Darkness. That was all that she perceived. Within the confines of space, she floated, drifting as she gazed upon the heavens. Deep in thought, the floating woman contemplated her state of being and of those around her.

All creations of life that existed within this space interacted, living their lives together, yet separate. Sometimes passing over one another. Sometimes leaving behind a piece of themselves with another, although they did not know it. Lives intermingling and isolating themselves. Such curious beings that occupied the void.

The floating entity absentmindedly started to fan herself with a hand as she continued to drift around her end of space. The temperature continued to climb as the being became more bothered, the heat interrupting her thoughts.

Shifting her gaze, she was surprised to find that a fiery star, the only one in this small pocket, was coming towards her. Why was it doing that?

As the the yellow star approached, she called to it, her voice echoing in the vast confines of space, "Little star, what troubles you so that you feel you must draw near?"

In answer, the ball of fire spat a column of pure flame into her stomach, tickling her and leaving behind a warm, heavy weight.

She sluggishly tried to brush the fire off, but it would not leave. Ignoring it, as it did little to bother her, she returned her attention to the ball of gas. It continued to move toward her. Closer and closer, brighter and brighter, until she held her hands up to shield herself, unable to stop the flame.

Everything went white.

Blake snapped her eyes open, waking up from her dream with a gasp.

A thin blanket that was not there earlier covered her face. A heavy weight settling on her stomach, also not there earlier, continued to tickle her.

And was that the shadow of someone leaning over her?

Tearing the blanket off, Blake was greeted with the sight of curious lavender eyes looking down at her. The eyes widened in glee, the face it was attached to breaking out into a grin.

"Oh good, you're awake!" The owner of the voice leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Morning pretty lady!"

Trying to gain her bearings, Blake looked down to her stomach. Ombre was laying down on her, kneading her bare belly with his paws, her summer yukata somewhat undone. While that did not explain how he got there, it was no wonder she felt so ticklish. The heat she felt was coming from the newly opened window by her bed, the shutters drawn up and allowing rays of sunshine to warm her sheets and get into her eyes, making her wince. Blake groaned in protest as she realized what was going on: her crazy girlfriend had let herself in to the apartment again.

She blindly grabbed for her cellphone sitting by her pillow. Finding it, she groggily read the time as just past six in the morning. "Guh, Yang, you do realize that it is a Saturday do you not?" Shooing Ombre off her, she rolled over to get more comfortable, nuzzling into her pillow and curling back up. "Come back during business hours."

"Wha-! HEY!" Blake yelped as she was lifted, Yang carrying her bridal style.

"No can do. Today's a special day and I don't want to waste a second of daylight!" As she explained, she made her way to Blake's bathroom, letting her down inside and placing some clean clothes she gathered on the counter. "Take a shower and get ready! Today, we're going places."

Dazedly, Blake blinked the sleep from her eyes. "Can't we go places later?" She started to shuffle towards the door, her arms outstretched. "I hear my pillow calling to me…"

Yang blocked the exit, her body standing in the doorway. "Nope. You need to get ready. Today is about you and me and I can't wait for it to get started!"

As she spoke, she started to creep closer to the black-haired beauty, eyes half lidded and a lecherous grin spreading across her features, "Unless you need some help getting undressed?" Before Blake could stop her, she slipped a hand into the dark girl's yukata, taking advantage of the slight opening Ombre had created earlier. Her other hand reached up to rub at the cat ears atop ebony locks, drawing a purr from the smaller woman. She lightly traced her warm fingers along Blake's bare waist and around to her back, pulling her closer and enjoying the feel of smooth skin as she felt the Faunus shiver. Stroking Blake's tail, wrapped around her waist in the yukata, Yang asked in a husky voice, "I could even join you in the shower if you like."

Blake regained her senses upon hearing the lewd suggestion. Pushing Yang's hands away, her face a blushing red mess, she shouted, "Okay, I'll take a shower! Just get out of here!"

Chuckling, Yang turned and left without another word. She got what she wanted.

Blake attempted to burn holes in the door with her glare as it slammed closed. What was so special about today anyway? She looked down to the cell phone still in her grasp. Flicking it open, her eyes widened as she saw the date: August 22.

Is that today?! Sweet lord I need to get ready!

