King of Everything

Hi! This is D27H, and I present to you a new series of fanfiction! YAY! :D Disclaimers and notices: Pokémon, obviously is not mine, so the credit is obviously not mine, and this story has OC, so don't look at the characters and go, "What?" Also, it takes place in a sort of Pokémon Black and White 2 setting, so...ya. KK, enjoy!

Chapter 1


Yet another sandstorm was brewing in Lentimas Town, and it looked like a big one this time. But the citizens weren't concerned; all of them were bred-and-born desert-dwellers, and a sandstorm wasn't much of a problem. Their skins were thickened to the insistent scratches of the sand, and they knew their way around the small town without even opening their eyes.

I wasn't an exception. I was helping lead my father's elderly Rapidash- Cori, her name was- when the first heavy grains of sand began pelting us.

"Ugh." I stroked Cori, knowing how nervous the mare got during sandstorms. "It's okay. We're almost there."

We trudged through the steadily increasing winds and arrived at our house, one of the smallest mud-and-brick structures with a large stable in the back, to the sound of the wind and the rustle of the sand in our ears. I led Cori into the stable and hurried back into the house.

Mother met her at the door with a cloth held over her mouth. "Oh, child, out for five minutes and dirty already." She sighed and dusted off my shirt. "Did you get the mail?"

I groaned and slapped my forehead. "Sorry." Back outside I went, but briefly, just to reach around and pull the thin stack of papers from the box that hung next to the door. The gale outside slammed the door shut, nearly catching my fingers in the hinges.

With deft hands, Mother sifted through the envelopes. I peered into the shard of glass that took the place of a mirror.

My face was indeed covered in a reddish-yellow sand, giving my already desert-shaded skin a shimmery gold tint. This made my large, rich copper eyes stand out more. Straggles of sun-bleached brown hair fell around my face, the ends curling up a little bit to meet my jawline.

Mother suddenly cried out from the main room. "Oh my goodness!"

I dashed back, preparing to have to tackle a Sandile scrabbling out from the ground, like last time. Instead, my mother was holding a luxuriously-colored red envelope with a maroon rubber stamp and gold letters spelling out the words, "Ieri Malia Vincent" on the front.

We both knew at once what it was. It was the approval letter for the Unova Pokémon League Academy.

The U.P.L.A was the most prestigious Pokémon academy in the region, the hardest to get into in the world, and the number two school on the world, right after Supernatural Exclusive in the Hoenn Region. It accepted only the best trainers-to-be, and it was pricey, too. However, every year, two full scholarships were given out to one boy and one girl who did well on what was internationally called a Mock League, or a fake tournament, in which the applicants went through a series of battles very similar to the real Pokémon League. Even if one finished with no losses, the final judgement was based on personality, Pokémon choice, and Pokémon care.

Luckily for me, I had grown up around Pokémon. My father was one of the best breeders in Unova, and he stressed the importance of ensuring the comfort and happiness of his charges.

"Oh, Ieri, come here!" Mother cried. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight. "Now you can go to a good school and not have to worry about money! I need to call your sister. When your father gets here, we must tell him the good news as well."

As if on cue, the front door slammed open and shut, and Father stomped in, grumbling about the sand in his eyes. Mother let out another cry of joy and proceeded to bombard her husband with the facts.

At first, Father's face was a little nonplussed at being assaulted the moment he got out of the storm. As he continued to listen, however, his face brightened, and at the end, he was as joyous as Mother was. He lifted me off of my feet and swung me around in a circle, just like he did when I was little.

"Now you can change the luck that our family has gotten ever since Lentimas Town was found by the outsiders!" he shouted, practically crying like my mother. Around and around I went, laughing, both at and with my parents and their joy. I could understand it.

Finally, my father let me down and scoured the letter. "Wait, but we have to send you to Virbank do we get you to a major airport in time?"

Mother sighed in relief. "Oh, but it's just the Lentimas Town Airport. It's just down the road a little." I smiled a little; the pilots at the Lentimas airport knew me, and would be very pleased to hear the news. "Looks like an official is coming to pick her up."

Father's elation came rushing back. "My daughter is going to the U.P.L.A! I can't believe it! Which Pokémon are you going to take, honey? You can take any ones you want."

"Only four though," Mother pointed out. "You have to pay for each extra."

Father shrugged. This time, his flame wasn't going to be extinguished. "So I suppose we start packing today?"

My parents threw themselves into a discussion about what I should bring. Quietly, I snuck out to the stable out back, where all our Pokémon were kept.

