Warning: This story contains BoyxBoy, Smut, Kinks, S&M, and Explicit Language.

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Dear Diary,

Today is the day I officially leave the comfort of my home and enter the depths of Hell to serve the very Devil himself. At times like this I like to look back on my idiotic mistakes and wonder how in the bloody hell I got myself into these messes. Why can't I ever learn? Why must I be so prideful and stubborn? For once in my life, why can't I just accept things for how they are? ….Impossible. If there's one thing I dislike more than backing down, it's getting my arse handed to me. I've always been this way. Since the beginning of time. But enough about that. I refuse to list and continue to discuss the flaws I possess. No matter how short the list may be. Carrying on. Where was I? Ah yes. Serving the Devil. It all started when frog face invited me to a good ole' game of cards. Upon my arrival, I've noticed the idiot Mario Brothers, the Spaniard, that egotistical fool Prussia, Germany, Japan and HIM were also present. And yes by HIM, I mean the Devil. I mean once you think about it. What was he even doing there? He was too young to even gamble. He can barely dress himself, let alone count. We started with a 'friendly' game of Poker and it's not good mannerisms for a gentleman to lie, so I will admit I lost quite a bit. It angered me a bit—no…I'll say it. IT DOWN RIGHT PISSED ME OFF! I looked at the Devil as he wore that cocky, smug, idiotic grin on his IDIOTIC FACE! He thought he was superior just because he coincidently won a couple rounds. Then if that wasn't bad enough, the wanker had the audacity to say. "That was a good game Britain. I had fun." With that dumb grin on his face. What the fuck was that supposed to mean?! Was he insulting me? Me; The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I had to do it. I wouldn't be able to rest for days if I let the night end with his victory. So I challenged him to a game of Blackjack. I had nothing more to wager, so we decided on a bet. If I win, he has to give up those ghastly greasy sandwiches he calls 'food' for a month. And if he was the victor (which wasn't going to happen), I'd be forced to do whatever he wished. *Sigh* I have been many things as I developed over the centuries. Knight, Angel, the Victorian Era was nice, Pirate, Sorcerer, a Gentleman, I even went through that punk faze, but for the first time I, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be a 'Maid'.

May strength be with me thru these wretched times,

Sincerely, England

England stood paralyzed in front of the large yet cozy looking 2 story home before him. His grip tightened on the handle of his suit case to the point where his knuckles turned a pale white. The nation bit into his lower slightly chapped lip as his mind began to race in a way where he couldn't keep up. England has visited this house countless times. He knew it inside and out like the back of his hand. He remembered the parties he attended here and childish bickering between himself and other nations that always seemed to occur, but today it all seemed different. The Brit took a deep breath. There was no point in just standing on the doorstep like a fool. Nevertheless, you could call England a lot of things, but one thing he certainly was, was a man of his word. With the little strength he managed to muster up and his heart in his throat, the man ran the doorbell. His eyes widened at the sound. 'Calm yourself England', he repeated in his head. 'What is there to be afraid of?' England became alert as the door slowly began to creak open and he was met with those sinfully dazzling baby blue eyes. But that wasn't all…the stubborn man's eyes traveled lower and he noticed a chiseled toned chest, hard abs, biceps that could choke out an elephant maybe. All glistening in a sheen of sweat. 'Oh my…' he whispered, his tone so low it slipped past his host. England gulped nervously, his mouth became slightly ajar.

"Yo. Dude. Are you going to come inside or what?" America questioned in his usually cheeky tone of voice.

A light blush painted England's cheeks after he managed to snap out of his daze. The elder nation rolled his eyes and pushed his way inside. "Would it kill you to dress properly before answering the door? I feel as though, I've lost part of my eye sight."

"Yeah. Yeah." America said with the roll of his eyes. "I was working out when you came and I didn't want to keep 'your highness' waiting. Lemme take a quick shower, then I'll explain the rules and junk."

England set his things down in the foyer before taking a quick look at his surroundings. He noticed there's been some changes since his last visit. "I see you've done a bit of renovation."

"Yeah. After a century, looking at the same thing over and over gets tiring. Change is nice every once in a while. Canada did the living room. Japan designed the kitchen and we also did a bit of upstairs. It came out nice actually."

"Is that so?" England questioned as he continued to admire the décor.

America let out his signature laugh, before making his way upstairs. "Yeah. It is so. I'll be back. Watch some TV or something. The remotes' on the coffee table." England watched his former underling soon disappear out of sight. "And stay out of the liquor cabinet!" America yelled. Red consumed England's face in complete embarrassment as he began mumbling silent curses to himself.

