Title: Nothing Special

By: Bleeding Destruction

Began: Date Unknown (EDITED: October 14, 2013)

Summary:All his life, he'd been nothing special. Then came the Night Fury, and suddenly, he was so much more.

Warnings: None that I've noticed.

Author's Notes: (Date Unknown) I didn't write this for any particular pairings, so you can interpret this however you like.

(Edit: October 14, 2013) This was originally on my old account, The Almighty Authoress. I've moved it over to this account because I am deleting all my old stories and editing them. Feel free to review if you enjoyed.


All his life, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third had always been nothing special. When he had been thought of as something other than nothing special, he was seen as a nuisance and a danger to himself.

He was fourteen when he shot down the unholy offspring of darkness and lightning. Hiccup went to kill the dragon- but he couldn't. He wouldn't. And so he freed the Night Fury. The dragon should have killed the boy; he could have. But he wouldn't.

When he looked into the eyes of the scrawny boy, he saw more than nothing special. He saw… something. He didn't know what, but it was something.

Hiccup came to see Toothless every day. The dragon became the human's best friend; his only friend.

And when Toothless heard Hiccup's cry of fear, he had to come. He had to save his human. And he wouldn't leave when the human told him to go. Because when Toothless looked into those green eyes, he saw more than nothing special.

He saw everything.