Yang hummed as she fried the eggs. She danced a little jig, her excited energy making itself known as she shifted the pan with an expert grip, centering the blanket of whisked eggs. She watched to make sure the bottom was firm as she started to add ingredients to the top of the soon to be omelette. As she rolled it up, topping the unconventional breakfast food off with oregano and other herbs, she went over her mental checklist. Today was going to be great. She had everything planned.

Smiling, she set the finished food on the counter in front of Blake's bar stools. Extra furniture Yang had convinced Blake to get so the two of them could enjoy breakfast together on the little island counter. Not a day went by that Yang did not smile at the memories of spending time with Blake in those stools, chatting the mornings away and just enjoying her company.

Yang rifled through the shopping bags she brought. Bringing over fresh ingredients, she wanted to start the day off with making breakfast for her love. Deciding she had everything out that she needed, she stored the rest of the food she brought in Blake's small refrigerator or left it out to collect later. She knew Blake would not mind, she visited and slept over often enough in the past few months that the apartment was practically like her second home.

Sitting on one of the bar stools, Yang propped her elbows on the table, holding her head in her hands as she waited for Blake to finish up in the bathroom. She looked down to the small white pastry box sitting in front of her, the treat inside hidden behind thin white cardboard. The blonde knew her Faunus girlfriend's favorite treats and had picked something up to commemorate the occasion. Nothing big, but delicious nonetheless.

She shifted the box around on the counter absentmindedly, thinking. In truth, it had not been long since her and Blake had been dating, but she felt as though a blissful eternity had already gone by. But at the same time, it felt as if it was only yesterday that they had met. Funny how time worked.

Hearing the shower turn off, Yang hopped off the stool and and walked around to stand beside the island counter, bouncing in place. She was ready. However, her grin slowly disappeared as she took in the sight of Blake when she opened the bathroom door.

Yang drank in the sight of her girlfriend dressed cutely in a white, thin tank top and a white pair of shorts, both covered by a form fitting black vest, her hair still a might bit mussed from her hurried attempts to dry and fix it. Midnight colored bangs messily fell into the captivating amber eyes that Yang had fallen in love with, framing her face perfectly. Although her tail was hidden beneath clothes, the ears she so adored were pointed up as she watched the darker woman. Since Yang's own little... 'incident', as she liked to call it, Blake had stopped wearing her bow completely, much to the blonde's delight.

Her violet eyes traveled up the Faunus' body, taking in the beautiful curves she had come to desire. Everyday she held herself back from attacking the ebony-haired beauty before her, from ravaging her right then and there. Even now, her body burned with a passion to just take her, to forego the rest of the day and spend as much time as she could getting to know Blake in… other ways. She had never wanted someone so bad before, but she had to wait. Now was not the right time.

Yang's smile returned. She welcomed Blake with a warm greeting instead of striking a silly pose and shouting like she had intended, "Happy anniversary Blake."

Blake slowly made her way over to the counter, taking in the sight of the amazing smelling food that blessed her vision and the beautiful blonde beaming at her. She took a second to admire the woman before her, dressed in blue jeans and a form fitting white, short sleeved v-neck shirt. Her white shirt covered by a sunshine yellow, long sleeved button up, currently unbuttoned. Yang looked fantastic. How she could stand the heat in those clothes though would forever remain a mystery to Blake.

Smiling a toothy grin of her own, Blake responded, "This is so thoughtful Yang. But I still don't see why we need to celebrate being together for six months. I would think a year would be a more memorable event."

Offering up one of the omelettes she prepared, which Blake happily accepted, Yang said, "I just wanted to do this." Picking up her own specially made dish, she went back to the stool she had been sitting in previously, Blake beside her. "This is the longest relationship I've been in, so I thought I'd make it a day to remember!"

Blake froze, a forkful of the delicious smelling omelette halfway to meeting her mouth. Lowering it, she turned to Yang, an eyebrow raised in disbelief. "I'm your longest relationship?"

"Yup!" Now that the topic was out there, Yang decided to ask, "What's the longest relationship you've been in?"

Blake fiddled with her fingers as she looked to the side, mumbling something.

Yang cupped a hand to her ear, leaning in toward the quiet girl next to her. "Say what? Can't hear ya."

Blake sighed, but spoke clearly, "You are the only significant other I have had, okay? Therefore, my first relationship."