"Arsehole. Telling me what to do. Like I'm a bloody infant." The man huffed while he resumed his exploration of America's home. "I'll do whatever damn well I please." He then took in the fireplace positioned at the far right of the room. The designer future that were placed in the middle of the living room. England threw himself in one of the chairs and sighed in utter content. It was more comfortable than it appeared. Then again, America did say what's-his-name designed the living area. "It's too quiet and I doubt America has any literature above a grade school level to read. Maybe I should waste time with the tele." England grabbed the remote from the coffee table and pointed it in front of him, only to discover nothing was there. "What the hell? There's nothing but a blank wall." He gazed around in confusion, but nothing that even remotely resembled a television set could be found. The nation groaned in frustration and tossed the device on the far side of the couch, before snatching up a magazine nearby. Unaware, his action triggered the blank wall to separate and in its place emerged a 150in plasma TV. The electronic automatically shut on.

"Ah~~ Yea. Fuck me!"

"What the hell?!" England shouted in a flustered panic as he turned and saw a man viciously fucking a woman on all fours in HD on the television that wasn't there 2 minutes ago. "Oh Gods." The man's face lit up in embarrassment as he quickly grabbed the remote and scanned it for the appropriate button. "W-What do I press?" he questioned himself as his head began to spin from looking at the outrageous amount of buttons on the device.

"More. More. Fuck me more. Make me your little slut. Ah~~ Yea. Like that. I want it!"

Not knowing what else to do, England began pushing random buttons in hopes the lewd scene before him would disappear, but to his dismay one of the buttons was the volume increase. The elder nation dropped the remote as the sound of wet skin on skin and wanton screams and moans encircled him. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead in utter nervousness. He just wanted it to go away, but before he could attempt ridding of the filth again, the remote was pulled from his hand and the TV was shut off, leaving him in silence once more.

"Ha. Perverted old man. Isn't it too early to be getting freaky?" laughed America who was now dressed in a wife beater and sweat pants. This was it. If England suffered any kind of humiliation, this had to be the worse. Face beet red and total speechless and flustered, England gazed up at his former underling in shock. "Woo hoo. Cat got your tongue?" America questioned while playfully waving his hand in England's face, only for it to get swatted away "Ow."

"Get that filthy thing away from me! A-And what kind of person-no man watches such shameless conduct and then leaves it out for anyone to see!"

"Dude, chill. It was just a bit of porn. No big deal."

"No big deal?!"

"Did you go into the liquor cabinet, 'cause you're acting bitchier than usual and not in a hot way." America asked bluntly, which caused England's face to become redder if possible. His nostrils flared in anger as his thick eyebrows twitched.

"I…I beg your pardon? What did you just say to me, you prat?!"

America just stared at the smaller man with a smile on his face. "Anyway, lemme show you your responsibilities ya lil free loader."

"Don't ignore-fine whatever." England sighed. He knew there was no point in arguing with the guy, it'd just end in another unwanted headache. "Lead the way."

"All right!~~ Follow me."

England gulped as he couldn't help but stare like a horny school girl at America's broad and firm muscled back. Dammit all. All the shirts he could have worn and he chose something that fit his Godly figure just right. England hated it. He hated the mixed emotions he felt around his former colony. That's why he preferred to stay away. He'd never admit it, but England's worst fear is America coming to hate him. America was usually tolerate of most things and people, well that's how he appeared, but even the nicest person can tolerate so much. In reality, England had no idea how America felt about him. Where did he fit in the young nation's life? Was he a friend, former boss, or maybe a mere nuisance? England's eyes lowered floor ward as he yet again became lost in his own insecurities.

"This is the kitchen!" America shouted happily. "You're forbidden to go anywhere near the stove or microwave~~"

"Why?" England questioned with a scowl.

America simply laughed with his hands on his hips. "Oh my cute lil Iggy. You know why." England's heart skipped a beat after being called cute. Has America ever done that before? No. It's not like he meant anything by it. It was just harmless teasing. No need to get embarrassed. "I do expect you to make me a cup of coffee, every morning or when I'm in the mood for one. France got me this new kick ass frapp machine from his place. I'll show you how to use it later. Moving on." The two then made their way upstairs. "This is the laundry room. I wear a lot of shit and it gets dirty pretty fast. So have fun. The broom closet is right next to it. There you can find the vacuum and junk. My office is just down there. It's a bit messy, so uhh yeah. Oh and before I forget where's the luggage you brought?"

"Eh? It's downstairs in the foyer. Why?"

"Oh yeah. You can throw that shit away." America ordered with a yawn while walking further down the hall, leaving a confused Englishman behind. "Come on."

"Umm. Pardon me. But you said I didn't need my belongings and to throw them away?" England said with a forced smile, trying his best to stay in control.

