England trembled as America's fingertips still seemed to linger on his body, leaving hot trails in their wake just as they did before. The flustered man quickly turned on the faucet and allowed the cold water to pool into his cupped hands before splashing his reddened face with the cool liquid. He breathed a sigh of relief at the feeling. England then turned, walking on shaky legs towards the clawfoot tub centered on a small pedestal in the master bathroom. He watched on blankly as the water began to rise in the porcelain oval. Questions haunted him. The pros and cons of his shameful yet satisfying action shouted mercilessly within his head. 'What have I done? Surely America will now think we're more than friends…if our relationship could even be labeled as such. Oh Gods. Dating a former colony. Our relationship is already tolerable at best. It definitely won't last. He's young and I'm far too old. More than double his age. That git will definitely get bored of me.' With a downhearted sigh, England turned off the faucet once the tub was filled. He then worked on the task of removing the dirty apron from his tired limbs. "America is nothing but a brat and like all brats their attention span is in the negatives. He'll whine about one thing and then he'll find interest in something else seconds later." He uttered softly. The Briton then poured a decent amount of his scented bubble bath (one of the only things America didn't make him throw out) into the tub. The relaxing sweet smell of Vanilla and Tea leaves encircled him. Just when England placed himself in the much needed bath, the door flew open with such a deafening force, he sure it was going to fly off its hinges. The Englishman sat there shocked and wide-eyed as America rushed into the bathroom.

"God! You're still taking a bath?" America pouted childishly.

"I just got in." England sighed gently, hoping the boy would leave him be. He really wanted to be alone. Well away from the American to be precise. Plus his throat was killing him.

"You know I have showers. You could have taken one like a normal person." America teased, but his remark was instantly ignored. The teenager or 'man-child' as England politely referred to him as frowned as he watched the Briton wring out a wet bath cloth before folding it and placing it over his eyes. Not many things bugged America, but the one thing that seemed to aggravate him the most was being ignored. Which made sense, because he was a Hero and Heroes were never ignored. Plus it was fucking rude. America stepped onto the pedestal and hovered over the smaller nation, hoping that would catch his attention, but it didn't. "Ya know. Prussia totally slipped on some of our jizz. Fell flat on his face. It was hilarious." The American then broke out into an obnoxious laugh. "H-He thought it was ice cream." He panted through his laughing fit while clutching at his sides. "It got all over his clothes!" The American continued to howl with tears pooling at the corners of his eyes.

Another irritated sigh came from the Briton's lips. "Poppet. Could you please let me rest for a moment, before I have to go and entertain your barbarian guests?"

A cute confused expression appeared on America's face before it was replaced with a cocky smirk. "Ya know. W-We so don't have to go out there right away. We can stay here a bit. Maybe~ finish where we left off." If someone told America he was blushing, he'd deny it in a heartbeat. England didn't respond, but he was always a difficult person so America never took it personally. In fact that's what he secretly loved about England the most. He wasn't only strong and intelligent, but caring and protective. Even though he hid most of his compassionate side behind rash insults and slurs. America grinned at the silence and before he knew it the sound of rustling clothes filled the master bath. England's eyes widened as he ripped the cloth from his eyes just in time to see a naked pack of hard toned abs.

"W-What the bloody hell are you d-d-doing?" England's whispered-yelled as his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Getting naked so I can get in too. Can't take a bath with my clothes on. Duh." America replied simply as he rid himself of his jeans.

"Th-There's not enough room, you gorilla. You're too fat." England hissed, causing his throat to throb painfully. He frowned as he watched the American force his way into the tub, leaning against the side opposite of him. England pushed himself farther back, trying desperately to create distance. "At times I think you get your rocks off making me miserable."

America chuckled. "I jerk myself off to you period."

England blushed madly but jerked his head away. "D-Disgusting, but I suppose it's expected."

America snuck a little closer, his beautiful cerulean eyes glistening with undeniable lust. "What do you mean by that my Iggy?" England trembled in embarrassment as he brought his thighs closely to his beating chest. America smiled mischievously when the cute blushing Briton avoided eye contact. "Damn. My Iggy is so cute." England sucked his lower lip between his teeth as America closed the distance between them. The younger nation then blew teasingly into his ear. "I could just eat him up." A breathy moan escaped from the Englishman. That single comment shot through his body and towards his groin.