The blonde was pleasantly surprised to hear that. If she was her first, then she planned on continuing that trend. "I am?!" Fist pumping at the thought, she exclaimed, "Yes!"

Blake was a little bewildered by her response. "What? Why are so happy about that?"

"No reason…" Yang shoved a bit of food into her mouth, trying to avoid the question as her cheeks lit up a bright pink.

Glaring at her suspiciously, the amber eyed woman decided to let the question slide. For now. "Well, how many relationships have you been in?"

Yang swallowed down her bite before she answered, "Let's just say that I've had one… or two… *ahem*... maybe ten relationships before I met you."

"Ten relationships?!"

"Heh, yeah, give or take one or two. But they never even lasted a month." Leaning her head into a hand, she picked at the food on the plate with her fork. "Each guy I dated just didn't interest me. They were more like my bros than my boyfriends. Which was too bad, some of them were really great guys ya know? But there wasn't any spark to keep it going." Yang leaned over and pecked the stoic girl on the lips for a chaste kiss, grinning. "First girl I date and look what happens. Being around you never gets old."

Instead of responding, Blake reached over and grabbed the back of Yang's head, pulling her back into a deeper kiss. The blonde did not fight, accepting it eagerly.

However, tasting the egg on Yang's lips, Blake was reminded of her hunger. Pulling away reluctantly, she grinned at her lover, their faces barely centimeters apart. "While the feeling is mutual, we better eat. At this rate we will never make it out the front door."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"I thought you said we had places to go?"

"My schedule's flexible. Besides, I spy something far tastier to eat in front of me."

Laughing nervously, Blake pulled away, her face feeling warmer. "Finish your breakfast Yang." Yang sighed, but said nothing. Maybe one day.

Taking her first bite of the omelette, Blake felt herself melt. The flavor delighted her taste buds and made her want to shovel the rest into her mouth. She refrained from doing so. Barely.

"This is delicious Yang! What did you put in here?"

"Just the regular ol' stuff." She held up a finger for each item she listed. "Let's see, I used eggs, tomatoes, salt, oregano, onions, some green pepper, cheese and…" She shot Blake a sly smile. "Tuna."

She should have known. "I think I just fell in love with you again." Blake stopped talking as she resumed eating her heavenly meal.

Yang beamed as set down her utensils, breakfast finished. Reaching across the counter, the blonde picked up the white pastry box Blake had seen earlier. "What is that?"

"Oh nothing. Just a cupcake." She opened the box to show that the box indeed held a cupcake, topped in an expertly applied and patterned black and yellow frosting swirl. "It's red velvet. Your favorite." She sang the last word, shaking the box toward the Faunus girl enticingly.

Blake got up and tossed her plate into the kitchen sink, not saying a word. Yang almost wondered if she went to far with the colored frosting until the Faunus walked over to her, encircling the seated blonde in her arms. "Thank you Yang."

"For what? We still haven't even left yet."

Blake leaned back a bit so she could lock eyes with Yang in one of the rare moments that the blonde was shorter than her. "For breakfast. For being here. For being wonderful. For caring. You did not have to do any of this, but you did it anyway." She grinned. "I guess it has become one of the reason as to why I love you."

"Awww." Yang hugged Blake back, squishing them together. "I wuv you too!"

Amber eyes rolled in sarcasm. "And you say that I'm the one who ruins moments."

"At this point, I'm trying to. If we get all mushy now then we really won't make it out the front door." Releasing the Faunus, she looked at the girl before her with an intense stare. "I'd be using it to hold you up instead." Her eyes traveled the length of Blake's body again, head to toe, her lavender orbs gleaming with hunger. But not for food.

Blake backed away a step and held up the box holding the cupcake to distract the blonde, a sheepish grin on her features. "Cupcake?"

Yang got up from her seat, advancing on the retreating girl. "Yes kitten?"

"I mean, do you want some cupcake?" The situation was dissolving fast.

"Why, yes! I do want you."

Yang drew closer, closing the distance between them as Blake's back hit the wall of the apartment. Acting quickly, Blake knew she had to stop the perverted blonde from closing in. So she did the only thing she could think to do.

She took the cupcake and shoved it into Yang's face.

"GAH! Too much cupcake!" Yang fell dramatically to the floor in surprise. Her legs and arms flailing as she combated her tasty foe. "It's too delicious…" She went limp, some of the cupcake splattering onto the tile floor of the kitchen as her head rolled to the side.

