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*This scene takes place when Elena attempts to provoke Stefan into admitting he has feelings for her. What follows next is a few pieces of missing clothes and some sexy times. *

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Missing Scene: Pesky Feelings

She's covered in dirt from Duke and her car won't start as she slams her hands against the steering wheel in frustration.

Elena would ask him to come outside to check it. However, with the way she just left things. She isn't really sure it'd be a good idea. So, instead she leans her face against the steering wheel and allows her forehead to activate the horn. It's blaring when he runs outside, shaking his head. He's still pissed off at her for dragging mud throughout his freshly cleaned floors. But, the truth is that part of him feels a little sorry for her. She looks exhausted and he can tell by the look in her eyes when he knocks loudly on the car door's window, watching her raise her head up with a displeased look upon her face.

"What do you want?" She asks, remembering that just hours earlier he said he wasn't going to be paying her if she was going to be tracking mud inside of his house and coming to see him with an attitude that was anything but pleasant.

"I'd like to know why your head is honking the horn of your car?" Stefan asks point blank, crossing his arms over his chest as Elena glances up at him, a foolish grin upon her face. He takes a step back when the door opens up and she steps out, rolling her eyes.

"I was trying to leave your house and my stupid car won't start. So, here I am. Stuck." Elena comments, shaking her head as Stefan lets out a little bit of a laugh and goes to stand in front of her car, lifting up the hood.

"Do you think it's a dead battery?" He asks her as she shrugs her shoulders. She's regretting not taking Jeremy up on those car 101 lessons that he had been pressuring her to know before she left for Florida. Because, surely, they would have been really useful right about now.

"How about you come inside until I can call someone that I know to get your car towed. Because, it doesn't seem like it's the battery." Stefan tells her after she's attempted to try and start the car for the fifth time in a row already.

"Okay." She says in a reluctant tone. She's still covered in mud from earlier in the day and Stefan quickly notices it because he's glancing at her legs and her butt when she steps out of the car and begins to walk in front of him.

Stefan steps in front of her when the door opens and Elena steps inside. "Let me go get you a towel. You can use one of my t-shirts too to replace that nasty one you're wearing." He comments, disappearing into his bedroom and getting Elena a fresh t-shirt and towel.

"I can shower this crap off in your bedroom?" She asks him, hearing as he lets out a laugh, tossing a towel and a thin white t-shirt in her direction.

"What's wrong, Gilbert? Does the idea of that make you feel all gross?" He asks her, tilting his head to the side as she exhales deeply and raises her furrowed brows at him.

"No, it's fine. Nothing's wrong. Thank you." Elena says, brushing past Stefan and going straight towards his bathroom. "If you need anything else, just holler." He says over his shoulder as she watches him make his way into the kitchen, telling her that he's going to make something for them to eat since it seems as if she's going to be there for a while.

"You cook?" Elena questions, stopping just beside the entrance to his bedroom.

"Yeah, and it's not terrible food either." Stefan winks, pivoting on his heels as he sighs out a deep breath. "You know, Elena. Maybe one day you won't think I'm such an ass and you'll see me as a nice guy."

"A nice guy?" Elena scoffs. Did he seriously just say he was a nice guy? Haha. Yeah, sure!

"Yeah. Underneath all this money, expensive suits and shit talking. I'm a decent human being. I'm so nice, I'm allowing you to shower in my bathroom and wear one of my t-shirts. See, I do have a heart." He throws over his shoulder as Elena shakes her head, storming into his bathroom as she shuts the door.

"Why is he such a jackass!" She mumbles to herself as she hears him call out to her.

"Leave it unlocked, in case I need something!" He shouts while Elena leans against one of his bedroom walls, closing her eyes and exhaling. "I'm so going to regret working for him!" She utters out, shoving off of the wall and walking into the bathroom, locking the door.

"How was the shower temperature?" Stefan asks her when she makes her way into the kitchen, an hour later. He's examining the way his white t-shirt falls against her hips. Elena turns towards him, watching his eyes following her as she tugs on the fabric. "It was fine. Your shirt's too big on me though." She comments as he laughs a little, nodding his head.

"It looks perfect to me." Stefan comments in an observant tone, brushing up against her from behind on purpose. Just to see what kind of reaction he can provoke out of her. Elena turns towards him. She's wedged herself between the Island of his kitchen and his own body that's standing a little too close for comfort.