"P-Poppet. Eno—" England was silenced with a deep kiss. He became paralyzed as America's tongue possessively wrapped around his own. The American's then worked to separate his thighs just like before. "P-Poppet no." he struggled as the massive man began to devour his neck and chest. America was always a messy eater. Ever since he was a child. He was the type to swallow without chewing. He ate as though someone were to come out of nowhere and take it from him. Messy, brash and insatiable. Just like his kisses and yet the Briton couldn't help but love every single one. England whimpered as America's hand managed to make it to his slightly erected length. The smaller nation bit back a moan. "A-Amer—"

America's breathing became erratic. He held onto England tightly; his hands unpredictable. The water around them splashed and tossed to the motion of their bodies. The thumping of their hearts pounded together in a beautiful symphony. If he could stop time or relive any moment of his life, America would undoubtedly choose this. His England, his love held tightly in his embrace as he cherished every part of his body. The sweet sound of the elder nation's shy moans and protests. Butterflies erupted within him and before he could stop himself, America allowed the words that were imprisoned within his heart all these centuries to finally escape. "I love y—"

England gasped and pushed the boy away rather roughly. "ENOUGH!" America's eyes widened in shock. "Gods! I give you one blowjob and you act as though we're a couple or something! I told you I wanted to be left alone. Now SOD OFF!"

America frowned, his anger evident on his face. "What do you mean?! Aren't we a couple?"

A small grin formed on England's lips before he broke out into a mocking laugh. "Oh poppet. You can be so adorable sometimes. I really didn't think you'd take our little session so seriously."

"Why wouldn't I?" America hissed though clenched teeth.

"I mean. I sucked your dick while wearing a woman's apron. That's far from classified as a first date, love." He chuckled in amusement. "Besides relationships these days. Dating itself is far too stressful, not to mention silly. They never last and besides I'm more than twice your age. I was creating an empire while you were learning how to walk."

America's heart ached at his love's words. He thought if he managed to get England to stay at his house for more than a couple of hours (since the Brit rarely, if ever visits) then he'd be able to impress and show him how much he's grown and matured. But as always England refuses to take him seriously. He not only talks to him like a child, but still sees him as one. Sure he was nineteen in human years but he was over 400 years old dammit and demanded to be treated as such. England cocked an eyebrow as America seemed to be deep in thought and nothing good ever came from that.

"I'm not a child anymore England." America stated in a cold tone. England stayed quiet and watched on in curiosity. "I'm not your little brother anymore. I appreciate you for always being there for me. It's because of you I've managed to get through the rough times. You were my mother. My father and my inspiration. N-Not a day goes by that I don't think about that time. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night, chilled and soaked to the bone from the nightmares. I always imagine if I didn't make the choice I made where would I be? Would I still just be your 'little brother' or your 'poppet'? Would you still watch over me like some fuckin' kid?!" England looked down on the American with such terrifying disdain in his eyes as he forced himself to listen. "I—I don't hate you. I never did and probably never will… I'm just tired of living in your shadow. Why can't you just admit that I'm doing well for once? That's all I want. I don't know how you truly feel about me, but I don't regret the decisions I've made. I'm independent n—" Before he could finish a sharp blow met his cheek.

"YOU WATCH YOUR TONGUE YOU DISRESPECTFUL BASTARD!" England rose from the tub as America sat there looking downward, completely motionless. A bruising red mark decorating his left cheek. Ignoring the pain in his throat, the Brit began drying himself with an available towel. "Is this why you brought me here? Hn? To brag. I am aware that I am far from perfect, but that doesn't give you the right…" England let out a half-hearted laugh. "Me, your inspiration? Ha! What kind of fool do you take me for? I know how you truly feel about me, so don't try and trick me with sweet words."


