Rhydian is suppost to be the 'bad boy' of Stoney bridge but I think that this appearance slips after the first few episodes in the first season. In this story I want to convey the true rebellious nature of Rhydian Morris.

Maddy and Rhydian run through the woods, the tree branches whipping their faces as they strode past them at a speed impossible for average humans to achieve, but then again they aren't your avarage humans. They reach the clearing where all their friends are getting terrefied by a looming 'monster'. Well, wolfblood. Just as they're about to lie about their abilities the wild woflblood appears out of the mist that previously concealed everything but its glowing eyes.

Rhydian: "Everyone get behind me, Maddy when I say so get everyone as far away as you can"

He put his hand behind his back searching desperately for his hidden knife. He regretted not looking for it earlier as he found that it wasn't there.

Maddy rolls her eyes, slowly walking up behind him and putting his knife into his hand, she smirks as he realizes she had taken it from him.

"Wha - you stole my knife?" Rhydian sounds almost offended

"Not the time Rhydian" she says authoritatively knowing their friends will wonder why he had a knife "I gave it back didn't I?"

As the rest of the group notice what's going on Jimmy pipes up "The guy's got a bloody knife! What the hell?"

Shannon hisses at Jimmy "Shut up! You'll scare off the beast! Besides it's that knife that's going to save us"

Maddy steps closer to Rhydian slightly resting on his back as she whispers into his ear "You don't have to do this. You're still new to transforming there's no way of knowing how violent this wild wolfblood might be" Rhydian just stares at Maddy

"It's alright Mads, I'll be alright" with that he gives her a wink, turns to her friends giving them a nod before walking slowly up to the wild wolfblood

"Now Maddy" she turns to the group of scared teenagers and yells at the top of her lungs

"RUN!" they sprint off but she decides to turn back to her new friend and help him.

Ceri's (Wild wolfblood + Rhydian's mother's) POV

The claws are out. Litterally.

Growls and gaspings are heard as I sink my newly sharpened teeth into Rhydian's neck throwing him against a rock watching as his form goes limp...What have I done?

"RHYDIAN" I turn around only to be bombarded with a blinding light

A low growling is heard behind the new enemy, it's Rhydian. A thick red goo is oozing out of his head clumping in his pure white fur. I decide to retreat at the sight of yellow eyes telling me to surrender. The girl is a wolfblood too! I may have underestimated them this time but I will be back and he will come with me. I have to learn how to control my anger next time though...

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