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"Yes, that's exactly it." Sexy nodded.

"Seriously? A conman? I mean, I guess I can see it… somewhat. But still. And they decided that they liked him and invited him to come along for the ride?" Riley shook her head in disbelief.

"Pretty much." Sexy agreed.

The two of them were sitting in the library catching up on each other's lives and Sexy had just described who Jack Harkness really was and what he was doing there. At least now Riley knew what "Gas masked zombies" meant, creepy though they may be, and Jack sounded like a fun person. Sexy had conjured a pair or plush chairs out of nowhere and had even lit the fireplace to set the mood (Riley had been extremely surprised to find a fireplace in the huge library and had immediately asked where the smoke went to which Sexy had answered; nowhere, the fire is artificial and the heat comes from built in heaters). Really, the only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate and then the scene would be complete.

They didn't know when the others would be back but it didn't matter; Riley was here to be with Sexy after all. They continued talking for a while, Riley describing the new literature teacher at her school and Sexy explaining more in detail about the rift and the girl named Gwyneth, before deciding that some more exploring was to be had.

"After all, we didn't even get halfway done last time." Sexy had grinned in that nearly evil way again and the two got up and wandered out of the library.

They headed left from the library and Sexy guided her down a bunch of floors before finally stopping.

"Here we are." Sexy said in a pleased sort of tone.

"And where exactly is 'here'?" Riley asked feeling a bit suspicious.

"Well, I figured you'd want to see this one." She answered and gestured to the large door in front.

Still a bit weary but trusting all the same, Riley shrugged and went to open the thick and heavy door. What she saw on the other side was simply amazing.

"But it's…"

"Yep." Sexy grinned.

"But how?"

Riley just kept on staring in disbelief. This was a spaceship, Sexy was a spaceship, and sure she'd seen some pretty amazing things in here (the swimming pool came to mind) but still; this was just too… unbelievable.

It was a garden. An honest to God proper garden. With lots of lush greenery and a path leading further in and Riley knew she could hear streaming water coming from somewhere as well. It was like one of those fancy greenhouses meant for socializing; glass walls and roof with comfy plush chairs and tables for tea. Above the glass roof Riley could see the stars, kind of like the observatory room she'd seen on her first trip exploring, and there was strange sort of glow coming from the walls; like soft blue and white lamps were filling the room with light.

"Well." Sexy said interrupting Riley's staring. "I can't quite remember why this room exits but it's good, isn't it?"

"Oh, definitely good. Actually more than good. Amazing!" Riley nodded. "Beautiful."

"Excessive use of adjectives; you must really like it then." Sexy grinned.


"There is a horse too."

"A horse?" Riley asked stunned. A horse in a spaceship, really?

"Well, not yet. But there will be." Sexy amended.

"Will be? How do you know?" Riley wondered.

"I know everything."

"Oh, how modest of you." Riley laughed. "So you know that at some point there will be a horse?"

"Oh, yes. And quite soon I should think." Sexy nodded as if confirming something.

"How soon?"

"Soon enough."

"Well, glad we decided that then." Riley said sarcastically and looked around. "Although I would love to look around in here for some more I am guessing there are a lot more rooms to explore, no?"

"Yes. And I know just the place." Sexy nodded and started to lead her out of the garden. "I wonder how many adjectives you'll bestow the next room?"

"I guess we'll see, won't we?" Riley teased and they both walked (well, Riley walked, Sexy just sort of… floated) further down the corridor.

Sexy lead Riley down another flight of stairs any she found herself wondering exactly how many floors her friend consisted of. She had said that she was infinite but… that didn't really explain it, did it? Moreover she could change the interior and move things around by no apparent pattern. How did she keep track of it all? She was a sentient machine though… maybe her mind, which would be the computer she assumed, was just as infinite. Computers have memory, right? So how big would Sexy's be? Riley had a feeling she would probably not even understand the answer, if she was ever given one, and decided that for the sake of her own brain she would stop wondering. It would no doubt save her a future headache.

"All right. We're here."

"Here where?" Riley asked and looked around. It looked just like any old corridor and she couldn't see any doors either.

"Here." Sexy said and pointed to the wall.

"I don't see anything. It's just a wall." Riley looked to her friend confused.

"Oh, you humans. Your brains are so small, how do you even fit in them?" Sexy sighed and pointed again. "It's not just a wall. Take a closer look."

Feeling a bit stupid but trusting Sexy all the same Riley took a closer look. At first it really did seem like just an ordinary wall, nothing special about it whatsoever, but then she noticed something odd. One section of the wall, the one they were standing right in front of, seemed off. It took her a full thirty seconds to realize why; it was the color. While the same color grey as the rest of the wall that section seemed… less. As if the intensity of the grey was less than the surrounding areas. Allowing herself to process this for a bit she finally realized why.

"It's not actually a wall, is it?" She asked Sexy who grinned smugly.

"Ah, look at that, I expected it to take longer for you to see it."

"What is it though? A hidden door?"

"Hidden, definitely. A door, not so much. More a… passage." Sexy answered and walked (read: floated) forward. "Come on then."

