Chapter 9

They sat in silence for the next hour. Sesshomaru felt the burning growing hotter. But Inuyasha's touch calmed his body. He was hot, but he was comfortable. More comfortable in his own body then he had been in a very long time.

Inuyasha groaned and his fingers gripped the hair at the base of Sesshomaru's neck. "Your scent changed."

"Yes." Sesshomaru gasped as Inuyasha lifted him up by the hair. He looked into the others eyes and the lust in them frightened him. He didn't want to do this. But he had no choice. Inuyasha was his mate. And his body ached for him.

Inuyasha leaned forward and brushed his lips across Sesshomaru's. He flicked his tongue out, causing Sesshomaru to jump. "You taste good." With that, he pressed his mouth firmly against Sesshomaru's.

Sesshomaru whimpered softly as his body reacted to the kiss. He opened his mouth when Inuyasha's tongue pressed against his lips and moaned softly as the kiss turned passionate. A heady lust cascaded down his body. He hadn't expected to enjoy this. But kissing Inuyasha felt so good. So right. Inuyasha's hands traveled down his body, caressing his ribs, his sides, his hips. He moaned again as Inuyasha laid him down and moved between his legs.

Inuyasha pulled back from the kiss and looked down at Sesshomaru. "I want you do enjoy this. I refuse to be one of those demons that only uses his mate for his own pleasure." He bent and brushed his lips softly against Sesshomaru's neck as his hands moved to cup his thighs, bringing them around his waist. "I want to see your face while I fill you."

Sesshomaru swallowed painfully and looked up into his mates eyes. He could feel that Inuyasha was telling the truth. He wanted both of them to enjoy this. He knew his body would enjoy it, no matter what Inuyasha did. It was his mind that was struggling. He didn't want to be mated at all. To be mated to his half demon half-brother was worse. Or was it? He knew that Inuyasha cared about him. Wanted a closer relationship with him. He, Sesshomaru, was the only thing that stood in the way of that. Him, and his hatred for what his father had done. But Inuyasha cared. Wasn't that better than having a mean, aggressive mate who would only want him because it meant being Lord of the Western Lands?

Inuyasha frowned and nipped playfully at Sesshomaru's chin. "What are you thinking so hard about?"

"I just realized that being mated to you won't be all bad." He wrapped his arms around his mate's shoulders and pulled him down to kiss. At the same time he wrapped his legs around Inuyasha's hips and pulled him closer.

Inuyasha growled softly and eat at Sesshomaru's mouth. He was hard and throbbing. He wanted to be inside of Sesshomaru again so badly. He pulled back slightly and looked down to see Sesshomaru's eyes glazed and his lips swollen from the kiss. "You said the tie won't last as long?"

It took him a moment to realize Inuyasha had asked him a question. He nodded and ran his hands down the well-defined muscles of Inuyasha's back. "Right. About 10 minutes each time now."

Inuyasha smirked. "Well that doesn't sound bad." He pressed his hips forward and Sesshomaru moaned loudly as his swollen cock pushed against his opening. "Do you want me inside of you?"

Sesshomaru groaned as Inuyasha pulled his hips back again. He nodded and moaned again when Inuyasha pushed against him. He could feel himself opening; feel the tip of Inuyasha's impressive manhood begin to enter him. "Please. Please, Inuyasha."

"Please, what? What do you want?" He pressed forward just a little more. Felt the head of his cock pop past that tight ring of muscle. Sesshomaru moaned loudly and dig his claws into his back. Inuyasha felt small lines of blood begin to run over his skin. It only heightened his desire. "Tell me what you want, Sesshomaru."

"You. Inside of me." He screamed in pleasure as Inuyasha drove himself fully into his body. His legs tightened around Inuyasha's hips. His own hips rose to meet his mates. He felt so full. Inuyasha was so large. As Inuyasha began to pull out again, all he could do was hold onto him and moan from the pleasure.