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Drainpipe Stalking

Kariya Masaki

Normal POV

"Say, [F/n] have you heard the rumors about the molester?" Aoi asks.

"Hmm.. sorry what?" you woke from your thoughts, you had spaced out a little.

"Have you heard the rumors about the molester?"

"What rumors and… what molester?!" you exclaimed.

Aoi heaved a sigh, "there have been rumors about a molester roaming around town. Aren't you scared?"

This was the first time you heard about this, there was a molester in you town? You had to admit that the thought of running into a molester scared the living daylights out of you.

"Yeah, kinda, what about you Aoi?"

"Not really, I mean I always walk home with Tenma and Shinsuke, so what could possibly happen to me?" Aoi giggled.

"You lucky bastard, I have to walk home on my own, I don't have a prince with a soccer ball to save me" you joked.

"[F/n]!" Aoi yelled, loud enough for everyone else in the classroom to hear her, some students turned their heads. Aoi started whispering, "I thought we agreed to never talk about this!"

The thing is, a couple of weeks ago you found out about Aoi's crush on Tenma and she made you promise to never talk about it. You had agreed to it, but you liked to tease her with it.

"Fine, fine" you said and raised your hands, pretending to surrender.

Aoi looked at the clock on the wall of the classroom, and she jumped up in horror.

"[F/n] we have to go, or we'll be late for afternoon practice! Don't you know what's going to happen to us if coach figures out we're late?"

You remained seated and raised one eyebrow at Aoi, "ehm, nothing, because coach Endou is always late too, so why should we get in trouble for doing the same?"

You knew you were making no sense, but you just didn't feel like getting up, you were too tired. Lately, your life had been boring, nothing exciting ever happened, school was the same old boring thing, practice was the same, matches were always won. Your life had started to become kind of a drag, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to run into the molester, at least it was a change of pace.

You shook your head, did you just really think that? OK, that was it, you had totally hit rock bottom, life probably couldn't get any more boring if you were thinking things like that.

You barely had time to stand up from your chair, Aoi had already grabbed your arm and was dragging you outside, towards the practice grounds. When she saw Akane and Midori she finally let go of your arm and she ran over towards them. You slowly trudged behind her towards the bench.

"Sorry for being late" you heard Aoi say.

"It's okay" Midori said, "coach still isn't here either." And just when she finished saying that coach Endou appeared on the field and shouted his instructions to the team. You quickly made your way over to the bench and started sorting towels and drinks for everyone.

Practice was the same as usual, the ball went back and forth and guys yelled at each other to pass. You started to think why you even joined the team as a manager, you weren't even really that into soccer. It was probably because Aoi talked you into it, when she applied as a manager she didn't want to go alone. That's probably how you ended up as a manager.

Practice was finally over and you heaved a sigh, you stood up and stretched out, you were ready to go home.

"[F/n]!" You heard coach Endou's voice and you turned your head.

"You're going to bring the equipment back to the clubroom."

You started to whine, since you just wanted to go home. "Why does it have to be me?"

"You were late for practice."

"But I wasn't that late, and it's already getting dark-"

"[F/n]! Just do it" coach Endou heaved a sigh and you realized there was nothing you could possibly say or do to change his mind. You picked up all the towels and threw them on the crate with empty water bottles, then you picked up the crate, grumbling something you hoped no one could hear. This wasn't exactly the exciting thing you had in mind.

When you turned around you nearly bumped into Tsurugi and he said "that's what you get for being late", that was a big mistake on his side.

"Don't go acting like you're the sweet guy who always arrives on time" you sneered at him and walked away. You so had enough of this day.

You put the crate back where it belonged, took all the towels of it and threw them in a corner of the club room, you would deal with that tomorrow. Then you returned to the field to get the soccer balls and brought them to the club room. As you walked out again you noticed a picture hanging on the wall, you read the line underneath it:

Raimon Eleven, Winners Football Frontier, captain: Endou Mamoru, third-year

You smiled a little as you looked at the picture, so that's what coach looked like when he was younger? He surely seemed like some kind of soccer freak.

You walked out of the club room and out of the soccer building, when you were outside you noticed it had already become dark. You had to hurry home or you would be scolded for being late.