"This was all a ploy, wasn't it?" He hears her ask, her eyes dancing with a little bit of excitement as he shrugs his shoulders, attempting to play it cool. They're so close that she can feel his breath upon her skin as he lifts his hand up to her face, pushing a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear.

"A ploy for what exactly?" Stefan asks her, moving away from her as she watches him reach for a plate in his cabinet that's on the right side of the stove.

"To spend more time with me." Elena tells him, grinning as he moves over to the dining table, putting the plate down. "You seriously think that I'd want to spend more time with you? Ha. Stop kidding yourself."

"Oh, please! I see the way you look at me sometimes. I think it's about high time you stop denying these feelings you have and just admit it already. You seem to kind of like me. Mr. Salvatore." Elena replies, crossing her arms over her chest as Stefan walks past her. He sees her hand catch on to his arm from the corner of his eye, forcing him to stop and look at her.

"What do you want from me, Elena? More money?" He asks, a little bit of annoyance hidden within his voice.

"No!" Throwing up her hands into the air, she rolls her eyes again. She's about had it with him acting like he doesn't give a shit about her. Because she can see it. There's something between them and it's electrifying.

"Just admit to me that deep down in that ice-cold soul of yours, is a little bit of humanity and feelings." She replies, hearing Stefan laugh out loud.

"Feelings for you?" The question lingers in the air as he turns his back to her, puffing out a breath and trying to calm himself down. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. Stefan's confession wasn't even supposed to be anything big. Honestly, he had wanted it to be simple. This. Well, this…It was complicated. Messy and could lead to a lot of things that he was conflicted about. Like, sleeping with her again. Because, surely that had crossed his mind way more than once. But truthfully, he did like her and he did want to get to know her better. He wanted to get to know her as much as he could.

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Certainly, you're a little crazy, Elena." He retorts, causing her to take a step-in front of him. "You think I'm crazy?" She asks him, placing her right hand onto his left bicep. "Look me straight in the eyes and tell me that you don't feel nothing for me, Stefan." Leaning forward and whispering the rest of her sentence, she swears that she can hear him gasp for a breath.

"I don't. Nothing." He says to her, deadlocking his eyes onto hers as Elena backs away from him, purposefully lifting up his white cotton t-shirt that she's wearing to wipe the dripping water from her forehead, exposing her black lace bra in the process. The small swift action makes his eyes widen, those leaf green eyes suddenly glistening with sheer desire. How can someone look so good in a damn t-shirt? How could someone like him keep lying to himself that he felt nothing for her. When in reality, he felt something.

"Liar." Elena comments, licking her bottom lip as she lifts her body up onto his counter top. Stefan watches her legs swinging back and forth while she smirks at him. "This doesn't bother you, does it?" She asks him, taunting him even more.

"Nope," He pauses for a minute. Trying not to crack as he locks his eyes onto her. Elena's got her hands on the edge of the counter, swinging her legs back and forth as she stares at him, her heels hitting the bottom cabinets below.

"Why would it?" He asks, walking over towards her as he's noticed that she's taken a seat right in front of where his spices are. "I need some salt." Stefan comments, taking a step back as Elena slides her body down from the counter and places her hand onto his shoulder, feeling his muscles tense up at her touch. "Because, I can see how much you're fighting it. You want me, Stefan. I can tell. You want me so badly that it's killing you." Swallowing his doubts, he closes his eyes. Maybe if he counts backwards from 10. She'll disappear and this will be over? Maybe if he just kisses her, she'll shut up?

Does he really want it to end though? He thinks to himself. The internal struggle is what's really killing him. Elena's right in front of him. Her hair still damp from the shower she'd just taken. Her warm, soft skin begging to be touched. Opening his eyes back up, Stefan refocuses his attention back to his cooking, flipping the salmon over on the stove and putting some salt on it. He hears her though, taking a seat now on one of the dining room chairs and rustling through the newspaper.

"New York Times, says here that your ex-wife wants all of your money. Is it true?" She asks him, attempting to change the subject as Stefan glances over at her. He doesn't even read the New York Times or any media coverage anymore regarding his family or himself and Rebekah. Most of its garbage anyways. That's until Elena spots something that Stefan hadn't noticed either when he picked up the paper this morning. "I'm in these papers too, you know. People are starting to talk, apparently. How scandalous your divorce to Rebekah is and how apparently, I'm the one you broke you two up."

