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When she almost ran him over he thought she was the most annoying person he had ever met. Who runs about the streets of Athens without looking where she was going? He was due back to his house for another stupid interview his father had arranged and while he was not looking forward to it, he knew life would be far worse if he didn't make it. Mr. Grace did not take kindly to being ignored.

When she didn't even turn around to apologize after brushing herself off from her fall and instead began to run again, she became a chase. Jason Grace happened to love chases and the hair pin lying on the ground in front of him was just the right excuse.

"MA'AM!" He called down the streets, pushing past vendors and baffled pedestrians all the while keeping the flash of brown hair in sight. She was fast and it was taking everything in Jason to keep up until she tripped yet again on her dress. That was just the opportunity that Jason needed and he slid in next to her as she yet again pulled herself up. His eyes met a kaleidoscope of colors as she stood straight and then a flurry of brown hair as she turned, snapping him out of the daze her eyes had sent him into. Jason lunged forward grabbing the girl around the waist before dragging her off the main road where they were receiving many strange looks. Luckily this was Athens and therefore stranger thing happened daily so everyone continued on as Jason dragged the girl down the smaller road.

"Ummmmamahh!" She yelled against his hand, which he hadn't realized he had put over her mouth. He quickly removed it and let go of her waist.

"Sorry miss. I wasn't going to grab you but I didn't want to chase you again." He said and then handed her the hair pin. Her face was a look of shock as she reached out for the pin and clipped it back in her hair, her left hand still curled into a fist.

"I didn't know I had dropped that" she mumbled before looking up at him with gratitude and suspicion "Thank you for this."

"Of course" he smiled at her and she smiled back, turning to leave the way they had come, leaving Jason standing speechless over the way her smile had lit up her whole face and how she nervously tucked her hair behind her ear. But then of course something had to ruin it. I mean seriously he was Jason Grace. Nothing was ever good for too long.


This monster he had seen before, a fury. As usual mad over who his dad was because clearly Jason had control over his being born. Hoping against hope that the girl had run as any sane mortal would have, Jason pulled out his Roman coin and flipped it up into the air, catching a long golden sword. He was about to charge at the fury before he heard her voice behind him.

"You too, huh?"

Jason turned his head to the side to find her removing her hair clip and pressing her thumb to the pearl in the center. He shook his head as the clip turned into a deadly looking dagger before his eyes and he turned to face the girl holding it.

"I'm Piper Mclean, daughter of Aphrodite" she said with a shrug.

"Jason Grace, son of Zeus" he replied with a nod, something telling him he wouldn't be home in time for that meeting.

And then, they charged.