"Silence!" America obeyed. He wanted to scream at England for being so irrational and thick headed, but something held him back. He couldn't figure out what exactly. Was it fear? Fear that he'd make things worse than they already were. "You keep claiming you're an adult Alfie and yet you approach me with these half-arsed tactics. If you wanna fuck just say so. There's no need for the extra nonsense. I admit our earlier activity was enjoyable for me. So if you want I'll be your-. Dammit all, what do you kids call it these days?" The Brit questioned to no one in particular as he slid his slender body into the clean black and white maid's attire that awaited him. "Ah. Fuck buddy or friends with benefits. Either or is fine with me." America's heart cracked. He could feel the tears forming. "But that throat fucking you gave me caught me off guard. So no more of that for a while. Not until I heal up, but everything else is fine." England soothed out his dress while gazing at himself in the mirror. The man did a few touch ups to his hair here and there before heading to the door. "Well I'm off. See you downstairs."


"America-san has been gone for quite some time. Do you think he and England-san is having difficulties?" Japan questioned worriedly to Hungary.

The female nation sighed after taking her attention off the Prussian and Spaniard who were currently fighting over what type of pizza to order. "Anglia (England) has always been a rather difficult person. Being the way he is it's going to be hard for Amerika (America) to properly confess his feelings. Since they're both such stubborn noodle heads. But that's why we're here to guide him every step of the way." A devilish twinkle emerged in Hungary's emerald eyes. "And when America makes his move. We'll make ours."

Japan nodded in agreement as he made a camera spawn from thin air. "Hai. Cameras are positioned in the areas you requested. I also brought extra film just in case of emergencies and—" Hungary almost lost it when the Japanese man presented a pair of adorable cat ears.

"Remember we don't leave until we got the footage." Hungary whispered excitedly.

"And what are you two sneaky bunnies whispering about over here?" Hungary and Japan jumped at the sound of France's voice. The duo turned their heads to see the Frenchman looking at them with a knowing grin. "You know it is impolite to hide things from big brother." He pouted.

Hungary crossed her arms and turned her nose skyward. "Hmph. We have no idea what you are talking about."

"I'll give you 200 plus a bottle of the finest bottle of French champagne money can buy."

"400 and the champagne." Hungary deadpanned.

"What?!" France screeched in disbelief. "That's twice as much as last time and the champagne is already going to set me back. Big Brother has been a customer since the beginning of time. He should at least get a loyalty discount. Have pity, Hongrie."

Hungary clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes. "Fine ya crybaby. 300 and the champagne. Take it or leave it. But if you ruin this I swear your face will have a date with my skillet frenchy."

"Heilige Scheiße! (Holy Shit)" Everyone turned their heads after hearing Prussia's outburst just in time to see England making his way down the staircase. His face held his normal 'piss off' expression, but anyone would disregard it after having a look at that body. Devilishly slim waist, a nice perky plump ass teasingly peeking from under a frilly mini skirt and legs…damn those legs. France immediately struggled with a massive nosebleed as Japan did a complete 360 around the Englishman. Taking pictures of every angle possible.

"My apologies for the mess earlier. My master and I lost track of time and weren't fully prepared for your arrival. On his behalf, we are truly ashamed and promise it won't happen again. Please sit and relax while I get the beverages ready." Prussia glanced up the Englishman's skirt as he walked by, earning him a harsh slap to the back of the head by Hungary.

Once England left the room, it was filled with unmistakable awe and silence. "Okay. I'll be the first to say it." announced Spain as he cleared his throat. "Inglaterra, perra molesto. Por favor, siéntese en mi cara. (England, you annoying bitch. Please sit on my face)"

"Has England always been that bangable? Tell me that was just some awesome illusion we just saw cause there's no way that eyebrow arschloch was that hot last time my awesome eyes saw him!" Prussia yelled in a confused and flustered state.

"En primer lugar, voy a lamer esa perra de pies a cabeza. (First, I'll lick that bitch from head to toe)" Spain stated simply while wearing his usual happy go lucky smile.

"No one is going to touch Anglia!" screeched Hungary. "Whoever lays a finger on him loses it!"

Prussia narrowed his eyes at the petite woman. "Who the hell died and made you king?!"