"It doesn't say that!" He argues, watching her flip it over as she gets up from her seat and walks over to him. Elena can feel his breath on her neck this time while he reads the headline over her shoulder. "Salon owner's mysterious niece, new mistress to CEO of SD Realty's Stefan Salvatore."

"Sure as hell does!" She retorts, feeling Stefan snatch up the newspaper and watching as he crumbles it, tossing it into the garbage can beside Elena.

"I didn't want to get you involved into this shit, Elena!" Stefan stammers out, anger evident on his face as he rubs his hands over his red-looking cheeks and inhales sharply. The article's clearly hit a nerve within him and just when Elena is about to open her mouth to ask, Stefan confirms her suspicions.

"I care about you! Okay. I fucking care about you. And, late at night when I'm all alone in this damn house. Sometimes, you're the only thought that runs through my mind. I can't stop feeling this way about you. I just don't know how!" He admits, turning off all the food on the stove before he takes a step-in front of her and places both of his hands firmly on to her hips.

Her body's tensed up, her darkened brown eyes are locked onto him as she bites her lip and with a small innocent smile, she asks. "What do you want from me, Stefan?"

He shrugs his shoulders, almost unsure of himself. Hell, who is he kidding? He's totally unsure of himself at the moment. She does that to him. Makes everything so uncertain and fuzzy within his mind that he feels himself losing control.

"Tell me." She begins to say, the feeling of his fingers grasping tighter onto her hips makes Elena's pulse quicken. Stefan hoists her into his arms, gliding her across the counter top until her butt is on the edge of it and her legs are wrapped around his pelvis. "I want to undress you. And," He pauses, moving a strand of her damp hair behind her neck as his warm lips kiss the curve of her skin. She's got a mole on her left shoulder that he proceeds to kiss too while moving his own t-shirt away from her skin.

"And, then what?" She breathes out in an uneven tone. He could have called her a taxi, hours ago. Although, at the moment she's kind of glad she stayed behind.

"I want to leave you breathless and moaning out my name until you're begging for more. I want to fuck you so hard, Elena. That all you can think about is me." He seductively tells her, making sure that she's aware of what she's getting herself into. If this time is anything like it had been in his office, just two days ago, she's fully aware of what's to come.

"Are you really going to do that?" She asks him, teasingly while she glides she fingers across his tensed-up jawline. Stefan nods, pulling her body closer to him a bit more aggressively. She gasps when she feels his cool touch upon her belly. Stefan's fingers are unbuttoning her shorts and unzipping them before Elena can even comprehend what he's planning on doing.

"Don't under estimate me. Miss Gilbert. I always get exactly what I want. Believe me, even if it takes some convincing." He winks, pulling down her shorts as Elena feels his fingers glide over her thin blue colored underwear. "I'll make you puddy in my hands within a blink of an eye." He tells her, kissing her thighs and stroking the skin between her legs as Elena leans her head back, feeling her muscles tighten up and then relax a bit. "What are you going to do next?" She asks him, her voice hoarse and barely there. Stefan's glistening green eyes tell her everything as he takes her hand into his own and places it against the elastic band of her panties. "Have you ever pleasured yourself in front of anyone?" He questions, hearing his own pulse quicken as she lifts her head up, biting her lower lip in a sexy manner that makes him wish he could ravish himself within her. But, the way she's looking at him. So, unsure of herself and what's going on between them. It makes him stop.

Elena shakes her head. "No." She states in a firm tone. Giggling a little as she smirks at him, getting to what he's about to say. "You want me to show you what I like?" She asks. Stefan nods, licking his lips and exhaling deeply as he states. "How else is this supposed to be fun for you and for me? You know, If I can't turn you on. There's no point to this. So, tell me. Elena, what is it that gets you in the mood?"

Leaning forward. Elena wraps her arms around his neck, removing one of her hands gently and replacing it with his own as she says in a playful tone. "How about I show you?"

Stefan nods, feeling her push her body a bit away from him as she spreads her legs open and lays down with her back flat on the long Island kitchen counter. Elena closes her eyes, inhaling sharply, Stefan watches her slowly. His heart pounding against his chest. It's sexy the way she does it, slowly touching herself and then carefully gliding her left hand in between her legs, underneath her blue panties. Stefan's breath hitches just watching her, she can hear it. His breathing becomes rapid as he hovers over her. Elena's eyes are closed, her bottom lip pressed into her teeth as she arches her back forward and continues touching herself in front of him.

