Ruki was close to killing someone, though who the victim was, she had no idea. She felt compelled to cut down the two goggleheads who still had a grip on her wrists when something flickered out of the corner of her eye.

The arrival of their guest startled Jen and Takato, and they quickly let go of Ruki's wrists.


The fox tilted her head, "Ruki, I'm sorry for not being here sooner. I had... some trouble."

Ruki just shook her head, a small smile on her lips. "It's okay Renamon. These losers wouldn't let me go. Stupid friendship conference." She turned to look at her two captors and glared, "I don't need a friendship conference."

"But Ruki!" Takato began, when someone came up to their little group.

"Oh, I see we have another guest." Yamato grinned, "I hope the seminars have helped you all." He kept an eye on Ruki.

Jen nodded, placing a hand on Takato's shoulder, "Very helpful. At least to us."

Yamato just kept the grin on his face, "Friendship is a very special thing, but you can't always force it on others. They need to find it themselves." He reached into a bag he had with him, taking out a button pin. "And for being suck a great sport here, I'm rewarding Miss Makino with this pin."

He reached forward, not phased by the squeak from Takato or the blush over Ruki's cheeks as he fastened the pin on the front of her shirt.

"You may go home now. You passed the Friendship Test."

Ruki never felt happier in her life. "Let's go home, Renamon."

"Yes, Ruki."