"Entonces yo le agarra por el pelo y tirarlo al suelo. (Then I'll grab him by the hair and throw him on the floor)" Spain smiled.

"Listen jerk face! Amerika's been crushing on Anglia since he was in diapers and I'll be damned if I let you ruin this for him just so you can get that raisin sized cock of yours off! Now this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna sit there, shut your mouth and keep your KIBASZOTT hands to yourself! And if I even so catch you as to having a wet dream about Anglia. I'll be shipping a pair of detached cocks. One to Germany and one to South Italy. GOT IT?" Prussia and Spain basically pissed themselves as they nodded their heads. "Csodálatos~." Hungary sang with a giggle.

"Nice work Hungary-sama. I must admit your rage even frightens me at times." Japan murmured softly.

The woman merely laughed at the comment. "No one fucks with my OTP."

"Sorry guys—" Everyone looked up once more to see America walking down the steps while wearing a white shirt with the Captain America symbol on it and a pair of faded denim jeans. "Eyebrows was bitching again." The teenager laughed it off but Hungary could clearly see the puffiness and redness in his eyes. "Did everyone decide on what kinda pizza to order yet?"

"I want a Meat Lovers from Pizza Hut, but this jerk wants Papa Johns." Prussia exclaimed while glaring down Spain.

"Papa Johns tastes better and plus the pizzas are bigger."

"It's overpriced and overrated!"

America laughed at the childish fight when he felt a hand gently touch his shoulder. He turned his head to find Hungary staring up at him with concern in her eyes. "Can I talk to you privately?"

"Uhh. Yeah. Sure." The American allowed the smaller woman to lead him through the kitchen and out the patio door. England frowned after seeing the couple past him by hand in hand but continued to make the drinks despite his displeasure. The sun was slowly setting in the distance, causing the massive garden in the backyard to glow. America wasn't much of a gardener but he knew England loved it, so he brushed up on his reading and learned a thing or two about it and before he realized it his backyard looked as though it were fit for royalty.

Hungary's eyes shined with admiration at the variety of flowers and plants that decorated the lawn and to the side was a pool with a built in Jacuzzi (which she will definitely check out later). A table and chair for lounging and a grill. "You did all this?"

America blushed. "W-Well Canada helped. I can't take all the cred."

"It looks marvelous." She replied with a gentle smile. Silence fell between the two as the evening wind began to create a soft breeze. "You don't have to put on an act for me darling. If you want to cry. Go ahead. I won't tell." The words that left Hungary's lips were almost a whisper but before she could blink the American was holding her close while using her shoulder as a leverage to cry on. Hungary instantly wrapped her arms around the broad teenager's shoulders as he emptied out his sorrow. "It's ok Amerika. Let it all out."

After basically throwing the rushed drinks into the guests faces, England was now on a mission. The Englishman crept through the kitchen and towards the patio door. He cautiously peered through the window to see America embracing Hungary. His heart leapt into his throat, but rage filled his entire being. Seething with untamable anger, the Brit failed to realize the soaked and displeased Frenchman approaching him. Damn France is a sneaky bastard.

"Do you know how much my dry cleaning is going to cost? I demand compen—" Before he could finish, England held his hand rather tightly on the Frenchman's mouth.

"America and Hungary are dating." England stated simply as though it were natural.

France frowned and jerked the man's hand from his gorgeous face. "You're joking right?"

"See for yourself…" England insisted as he stepped to the side, allowing France to take a peek. The bearded man rolled his eyes before taking a look. A sly smile then crossed his lips as he saw America's face being lifted from Hungary's shoulder. The American then gazed into her eyes as she gently caressed his cheeks.

"Oh mon. What an interesting turn of events. But you have to admit. It is adorable." France chuckled, his drenched clothing long forgotten. "Hongrie's soft and beyond gorgeous chestnut locks flowing in the evening wind, her porcelain skin shining in the moonlight as Amérique holds her tightly, nothing but the pure emotion of love is emitted between them. He gazes into her eyes, opening doors he thought he never could. The restless pounding of hearts and nervousness takes over them, but they know how each one feels. With no regret, Amérique tilts her head back and Hongrie moans with need. 'Je t'aime. Je t'aime! JE T'AIME!' she screams. Neither of them can hold back any longer. Their lips connect in a sinful yet passionate kiss. Ah~ this is love. Makes me kind of jealous in all honesty." England looked towards the floor and France cocked an eyebrow as he saw the man's body visibly tremble. "Angleterre?"