Blake held a hand to her mouth to stop herself from laughing too hard as she took in the sight of her girlfriend covered in red cake and motionless on the floor, also thanking the heavens that she was not on the carpet. "S-sorry Yang!" She took a deep breath, trying to control her laughter. "But you wouldn't stop!"

Sitting up, her face coated in black and yellow frosting, she said, "Well, I give you points for creativity. I did not see that coming." She chuckled as she wiped some of the confectionery off her eyes. So much for the cupcake.

Blake kneeled beside the caked woman, a wide grin spread across her face. Yang froze as she felt a wet sensation wipe her cheek clean.

"Mmm… you really are sweet."

Yang turned to the Faunus in disbelief. "Did you just lick me?"

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." Standing, she pointed to the bathroom. "Go get cleaned up, and then we'll go."

"Where are we going again?"

Yang chuckled. Hearing that never stopped being funny to her. "I told you. It's a surprise until we get there! Don't you know the old saying? Curiosity killed the cat."

Blake countered. "Satisfaction brought it back."

"Ooo, good one. But I'm still not telling you." Yang stuck her tongue out at Blake as they walked, fingers intertwined.

Blake glanced around warily as Yang pulled her down the busy street. The bouncy blonde had decided walking would make for greater suspense. It was working a little too well. Blake worried over where she was being taken as the anticipation ate away at her.

"We're not going to a club again are we?"

"ONE TIME Blake. That was an accident and I said I was sorry! The name of that place was very misleading!"

"Sorry does not remove mental scars, dear."

Reaching the end of the street, Blake bumped in to Yang as she stopped. "Whatever, we're here."

Facing the shop on the corner, Blake was pleasantly surprised to find herself looking at her favorite bookstore.

"What are we doing at the bookstore? You do not like the bookstore."

Grinning, Yang pushed Blake toward the front door. "True, but you do. So why don't you go in and find out?"

Pushed into the store, Blake stopped and took a look around. It was a busy Saturday. People coming and going with a consistent line at the front counter. A middle aged blonde woman walked by, but stopped as soon as she spotted the two young women by the door.

Yang waved to the older woman and called an enthusiastic greeting, "Hiya Glynda! We're here!"

Glyda shook her head and sighed as she approached them, a miniscule grin gracing her features. "So I see Miss Long." She then focused her stern green gaze to Blake, her expression neutral. The Faunus fidgeted under her stare. "You must be Blake Belladonna."

Yang elbowed Blake in the arm as she stood there. "O-oh! Yes, I'm Blake. It is a pleasure to meet you ma'am." She gave a small bow. It was uncanny how much the woman before her reminded her of her past high school teachers. They had the same unnerving gaze.

Glynda's smile turned warmer upon hearing the polite introduction. The ebony haired girl was so much different from the blonde at her side. She nodded. "I am Glynda Goodwitch, the proprietor of this fine establishment." Blake widened her eyes. She was talking to the owner of her favorite bookstore. "I have seen you here quite often, one of my most frequent customers I believe. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Did Miss Long tell you why you are here?"

Blake vehemently shook her head. "No ma'am, she did not tell me anything."

"I figured as much." Glynda shot a playful glare at Yang. "Same as always aren't you?" Yang gave her a wide smile as the older blonde continued to speak. "If you will both follow me, I have what you ordered in the back. It just arrived yesterday."

"Woo! Just in time!" Yang gleefully followed Glynda toward the back of the store, Blake hesitantly trailing along behind.

The dark-haired woman tugged on the sleeve of Yang's shirt, the blonde giving her a quizzical look. "What is it?"

"Is there anyone in Vale you don't know?" It was astounded Blake how Yang seemed to know just about everyone.

"Well, I do talk to quite a few enticing strangers in my endeavors Blake." She winked to the girl by her side. "Sometimes I even sit down with them for coffee." Blake held no response to that.

Glynda spoke up as they approached the back of the building, "If you will give me a moment, I shall return with your order Miss Long."

"Sure! We'll be here!" Both young women watched as Glynda walked through the door to the back, most likely leading to the storage area.

Blake asked, curious, "What is she getting?"

"You'll see. I have feeling you'll like it."