You quickly made your way out of the school gates, you decided to go through the park since that was the shortest route to your house. You walked through the park when you heard footsteps behind you, you stopped to listen if you were right or if you were going crazy due to your suffocating boring life. But when you stopped, the sound of the footsteps stopped as well. You started walking again and you heard the sound again, were you being followed? You stopped walking to check if you were indeed being followed and when you stopped the other footsteps stopped as well. You knew for sure you were being followed and you started running.

But it was too late, whoever was following you had caught up to you and had taken a hold of your arm. Your arm was yanked and you were forced to turn around. Your face met with that of an older man. He was grinning at you and you started to become scared, was this the molester?

"Hmm… a cute little schoolgirl, what should I do with you?" He started to examine you, you started to panic and you wanted to scream but when you opened your mouth no sound came out. Your panic had frozen you and you could neither move nor make a sound.

"Let her go!" A voice shouted out through the dark.

That voice was enough to make your body unfreeze and you turned your head to look behind you. You saw a boy with teal hear, he wore a yellow hoodie and he was holding a soccer ball. The man had seen the boy too and he started to laugh.

"Or what? What are you going to do to me? What could a school boy like you possibly do to me?" You looked at the man again and you noticed he had drawn out a knife. "Now go away and let me have my way with this girl or I'll cut you."

You looked at the boy again, his face showed resolution, to your surprise the boy turned around.

"Good" said the man and he looked at you again, "now where was I?"

Before the man could touch you again, a white blur hit his head and the man fell to the ground, causing him to finally let go of your arm. You looked at your feet and saw what had hit the man, it was a soccer ball, you picked it up and confusedly looked at it.

Then your arm was grabbed again, you looked up, afraid the man had already stood up. To your surprise it was the boy from before.

"C'mon" he said, tugging your arm, "I don't know how long he'll stay out so let's hurry!"

You started to get what the boy was saying and you started to run along with him, away from the molester. During the running the boy didn't let go of your arm and then he finally stopped. He turned around to look at you.

"Are you okay?" He asked, kind of worried. His worry ignited a warm feeling in your chest.

"Y-yeah. T-thank you" you said, "for saving me." As you said that you thought you saw a little blush creep up the boy's cheeks, but it probably was just your imagination. You realized you were still holding his soccer ball and you raised your hands, offering it to him.

"What's your name?" you said, while he took the ball back.

"My name's Kariya, Kariya Masaki."

You laughed a little. "Are you impersonating James Bond?"

"Yup" the boy joked, "saving the world and rescuing damsels-in-distress, that's just what I do."

You started to laugh harder, this boy was really funny. "Well, Kariya, Kariya Masaki, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm [L/n] [F/n]."

"So [F/n], what would you say if we were to get out of here?" Kariya said with a straight face.

You stopped laughing, what was this Kariya-boy saying? The remark he just made was quite unsettling and subconsciously you took a step backwards.

Kariya started laughing uncontrollably, but you didn't get, what was so funny? You just remained in your stance, with your left foot one step behind your right. Finally, Kariya started to laugh less.

"I was just joking, I just meant to ask if I should bring you home?" he said in between his laughter.

You laughed a little along with him, after what had happened with the molester, you wouldn't mind an escort home.

"That would be lovely Kariya" you said. Right after you said it you realized how weird that actually sounded, but Kariya didn't seem to mind. He just asked where you lived, you told him and he said he knew that street.

He took your hand and started to walk, the contact of his skin on yours sent an electric bolt throughout your body and you started to blush. You felt quite embarrassed at your reaction and you hoped he didn't notice, how could you get so flustered by a boy you had just met? You weren't falling for him were you?

Goodness gracious, you had actually already fallen for him, guess it was true that no girl could resist a hero. You glanced sideways and saw Kariya's face, you thought you once again saw a blush and you suddenly became super conscious of your intertwined hands. Why had he taken your hand anyway? Was it just an excuse to touch you or was it so you wouldn't get lost? You couldn't exactly figure out the reason why he grabbed your hand, but you didn't want to let go. His hand felt warm and that was just what you needed since you were quite cold.