"I'm fucking America." England stated out of the blue before turning and walking away. France eyes widened in shock, but it was soon replaced with a gentle smile.

'Mon Dieu. I sense a storm approaching. A stubborn ole' Angleterre and a feisty yet shy Amérique. This is going to be fun~'

America and Hungary sat in the surprisingly comfortable patio chairs (Damn Canada and his awesome taste in furniture) as they gazed into the night sky. The American began spilling his heart out to his friend, desperately seeking advice. Usually he retreated to his Canadian brother when he was overwhelmed but it was nice to give that poor guy a break every now and then. "I thought it was the right moment…I thought I could finally be honest with him. Tell him how I feel. But in the end…it all backfired. He got angry before I could even realize what was goin' on. Sayin' shit like I was belittling him. He then said we can't date, because it was basically a waste of his time. But we can be fuck buddies."

"Oh my." Hungary gasped, honestly baffled. "Anglia was always a tough cookie, but I didn't think he'd go to such lengths, but then again he did go through that punk rock faze. He was so fun back then before he became a stick in the mud."

America pouted cutely. "You're not really helping."

Hungary giggled before playfully slapping the American on the back. "As I said before Anglia is just a tough cookie but he's sweet on the inside. Despite how he presents himself, Anglia has always been a fragile man since the beginning of time. Plus he's insecure and hot-tempered, but he means well. You out of anyone should understand that Amerika." America blushed from his cheeks to the tip of his ears. "You're too cute."

"I'm not cute! Kids are cute. I'm sexy!" America exclaimed in embarrassment.

Hungary shook her head with a laugh. "No darling. You're cute. Actually you're down right adorable. And does one particular person come to mind when cute things are involved?"

The American rubbed his chin in thought. "Liechtenstein? North Italy? …..Sealand?"

Hungary sighed, trying her best to be patient. "No."

"Yeah you're right. Italy and Sealand are more annoying than cute. Hmm." He hummed out loud. "I got nothing."

"What would you say is Anglia's biggest weakness?" Hungary questioned with a gentle smile. "What do you think he is afraid of most?"

"Besides his insane older brothers, I'd have to say being alone."

"BINGO! Give him his prize." The chestnut haired woman then began to clap happily.

America twisted his face in confusion. "That's dumb. We're countries. We all have fears of being alone."

"True. But when you're alone since day one and you finally find someone who needs you, it makes being a country much more enjoyable." America looked down sadly. After hearing the Hungarian woman's words, he began to wonder if he was the true cause of England's loneliness. "Buck up you!" Hungary laughed with a slap to the back. "I've got a plan." After discussing and debating the pros and cons of Hungary's plan, America stood to his feet with his trademark smile gracing his features. The duo then waltzed back into the house laughing when the sound of 'Take it off by Kesha' was blazing through the stereo system. Hungary looked at America questionably as the man rushed to his living room just in time to see a random stripper pole and stage positioned in the middle of the floor. The room was dark and the only source of lighting were the colorful stage lights that danced on the walls and the spotlight on England.

Hungary instantly drooled as she saw England wrap one naked slender leg around the pole before spinning around it erotically. With a beer mug in one hand and a dollar bill in the other Prussia screeched and cheered the Englishman on along with Spain who was recording it on his cell. England licked his lips before unzipping the maid's attire. The fabric teasingly slid down his body as though tasting every part of the man it could before hitting the floor. Spain howled as England stood before them wearing nothing but a pair black lingerie. Twisting his hips to the beat of the music. Hungary ripped her eyes away long enough to quickly whisper to Japan to get over his nosebleed and record, then she approached the Frenchman who was basically jacking off to the performance.

"What the hell is going on?!" she screamed above the music. France shrugged his shoulders.

"According to Angleterre: Just a little fun." The Frenchman replied.

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