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This is my attempt at a reader x character series since I got some requests from SapphireSpade and I'm working hard on them, so this is the first one: Tsurugi Kyousuke! I'm working on the others as well.

Okay, so this story is pretty long, it was exactly 10 pages in Word, I don't intend to make all the stories in this series so long, soooo

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Tsurugi! the disclaimer!

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Lost and Found

Tsurugi Kyousuke

Where is it?

You were tearing up your whole room to find that one thing. Your notebook. All the notes from yesterday's lessons were in it and you needed it today. You had been looking for it all morning, but you were starting to lose hope of finding it.

It was time to go to school and you reluctantly had to give up your search. You decided you had left it at school so you must be able to find it.

You sighed, because this wasn't the first time, oh no, this happened on a weekly basis, well actually twice a week. And at least once a week you left it at school, if you were lucky, you could find it before that person did.

You gulped at the thought that that boy might've found your notebook. It wasn't about what was written in it, if it were about that you could've died of embarrassment many times. But no, your notebook is not the place where you write your personal stuff.

This was about what that boy would do if he had your notebook or rather what we he would ask of you.

Still pondering about this and feeling anxious, you had reached Raimon Junior High. You quickly went into the building and to your locker.

You opened your locker and furiously searched through it, hoping that if you'd flip everything enough times, your notebook would just magically appear. After flipping and moving everything in your locker three times you gave up, you knew that it was hopeless.

You were putting everything back in its place when you heard someone say:

''Looking for something?''

You shuddered and slowly turned around while closing your locker. You knew exactly whose voice it was that asked you the question.

In front of you stood Tsurugi Kyousuke, known as the school's bad boy, and he was holding your notebook. You gulped, you knew what was going to happen next.

Every time that this Tsurugi boy 'found' your stuff (seriously, what were the odds that he was always the one who would find them?), he would only return it under one condition.

You always had to do something he told you to do and you always did them, because - how conveniently - he always seems to have the stuff you absolutely need.

Usually he'd make you do something to make a fool out of yourself, he'd once made you walk around the whole school grounds while holding a piece of paper saying: I'm stupid.

Another time he made you confess to Kariya. Kariya for crying out loud, that boy's pranks were the worst and as soon as he had figured out you were lying to him (Tsurugi must've told him) he pranked you.

You shuddered again, you didn't even want to think about that. You tried to hide it as far away in your mind as possible, it was an experience you didn't want to relive.

Well, those were the kind of things that Tsurugi usually asked for, but lately he had been acting strange. Instead of thinking of a creative yet very annoying way to embarrass yourself, he'd been asking for hugs and last week he even asked you to kiss his cheek!

Of course he'd still let you make a fool out of yourself, but not as often as before.

And even though you knew all of this, you still tried to get back your notebook without having to do anything embarrassing.

''Ohayou Tsurugi, I believe you have my notebook, can I please have it back?''

You tried to snatch it from his hand, but he quickly lifted his arm so you couldn't reach it anymore.

Shoot, there went your chance at making it alive through this morning.

''Come now, [F/n]-chan. We both know that that's not the way it works.''

''Really? I thought the rules had changed.''

''You should know by now that the rules never change.''

You knew that they didn't, but you always thought that it wouldn't hurt to try.

''Fine'' you grumbled, ''what do you want?''

''I want...'' Tsurugi seemed to think really hard about this before making a decision, ''a kiss. Yes, I want a kiss.''

Great, he wants a kiss and here you were thinking he'd ask something like confessing to who knows who, maybe Hikaru.

''Are sure you sure? I mean there are lots of other things you haven't thought of yet that'll make me look like a fool.''

''I'm sure and when I mean a real kiss.''

Was he really asking you to kiss him... on his lips? You couldn't believe it, was this really Tsurugi? And there was no way you were kissing him.

''I...I can't do that.''

''Oh and why not? I thought you needed your notebook?''

''I do, but I won't kiss you.''

''And to repeat myself; why not?''

Great, now you even had to admit you've never been kissed before.

''I want my first kiss to be something special, it has to be with the person I love.''

''Mmm, I can understand that, but I still won't change my condition.''

That's it, today you wouldn't let Tsurugi win.

''In that case, keep the notebook.''

After saying this, you made an attempt to walk away, but you were unable to. Before you were completely turned, you heard a thud and something grabbed your waist. The next thing you felt were two soft and warm lips against yours.

You realized that Tsurugi was the one kissing you, you didn't push him away, instead you froze. That bastard must've dropped the notebook in order to grab and hold your waist. And now he was kissing you! How dare he, even after you told him how you felt.

You were still frozen in Tsurugi's hold, his lips still on yours. And then you did something you hadn't expected, you kissed him back. Your body responded to his, free from your mind's control.