You started to shiver, you hadn't realized you were this cold until now. The sun was down and the adrenaline had left your veins and your body suddenly felt ice-cold. Kariya seemed to notice your shivers, because he turned to you and looked at your bare arms.

"Are you cold?" he asked, that question wasn't necessary because it was clear you were cold, he probably was just asking it out of politeness. He let go of your hand and stopped walking, immediately you felt the absence of the warmth that had seeped into your body through his hand. He started to take off his hoodie and he handed it to you.

"Here" he said. You gratefully took it from him.

"Thanks" you said. You put on the hoodie, you were enveloped by its warmth, the warmth that Kariya had left behind. Once you had put on the hoodie, Kariya took your hand and started walking again. You were really grateful for his hoodie and you secretly sniffed it, trying to catch his scent, hoping he wouldn't notice. The scent that came from the jacket was sort of sweet and comforting, like a nice spring morning.

It didn't take long for the two of you to reach your house, but it was way too soon for you. You weren't ready to say goodbye to Kariya, you probably would never see him again and you just weren't ready for that yet. You stopped in front of your house.

"Is this your house?" Kariya asked.

"Y-yeah." You wanted to say more, maybe say you liked him, but you just didn't have the courage to, so you just took off his hoodie and gave it back to him. Immediately you missed the scent and the warmth it gave off, you longed to have it back.

"Here" you said and reluctantly gave it back to him. He took it from your hands, but he didn't put it on again. You walked over to your front door, ready to go in, but before you opened the door you turned around. You saw Kariya still standing there, holding his hoodie.

"Bye Kariya" you said and then you turned around and opened the front door.

Kariya's POV

[L/n] [F/n] huh? She seemed like something else, not like any other girl I've ever met.

I slowly brought my hoodie up to my face and I smelled it, it carried a new scent, one that was neither mine nor the orphanage's detergent. The new scent smelled like roses, but much sweeter, I actually quite liked it. I looked at [F/n]'s house one more time and then I walked away towards the orphanage.

Normal POV

"EHH?!" you shouted out.

You stood up as soon as you had heard his name and you were now staring at the boy while pushing down Shinsuke's hair in order to get a better view.

"[L/n], I see you and Kariya have met before." Yes that was right, in front of the class stood the boy who saved you yesterday, Kariya Masaki.

"Y-yeah, well that's–" you got interrupted by your teacher. "Kariya, you can go sit next to [L/n]." After saying this the teacher turned around to the board.

As soon as Kariya had set down you turned to him, you just had to ask him why he didn't tell you.

"Why didn't you tell me you were transferring to Raimon Junior High?" You half-whispered, half-hissed. Kariya turned to you and opened his mouth to answer.

"You never asked" he said while shrugging.

"Did I have to? You could've just told me."

"Well it's not like James Bond would tell everyone he meets he works for MI6."

You cracked a little smile, was he really still going on with this whole James Bond stuff?

"How long are you going to keep that James Bond act up?" you asked inquisitively.

"As long as it makes you smile" he simply said and turned to the teacher, away from you.

Your smile got a little wider, this boy was really something else.

"Care to share with everyone why you are smiling miss [L/n]?" With a shock you woke from your thoughts, in the process you bumped your knee against your desk. You looked up to see the teacher staring at you.

"E-ehm, it-it's nothing" you quickly replied and looked down at your desk. Luckily for you the teacher continued with his lesson, paying you no further attention. You heard a chuckle from beside you, but you chose to ignore it. Instead you just kept thinking about Kariya, but this time while trying to hide a smile.

School was finally over, you sighed because you weren't sure if you should go to practice or not since your parents had scolded you yesterday for coming home so late. They were really mad you had come home so late and they didn't want you attending soccer practice anymore since it was becoming darker at night. When you had arrived home and told the reason you were late, soccer practice, you had left out the part of the molester, your parents would have freaked out so you decided to not mention it at all.

You stood indecisive in the doorway, you realized it wasn't the best spot to stand still because someone bumped into you, hard.

"Hey!" You said as you turned around to glare at whoever had bumped into you. You were met with Kariya's face, he just as you, was glaring.

"Get out of my way [F/n], I have to get to the soccer building and I don't even know where it is?"

