"Hey Annabeth!" Percy called running up behind the girl as the horn sounded for dinner. Both had already been walking towards the dinning pavilion the day after the Battle of the Titans on Olympus. So many were gone, so many dead, and somehow they were both still there, both still living.

Percy considered that a message from the Fates, somehow telling him to get a move on before it was too late.

The book on "How Not to Screw Everything Up with a Girl" was Athena's way of giving him the go ahead, even if she had no faith in him whatsoever.

Annabeth being on her own and not with her siblings right now was just pure luck.

"Percy." Annabeth said curtly, not really looking at the boy with the unruly black hair and mesmerizing green eyes, everything hurt too much to deal with his fooling around right now too.

"Can I… um talk to you for a second?" Percy stuttered, noticing the harshness in her tone. She huffed and turned on her heel, allowing herself to look at Percy for just a moment before looking down at her shoes to break the connection she felt when she looked into his eyes.

"I was just wondering… um… if maybe you'd" He continued to trip over his words and Annabeth began to hope for something she never thought she'd hope for.

Seaweed Brain was going to ask her out. Maybe Rachel was right about what she said, maybe Percy did turn down immortality for her. She shook her head and tried to clear her thoughts for a more rational answer but couldn't, he just needed to say whatever it was so she would know.

"I was wondering if…" He continued to stutter.

Oh to Hades with this. Annabeth thought to herself before letting go of all rational.

"Will you go out with me?" The two asked simultaneously, Percy looking up in confusion. He began to ask a question before being cut off by Annabeth.

"Would you just kiss me Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth cried exasperated before pulling Percy's head down to hers.

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