She had the most intense eyes. They never met mine but I saw them plenty enough as I watched her. They were a pretty amber color, as if someone had taken liquid gold and turned them into her irises. Her skin was bronze to match her gold eyes. Her hair was always tied back, streams of ebony kept back with an elastic band. She had rugged features. A strong, sharp jaw, planes and arches to her face that made her scream danger. And in many ways, she was just that, dangerous. My chains clinked upon the wooden floor of her bedroom as I stepped towards her. She was changing, and as always I watched.

I traced my fingers along her body as she dressed, fascinated with the freckles that were scattered across her bronze skin. She shivered as she pulled on a pair of sports shorts. Even when I touched her she couldn't see me, could hardly even feel me. I exhaled heavily, then removed my hands. It was against the rules to touch her further than that. Making her aware of my presence was a rule that if broken could mean eternal suffering on my part. A suffering I was not yet ready to take on, and probably never would be.

She slipped on a sports bra and tugged on a crisp white shirt with no sleeves. She sighed heavily as she stretched, before walking out of the room, then entered the bathroom. She picked up her tooth brush, then tossed it into the air where it did a little spin and then landed back into her hand. She smeared white minty paste across it then proceeded to brush her already porcelain teeth. I sat on the toilet, swinging my hips. She sure maintained dental care. I smiled happily as I watched her, head tilted to the side. She hummed a sweet tune as she brushed, before putting the toothbrush away. I loved how clean her teeth were, and the fact that she always carried around mint gum and floss.

When I imagined her kissing me, I imagined her breath smelled good when she did it. I followed her as she raced out of the bathroom, snatching up her cell from her bed, before dashing towards the front door to her little tiny apartment. She was excited today, she had a new customer, and a new customer meant a new person to coax secrets and then to blackmail money from. Or worse, to bring her to bed. She never took them there for one night, so it was okay. Once the girl left it was just us again. And that made me happy.

I pressed close to her as she hailed a taxi, then slid inside, I followed. Her body was warm as I pressed against her, careful not to restrict her movements because then she'd know that something was there. I whispered her name in her ear, inhaling her cologne which she had sprayed across her chest and neck. It was cinnamon, old spice, that's what humans called it. It was delicious. I lifted my chains from the floor, and adjusted the white steel collar around my neck. It was so uncomfortable sometimes, and restricting…but I was proud to wear it. It connected me to my beloved in a way no other could be connected to her.

I was her Guardian Angel, her Angelus Custos. It was an honor, a great honor. I had only been recently placed under her, when the other guardian died from old age. Twenty-thousand years of age to be exact, while I was only about thirty. Even so, I liked to think I was good at what I did. I kept her safe, I stopped her from making terrible, drastic mistakes that could cause her to die. Sometimes it was hard with the way she thought, thoughts I felt when they became very strong, and from there I could tell what she was planning to do and stop it from happening by giving her a gentle mental push. Over the past three years, we had got into a routine. She went to work, I followed. She went to the store I followed. Anywhere she went, I followed. I felt kinda lonely but just being with her was enough to make me kind of happy in a way!

Her taxi arrived at it's destination and I followed her as she climbed out and walked towards the gym she worked at, a gym where she had a special room where she and her client practices privately. Just as she opened the door, there was a loud sizzling noise. My eyes widened with shock as the air shimmered, and then in then around her pinkie finger, a red string stretched into the gymnasium. I was absolutely horrified. Her soul mate is here. I had hoped to never see this day come. The connection to this girl or even man, though Ymir probably wouldn't like that, would be instantaneous.

She would be drawn to her like an insect is attracted to light, a magnet to steel. I stared into the gym, and followed her inside. My eyes followed the string, and there she stood. She was jogging on a treadmill, her black hair hanging over each shoulder in pigtails. Her pale skin glistened with sweat. She was beautiful. Ymir's type. Small and cute. I felt a dark feeling tug at my heart. I had to stop this meeting from happening, I whispered into Ymir's ear, gently influencing her, my words causing her to not even spare a glance at the girl. If they didn't meet they wouldn't be together.