Before Blake could say anything else, a deep voice broke into their conversation. "Why if it isn't Yang Xiao Long."

Turning their heads, both women were greeted by a tall, middle aged man holding himself up with a cane. His silver hair gleamed from the store lights above them, his small smile and bespectacled brown eyes reflecting his amusement. "Good afternoon ladies."

"Ozpin!" Yang launched herself at the older gentleman, laughing as she hugged him. "What are you doing here?"

Upon hearing his name, Blake stiffened. Ozpin? As in Ozpin's Oddities? Her favorite coffee shop? Yang knew him too? This did not compute.

The laughing duo brought her out of her stupor. Ozpin spoke, "Why, I just came here to see if Glynda would do me the honor of accompanying me to an early lunch. Although it is a pleasant surprise to see you." He patted Yang's shoulder as she released him, his own way of returning the affection. He then focused his gaze to Blake, his eyes locking on to hers. Again with the scrutinizing. "And who is your lovely friend here?"

Caught off guard by the unexpected compliment, Blake looked down shyly, ears laid flat against her head whilst his all-seeing eyes seemed to pierce right through her. Yang put an arm around her shoulders. "This is the girl I told ya about! Blake Belladonna." She bent down to look at Blake's downcast face. "Who for some reason is not looking up."

Ozpin chuckled, amused. He had always been told he was a rather intimidating man. It seems he still had it. "I see. She is the reason why you asked me for that favor?"

Blake looked up, ears perked in confusion. Turning to Yang, she raised an eyebrow in amusement as she watched her girlfriend silently mouth 'Shut up!' to the man in front of them and slide a finger across her throat in a sign of 'be quiet'. Noticing Blake's stare, she immediately stopped. Clasping her hands behind her back and whistling innocently, she hurriedly said "I don't know what he's talking about."

Blake chuckled. Ozpin answering with, "Of course you don't. Silly me." His eyes lit up as he spotted something behind them. "Ah, Glynda my dear, how good it is to see you." Turning, Blake and Yang saw that Glynda had indeed returned, a brown rectangular package in her grasp.

"Ozpin." Glynda greeted. "What an unexpected surprise. Shouldn't you be attending to your own business at this time of day?"

"Oh, I just wanted to drop by. I decided to close shop early, so I thought, 'What better way to spend the day than with a good friend'?" He gave a playful smile. Glynda remained stoic.

"Of course." She briskly stated. Returning her attention to their two spectators, she held out the package. "Here you are Miss Long. You should appreciate the effort I went through to get something like this."

Yang smiled, accepting the package. "Yes! Thanks a bunch Glynda." She then turned to Blake, offering the package to her. "For you."

Looking at the gift curiously, Blake took it. She wasted no time in tearing off the tape and reaching in. What she pulled out was a book, her eyes widening in astonishment at the title. It was the last book in her favorite series: With Fire Comes Shadow. It was not due to be released to the public for another few months.

"How… how did you…?" Blake looked up from the book to Yang, then to Glynda, and back to the book's cover. "How did you get this?"

Glynda spoke up, "Miss Long here asked if I could pull in a favor from the publishing companies I work with. I managed to get you an advanced copy."

Blake bowed to the older woman, her hands vibrating with excitement. "Thank you Miss Goodwitch."

Glynda aimed a smile at Blake. She glanced to Yang, not so subtly telling her, "You could learn a thing or two from this one." Yang just rolled her eyes.

"Yang." The blonde turned her head toward Blake at the sound of her name. Suddenly she was being attacked, her lips pressed against something soft as arms wrapped around her neck.

"Thank you so much! I love it!" Blake laughed into Yang's shoulder, happy.

"My, such public displays of affection." Ozpin chuckled, watching the spectacle. Glynda did not say a word, her expression unreadable.

Right. Blake needed to stop forgetting when other people were around. It was becoming a bad habit.

"Ahem." Blake cleared her throat, embarrassed by her impulsive actions. "Please excuse us." She took Yang's hand and started to quickly make her way back to the entrance, the blonde dazedly walking with a goofy smile on her lips, eyes unfocused. Her own face was flushed a light pink as she hugged the brown package containing the book to her chest.

She could hear Ozpin laughing as they made their exit.

"No, Blake! You can't go back home yet!" Yang dragged a difficult Blake down the street, the Faunus trying to escape so she could go back to her apartment and read her new book.