It took your mind a couple of seconds to process what he was saying, the soccer building? Did that mean he was joining the soccer club?

"I can show you the way to the soccer building" you said, a little more excited than you should have been as you took Kariya's hand and started dragging him along while running away. He didn't protest he just ran next to you.

When you arrived at the soccer building you didn't stop, you stormed right inside with Kariya in tow. Inside the building you showed him to the changing rooms and then you went to the clubroom. As all members started gathering in the clubroom you saw Kariya walking in, wearing the Raimon jersey and you had to admit that it looked pretty good on him.

When everyone was seated, coach Endou introduced Kariya as the new member joining the soccer club and talked about your upcoming match. After that everyone went to the training grounds and you followed.

Practice went by as usual, all guys chasing a ball, but you couldn't stop staring at Kariya, for some reason he was very interesting to watch. There was something about his movements that kept drawing your eyes to him. Practice eventually ended and you took off towards the clubhouse to get your bag and go home.

"[F/n], wait!" You heard a voice calling you as you walked out of the clubhouse. You turned around to see Kariya running towards you, you stopped in your tracks and waited for him to reach you.

"Can I walk you home today again?" Kariya said, a small hint of a blush on his cheeks.

You gave a smile and a big nod and the two of you took off together.

"[F/n], you're home late again today!" Your father half-shouted at you.

"Yeah well I'm sorry" you said sarcastically, "but are you forgetting I have to attend soccer practice every day?"

"If that's the case then you have to quit the soccer club, because we do not want you so late out on the streets again!"

While Kariya had walked you home the both of you had taken a detour through the park, this caused you to be home later than usual.

"Why do I have to quit the soccer club? Why do you always have to interfere in my life and make me miserable? I like being a manager for the soccer club so I'm not quitting!" You ended your rant and angrily stomped up the stairs towards your room, you weren't going to listen to your parents trying to decide your life for you.

"We're not done talking yet young lady!" You heard your father shout after you but you couldn't care less, you just slammed the door to your bedroom shut with a loud bang. You knew your parents would come upstairs and try to get into your room so you had to try and block it with something. You looked around and the heaviest thing closest to the door was your bed. You tried pulling your bed towards the door, but to no avail, you could barely move it an inch, you weren't strong enough.

"You need some help with that?"

You jumped up in shock, where did that voice come from, was there someone else in your room? You turned around to see who had spoken and you were very surprised to see it was Kariya. You almost got a heart attack, not only was there randomly some guy in your room (god knows how he got there) but on top of that it was Kariya, the boy you were already secretly crushing on!

"Kariya! How did you get here?" You tried very hard not to scream at him and whisper shouted the sentence at him. Kariya just rolled his eyes.

"Through the window of course, I climbed the drainpipe." He casually said.

"Why would you do such a thing?!"

Kariya just rolled his eyes at you again, "I'll explain later, but do you still need some help with that?" Kariya pointed at your bed.

"Well you're here already so you might as well help me."

Kariya just grinned and the two of you pulled and pushed the bed in front of the door until it was blocking it completely. You laid down on the bed and you patted the spot next to you, inviting Kariya, he immediately took his chance and plopped down on the bed, causing you to launch upward a few centimeters.

You faced him and said: "Now tell me, why did you climb through my window?"

Kariya simply grinned and replied with: "Simple, I wanted to see you."

"Really" you said sarcastically "because I mean, you could've just come through the door like any normal person would."

"Really" Kariya said, "and besides do I look like much of a normal person to you?" He laughed and leaned in towards your face, causing you to blush.

He was right, he wasn't a normal person to you, because he was your hero and you had already grown to love the hero who saved you. You leaned in, closed the gap between the two of you and pressed your lips on his. His lips tasted bittersweet and they were a little chapped, but the kiss was very sweet nonetheless. Your hands found their way into Kariya's hair, tangling your fingers with his hair and his hands moved to cup your cheek and move you closer to him by your waist.

All that mattered to you in that moment was the kiss you shared with Kariya, you didn't care about the fight you had with your parents or what would be waiting for you once you came out of your room, all that mattered was this moment here with Kariya.


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