Then, the girl ruined it all. "Ymir!" Her voice was soft and pretty, and Ymir's head turned instantly. The girl turned off the exercise machine and practically raced towards Ymir, she paused when she grew close, the string around her finger and Ymir's glowed as they grew near, shaking a tiny bit, pulsating with power. Ymir smiled deeply, and a strange look entered her eyes. She was entranced by the whore-no, girl's- appearance. I wanted to scream at that moment. Why…why did this have to happen? Ymir couldn't be with this girl, I couldn't stand it because Ymir was mine. The love of a guardian angel had to be more pure and powerful then this slut…no…no this girl's.The threat of tears burned on my eyes. "You are Ymir Svenson right?" Ymir seemed a bit surprised, and then nodded.

"I'm sorry do I know you?" Ymir's voice made me shudder with a mixture of seething rage and desire. It was husky, a voice she saved for pretty girls she wanted in her bed. But it was a delicious noise, and I liked the sound of it. I simply wished it was directed at me. "I'm sure I'd remember a girl as gorgeous as you," Her teeth glinted as she smiled a special smile for the girl.

The pretty girl with the pretty eyes bit her lip, a blush spreading across her cheeks, shaking her head. "No but I know you. I'm a huge fan! Ymir grinned at that, seeming far too smug at that moment. I stared silently, gloomy, now that they met, I couldn't influence any decisions Ymir made regarding this beautiful girl. "I've seen you on YouTube, you do the personal training videos!"

"Personal training videos? I don't make personal training videos…" Ymir seemed confused.

"Oh umm, illegal personal training videos," The girl laughed nervously. I wanted Ymir to get angry. Someone had recorded her private sessions, and this whore-girl had dared to use them. I wanted Ymir's hideous, horrendous, bulbous pride to show at that moment, her nasty streak. But already this girl was bringing out her good side. She smiled in an unfamiliar, happy way.

"I can see that you benefited from them. I would offer you my services but clearly you don't need them…Miss…what's your name, pretty?" Ymir asked huskily, her eyes smoldering and seductive…

"Mina Carolina, and yeah, I'm a bit busy right now anyways. But call me tonight," she took out a piece of paper from her backpack and a pen, scribbling down a number in ridiculously neat handwriting. Ymir took the paper, looking severely disappointed but pleased at the same time. "Call me please, don't leave me hanging. It's been a while since I've had an adult sleepover…or a date for that matter."

"I can't imagine why," Ymir said in a genuine tone, "and I will, I promise."

Without another word and a bright blush the girl took off, opening the door of the gym and leaving. Ymir watched her leave with a pretty perverted expression. I wanted to scream at that moment, a dark feeling forbidden to angels rippling in my chest, making my teeth clench together so tight I thought they might break but I couldn't stop them from pushing together. Ymir would call this girl tonight. I needed to relax. This was inevitable. All humans met their soul mates. They didn't always end up together but they did meet. I just couldn't stand the thought of Ymir, m…my Ymir belonging to that Mina girl.

I wanted her to be mine, and mine alone, even if we couldn't touch. I was in love with this heart-breaking, troublemaker who got drunk and angry all the time. She couldn't be in love with another girl, I was her Guardian Angel! I exhaled and tried to relax, before continuing to keep watch faithfully. There was nothing I could do about it…I would simply have to watch over her in sorrow, in agony.


She was too anxious to call her when she got home from working with the tool she was supposed to. She had made an impact on the man, and he had sworn to contact her again for her services soon. This was step one in a process of thieving Ymir seemed quite fond of. She would soon swindle him for money somehow, and then another month of bills would be payed. She seemed to like doing this. She paced eagerly, lost in though, I simply say on the bed with my arms crossed against my chest, my legs crossed due to the dress I was wearing.

Her red string was still convulsing. A horrid, wicked though entered my mind. I shook my head. No no no, don't be so stupid Historia! It was forbidden, no angel had done it in so long, I wasn't even sure what the punishment for it was. The thought lingered in my head as she dialed "Mina's" phone number, telling the girl to come over whenever she could, what her address was.