It's slow, the feel of his hands removing hers away from her own body while he hovers over her, sliding his own two fingers between the elastic band of her underwear and against her pelvic bone. Elena's brown eyes widen once she realizes what he's about to do. Stefan's voice is gruff and serious when he speaks to her. "Allow me." He remarks, raising both of her arms above her head and telling her that she needs to keep them there. The way he pulls her forward and grips his hands against her body is heart stopping and rough. The small movement makes her breathless for a bit.

"I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted you, Elena. Because, I do. And, I also wasn't kidding when I say that I always get what I want. Because, sweetheart. I've wanted this for a while." He comments, leaning forward and kissing her stomach, making his way down her navel with his warm lips and wet tongue. He nips and licks her skin, sending her mind reeling. His hand making it's way between her legs. Stefan's thumb caresses her clit as Elena closes her eyes and leans her head back, moaning a little at first as his fingers rub up against her clit and in between her lips.

"I haven't even really touched you yet." He laughs, hearing her heave out a breath as she begs. "Stefan, please."

She can feel him removing her panties, sliding them gently down to her ankles and before she says anything, they fall to the floor under his feet. She's trying to keep her composure, acting as if his every touch isn't killing her inside. But, from the look of sudden pleasure upon her face. He knows that he's got her exactly where he wants her to be. He's in total control now and he likes it. Stefan leans forward, kissing her stomach again and then each side of her hip bones, delicately. It's quick, the motion of his fingers spreading her lips apart as he moves them up and down slowly and then a little bit quicker each time, making her wet.

"I want you." Elena says in a tone just above a whisper. It's enough for Stefan's curiosity to get the best of him as his two fingers slowly enter into her core, carefully pushing them in and out. Her muscles tighten around him, her moans becoming louder and louder. The kitchen walls making his name bounce off of each corner as Elena's body arches forward again a bit more forcefully and Stefan continues his thrusting. In and out, his fingers glide deeper and deeper as she pleads with him to keep going.

The orgasm sends her into a euphoric feeling. Elena's pulse is racing as she heaves for a breath and whimpers out his name, a little bit softer and slower. Her legs are weak and her body feels like it's on fire when he finally stops, stepping away from her so casually, like nothing had happened at all. Elena lays her head down, closing her eyes as he speaks in a thick and emotionally charged tone. "I think I should call you a cab."

"You did not just say that." Elena states, sounding a bit displeased when she finally regains control of herself and lifts her body up from his kitchen counter. Stefan's washing his hands as he turns toward her and explains. "Listen, there is a lot more where that came from and frankly, Elena. If I were to do everything I want to do to you all in one day. What's going to be left for the next time we see each other? I am fond of you. But, this needs to happen slowly."

His question lingers into the air as she hops off the counter and slips her underwear back on, her dark blue shorts quickly following. Puffing out a breath, she begins to gather her things. "What am I supposed to do with my car?" She asks him as he smiles, chuckling a little. He had nearly forgotten about it. The car, the only reason she was still there. "Leave it here tonight. I'll have someone take a look at it and in the morning, they'll have it dropped off back at your aunt's house."

Stefan turns the water off, wiping his hands as he grabs his cell phone and makes the quick call for a taxi to pick her up from his house. He watches her nervously pacing in his living room. The minute he ends the call, she speaks. "What did you mean by there are a lot of things you'd like to do to me?" She asks, her face turning red just at the thought of it. She couldn't deny feeling something for him anymore and he could see it.

Shrugging his shoulders, Stefan takes her hand, walking over to the foyer. She notices the spark in his green eyes returning as she puts her shoes on and leans her back against the wall, still waiting for a reply. "Hmm? I'd like an answer." Elena comments in a demanding tone. He's smirking, looking deeply into her eyes when he pushes her gently against the wall behind her, leaning forward and staring at her lips.

The kiss is gentle at first, their lips taunting each other's as Stefan caresses his tongue upon her bottom lip. Elena opens her mouth, allowing him more access to her. Her hands are in his hair, gripping the back of his neck as she deepens the kiss and their tongues glide together as one. Moaning inside of his mouth, Stefan's hand flicks his t-shirt that she's still wearing upward as he runs his right hand over her right breast, groping her and causing her to release a groan. Elena backs away suddenly to catch her breath. His eyes are glistening with amusement as he kisses her cheek and whispers into her ear, right before the taxi driver is heard honking his horn outside. "You'll see. What happened in the kitchen and that kiss? Let's just say, it's just the beginning. And, for the record. I do like you, Miss Gilbert. Remember that for next time."