"Let me go Yang! It will just be for a short while!" Why did she have to date someone so much stronger than herself?

"We have two more stops today, and then you can go home." Yang argued. She was not taking no for an answer. "Stop fighting me! We've already arrived!"

Ceasing her struggles for a moment, Blake looked up to the building she had been dragged to. Her eyebrows raised and her mouth set in a thin line, she asked in a deadpan tone, "Ice skating. We are going ice skating."

"Yup! You've been going on about the heat, so I'd thought it'd be fun."

"But ice skating?" She just wanted to read her book.

Yang's enthusiasm faltered. "You don't want to?"

Blake stared at the building before them, expressionless. She then glanced to the woman holding her hand, noting Yang's hopeful expression. Lavender eyes looking to her pleadingly. She knew it was only a matter of time before she gave in to the blonde's demands. She sighed, caving. "Well, I suppose it would be an experience. I have never done it before."

"What a coincidence, me neither!" Her smile back, Yang resumed dragging Blake into the building, much to the dark girl's dismay. "Let's go!"

Blake shivered as she stepped into the establishment, the temperature noticeably lower inside. For a weekend, the place had few visitors. Only a few families and other couples traversing the rink. Strange.

Sarcastically, Blake asked, "You don't by any chance happen to know the owner of this establishment as well do you?"

"Actually, no. I have no idea who owns this place." There was a first.

Yang smiled and held out a hand, "Now then, if you'll just give me your book and shoes, I'll go get us some skates!"

Blake clutched the novel tighter. "What?"

"Kitten, you can't skate holding the book."

"Sure I can."

"Blake. Hand it over." Yang's expression became stern but her eyes shone in concealed laughter. She knew she should have taken Blake to the bookstore last, but she wanted to see Blake's joyful response. While she was not disappointed, she was slowly becoming jealous of the book. "We'll pick it up later, promise." She came closer and kissed Blake's forehead. "Please?"

The Faunus sighed as she sat down on a chair outside the rink and reluctantly handed everything over. She could never say no to Yang when she acted soft.

As Yang left to store their items and get the desired skates from the front desk, skipping happily, Blake observed the ice. She had never ice skated before, but how hard could it be? The rink was rather spacious, the ice was circled by a railing, much to Blake's relief. She could just hold on to that.

"You ready for this?" An excited voice called. Turning, Blake saw her girlfriend return, holding out two pairs of ice skates, waving them excitedly.

"I have a feeling this is something you have always wanted to do."

"Maybe." Yang affirmed Blake's guess when the blonde bumped her shoulder playfully. "I always wanted to do this with someone, but no one ever wanted to go with me."

"I wonder why." Blake smiled as she rolled her eyes. Putting on her skates, she could think of several reasons why someone would not want to go ice skating with Yang. The top reason being that she if one made a mistake in front of her - such as, say, falling on their rear - she would never let them live it down.

Yang, however, did not hold things over her. If she did, she could say goodbye to her fuzzy tail as it walked out the door of the building and she knew it.

The blonde scoffed, "Oh quiet. Soon, I'll be skating circles around you and you'll be eating my ice dust!"

"Sure Yang, whatever you say."

Finished, Yang stood triumphantly in her skates, hands on her hips and her feet a tad wobbly. "Alright! Ready to hit the ice Blake?"

Blake stood as well, holding on to the railing on the outside of the rink. "As I will ever be."

Yang stepped in to the rink, as rash as ever. With both feet planted on the ice, she was slowly propelled forward from her earlier momentum. She held her arms out to steady herself, cautiously lifting her foot to slide herself forward. "I think I got this!"

As she tried to set her bladed foot down, her other foot shot forward. She 'oof'ed loudly as she landed on her bottom. She spoke too soon.

Laughing, she held out a hand and flexed her fingers in a 'come hither' motion toward Blake, whom observed from the outside of the rink. "Come on kitten! The ice is fine!"

"I don't know about this Yang." Her leg wobbles intensifying as she watched Yang fumble on the ice. Maybe she should just ditch the skates and make a run for it with her book while Yang was occupied. The thought was tempting.

No. She could never do that.

Sighing, Blake took her first step onto the ice. She clutched the railing that ringed the rink, trying desperately not to fall. She experimentally slid her foot forward, finding a sense of balance as her momentum shifted. Slowly, she let go of the rail, finding her balance as she skated forward. This was not so hard after all.