His tongue asked for entrance and your lips responded by opening and your tongue fought for dominance with his.

You were astonished by how free your body was from your mind. But then somehow your mind gained its control over your body again. Your hands moved to Tsurugi's chest, ready to push him away.

But you didn't, even though you had the chance to push him away, you couldn't. You wanted this kiss to last longer, you wanted to kiss Tsurugi longer.

Why? Why couldn't you just push him away? Were you...in love with him?

The answer was simple, yes you were. It was true, you were in love with the boy who'd make you look like a fool in front of the whole school.

Tsurugi eventually pulled away from you and looked into your eyes, your hands were still on his chest.

''So you're in love with me huh?'' He suddenly said.

''I never said that!'' You exclaimed. The thing was that he had hit the nail on the head, but he probably didn't love you back, so you would just keep it to yourself.

He pulled you closer and whispered in your ears.

''There's no need to hide it, because I love you too.''

Your heart almost jumped out of your chest at hearing this.

''Really?'' You couldn't believe it, Tsurugi, Tsurugi Kyousuke, loved someone and that someone was.. you?!

''Really, I'll prove it.''

He let go of you again and picked up your notebook and gave it back to you.


''This is your way of proving you love me?''

''This isn't even the beginning, I was just being polite.''

Right after he said that he grabbed your waist and kissed you again. He kept kissing you until the bell rang, signaling that you were too late for class.

You pulled away and said: ''Thanks a lot Tsurugi, now I'm late.''

''But you'll forgive me, because you love me right?'' He said with an overconfident smile.

Damn it, he was actually right, you did forgive him.

''Yeah, I love you.''

And with that you picked up your bag and ran off towards your class.

It's been a month since you an Tsurugi have been dating, you still occasionally lost your stuff, which he always somehow miraculously found. He would then ask you for a kiss at which you would reply with ''you know you don't need my stuff for that, but thanks anyway.''

You would then take whatever he found and kiss him.

But today was different.

He came up to you like usual, this time holding your pencil case, you had lost it the day before.

''Hey Kyousuke'' you said, since you were dating he allowed you to call him Kyousuke, ''can I have back my pencil case?'' You were making an attempt at grabbing it, but he lifted his arm.

''First you have to do something.''

''Fine'' you said and kissed him.

''Hmm'' he said after you removed your lips from his, ''I'll never get tired of that but that's not what I meant.''

''What! I thought the rules had changed after we started dating!''

''I already told you, the rules never change.''

''What do you mean?'' You started to grow nervous, why did his attitude suddenly change again?

''Come with me.''

He grabbed your hand and started to drag you away.

''K-Kyousuke matte!''

Before you were even finished saying this, you were already outside.

''Where are we going?''

You were already being dragged away again. You soon realized you were headed in the direction of the soccer building.

You struggled to break free from Tsurugi's strong grip, but were unable to and you were being dragged inside the soccer building.

''Why are we here?'' You asked.

A mysterious smile started to play on Tsurugi's lips.

''We are here because I want you to join the soccerclub, as a manager.''

''Now why would I do that?''

''If you don't want to that's fine...''

''I don't want to.''

''In that case I suppose you don't want your pencil case either.''

''What! Give it back!'' You yelled.

Apparently someone heard you, because Tenma appeared around the corner.

''Ehm Tsurugi who is this?'' he asked.

''This is [L/n] [F/n] and she wants to join the soccerclub as a manager.''

You mentally sighed, how dare Tsurugi say that, you never agreed. On the other side, you really needed your pencil case and Tsurugi seemed to know that all too well. You might as well just go with it, maybe something good might actually come out of this.

''That's right!'' You said to Tenma. From the corner of your eye you saw Tsurugi smile a little.

''Welcome to the team then!''

''Thanks for having me!''

''Let's go [F/n]-chan'' Tsurugi said, '' we wouldn't want to be late.''


And so you got dragged away by Tsurugi again. He dragged you all the way to your locker again.

''Are you satisfied now Kyousuke?''


You grissed the pencil case from his hand and this time he let you do so. You put it back in your bag, afraid of losing it again.

''Hey'' Tsurugi said and you turned towards him and before you had fully realized it, Tsurugi's lips were on yours.

You let yourself get carried away in the kiss and before you knew it the school bell rang, you were late, again.

You removed your lips from Tsurugi's.

''Damn it Kyousuke, if I'm late one more time this month, I have to go to detention. And guess who's joining me if I have to go to detention?''

You knew Tsurugi wasn't afraid of your 'threat', it wouldn't be his first time in detention.

He rolled his eyes and said: ''Bye [F/n]-chan.''

''Bye Kyousuke'' you said before you ran off to your class.