Riley watched, slightly stunned, as the apparition simply floated through the wall. Not that it was anything new, Sexy tended to float through most things being not actually solid and all, but this time was different. The wall flickered as she floated through it. It was almost as if…

"Is it a hologram?" Riley asked.

"Smarter than you look, aren't you?" Sexy's voice answered from the other side of the hologram wall. "Now come on!"

Riley laughed and walked forward as well, passing through the wall as if it was nothing (which it was), and found herself in a tunnel of sorts. And it wasn't just any sort of tunnel, it looked like something from medieval times; the walls were made of stone bricks and there were actual torches (torches!) hanging on the wall.


"I know." Sexy grinned and started walking. "Wait 'till you see the end."

"But… this is a ship, right? Made of metal?" Riley asked as she wandered after her friend.


"So why the bricks?" Riley privately thought this was a very good question but Sexy just shook it off.

"For authenticity of course."

"… of course."

The tunnel itself wasn't very long and Riley found herself wondering why there even was a tunnel to begin with but when she asked Sexy just grinned again and said "why not?" so she decided to just let it go. She was walking alongside a hologram of herself which was really a sentient machine called the TARDIS who incidentally also was her friend; she doubted anything about her situation ever would make perfect sense so it was simply no use in trying to figure it out. At the end of the tunnel however, all her thoughts stopped. Literary stopped, as in coming to a screeching halt and all that was left of them was the metaphorical road burns in her mind. How the…?

"It's good, isn't it?" If Riley had not been so focused on what was ahead of her she would have scowled at her friends smug tone but as it was she barely even registered the comment.

"Is this what I think it is?" She asked her voice near a whisper.

"I suppose that depends on what you think it is. But I'll go out on a limb and just say that; yes, it is."

"You can't be serious…" Riley took a few steps further in and looked around.

"What else am I to be then?" Sexy asked teasingly but Riley just ignored it.

"It's a throne room!"

A throne room. There was a throne room in the TARDIS. Why on earth…? How? It wasn't just any throne room either, it was the throne room; it was gigantic, all in stone, with banners hanging off the walls and even a window with colored glass depicting an ancient king. The banners were all different, in different colors, but the design on them (and everything else really) was strictly medieval. But Riley wasn't really paying attention to any of that. No her sight was set on the table: the very big round table.

"I have so many questions right now I don't even know where to start. Or end. Or anything."

"It is rather good, isn't it?" Sexy commented. "It's a genuine copy of the real thing."

"A copy?" Riley asked. "Why do you even need a copy? Or the original for that sake?"

"It will be needed."

"Will be? As in, will be needed in the future?"

"A good presumption." She nodded. "It is real stone and real wood and the torches on the wall can be lit like the real thing too."

"And what about the banners?" Riley looked again at the huge pieces of fabric on the walls.

"Those are real too."

"No, I mean… why those patterns?" The different patterns on the banners were beautiful and all seemed to be in great detail. One banner was showing a lioness and her cubs with greenery in the background, another was sewn to show a battle scene from some medieval war with knights and swords. They were each done in such perfect detail that it almost looked as if the scenes were real and bound to jump out from the fabric at any time.

"You know, I am not quite sure why those specifically. Or why this room is needed. Just that it is and that those were the banners that were required."

"You are very unsure about a lot of things, aren't you?" Riley teased.

"I'll have you know that I am all knowing. It's just… being all knowing makes it somewhat difficult to remember everything at times."

"Are you justifying yourself?" Riley smiled. "Or explaining yourself?"

"Well…" Sexy started but broke off and turned toward the exit.

"What? What is it?"

"They're back." She answered and disappeared.

"What! Oh come on!" Riley stared at the place her friend had previously been standing at exasperated. "Why do you keep doing that?"

Receiving no answer, and not really expecting one either, she sighed and walked back out through the tunnel and headed to the console room. She was determined to come back to the honest to God throne room at a later date, it was just too good to let be, but there were other things at hand right then that were more important; for example, the fact that the other's had come back way too early. Why were they back so early? Had something happened? The journey was short, meaning that Sexy was moving things around again to make the trip quicker for her, and it was less than three minutes before she arrived at her destination.

Entering the console room Riley was met with the sight of her companions frantically running about seemingly regrouping. Rose was standing with Jack and telling him something to which he was listening with such a concentrated face that Riley wouldn't be surprised if he brought out a notebook and jotted down everything. The Doctor was under the grating on the floor and seemed to be digging for something and Mickey was standing in between him and Rose trying to pay attention to both at the same time. Stepping closer Riley spoke up.

"What's going on? Why are you back so early?"

Instead of giving her an answer Mickey simply handed her a newspaper and turned back to listen to Rose. Feeling confused and out of sync Riley took the paper and turned it over, trying to figure out what the fuss was about. What she saw made her nearly drop it.

The headline on the front page read: New mayor, New Cardiff but that wasn't important. No, what was important was the picture underneath; Margaret Blaine, otherwise known as Slitheen extraordinaire and presumably dead and buried under the rubble of Ten Downing Street.

"Unbelievable." She breathed. It felt like her heart had stopped for a few seconds when she saw it but now it was beating so fast it made her ears ring.

"She's back."