"Hey, no fair! I thought you said you've never ice skated before?"

"I have not. However, I was rather partial to rollerblading when I was younger. This is not so different." Blake smiled as she began to grow bolder, gaining speed as she continued sliding her feet forward. She was starting to get the hang of it.

Yang glared dirtily at her from her seated position. Slipping again as she attempted to get up, she muttered to herself, "Okay, just gotta focus…"

Blake chuckled as she began skating around Yang. "What was that you said about skating circles around me?"

The blonde growled playfully at the smirking Faunus as she tried to get up again. "You better hope I don't get up. Cause when I do, you are so going down!"

Blake giggled as she skated out of Yang's reach. "All I have to say to that is… eat my ice dust!" She took off laughing.

The sun was beginning to set as the two young women began to leave the ice skating rink. Both of them holding their own opinion of their afternoon.

Yang fumed as she followed a laughing Blake Belladonna. Most of her time in the rink provided great entertainment for the Faunus in the hours they spent inside. Blake had helped her out in the end, helping her balance as they skated together. But that did not stop the ebony-haired girl from giggling at the memory of Yang's constant slips. Figures that it was her turn to be ridiculed.

However, she could never stay mad for long, not with Blake looking back at her with that smile. A grin slowly forming on her own lips. Chuckling, Yang said, "I swear, that could not have been your first time ice skating."

"Better believe it, cause it was." Stopping on the sidewalk, the Faunus girl waited for her girlfriend to catch up to her. She laced their fingers together, enjoying the warmth that was Yang's hand. The inside of the rink had proven to be a bit chilling after a while, but Blake had been having too much fun to care. Her other hand was clasping her packaged book again to her chest, her enthusiasm to read it quenched. For now. Her curiosity, however, came back. "So what's our final stop of the day? You said we had three places to go to?"

Yang nodded, leading the way. "One last place." Smiling, she sang, "And it's a surprise!"

"If curiosity killed the cat, then your surprises will be the death of me."

Yang pouted. "That's not true! Besides, I thought you wuved me?"

"Not if you insist on saying 'wuv' every time." The blonde knew it irritated her when she said that, but she did it anyway.

Yang did her best not to laugh, knowing Blake all too well. "Okay, then I love you." She smiled warmly as she spoke, breaking apart their hands to link arms with the Faunus instead, bringing them closer as they walked.

Blake smiled, leaning in to her girlfriend. "I love you too."

The walked in silence the rest of the way, enjoying each other and the last warm rays of the setting sun. Blake sighed in contentment as she closed her eyes, leaning into Yang's warmth as they went.

After ten short minutes - that felt like all of ten seconds to the dark haired girl - Yang spoke up in a soft tone, "We're here."

Blake opened her eyes, not surprised to see that they were outside Ozpin's Oddities. She had a feeling that this was their last destination.

Yang led them to the door, the sign attached to it currently read Closed. This did not deter Yang from opening the door anyway. Wait, why was the door open? And why was there a curtain over the window? Stepping inside, Blake soon saw why.

The inside of the indoor café had been transformed. Small stringed lights lined the ceiling, and on every booth and counter top was a candle, illuminating the shop in a soft glow. A heavy curtain had been drawn across the window lining the sidewalk, allowing no other light in. In the center of the shop rested a circular table that was not there before, covered in a white tablecloth while holding another two candles. A single red rose laid between them.

Blake put a hand up to cover her open mouth, eyes wide. "Yang…" She turned her gaze to the beaming blonde. "What is this?"

Yang gently grasped Blake's shoulders, directing her to sit on one of the two chairs at the covered table. "It's a date." Her smile became soft. "Where we first met. I asked Ozpin if I could borrow the place for tonight. That okay with you?"

As Blake sat down on the cushioned chair, she covered Yang's hand, still on her shoulder, with her own before the blonde could pull away. "It's more than okay. This is wonderful."

Violet eyes gleamed in happiness. "Great. I'll be right back."

The blonde hurriedly went through a door that led to the back area of the little coffee shop. What was behind the door, Blake did not know.