When I opened the door, Cori whinnied anxiously. I soothed her with quiet noises and scooted around her to the back.

I quickly found the three Pokémon I used for the Mock League- an Empoleon named Cobalt, a Lucario named Breaker, and a Ninetales without a name (there had actually been four Pokémon, but the last one, a Skarmory named Tin, had died a couple of days ago). Cobalt, the largest, stood in front of his friend Tronk, a smelly but cuddly Trubbish, but relaxed when he saw it was me.

Two of the three Pokémon had long histories. Cobalt had been abandoned as a Prinplup; he was left outside our door, and we didn't know who left him there. He was a fast learner, and in no time, he became the imposing creature he was now. What made him even more valuable to me was the fact that he was one of only two north-category Pokémon I had ever seen. The Ninetales was found as a Vulpix wandering by the airport, making the saddest sounds you could imagine, most likely missing her owner. She had been here for three years now, and no one had claimed her.

Breaker, on the other hand, was my very own darling. She looked incredibly intimidating, given that she was one of the strongest and toughest Pokémon out there, but she was actually very soft-hearted and friendly. At least, until a battle; then, she would pull out all stops and fight for the top, barreling down her enemies until the very end. Breaker was a Riolu when I got her about four years ago; a trader passing through the town offered her in exchange for two nights of food and bed. My mother, being the kind woman she is, accepted, and I got the Riolu. Later, when she began to help with the construction of the houses in town, I dubbed her Breaker of Things, which shortened to Breaker.

It wasn't until the Mock League that I realized how determined she actually was to help me and be a good friend. When the man came and took me to Black City, the evaluation center for the west coast of Unova, I wasn't expecting her to fight hard and climb up to the top with Cobalt, Tin, and Ninetales, and then evolve into a formidable Lucario in the final battle against a helpless girl named Anna.

I blurted out everything to the Pokémon, and they responded with a spray of water, a gleeful howl, and a fist pump. Quickly, I checked them for any maladies that may have prevented them from going, and doled out food to the others. Then, I sat back and thought.

Who was to be my fourth Pokémon?

Maybe I didn't have to bring four? I would feel better with the three that I had, because the others were all ill, bad-tempered, too old, or too young. With a shrug, I gave the three I would take a pat on the head each and left the stable.

The wind had abated a little bit, and I could run home without fear of getting my eyes torn apart by the flying sand. My mother, my father, and my best friend, Montor, were sitting at the table.

"Ieri!" Montor stood up and crossed the room in two strides. He grabbed my hands in his. "I can't believe it! You're actually going to the U.P.L.A! I knew you would!"

I laughed. "Thanks for believing in me! I'm so happy."

"Which Pokémon are you bringing?"

"Uh... Cobalt, Ninetales, and Breaker."

"Aren't you supposed to take four?"

"Yeah, but I don't know which else to take."

Montor pursed his lips, then fumbled in his bag for something. He surprised me by pulling out a Poké ball.

"Then take my Haxorus." He pressed the ball into my hands.

"I can't do that!"

Montor raised an eyebrow. "Well. Then consider it a parting gift."

I peered down at the Poké ball. A tiny Haxorus sat in the center, glaring up at me. My eyes became wet, and I hugged Montor tight.


It was raining hard the day I got the acceptance letter. I was hanging around outside, unwilling as always to go home and face my mother, who, last I checked, was raging after a few too many beers. Sighing, I closed my umbrella and leaned against the doorframe of the market.

Darla was sympathetic as I explained my situation to her. "Again? Poor dear. Why don't you go to your father?"

I shook my head. "I don't want to impose...he has a hard enough economic situation as it is, and my sis is already there."

"Such a good boy." Darla handed me a little bag. "Here, some MooMoo Milk and a loaf of bread for you."


I sat on one of the benches outside that was covered by the overhang of the roof. Right across from me was my house.

That's when I noticed the bright red envelope poking out from the mailbox.

Quietly, I crossed over and pulled it out, mindful not to get spotted through the window by my mother. Thank goodness my sis was finally at my father's place for good; Mom seemed to be heavy into her cups. One of her bottles was lying in two pieces on the table, and the light was knocked over, spilling light onto the polished wood floor.

I hurried back to the bench and slipped the paper inside out. My heart felt lightened when I read the letter, and even more so when I found out that I was leaving tomorrow. Until I realized that I didn't have a ride.

I couldn't ask Mom, I said to myself. Maybe Darla or that ex-Plasma lady could. She seemed nice enough.

Darla was surprised but happy to see me again so soon. "Oh, Leon!"