After school you were standing in front of your locker, putting your books inside your bag and putting some in your locker.

''[F/n]-chan, what are you still doing here?''

You turned around to find Tsurugi in his soccer uniform.

''Oh hey Kyousuke, what does it look like I'm doing?''

''It looks like you're doing a terrible job at being a manager.''

''What do you mean?''

Tsurugi heaved a sigh before he started speaking again.

''Have you forgotten what happened this morning? You're a manager for the soccerclub now and that means you have to be at practice and be a manager.''

''What! I have to be there during practice? And that every morning and afternoon?''

''Have I forgotten to mention you have to attend matches as well?''

''Kyousuke! What have you dragged me into?!''

''I have dragged you into nothing, you wanted to be a manager.''

''What! But...you!'' You didn't know what to say. Oh, how much you hated it when he was right.

He laughed at your actions, you had unconsciously clenched your jaw and twisted your face in a weird expression.

''Let's just go then'' you managed to get out, you still hadn't calmed down completely.

''Okay'', Tsurugi had stopped laughing, took your hand and dragged you away again, to the soccer building, again.

It didn't take long before you had reached the soccer building, you went inside and there you saw all the members sitting in the clubroom.

''Tsurugi, you're late'' said a man with an orange headband, who was standing in front of everyone.

''Sorry Endou-kantoku, I had to pick up our newest member.''

''She's the newest member?'' Kariya said, ''I'm sure a toddler could do a better job at playing.''

''Shut up Kariya, I'm not joining as a player but as a manager.''

''What's your name?'' The coach, apparently named Endou, asked.

''I'm [L/n] [F/n], but you can call me [F/n]. Please take care of me!'' You said while you bowed.

''Nice to meet you [F/n]'', coach Endou said, ''you can help the other managers as we go over the previous match.''

Aoi waved to you.

''Over here [F/n]!'' She said.

You quickly walked to where she was, she was wearing a pink tracksuit.

''[F/n] I didn't know you were a manager as well.''

''Yeah, I just started today.''

''Did Tsurugi drag you into this?''

Aoi knew that the two of you were dating and how at first he always found your stuff.

''Sort of, but it was my choice.''

''Oh okay! Welcome to the managers team! This are Midori and Akane, they're second years.'' Aoi said this while pointing at the girls beside her, one of them had chestnut hair tied into two plaits and was wearing a blue tracksuit. The other girl had pink hair with some small braids, she however wasn't wearing a tracksuit.

''Yo! I'm Midori, nice to meet you!'' Said the girl with the pink hair.

''I'm Akane.'' The other girl just simply introduced herself and stared off into the distance.

''Nice to meet you!'' You said.

Aoi handed you a lavender colored tracksuit.

''Here, put this on.''

You gladly took it and went out of the clubroom to look for a changing room to put it on, it didn't take long to find one. You went in and changed your school uniform for the lavender tracksuit. After you put it on you looked in the mirror, it suited you very well.

''It looks very good on you.''

You turned around in surprise to see Tsurugi leaning against the doorpost.

''How long have you been standing there?'' You asked, still surprised.

''I came in like just a second ago.''

You sighed, why did he have to scare you like that?

''Anyway, shouldn't you head off to the grounds?'' Tsurugi said.

''You're one to say, you are the one who's supposed to practice, I'm not the player.''

''Well then, why don't we go together?''

You shrugged. ''Sure''

You walked to the field together with Tsurugi. You went to the other managers, while Tsurugi walked up to Tenma and the rest of the team. And so the training began.

You watched as everybody ran and kept passing the ball around. The ball was passed to Tsurugi and he unleashed his Keshin Kensei Lancelot.

''Lost Angel!''

Tsurugi performed his Keshin shoot and scored against Shinsuke.

''Sugoi'' you said, ''Kyousuke is really good!''

''Sou daro, that's why he's our ace striker.'' Aoi said.

Even thought you know that Tsurugi was the ace striker and that he was strong, you had never imagined that his shoots would be this amazing. You only found Tsurugi more and more amazing.

Practice went on like this, every time Tsurugi performed one of his hissatsus you were amazed by his power. Practice soon ended and you walked up to Tsurugi.

"Your hissatsus are amazing Kyousuke! I never knew you were this amazing!" You said.

Tsurugi chuckled at your excited behavior, this was very rare for you.

"Want to see some other amazing sides of me?"

"What do y-" Before you could finish your sentence, Tsurugi kissed you, right in front of everyone.

"Heh, Tsurugi has a girlfriend!" Kariya exclaimed.

You heard the snapping of a camera, must be Akane, she's been taking pictures of everything during practice, but you didn't care.

Right now you just enjoyed your kiss with your amazing boyfriend Tsurugi Kyousuke.


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