It seemed like only ten seconds had passed before Mina arrived, a bag fully backed tossed over her shoulder. She was wearing a short, revealing dress. I snarled. Slut!I wasn't used to these thoughts, and they made me nervous! They were hard to control, and dangerous and yet they kept flowing out of me like a river. They chatted for a bit, smiling nervously. Then Ymir grabbed her and pulled her close. No. No! Ymir pressed hard against her, ground their hips together, kissed her hard. I saw the exchange of saliva and tongue. No more. I tried closing my eyes but I could still hear them, and then the drop of clothes.

I couldn't stand it. I made my decision quickly. If I dwelled on it I would chicken out, and then Ymir would be gone! I reached into thin air, closed my eyes, and muttered a few incantations. In the air, sizzled a pair of golden scissors. I stepped towards them. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. There was a loud shout of "no" as I opened the scissors, "Historia!" But I was deaf. I didn't want to hear the other angels warnings. They senses the rule that was about to be shattered. I had fallen in love with the woman I was sworn to protect. I loved her!

Snip! The sound was loud and pierced my ears. The red string of fate floated downward, their connection destroyed. They felt no special attraction now. They kept kissing but I was satisfied. Ymir blinked, and so did Mina, and then they paused. "I umm…I don't think this is a good idea…" Tears streamed down my cheeks, and my lips trembled, my heart slammed in my chest as the scissors dropped from my hands. Ymir and Mina parted, they tossed around a couple jokes, suddenly awkward. I fell to the floor, and the second I did that I was seized, the scissors wrenched from my hands.

"Historia, you fool! You're under arrest!" A familiar voice snapped. I looked over to see Bertholdt, a friend of mine, looking horrified and crying. I couldn't meet his eyes, simply stared at the floor in horror. I didn't resist. I felt suddenly guilty. I had destroyed Ymir's only chance at romance, happiness. All because I was jealous. However, what was done can not be undone. I sobbed the entire time I was dragged back to the Heavens by Bertholdt and Reiner, his friend.


"Historia Reiss, you are here on account of your crime." Archangel Pixis was solemn for once, not the jolly man you usually saw him as. He seemed so incredibly disappointed. And he had reason to be. "Due to your selfish whims, a human woman no has a fate of eternal unhappiness and loneliness. Do you deny this crime, Historia?" I stared up at him in horror, then stared at the grand golden floor of the Heavenly Courtroom. I hesitated, stuttering, struggling to come up with a response that would save me. "I…I love her Archangel Pixis! I couldn't standby and watch her get taken from me," I screamed, tears flowing down my cheeks, I could taste their saltiness.

He stared at me. He had raised me, burped me, hugged me when I was afraid, told me stories of human and angel heroes alike. His eyes grew softer. The angels around him were stern and frozen. "Once a human's soul mate dies, they can never love again. You are aware of this?" I nodded, squeezing my eyes shut. "I have decided to spare you from the usual fate of an angel if they were to do this." Gasps filled the courtrooms, curses were shouted in disbelief. Pixis raised his hand, and suddenly…silence. He stroked the mustache above his lips. "But I'm afraid, your punishment is not much better than death."

I shuddered with fear. Eternal suffering. I head earned myself eternal suffering.

"Your wings will be burned off. And you will be given an impossible task that you must somehow succeed at if you wish to live." How was I, a mere Guardian Angel supposed to do a task deemed impossible by Lord of Angels Pixis!? He coughed, "you must give this human her happiness within 30 days, a month. And if you don't succeed…" He sounded pained, "you will be executed, the second past that time. She must tell you she loves you. She must make love to you. And her red string must reawaken somehow. This has happened only once before, thousands upon thousands upon millions of years ago, when humankind was just born. Do you understand me Historia Reiss? She must love again. Love you."

It was as if a huge weight had been put on my chest. What was the meaning of this? An impossible task? I met Archangel Pixis's eyes. They held a bit of pride, for some reason. Gone was the disappointment. Was it feigned? His deep eyes held trust, and it held hope. He thought I could do this. I nodded. "I understand and accept this task Archangel," I rasped. He stood, and walked towards me. "Then from this day on, you are no longer Historia Reiss, you are Christa Renz. A human." His fingers pressed to my forehead. I felt my wings get drawn out from below my gown. And then…there was nothing but agony, my heart was going to rip from it's containment. I screamed in pain at the sensation I was feeling, and then…I saw black. I knew that before I was even awake, I would be cast down.

The countdown had begun.