The Faunus sighed happily as she set her book down on the table. She looked around the small establishment, admiring the little things that decorated the place and appreciating the romantic atmosphere. Here she was, in a special set-up that her girlfriend had put together just for them. Picking up the rose, she gave it a slight sniff, detecting a hint of lavender mixed in with the flowery scent. Yang must have been holding on to the flower for a while. How thoughtful.

A question made itself known in the recesses of her mind. How did Yang manage to set this up if she was with her all day?

The answer came unexpectedly through the door that Yang had disappeared behind. Walking out from the back, whispering heatedly about something, were two distinctly familiar red and white themed girls. They ceased their squabbling as soon as they spotted Blake.

Ruby waved to her, a sheepish grin on her face. "Hello Blake!" Weiss nodded to her.

Blake gave a small grin, rose still cradled in her grasp. "Good evening Ruby, Weiss. What a coincidence seeing you two here."

Weiss rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right, a coincidence." Ruby elbowed her, shushing the icy woman to make her stay quiet. "What!? It's not!"

"She doesn't need to know that!"

"I'm pretty sure she already does!"

Putting the rose back, Blake stood up. The other couple growing silent as she made her way over to them.

Neither girl expected the hug that the Faunus engulfed them in. "Thank you, you two. For setting this up. Sorry for all the trouble."

Ruby beamed, returning the affection. "It was no trouble!"

Weiss scoffed, her cheeks tinged pink as the Faunus hugged her. "Whatever. Congratulations are in order, I suppose." Letting them go, Blake smiled warmly at the two of them.

Weiss decided it would be best to leave. Taking Ruby's hand, she made her way to the exit. "We should go Ruby." She called back to her dark-haired friend. "You two have fun."

Ruby shouted one last remark before she was dragged outside. "Happy Anniversary you guys!"

Blake shook her head as she watched them go. They were such a strange couple. But then again, who was she to speak?

"Did they leave?" A voice stage whispered to her from behind.

"Yes Yang, they left." Blake chuckled as she turned around. She stopped thinking at what she saw.

Yang stood holding a small mini cake. On it, written in delicate red frosting, were the words: Happy Anniversary, I Love You Blake.

The cat Faunus could not help the wide grin overtaking her features. "Another cake?"

Yang flinched at that. "Please don't decorate my face with this one. I just had Ruby pick it up a few hours ago."

Blake laughed. "I won't." She sauntered up to Yang, inspecting the cute little treat. "Although I believe it is customary to eat dinner before dessert, not after."

"I just thought we could skip dinner and go straight to dessert." Yang grinned slyly. Blake easily caught on to the double entendre.

Much to Yang's surprise, she felt a hand start stroking her chin, the smaller woman before her using her other hand to cup the side of her face. The cat Faunus purred as she spoke, "Maybe we can." Yang almost dropped the cake.

Blake thought Yang was to cute when she blushed, the blonde's violet eyes widening in astonishment. "Do you- Are you- For real?" Her mouth opened and closed, unable to think straight at what Blake was implying.

With a shy smile, Blake nodded. "Yeah. I think I'm ready."

Before Blake knew what was happening, the inside of the café became dark as the lights were shut off and the candles were blown out. She was dragging her feet as the package containing her book was thrust into her grasp while simultaneously being pushed outside. She turned in time to see Yang locking the door to Ozpin's Oddities behind her. The blonde worked incredibly fast. What even happened to the cake she had?

Next, she was suddenly lifted off her feet, being carried bridal style once more. Yang's voice loud with her enthusiasm, "Come on Blake! You're moving to slow!" Maybe the cake was not that important...

Blake laughed as she was carried, a bubbling excitement welling up within her. She felt somewhat bad about Ruby and Weiss' efforts to create such a romantic setting for them and then put to waste, but she also found that she could not care less at the moment. "Actually, I think you are moving too fast." She teased. Yang just stuck her tongue out at her as she walked the short distance to Blake's apartment, the building already in sight.

Without thinking, Blake captured Yang's tongue with her mouth. Surprised, Yang stopped in the middle of the street. Luckily, few people were around to give them strange looks, but the two women were oblivious to those.

Breaking away for a few moments, her face flushed red, Blake asked, "Who told you to stop?" Smirking, Yang nearly ran the rest of the way.

Whether another six months, a few years, or even longer, Blake was looking forward to spending as much time as could with her favorite blonde. Tonight would be a night to remember for the both of them.

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