"Hey, do you know anyone who's going to...umm...Virbank City today? By ship, plane, something?" I mulled over the options as Darla thought. I could find a train to Nimbasa City, catch an airplane or a subway from there, or go by ship from Castelia. Or I could settle for a boat ride from the harbor right here in Driftveil.

"I think Martha is going to Virbank City this evening for her friend's daughter. She got accepted to U.P.L.A."

"Like me?"

"Oh, dear, you did?" Darla was overjoyed. She grabbed me and squeezed me to her harder than I thought a woman that petite could. "Oh, congratulations! Now you don't have to face your dreadful mother anymore," she added with a scowl. "Martha! Do you think you could do me a favor?"

Martha, the young woman who sold the delicious cupcakes and desserts in the stall across from Darla, smiled sweetly. "Of course."

As Darla explained the situation, I gave Martha a once-over. She had tanned skin, characteristic of the desert dwellers from Lentimas or Desert Resort. Her body was willowy and lean, and her eyes were a rich brown, almost like bronze or a really shiny walnut. The only problem was her hair, which she had cut so short that, if her body were taken out of the picture, she would look like a boy.

"Oh, but of course. I would love for my sister to meet the other lucky winner." Martha smiled at me. I smiled back, mostly out of politeness.

Darla patted me on the shoulder. "Okay, boy, get your stuff and get back here before seven."

I ran back to the house, but despite my excitement, I opened and closed the door softly. I didn't want my mom to come out screaming. Hurriedly, I found two duffel bags and shoved my clothes, some books, other things like my toothbrush and money, and, last of all, food, for both me and my Pokémon.

My Pokémon were waiting outside in the shed I had built them. I only had four, but they had given me so much; I had won numerous junior tournaments and gotten to the semifinals of the PWT with them. They provided me refuge from my insatiable and drunken mother.

Lindsey the Typhlosion rubbed her head against my elbow, careful not to singe me with her flames, after I told them all about my success. Tony, my Seviper, thrashed in his kennel. Darter the Mismagius flew around the building and floated above my shoulder.

The only one not celebrating was my extremely tranquil Dragonair, Dofin. He rumbled his approval and flicked his tail, but didn't move around. Dofin had some sort of medical problem that didn't allow him to evolve, but he had more than made up for it by being a great fighter, fast and with finesse, and very helpful outside of battle. He protected me from my mom when she tried to hit me, and he would light up the house with a gentle spark whenever my mother broke the lights. He was the one who helped me get enough money to support myself and my mother from tournaments.

I split the MooMoo Milk evenly between the four Pokémon and gave them each a chunk of bread, eating the rest of it myself. My mother was too hungover to make breakfast today, and there wasn't anything to scavenge from the shelves and fridge. Which reminded me. I had to let my mother know.

Before I could go to her room, though, the door to my room creaked open. My mother stood there in her nightgown, rubbing her eyes like a child.

I resembled my mother, as much as I hated to admit it. We both shared the same almost-white blonde hair and icy eyes. Both of us had high cheekbones and long fingers, and we even shared the same Pokémon interests- we preferred waterfront, aerial, and western over desert, northern, and southern. I didn't like our resemblance, though, because my mom was cruel enough to my sister and I. Why remind me that I was like her?

Mom looked down at my bags, then saw the acceptance letter. A rare smile broke over her face. "Leaving me for UPLA, huh?"

I was ready for the barrage of hits that was typical of her. "Um. Yeah."

My mom looked around the room and pointing to the picture of our family, before my dad left for the White Forest. "Take that, okay?"

I looked at her strangely and warily as I reached for the photo. "Why aren't you...?"

"Honey, I'm happy for you. I went to UPLA, too. Did you know?"

I did not. "Really?"

She sighed and sat down on my bed. "UPLA is great. You'll love it there. Maybe I'll sober up, someday, and visit you there."

Mom had never said anything like that before. "Wait, how did you get into UPLA?"

"Scholarship. Just like you." She stretched and yawned. "Well, I have a killer headache...have fun, sweetheart. Make sure to visit this old lady someday, alright?"

She left my room, giving me nothing but a strange sense of forlornness. Hurriedly, I packed the rest of my stuff into the duffel bags, trying to ignore the unwanted moistness of my eyes.

Martha was waiting for me in front of the train station. "Ready?" she asked, her eyes kind.

"Ready as ever." I fingered the special device on my hand that held my Poké balls. Dofin, Lindsey, Tony, and Darter looked up at me, expectant. I smiled down at them.

Martha put a hand on my shoulder. "Then off we go."