"Yep. That's right. Well you can keep your personal items, like your old man diapers. Just throw away your clothes."

"I don't wear diapers. I am perfectly capable of getting to and from the loo on my own." England spat through clenched teeth.

"Pfft. Yeah I bet. Anyway, I bought you new clothes plus the uniform you'll be wearing so you don't have to worry about any of that stuff."

The Brit couldn't help but let a light blush creep on his cheeks. America actually bought him something? Not just something, but an entire wardrobe. The smaller male played with his fingers as his emerald green eyes darted from America to the wall. "Why…that was mighty nice of you to take me into consideration like that. I appreciate it."

"Huh? Oh yeah. No problem. Hahaha! I wouldn't be the hero that I am, if I didn't do simple things like that. I was gonna save it for last, but I guess since you already know. Do you want to see your room?"

"M-My room?"

With a smirk, America ran up to the smaller man and stood behind him, before covering his eyes and leading him in the right direction. "You're gonna love it. I even got some things from Japan and tips from Hungary."

"Oh my. Wait. Since when did you start speaking to Hungary?"

"Oh uhh. The other day while I was chilling at Japan's place, she was there and we just sorta clicked ya know." England pouted at America's words. He already knew the lad was close with Japan, but Hungary was another thing. It was even possible that he was in fact jealous. He knew it was childish, but he couldn't help himself. "Here!" America announced while opening the door and stepping inside. "Ok. One. Two. Three." The younger nation then released his elder and waited for a reaction.

England blinked, trying to adjust his eyes to the sudden dim lights. His breathing ceased and his eyes widened in shock as he gazed at the bed centered in the middle of the room. It was in the shape of a heart and the blanket was the British flag merged with the American one. Above the bed, on the ceiling was a huge mirror. The walls were painted a passionate red, but you could barely tell with the lighting. Against the wall, was a hanger aligned with different what appeared to be costumes and right next to it a video camera? Still in shock, England stumbled into the room a bit more and saw a beautiful elegant sapphire blue French maid 2 piece lying on the bed. He picked up the delicate top and analyzed the expensive fabric.

"W-What is all this?" he asked in confusion.

America let another chuckle fall from his lips. "Your-well OUR room. Ever since you lost that bet, I thought I'd take full advantage. Can't let this slip past me." The man grabbed a collar with the nametag 'Iggy' from his dresser drawer and gently latched the pet accessory around the smaller's neck while he was lost in his own bewilderment. "There. Now doesn't my little Iggy pie look cute?"

England gasped as a pair of strong arms wrapped around his mid-section, pulling him back into an embrace against a toned chest. "A-Ameri—ah~" he moaned gently as a slick tongue began to mercilessly tease his ear, followed by the nipping of teeth. "S-Stop." England ordered, in what he hoped to be in an aggressive tone. America responded by throwing the nation into the soft sheets (without much effort). "W-Wait!" England teared in embarrassment as he watched while the taller man then spread his thighs, before sinking between them. Showering his face and neck with rough yet passionate sloppy kisses and bites.

"You're wearing too much clothes." America groaned as he began grinding himself against the whimpering beauty below him, the aching heat in his groin became unbearable. He was desperate for more friction. This wasn't enough. The man pulled back for a brief moment to rip away England's vest and dress shirt, causing buttons to fly in every direction. "So fucking hot." America licked his lips at the sight of his mentor's flustered, naughty appearance. He looked absolutely edible.

"A-America..oh~ S-Stop. It..you blood—ah~ GIT!" In his vulgar and needy state, England managed to snap himself back together for a mere second. Long enough to knee the disrespectful lad where it hurt the most. America howled in pain and rolled over in a state of shock while holding onto his now injured jewels. "N-Now I warned you. I-I'm not some h-harlot you took off the streets and can just take home for a nice romp in the sack." The Brit gathered up the pieces of his destroyed clothing and headed towards the door in total embarrassment and a little bit turned on (or a lot).

"Y-You are so going to regret that." America seethed through his teeth as he tried his best to make the pain stop.

England turned to face his victim after opening the door, a devious smirk on his plump lips. "Oh. You frighten me love." He then laughed and closed the door before him. "Ta. Ta."

Hello~~. This is actually my very first Hetalia fanfic and I am actually excited about it. I ship multiple couples in Hetalia so i kept debating which one I should do first and it was a tie between USUK and Spamano and I couldn't control myself and eventually did the infamous USUK. I would really appreciate comments and honest reviews of what you guys think. I want to improve as much as possible. I will also write about other couples like Spamano and Gerita in the future, Anyway thanks for reading. Ciao~~ LOL