and, sure enough, saw Blake's book still sitting on the table, as well as a black messenger bag she hadn't noticed before sitting in the amber-eyed girl's seat, having previously been blocked from sight by Blake's body.

She also happened to notice the attention she had attracted with her little shout-out to Blake a minute ago. Yang laughed, "Hah! Sorry, for a second there I thought I really offended you! I'll just, just uh… let you get your coffee then." And with that, she retreated back to her seat in the booth, slamming her face down on the table in embarrassment. It wasn't the attention of complete strangers' that mortified her, she was used to that, but rather Blake's thoughts on her misunderstanding.

She probably thinks I'm an idiot, what kind of person asks someone else to stay when they hardly know each other? Total creepers, that's who Yang sighed.

Meanwhile, as Blake waited for her fresh coffee, she contemplated Yang's actions. That outburst was unexpected, Blake thought, but it was… refreshing. In such a short amount of time she's already come to like me enough to care about my feelings. She's not the type of person I usually spend time with, but I could get used to this. Maybe we could really become… friends.

After taking her coffee from the employee behind the counter, she walked back to the booth, a mirthful smile etched on her face. As she seated herself, she set her coffee down and tapped Yang's still lowered head with a finger. Yang glanced up, and upon noticing the smile on Blake's face, slowly sat up into a proper position.

"So, um… hello again." Yang smartly said. Real smooth...

"Hi." Blake responded, "Well, as fun as this was, I think I need to get going soon." Blake had noticed the time had started to edge toward early evening and that the rain had dissipated. Some of the previously dark clouds had even opened up and were letting rays of sunshine grace the city. She really did have to go, dinner didn't cook itself.

"Awww, okay." Yang sighed, slumping slightly in defeat. She figured that the girl across from her would shoot down her signs of friendship. The signs now lied on the floor, dead.

"I…" Blake started off, unsure, "actually had a fun time with you Yang, it has been a pleasure."

Yang looked Blake in the eye, lilac clashing with amber, trying to read her. Before Blake knew what had happened, Yang's mood took a complete turn on her. "Well, let's meet up again then!" Yang didn't normally do this with any of the strangers she sat with. She would chat them up and then let them be on their merry way. But, she didn't want Blake to just leave; she liked the girl and wanted to speak with her again. She was not going let her go. "Do you have a cell phone?" Yang inquired.

"Um, yes…?"

"Great! Let's exchange numbers! We can meet up for coffee next time! You know, on purpose." Yang supplied with a grin.

"Well, okay." Blake decided not to fight it. The bouncy blonde seemed harmless enough. And maybe, just maybe, Blake didn't mind meeting up a second time. Hopefully with more controlled circumstances.

After exchanging numbers and collecting her things, Blake left Yang at their booth, heading out into the cold weather. Blake left to continue on with her daily routine, albeit soon to be changed what with a new energetic friend, one who quite literally sprang into her life. Yang finally was left without any distractions to face her old, evil nemesis, homework.

Eh, I'll do it tomorrow Yang decided, returning to the counter to buy another coffee.